Leona ADC (EUW)
her left boob ain't that open. everything else is perfect *u* (the open boob is perfect too)
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: An idea for chat in the Updated Client - To Riot and the LoL Community.
: The next small event will be lunar revel, which is every year around the time of lunar new year (so somewhere around the end of january this year). If i recall correctly, riot announced a while ago that they dont intend to do any more big events like bilgewater, bcs it was apparently just too much work and caused too many problems. But theres always the small events (like the piltover one when camille came out) that will continue to come along.
Rismosch (EUW)
: For clearer information: This symbol is called "Pipe" The more you know :)
Now he knows Hue hue. {{champion:82}}
Izevel (EUW)
: 2 free wins in series?
The LP doesn't matter being at 99 before Promo. It caps at 2 free wins maximum if you are in a promotion for another League/Tier (example. Silver=Gold - Gold=Plat and so forth) I failed the promotion for Silver 1 two times and I received 1 free win for the last second promotions,if I received 2 free wins I would have been placed instantly in Silver 1 since thats what you need to climb a division :P If you are climbing towards a new tier you cap at 2 free wins and need to win 1 game to make it. Hope that helped
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Perilum (EUW)
: {{summoner:11}}
Yes even with smite its hard the little ones deal too much damage the big one aint a problem and smite doesnt even deal aoe damage
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: He will definetly get in to constant ban list in low elo, very fast. He will also stay strong pick in higher elo, but his banrate will plummit after first few weeks. His numbers will get some tweaks thats for sure
Thats what people were saying about Talon but he isn't played anywhere. #feelslonelyman {{champion:91}}
Aragøn (EUW)
: I was in a game with a Troll. Now I just watched a YT Video with the same guy trolling in it.
Nherax (EUW)
: nerf raptor camp please.
I died to them yesterday playing Talon mid. I was at full HP. %%%% this. (had no mana tho,sshh shhh)
Adama (EUW)
: Epic client fail !FUNNY! >>MUST SEE!
What caught my attention is, Where are your support champions https://memecrunch.com/image/50daecc3afa96f3e52000010.jpg?w=400.png
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Caw Caw!
Hey GPet I'm curious,do you play any normal games? I'm asking because you're Diamond (good reason ! :=D).And because I saw that build O.u.O
Eveninn (EUW)
: It was at a time where AD junglers hopelessly overran, I think rather shortly after introduction of the new jungler items. (idk, maybe season 3 or so?) ----------- A low number easiely is decieving, but especially in the jungle having or not having 5 AD can stack up quite fast when attacking. But when looking at most nerfs, what are they? 20 base damage? 30 maybe? 2 seconds longer CD? Maybe not even on all ranks! Nerfs can be quite delicate and yet impactful. I remember that there was a time where Riot tended to overdo nerfs, a Champion that was considered OP before all of a sudden was considered to be on the week end for moths or even longer. I don't want to Claim to know much about Balance, but having seen 'small' nerfs be laughed about only to notice their Impact a bit later into the patch has left me a bit mroe causious with those things. x3 (That said, i personally feel like it's not Yasuo's early game that has to be hit, I mainly consider the balancing of having someone be weak enough in early to be shut down and finishing the game before they scale alright in high elo/teamranked, but I feel like in a less coordinated Play this isn't as easiely doable.)
You refer to Olaffing yes,I agree with what you said tbh.
: Its not just that, the windwall hitbox is utterly ridiculous. It should require good reactions or even predicting to be able to block ultimates with a normal skill. It also blocks a lot more than you would expect a wall of AIR to block, like light and projectiles moving on the ground. Like, seriously, a wall of wind blocks a portal to the void on the ground, vel'koz w? are you kidding me riot?
XDD that Vel'Koz portal thingy there made me laugh good one man :D I have an idea,why not make the shield duration last half as much, and make it not come out of his player model OR Give the shield HP,for example (scaling with level) 2/3/4/5/6 abilities/autoattacks can be blocked, and,ofc,make the hitbox not come out of his goddamn mouth.Some people would say that the HP on the shield would ruin Yasuo,but 90% of the time its only used for one single ability (in lane for kat Q,or for a jinx ult for example).
Gaddafi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ennoraetil,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nlGhpgsV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-15T19:51:24.417+0000) > > Problem is that Vayne is still stomping even after all of her nerfs,same thing will happen with Yasuo. > I got a perfect solution,a perfect nerf for Yasuo = Remove him.I'm not proud anymore of him being my second highest mastery champion. Remove passive shield or rework it's mechanics and he will be fine. With shield he is too oppressive. How many times i had to disengage and know he is dead for sure because of dot damage but... The shield. He gets rewarded for, for, for moving? Skill champ my ass.
Used to refill by dashing with E too but it got removed sometime,that an ok nerf,he had his shield up 24/7 before that.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I might be missinformed, but as far as I can remember we had this -5AD for the AD ungler item too. And it did have a quite noticable impact on AD junglers at the time. Can't really remember what happened to Vayne though, I guess her ult still made up for it. Who knows, if it's not enough he still can be nerfed coming patches. ;)
The Jungle item nerf had a noticeable impact? when was it? can you remember? -5 AD seems just like a troll nerf
: I wish they could change his windwall to actually require skill... Currently, you can use it after the skillshot has passed through and the skill will still dissappear.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yes because the hitbox of the W comes straight ..out of him,as if he's spitting this windwall it actually even looks like it sometimes
: Phreak doesn't decide about Tyler1 . Phreak has just 0 powers in this case . Only the creators of the game will decide here. This is an o.p.i.n.i.o.n . Don't hate me please.
True. But he is still actually really truly reformed and I like the new "kind ~~beta male~~ Tyler"
Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
I remember talking to him and having fun with him here on the boards,I still cant believe that he is gone. I was really shocked when I first read this and I still don't believe it,it feels really..unrealistic I can't explain it. Rest in Peace.
: I am quite amused at the timeing of this xD Just tried to have a casual normal game that turned anything but casual when my teams vayne went completely ham and a teamfight that started with my jungle and support dying turned into her getting a quardra and ending 2 minutes later.
Well,a super feeding Vayne with me as a support kinda lost us (not 100% her fault but..eh..) the game literally just now so it fits here too. I also learned that I'm not a good support :p
: I was not impressed by that nerf and i am not impressed by this one either x) I guess that just like vayne he will need more nerfs before he falls in line.
Problem is that Vayne is still stomping even after all of her nerfs,same thing will happen with Yasuo. I got a perfect solution,a perfect nerf for Yasuo = Remove him.I'm not proud anymore of him being my second highest mastery champion.
Sàturn (EUW)
: Why does your flex queue rank show in custom games and not solo/duo rank?
Is your flex queue rank higher than your soloQ rank? If not then its probably unintended
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: Im not angry at all tbh dude i don't really play the game anymore cause i think its so childish people get banned for talking trash, thats part of the fun of gaming us 19 century babies grew up talking shit on cod etc i miss those days
nearly everything you said in this chat you posted was negative so you really deserve those 2 weeks if you even got chat restricted before it about that ori stuff i said,wanted to share experience
cjmaisam121 (EUNE)
: Buff aatrox
Better rework him
: How to acces custom game mode?
Thats the Practice Tool Mode currently being on the PBE server (a server where content that is coming soon is being tested) and is not available on live servers (the servers we all normally play on,EUW,EUNE,NA etc.) If you want more information look at this article : http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/01/113-pbe-update.html If you see the label "PBE" on a video etc. it means that it isn't finished/ready yet and will be added to the live servers in future patches.
: Just got a 2 week ban for literally one bad game....
Would it make you even more angry to tell you that an Ori inted in one of my ranked games and lost us the game , got reported 3 times and still continues to troll and ruin games which I can see by her match history?
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: How to win 1 vs 9?
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: champ shards use BLUE ESSENCE
he means the mystery champion shard that can be bought from the store for 1700 IP,opened and THEN you get a champ shard in the LOOT section of the client. Please read better
: Something I Noticed..
I giggled when : {{champion:133}} > was a problem at some point
House x33 (EUW)
: Just because all of you people insult them they shouldn't bring draft back.
I don't agree with the way Vicotnic is talking but be honest,why would they remove draft pick from our server only? I don't get this Why not keep it here ,what the fck was the point of removing it.Be honest.
: An idea for champ select
How about making the summoner spell squares next to your champs icon to actual round spheres that look nice and not that ugly? thats the only thing that bugs me right now.
: My opinion about Chest and Key Fragment System
Got SKT Zed,Shockblade Zed and Project Yasuo so far as skins that I unlocked because I used to spam them (not a main of those 2.anymore.)And a rose ward :=3
: now you have %%%%ing noticed? it was like for 3 days or something
Yes its my fault that notification did not appear in the new client for me for 3 days rofl
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Ennoraetil, Should be fixed up now ^_^
Yes,wanted to delete this post and saw your comment,thanks a lot ! :D Edit : PS : Your response was super fast holy alistar.
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Luak (EUNE)
: Where is the code button in the new updated shop?
Shop - Account (Settings) - Redeem Codes on the left.
: I used to love it but I have not been using it for almost a year now but I can confirm it has this feature that shows ping nearly exact like in game.
Xavieen (EUNE)
: We desperately need to know our PING before we enter the game.
: im gonna try uploading a video with the lag spikes but i will have to lose another ranked -_-
Well you can do this without losing a ranked game by playing a normal game. lol :p
Am I really the only one who doesn't have those lags like wtf guys. Can you explain what is happening to you in-game,and when this occurred. I'm fucking confused. I see these threads everywhere.
Four Star (EUW)
: What was the best match you lost?
I once had a **ghostgame** where I was playing Fizz and my whole team was AFK,3 enemies were AFK and the 4th one went afk after 7 minutes because of I don't know why. Anyway,the only enemy which was not AFK was a Shen and we were having a bro lane on mid. The game went for about 50 minutes and we were literally trolling each other and wasting time.After some while Shen and me wanted to end the game to start another,he also told me that he needs the first win of the day bonus for runes.I let him push to my nexus (my because I was the only one on my team not AFK durr) and the game was over. I added him to my friends list,he accepted and we both talked for a bit,then we noticed that the game was not in our match history,he also didn't receive any IP and we thought that it was just lag.We thenplayed 2 games together,the match history had updated and the 2 games were there,but not the Fizz/Shen one. That was because it was a **ghostgame**. I then deleted him after 1 day because I don't like having strangers on my "friends list" because it would then become a stranger list. That was like the most wtf and time-waste moment ever
Block (EUNE)
: Insane lag EUNE
http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/bLs68fpf-reason-behind-constant-lags-and-riot-isnt-telling-you-the-truth Brute Force attacks confirmed.
: The story about the unbreakable bond between enemy laners
Is this a fake story to make us think in a different way,or did you **actually** encounter this in one of your games. The part where you said to him "_there is more to this game than just winning_" and then after 40 minutes,that he left you alive and said exactly the same thing,doesn't appear believable to me. But cute story :3
Xertus (EUW)
: League of Legends :How do you play? survey
Done. Good luck with your assignment ;)
QA guy (EUW)
: Turret hitboxes.
Yes that's been there ever since the SR VU. Happens all the time when I try to dive with {{champion:238}} I cri evtryim {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Are you an Off meta player? or a meta player?
I play what is more fun to me. Currently I love playing Zed and he has become my main,and he is really popular and overplayed in my opinion. Though I used to play ADC TF in season 4,I don't do it anymore since I have more fun with champions that are granting wins more easily and that are stable (if you know what I mean with stable,reliable pretty much)
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