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: I get it yea. Thing is, that the grading system compares flat numbers - in said ELO - on said champion - in said role, for that specific game duration - in that specific game mode. The system doesn't take into consideration match specific stuff, like did you have an AFK / were you forced to do something else than you were supposed - it just looks at the flat numbers, and gives you a rating compared to the other 100% of players on your champion. If you get into the top 5% let's say, you get the S- / make that top 2.5% and it's an S / top 1% and you just got an S+ (I pulled the % numbers out of my ass btw). you get the idea.
i understand what you mean. its to bad this cant be worked around in the game's grading system but i guess i will just have to try and carry harder next time {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} EDIT: after playing even more games without any success my play style has completely changed now if i have 1 death or less than 130 by 20 min its just an ff feels bad how riot's grading system ruined this champ for me
: 350+CS,10wards placed, 5wards destroyed, 3 pinks and you'll get an S+ with that KDA - also depending on your objective and structure damage.
That is as much farm as possible looking at the fact that i was left as the last man standing a couple of times having to deal with the whole enemy team, also everyone was splitting and i had to take care of most of them on my own and we all know running up and down the whole match is not very efficient farm vise
Hansiman (EUW)
: 6 wards is placed is not really that much, so I still think you could've done a bit more there.
I had a sweeper /= becouse literally nobody else was checking for wards.
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: Rito Games Nerf Full AD Garen Pls
this is so fake 1. you are playing in blind and the only players playing blind are new to the game 2. every time you got a kill you were 2+ levels ahead of the enemy 3. you mostly killed low hp targets or supports that wouldn't survive a 1v1 encounter with any champ in the game anyway sooo what is the problem here?
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