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: LiRiCk1 This is my nickname ;) - Looking for friends
No offense, but that just sounds desperate.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Both would mean people would play even more for their own benefit, than is currently the case. Winning your lane only means you've granted your side a **slight** advantage, and it only becomes a advantage if you know how to utilize it. Since most player do little but chase for KDA once laning is over, it also means that most won lanes are wasted.
Well, I agree that with the current grading system it would be abusable quite easily. However, if they managed to improve the grading system, so it wouldn't only take KDA into account but also things like trinket usage or any stats that might be relevant depending on your role/champion (eg. healing done on Soraka), the system would become less abusable. I understand that gaining 20 points for a loss would be too much. The changes would have to be more subtle. Say, instead of losing 15 points when you lose a game, you might only lose 5 or even 0, depending on your overall performance. To compare it to the current grading system - getting an S(+/-) could mean you wouldn't lose any points or a very little amount, whereas someone who got a C might lose the full amount (15 in the example above). A similar system could then be used for winning.
: Lost the Game, But won the Lane
I've always felt like league's ranked system is a little unfair. Have they ever considered giving/taking LP based on performance? Or the grade you get at the end? It just seems a little unfair for those who perform better than most of the enemy team and yet lose points because their team lost the game.
NePhiLim96 (EUNE)
: Great suggestion
The suggestion itself is great, but begging for a skin at the end is a little low.
: Looking for someone under lvl 15 to complete missions.
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
two. more. days. agh.
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
come on, sign up more teams, more fun!
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
for you? naah, for ME!
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
less than a month left, does anyone have a time machine?
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
well, time for me to switch to euw, i guess
doofjk (EUNE)
: Are there any EUNE Teams?
: {CV} SR 5vs5 Tournament EUW
woohoo! a tournament!


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