: {{champion:266}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:134}} where all considered weak upon release, it’s a lottery whether a champion is too strong or weak... hell some aren’t either. Really disproves this whole riot release champions too strong for money when many aren’t
Yasuo, Yuumi, Syndra, ASol, Kai'Sa, Jinx, Ryze and Sion (both rework and release) were super %%%%ing broken on release. Not quite sure about all the others.
: Balance team vs Champ design team
Riot can't quite grasp the "small steps" concept. Aatrox is at 44% Win Rate? Ok, make his Q cooldown lower by 2 seconds early game. Is he better now? No? Make his passive heal for more from minions. Still bad? Buff his E's range. Too good? Revert the last buff. Garen is literally destroying top lane? Ok, make his R deal magic damage. Still too good? Make his Q speed and duration lower. Too bad? Revert last nerf Repeat. With every champion in game. Every patch. I can't stand seeing 10 OUT OF 150 CHAMPIONS SLIGHTLY CHANGED IN ONE PATCH
Era Teemo (EUW)
: Oministone buff
I've got a better idea - every time you use omnistone, enemy nexus blows up
Vas34 (EUW)
: It literally takes more time to take Herald, even with ally, than push lane yourself
Well, if you're not hitting the eye and rush it on the 1st level then sure it does.
: Thats not what i discribed.
But that's how it works in essence.
: Ezreal OP??
So, blue Ezreal? We've been there, it works. Not OP if you ask me.
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot is using skins in TFT for origins and classes. Changing the skins for every person would create confusion.
Maybe "personal" skins, just for you? Like custom skins? I think the same should be applied to Summoner's Rift - I would gladly play on Winter or Pool Party map (Even though everyone else would see regular Rift) sometimes.
: tanks in this game are more assassins then any other assassin
You could list tanks as any other class in terms of the damage, tankiness, mobility and utility/CC. The best damage tanks are Ornn, Tahm, Shen, Sion, Cho'Gath and - in some cases - Rammus/Malphite/Poppy The best CC/Utility tanks are Ornn, Malphite, Galio, Shen, Maokai, Cho, Nautilus and Rammus The tankiest tanks are Malphite, Maokai, Rammus, Alistar, Sejuani and Mundo The most mobile tanks are Zac, Shen, Nunu, Malphite and Rammus Having high damage leaves a tank open to CC (The immobile ones, like Tahm, Shen or Sion), Damage (The not very tanky ones like Ornn, Poppy and Cho'Gath) or kiting (The ones without great CC like Tahm or Volibear). IMO only Rammus and Malphite are broken af - they deal high damage, do lots of cc, are kinda mobile and also are super hard to kill.
: So when ranked resets? this yer or in 2020? and what mounth ?
You won't be demoted due to inactivity. Your MMR will remain identical (Or a bit higher if you were bronze/silver last season) and the reset will occur in the next year - probably mid January/early February
Arystasia (EUW)
: wdym {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Clan tags and nicks themed in champions' names are %%%%ing cringe. I can even give a pass on things like Aatrox, Sion, Swain but jesus christ, why would you put an assassin's name there and show everyone how weak of a person you are?
: Sanguine Blade Nerf Suggestion
I think Sanguine Blade should be intended to be a split push item for bruisers, ad assassins and some adcs. Therefore I think that this item should have a new unique passive. -10 AD Lifesteal removed Lethality removed **NEW Blood Pursuit:** Gain up to 100% Attack speed when there are 0 enemies nearby. Gain up to 20% Lifesteal and 50% AS when there is one enemy nearby. Gain 20 lethality and 5% Spellvamp when there are 2 or more enemies nearby If you're something like Fiora or Trundle, with no MS boost but with high attack damage and decent split push potential, you will utilise AS on towers and jungle camps greatly If you have an AS boost in your kit (Like Jax, Olaf, Nocturne) you can utilise the Lifesteal in 1v1 fights maintaining high attack speed. If you're something like Zed or Pyke you can use both Spellvamp and Lethality stat while not using You never, however, get to use all 3 stats this item grants - and you don't get twice as much damage as you should get for so little gold Disclaimer: i've never built this item so I don't really know how it would play out, but I think its stats alone are over the top and need a huge nerf.
: I really confused
You gotta stay on the shore, reefs are endangered
Arystasia (EUW)
: Clean "Qiyana" club tag?
Don't do it. Please.
Spolchen (EUW)
: What is the point in playing ranked during preseason?
: Username change caused me to get perma ban :(
Small indie company. Contact the support - I already did that. I want my old username back.
: Thank you for the analysis, my bronze 2 friend.
What a burn my 600 games diamond friend
PP Dual (EUW)
: TFT Tournaments starting in 2020
Try on Reddit. LoL Forums are dead for Riot. Also, I don't really think TFT would get much attention - it's not really entertaining to watch. Streamers lose viewers when they swap to TFT - it doesn't mean TFT's bad (Set 2 sucks af tbh), it means rather that watching someone buy and place champions and items for 40 minutes it's much more fun for some people to watch someone's laning phase for 5 minutes, roaming for 5 minutes, teamfights for 5 minutes, backdooring/splitting for another 5 minutes and yelling inaudibly for another 5 minutes.
Rioter Comments
Kashiro (EUNE)
: So are people and yet they have their personalities :)
I don't think anyone was bred to love everything unconditionally
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Dogs love you unconditionally they deserve respect.
They were bred to do that.
EUW can't play the game {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Raiiking (EUW)
: Eye hurt and headache while playing on the infernal map
Garbage, not tested feature for an entire season. fun.
Shamose (EUW)
: Gather round youngens, and sit next to the first campfire of season 10.
I've once been to a scout's camp. It was super fun, my 8th camp in my life. I was actually camp's crew by that moment. It was usual, lazy day. One of my scouts reported me a "weird tree" he found. I thought to myself that's nothing new, trees tend to look weird. I went with him to see that tree - it was indeed weird. All white, like skinned (corked? Can't find the English word for it. It was stripped off it's cork). I stayed there for a moment as the scout returned to the campsite. I decided to look around. Oh boy, I've found another one. Exactly the same tree. I went back to the camp and gathered some of my friends - we went to that exact spot in three. We've discovered 8 identical trees. After some walking, we realised that the trees were placed in an octagon. We decided to see what's inside of the octagon. The area was very swampy and kinda big so we didn't do that before - we just now checked octagon' center. We've found something very weird. It was on a slight altitude with no trees or bushes around it. Completely clean, surrounded by trees ~10 meters away. A wooden totem, as we believed. It looked like a 2 meters high egg made of white wood (Like the skinned ones - we've came to the conclusion that it was carved in a bigger tree that was in the center) with weird runes/marks/symbols on it. We couldn't understand them. Some holes were big enough to put an entire human's head in and some weren't big enough to put in even the little finger. What was more weird was that we've noticed that the ground around it (And bigger are around in a lesser degree) was completely flat and walked over recently and frequently - like people were dancing around it or praying to it regularly. The whole incident wouldn't be much of a deal if we hadn't found 4 more identical constellations - giant octagons of "corked" white trees with very similar totem inside. what made it even more weird and - sometimes - frightening, was that we've been reported a few times by our night watch that they've heard drums. Like the Indian drums, stable rhythm, kinda slow. And voices. Nobody dared to come across these places in night. One decided to look at them from the distance, but as he reported "there weren't any dancers. No drums. No people at all". Our camp was next to a kinda big lake. It was U-shaped, with kinda "lake peninsula" going nearly into the middle of the lake. It had a tour road, a place to rest (Some benches and a roofing), a campfire spot. Pretty cosy, we've had a few games there. On the top of it, however was a barrow (Using google translate for that one. It's called "Kurhan" in Polish and means a grave under the ground that makes a little hill and looks very round, because it's made by humans. Like a perfect ball that's been buried in half. The weirdest thing is that when we estimated the places of everything - the Kurhan, the totems and the "peninsula" it looked like the totems were made to perfectly (Not quite "perfectly", but oddly well" round the Kurhan. Nobody knows what was the purpose, nobody knows what these sounds were and whether the sounds even were real. All we know is that someone got buried and then some people made a circle around him. A circle of carved giant trees turned into totems. It was by the "Trzcianno lake" in Poland, next to Łoboda village and the city of Zdrójno. There's nothing on it on the internet. But it's true. All of it.
Fynne (EUW)
: Bottom lane is a complete fiesta now
I feel like Riot Games pushes the pro play over the average gaming experience. Nothing new. Also, I like how the new support items look (both in the graphic design and in their gameplay design) LITERALLY like they've been made only for Senna and Pyke. It's like having an item that's called "Targon's Spear" with an **UNIQUE PASSIVE:** If you're playing Pantheon, you get 600 range, 100% crit chance and 500% crit damage. Literally created for two champions only (And Renekton support, whoever plays it). thinking that they'll push this patching into the next seasons makes me wanna quit League for real in 9 years.
: Yes, my opinion doesn't matter. That's why I'm not giving one lol
So, you're saying "Don't listen to him and don't listen to me" therefore creating an impossible task. If we don't listen to him, we'll end up listening to you, and if we listen to him we'll not listen to you, therefore listening to you and agreeing with "don't listen to me" part, making us not listen to that guy. And if we don't listen to that guy we'll listen to you, beginning the last paragraph over. That's dense
Rioter Comments
: " There should be an item that would grant you attack speed and critical strike for 4 seconds after your dash" Excluding the dashing part, that's what sword of the divine did. And it was the most broken item excluding dfg, sword of the occult and mejai's. Plus, considering 90% of champs have dashes, jumps or just high mobility adding an item like that would just destroy the ladder, as even silvers could jump to plat, diamond and higher with only one item
SOD wasn't as broken as BC, Force of Nature or used-to-be-broken Warmog Armor - or Eleisa's Miracle on certain champions. Old times when you could abuse off-meta super broken items that nobody noticed at all. I wish that time would come back. The part about exact stuff the item would do wasn't definite - the main idea is to give champions items that they would use better and more effectively. Imagine two items: The first one gives 40 crit, 40 dmg and 15 life steal The other one gives 20 crit, 20 dmg and 5 life steal AND 30 crit, 25% range and 10% omnivamp for 5 seconds after the dash (5 sec cooldown, starting as the buff expires) The key is to make these stats not super broken, useful only for certain champions - this particular thing is easy to execute - if you want all bruisers to use it, you just make the passive "melee only" or the other way around for ranged champions. I don't care about ladder, I care about the gameplay - Occult, SOD were fun items and not broken at all - just once per 100 games someone managed to make good use of them and Riot was like "holy shit, it's too much damage for a 20/0 Darius!" BTW SOD was literally Hail of Blades without crit. As you can see - there are ways of turning broken mechanics into fair and balanced mechanics
: meme's not even funny anymore
It's nota meme but the simple truth - Riot unfortunately cares more about the money and pro play than regular players and gameplay. It's hard to believe that there are almost no items at all - every single adc builds literally the same, every mage builds identical, so do assassins and so do supports. The only two classes that somehow differ between the builds are bruisers and tanks. There should be items that directly boost certain champions or sets of champions instead of "general items that help 90% of AP users". There should be an item that would grant you attack speed and critical strike for 4 seconds after your dash - a late game component for Lucian, Kalista, Graves, Ezreal, Tristana and probably few others AD champions like Camille, Jax, Aatrox. That would be fun, wouldn't it? You couldn't build it on everything, you would have to consider whether you want this item or rather prefer other item - for example an early laning phase item that grants you critical damage and continuous stacks of damage and additional range every .5 seconds your character isn't moving - perfect for Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune, Varus and Jhin. There are so many items' passives ideas that aren't being used at all - why don't we have a support item for Pyke, Senna, Rakan, Taric that would grant you max HP and a ward stack for every kill you participate? That would make aggressive gameplay more rewarding if you wanted to build it - you see, that's the main problem with items. You don't get to build what you need because you desperately need that one or two items that are essential for your class and if the enemy gets it first - you wont stand a chance.
Kasten4 (EUW)
: We need more items, not less
Nah, we need more skins
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Consider the following: Each one of those is a boosted account that someone is going to buy in a shady website. Once bought, the new owner is gonna spend a lot of money on skins and miscellaneous stuff, as you can imagine these people are not playing the "free" game just for the progression and sense of self achievement. Then, once a year or every two years or who knows when, Riot bans all these accounts they know were bot-users in a "wave". Repeat over and over. You see why obvious bots are not just going to be banned?
Megamind. This flawed logic makes me laugh so much it's unreal
Deel Doe (EUW)
: if they were actually bots Riot would ban them
Ongshimi (EUNE)
: Nickname change! (for Jojo fans here)
My nick is Captain Bomb animated series reference
: Give Kindred a skin already
She has twice Ornn's skins. Also, it's a dumb champion that shouldn't be promoted by any means and therefore one skin is already too much.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: I usually build my items pretty late (after wolves atleast) so i can see what champions and items i have so i can get most out of them
That's one way to do it, usually with 60-70 HP left. I like to risk it - and I'm very %%%%ing sad that new TFt doesn't reward risking at all, at least from my perspective
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Seems like a normal promotion ad.
Not "add" but "ad", short for "advertisement" (for the future bro)
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: You choose your comp based on what items you get not the other way around.
What about "you get two armor items, build 2 2nd lvl champs and get 3 dmg items" case which happens every other TFT game? Do you just not play it? I mean, the old TFT used to be less item-reliant if you ask me and at the end of the day you could go full nobles with only defensive items and still somehow end up 2nd or even 1st if you played well - the new TFT seems to me like it's making fun of me by how broken and important items are and how it's literally impossible to get a decent outcome without them.
łnfamous (EUW)
: Ranked aram
I strongly agree! I also think that Riot should implement 4 two-month long ranked seasons every year - for Ascension, 1v1, Nexus Blitz and Hexakill - with a pause for 2 weeks between each of them. Of course they should make the climb much easier so everyone would be able to get the rewards - let's say 40 LP for every division, promos taking only 2 games (Division promos requiring you to win 1 games) or 3 games (League promos requiring you to win 2 games). This way, you would be able to get to Diamond from Silver by winning consistently in one day. Nobody necessary needs any rewards for these "little rankeds" - but an icon for gold+ and maybe extra Victorious Chroma for getting Gold+ in all 4 of these queues throughout the year would be so nice!
DatAgZuu (EUNE)
: Tft isn't 100% rng, but it does have a simple meta and you can legitimately get into high elo with a single picture telling you the do's and dont's of the current meta.
And that's exactly why ranked tft ain't a good idea - you just press the strong champions, hope for good items, position your champions according to the enemy who's beating you the most - and you will climb effortlessly. Even last hitting the minions is more difficult than combining 1 to 3 current builds by simply clicking on them and making slight decision on your gold once in a while. I don't think TFT league represents the player's skill as well as it would represent on any other mode, ARAM included. When it comes to ARAM you need to learn ~100 champions to consistently win. There's not even the half of that in TFT in my opinion.
: Acension Game mode > URF
I think that Riot should just allow everyone to play all game modes either in custom games or as "rotating game mode". There's not point to rate them and pick just one of them - we should be allowed to create a custom game with friends or strangers and just play it the way we like - I don't see any reason to not implement Ascension, 1v1 (Ok maybe 1v1 can be easily created without an entire gamemode but that's besides the point), URF, Blitz or ARURF on custom games the same way I don't see any reason not to allow us to play the Crystal Scar on custom. it's not like they have to keep 1000 Crystal Scar maps running at all times so it would "steal" Summoner's Rift's server space. They just create a game on a different map - it's not difficult, it takes literally 0 space and someone will surely enjoy it once in a while. It's funny how almost every single game allows you to create your own rules in custom games but League doesn't. The custom games are dead service except for 1v1 or unofficial tournaments between friends.
: Nerf windwall duration. common 4 seconds...
Yasuo was added 6 years ago. Since then, the game had speed up very much - games now tend to take less than 25 minutes, and used to take 45 minutes. Fights are much more fluent, every champion has a quick combo. It was understandable for Yasuo to have 4 seconds Windwall in the "old, slow League" environment but now it's just super broken. Just like Veigar's E or LeBlanc's W - it lasts too long and that's why it's imbalanced
: i can't play the game anymore
Try to contact the Support directly - I installed Hextech Repair Tool, sent the records to them and most of my problems were fixed.
Rioter Comments
: What will the TFT ranked rewards be? (Season 1)
What is your opinion on Nobles? I would like to play them exclusively and I've developed a lot of synergies - knights, blademasters (Kassadin with BOTRK and noble buff is quite good, I recommend to everyone), rangers, mages, imperials - there are %%%%ing LOTS of them and this is why I like nobles. Unfortunately, I'd say that Nobles are overall quite shitty. I mean they're good but under very specific circumstances. I rarely finish 1st, if I win - I win as 2nd or 3rd. Do you think there's even purpose of playing nobles?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: If they would be broken then everyone would play them - like Jax. They are niche among niches... so they are not OP. Not to mention that fiddle is in rework workshop right now.
I don't see Jax everywhere if you ask me. Also, why unpopular champ (Fiddle isn't unpopular - 2% global pick rate isn't a bad score. It's like top 30%) can't be broken. Don't you remember old Akali back in the 2012/13? I've abused the shit out of her and went for like 20/3 every single game - and yet, she had probably one of the lowest pick rates amongst all champions in game. It's just an outdated example, but look at the game now - Kled with stable 56-59% win rate (Which is huge) is one of the least picked champions. It's not even about the winrate - if you look at Heimerdinger you can clearly see that he's at astonishing 55% win rate if the game lasts for up to 25 minutes. He's a massive lane bully, easy to abuse and very well performing in all areas - you basically can't gank him if he has his turrets up - which is basically all the time. Sure he might have low win rate and pick rate - but this certain aspect of him is completely broken and should be removed or changed as soon as possible. Yeah I am a stupid platinum Jax abuser (4 matches in my history btw, I'm sure abusing him lmao) but I don't understand how Fiddlesticks - a point and click 2.5 sec stun champion - is not broken and doesn't need any changes. Care to explain it to me? I've already explained that he's not unpopular.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Plays Jax. Abuses Shojin. Comes to forums in order to whine about the Skarner-Malzahar-Fiddle tax LUL
So Fiddle and Malza are not broken at all because I play Jax? Doesn't make much sense is you ask me.
: He’s litterally gonna be either the next rework to be released or the one after... so yeah he shouldn’t exist and soon won’t
Okay that's very nice, I hope I'll see that in 2021 or 2022 if I'm lucky
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: I have 22 hex tech keys and I just opened a Glorious Capsule for reaching level 190 and got 2 champion shards, was expecting a rare skin or gemstone Im not complaining though because I have 7 Legendary shards and 19 Epic shards You got a Soulstealer Vladimir skin shard, man you should be happy, that would tidy me over for the next 10 chests
I already have Soulstealer - and I don't play vladimir at all. That'll be a reroll for me - Could've got Assasin Master Yi anything else, wouldn't matter at all
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