: [GAMEPLAY] Supports can have 2 active ZZ´rot portals.
Well obviosly it has a 100% up time, then and now. Since the duration was 150sec and the cooldown was 150sec, and now it is 120sec duration and cooldown. You can just replace it, and it´s up. What I was curious about was the interaction between the two before mentioned items. Because Ruby sighstone has not always had the added 20% cooldown reduction on activatable items, and I cannot remember when it was added, but it was sometime last season I think. Anyway, is this interaction a "unhappy/happy" accident or is it intentional? Because I have not seen it before. I mean it could be argued if you wanna hard push a lane, or you have clear advantage, being able to have 2 active this way, enemy can kill one and the other still be up, depends on which they kill first but I´m cursious if this not technically could be abused, or? In the unlikely scenario that teamfights happen in enemy base and other team has two zz portals placed at optimal timing (or even more then one player does this, sighstone jungler was a thing for a while if I remeber right). You could just hard push one lane, go to the next one and just repeat, if enemy has no way to respond and much is decided early game, seems like it could be anti-fun if ever you got this against you. And yes it needs to be placed at much better places now then before and I could be wrong, wouldn´t be the first time, and I guess this could be argued about alot off items and intersctions but as said I have not seen it before, was curious :)
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