: Equilibrium ... Totaly this
I'd rather pick Mr. Robot.
: Rune Prices Adjustments
Yes please. Runes seem to add a nice layer of flexibility, that only seasoned veterans can afford. They have enough edge over newcommers by only skill and experience difference. It would be fun to freely experiment with less common runes, and the above suggested prices look sensible, while still acting as an IP sink.
: > Now there will be consequences. Are you gonna destroy Riot Games and make all these "controlled by Riot" people finally free ?
The Revolution is coming! Soon™ we all shall be free of the chains of the malignant corporation! The end of the oppression by the capitalist hoodlums is at hand! Spread the word, Nilthias makes his move Soon™!
: Looking for a Jungler Girl
This is sexist! And girls can't jungle, that's scientifically proven.
: Know any good MOBAS?
I love Smite. Cool graphics, camera makes it more immersive, nicer people. The voice-system is awesome - it's like pings here, but there you can say like 30-40 lines - on your champ's voice (if you buy it, changes with skins). So you keep listening to conversations like... "I'll gank left lane" "No!" "Enemy ultimate incoming!" "Ok" "Thanks." "Be right back!". I feel it's much harder. In 6 months, I kinda' got to learn to play one god in one role in an OK~ish manner. I learn a -lot- faster here. Ok, back than I had 0 previous moba experience. Also... Match Making is a lot more painful when there isn't a huge playerbase like LoL has. In -any- other moba, you'll see that a popular _"dying"_ one can do a lot better in this regard than those aren't mainstream.
DJchamp711 (EUNE)
: How can I have fun in this game??
Just keep in mind that KSing, not ganking, not calling SS and generally not playing good enough won't get you punished. Flaming the one who does these and calling for reports is. You can just ignore them. Also.. you could find some buddies who won't flame or care too deeply about how good you are. Doing so improved my LoL experience greatly.
: 7 OUT OF 9 REPORTED! Bad game experience. ;(
You did report all seven? You are cool. I can only remember more than the loudest 2-3 if I literally take notes. xD
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: when you mix in the same game solo players and 4/5 man premades the ladder becomes biased,also the new ranking system no longer measures skill even for solo players it just measures how good you can play your main champion on your main lane.
even if I agreed with you, that would still fall into the definition of 'competitive'.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Has League Of Legends Died As Competitive Game?
Competition is only possible between individuals, not teams? Soccer fans will be devastated.
iFroHawk (EUW)
: Mastery unlocks are so frustrating
I would feel with you... if I could care less about masteries. It's just an uninteresting visual stuff that doesn't make anyone play better.
Grimzy (EUNE)
: Reduce the cost of some other runes.
Just remove the cost of runes - the current system is soo last century. Give flexibility for the ~~recently banned~~ newcommers! I know Rito you want it too! Think of it this way: do you think the community could complain even more? Naw, we only change the subject.
: nice things.
deported u for international feeding nob
: DynQ this,DynQ that,dynQ dynQ dynQ. DynQ is just fcking fine for people like me that are casuals and want to play ranked with their buddies. Oh,and guess what? MOST PLAYERS IN THE ENTIRE FCKING LEAGUE ARE CASUAL GAMERS. I waited for years to be able to play with my friends in rankeds,and now all of a sudden we are going to remove it for the 10m at MAX players that are pissed off? Well guess what? It wont happen. You may feel your tryhard climbing is (punished) but when it comes to satisfy all the others,i can make that kind of sarcifice. Because if i assume (EMPHASIS ON ASSUME) that from the 60m playerbase,the 20% hates dynQ,the other 20% wont care,and the others want dynQ,well,thats 60% to 20%,which is 3 vs 1. That said,most of the players DO like dynQ,so it wont leave. So you had better get used to it,or the door to OgreWatch and Dota2 is over there. Now,to address your other facts: 1)Where the fck did you get the numbers that most players hate dynQ? You mean most dia/master/challenger/LCS. The others in their majority love dynQ (Harsh truth,suck it up) except for the ppl at boards,but even here i can find ppl that are satisfied with DynQ. 2) Balance was never perfect. Look at the other seasons. There were balance issues back then as well. Only GhostCrawler wasnt there. 3) Gold 4 isnt exactly what you would call high elo. That,and the MMR of a unranked is around silver 3. That said,if he was with a premade,that explains why you got him in your team. 4) Riot has done so many good things that you guys here tend to forget,or even BLAME them for that. For instance,lets see: 1) Hextech. Free skins,free champs,FREE FCKING LOOT,Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lets blame them because they didnt make it more (free) 2) DynQ. Surprised? Most players wanted dynQ because they are casuals and hated soloQ,as i do. But since you believe that soloQ didnt have issues and was all perfect,ur free to stay in your ignorance :) 3) They have banned a huge amount of flamers that have destroyed games,but you tend to insist their system sucks and bla bla bla. 4) GameMode rotation. Each weekend,a new mode instead of once in a month. Yet you insist in complaining because (Its not URF 24/7) 5) Perhaps the most important. *Clears throat* THEY GAVE YOU THIS FCKING GAME. They,not anyone else,THEY gave you a FREE to play game,and yet you blame them for (not doing their job right) If you cant feel but feel hate for the creators of the game,NO ONE is forcing you to play. Im there since late s3. Ive had changes i didnt like. However i adapted to them. Which is the exact opposite of what you and all the dynQ haters dont. You spend all ur time whining in the forums as if riot WILL change anything,and Almost (I mean it,Almost) always throw it to your (noob team crappy premades) When in reality im more than enough sure that you fcked up in that same game as well. So heres my final quote and you had better to understand it. Evolve or die(In the metaphorical sense). Theres no middle ground. You are going to adapt to those changes,or ultimately be overthrown and go to lower grounds from the ones that you were. Its that simple. Have a nice day.
> [{quoted}](name=The Black Warden,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aiEnIbVH,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-07-12T07:35:46.343+0000) > > 4) Riot has done so many good things that you guys here tend to forget,or even BLAME them for that. Don't forget /remake either. I bet it already saved countless otherwise lost LP during it's brief existence.
: <- one trick pony, level 7 mastery. No skin on my current account which I use. NEver spamming emo icon. People still hate me. Okay. ^^ Add me as 16. Edit: forgot the passive aggresive that says "GTFO my lane I wanna farm" type aswell.. Make this one whole group honoring me <3
> [{quoted}](name=Kitty Katarina,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=j7y9uMOn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-14T19:56:50.230+0000) > > "GTFO my lane I wanna farm" Thought it's you. xD Nothing to be ashamed of, we junglers love that. Removing a lane from the equation makes it considerably easier of deciding the everlasting dilemma of _"where to go next?"_. Except if it's coming from mid. Midlane is always in the way. xD Let me add myself to the collection too: The nosurrender guy: _"c'mon guys, we're only 20 kills, 8 towers and 4 drakes behind. And we only have one AFK. Stop the votes, we can win this. Our 1/15/3 ADC will start to carry soon. We just need to win one teamfight! Push miiiid!"_
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: That is what everybody told me. But gave up and left me alone. I may be in highschool but 33 people around me doesn't care, all what I had is lost. My only source of people are games and forums. I was asked to go a psychologist, due to rage issues and depression. Honestly I do question my sanity sometimes. How come that normal people enjoy I hate? Why do I have to always get the wrong side of things? Why can't anyone accept that I hate everx damn thing about growing up? I don't want a job, I am not interested in this money ruling world. I just want to be let alone and live in my own world. Okay this may be a bit off-topic. But this is what I think, this is what people made me. I am addicted to gaming. But ruining my only source of fun I don't let anyone! That guy thinks he is the best, and I am only boosted, well excuse me I do good and bad both times but with a Soraka I guess I do good with my 1/1/30 like stats. Just bebause he thinks that I can only get carried makes me angry. Of course 1v1 someone who plays like a year ago with supports... and there he can come with his 3 years experience lux main butt.
I believe madness isn't just a normal state of the mind, but it's even universal. The symptoms are different from people to people, country to country - but we are all subjects to it. Beliefs, obsessions, ways of coping with the reality, faces we show, masks we wear. People live in their own monomanias. Everyone. Everywhere. Most people are blind to their own madness - they can only see it in others. Good for them. Others have madnesses that help them function. Maintaining a family, earning, getting rich and powerful, exploiting. Even better for them. Those who's madness gets them passive, or even aggressive have a harder time. Those who even see it in themselves tend to wish they didn't. But one can't undo knowledge. One can't purposefully alter how he works. One can only learn to live with it. And one can't be helped in this process. There are things everyone has to get for themselves, it can't be shared. And the process is painful. Wish I could help. But there is no universal cure for the soul. Ultimately, we have to deal with our lives, our problems. Noone can or will help. There are ways, answers and paradigms that might make the process easier. For some. What works for one won't help the other. One has to find his own. But it never hurts to get to know a few. May I suggest one? _Illusions_ by _Richard Bach_. It's a short novel. A simple one, translated to a plethora of languages. It's not the best answer I know. It's just a very accessible one, presenting a paradigm - a way of looking at things. Mildly entertaining too. It helped me when I was young. Want an even better and even shorter one? _Always be more than what you think, say or do. You can't be defined by these things._ That's all. Sorry, I told that the cures aren't universal. It's just my current one. Keep up! You aren't alone. Well, not more so than everyone else. Ooops. Did I only reply to the off-topic part? Well, who cares about a game we play for fun. It does not worth to be upset about. Ragers are silly. xD
: Unfortunately it was already after he started playing for a bit.. then afked then moved slightly in his jungle then stood still again then moved slightly again.. in short he wasn't playing but he was there. aKA another troll.. but that teemo was straight up trolling within the same game. cant remake with that trolls they know ways around it.
An 1/6 Teemo? I had much worse scores than that when trying to do my best. And can't blame someone on that skill-level who decides to mute everyone at the start. At least he had the decency to call your attention on it.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: I chaned and he has a way of getting his information... Story goes: A year ago we met, their relationship was in ruins, I tried to keep them togethet however staying out was hard... I began to feel love towards him, breaking up with my boyfriend, and be with him. His gf cheated on him, and I kinda called her something that is inaproariate (? That word o.o) here. He still loved her, and for her asking he tricked me into that he loves me too. For 2 months I believed he loved me. I asked him to breakup with her but he resisted "when I go to town". Trick known. Me depressed. He coming back. And things that already happened.
I feel with you. Too bad I could only give rational advice (like: "run"). But that's not what you are here for, and you probably have actual friends who tell you this, so you don't need a random guy from the internet to do the same. And also, when emotions are involved, rationality loses it's validity. I hope you'll find the best solution to your situation. Wishing the best!
: Playing ranked is like russian roullete, who doesnt get trolls/AFKERS climbs
What others said. And... I hope you know about the /remake function. Because who doesn't will definitely climb slower. Read about how to use it, because it sounds like it could have helped on the texting Olaf match.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: He lives here, annoying me wherever he can... I asked him to don't let her gf here, but he invites her (guess what they do that makes me jealasus to the point of near stabbing her) Refuses to let me sleep... so now I have a sleeping cycle of 5 am to 3 pm. And it's my fault because he did not let me sleep a few times until 6 am. Annoying so much, knowing the passwords to everysingle account I own (LoL, Facebook, S4League, Blade&Soul) and he insisted my sister buying Dragon Age 3 on his account. GUESS WHO'S GAME IS IT? mine. GUESS WHO CAN'T PLAY WITH IT? me.
Sounds like the problem is deeper than friendship and toxicity. I could try to give advice (something along the lines of 'get your life together', 'become independent' and 're-evaluate the relation with people close to you'), but I only see a tiny fragment of you, and that's not enough to be objective. Well that, and the fact that I'm just a random guy from the internet. But anyhow, change your passwords. Can't think of any merit of sharing those (FB too? really?), but I can imagine many situations when you'll regret -anyone- but you having access. EDIT: Ok I can't resist. Forgive me in advance. You live with a guy and you are jealous of his gf? That sounds extremely unhealthy from an emotional perspective. Either seduce him asap or end this situation. What you describe sounds bad for all concerned parties.
: privatization is the mother of corruption
I'd rather say privatization is a children of corruption. It doesn't breed corruption, it's a byproduct of it.
Eveninn (EUW)
: There is little reports themself can actually do, all they can do is set an account on investigation by the system, if a punishment is given or not is decided by the System independantly. And for Voli, one Report generally 'is enough' in a game to flag the game for the System. So his whole threats are completely empty (figured I'd just let you know) Regarding his behavior... I'd say while it is passive agressive, this alone doesn't particullary warrant a punishment. However, if he chats every game with a similar attitue, quite likely that he'll have something coming his way sooner or later.
Dunno... threatening with reports, implying false authority for ingame benefits is a few steps worse in my book than what I usually report people for. Though the system knows this stuff better, afaik we just theorize. It's it's cup of coffee anyways.
Elstir (EUW)
: "clap clap"
Fix your system?
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: When you have toxic friends
I stopped playing with the guy who got me into mobas for the same reasons. We are great friends, but I don't queue with him to keep it that way. xD
GrisEric (EUW)
: I need some help
1 - play as best as you can 2 - make a note to report, mute if you feel so, keep #1 in mind 3 - see #2
Forll (EUW)
How about giving more LP to people who win by only use the mouse and never hit a single key during the match? They decided to purposefully ignore a common method that could increase their efficiency. We should respect and honor their decision, as it's clearly an indication of awesome skill.
Djhrum (EUW)
: the abusers reported all their victims, RIOT banned the victims and what is left are the abusers you mentioned.
Strange. I keep reporting abusers, doing my best to play the game instead of ever sinking down to their level. They are keep getting banned, while I yet to receive the lightest warning. Are you sure ~~you~~ the victims handling them the appropriate way? That was a tricky question. If ~~you~~ they got sanctioned, ~~you~~ they don't.
Tralalarm (EUW)
: Why isnt it possible to delete champions u dont like to play?
I believe you can undo three champion purchases per season in the shop for yourself.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: playing 4v5s is stupid, do any of you actually disagree?
Yes. I believe not playing as good as you can in any situation is stupid. It matters more for many players than winning.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Something that i think is really unfair.
> [{quoted}](name=Inaphyt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O51EmeNk,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-14T02:23:43.869+0000) > > the chances of us winning are basically zero but i'll play anyway wasting my time completely. Are you saying that you reached the peak of you LoL skill? No matter what you do, you will not get any better? Because if you are not that sure of that, playing as best as you can in a losing, or even unfair situation is still good for practicing, or (god forbid) to have fun.
Djhrum (EUW)
: As we are talking about the marketing tool called "Esports" why would it be silly to compare these? Labeling it with a chunk of big fat words like "silliest comparison ever" is indeed a poor way to communicate. I´m not a fan of muting but I know most people and good players recommend muting as appriopriate reaction to deal with flamers and stuff. My examples are just situations I imagined. Compare the game to whatever sports you like, think about how things go compared to LoL and think for yourself if you would stay in such a club.
Indeed I was needlessly rude. I could have done a detailed comparison, examining the differences of the two games in detail while looking for similarities that one might overlooked. It would have been a fun exercise, but I would only have done it to induce smiles, maybe a laugh, not to prove a point about LoL. I'm no football expert (_or soccer while we are at it. As Europeans, we are talking about soccer, right?_). I don't know (for example) if players in the back come to the front because the playmaker asks them verbally, see they are needed or just generally skilled enough to know where they should be. Though stadiums are pretty noisy places, so I could argue that professional soccer players are kinda' chat-restricted already. But it wouldn't matter either way, as the two games can't be compared. Those are played by teams and people like to watch matches without participating. Could you point out more relevant similarities? Because we could keep listing relevant differences all day. Lemme grab just a few, for pure fun. - Soccer players only have one goal, no secondary objectives. - Soccer players can't kill the enemy, not even temporarily. They'd get a red card. - Soccer players don't need to ward to have vision of the field. All that can obscure parts of it are other soccer players. - Soccer players don't buy items to get faster or shoot stronger during the course of the match. Not even a single ring that regenerates stamina. - Soccer players generally have the same number of limbs. None of them are significantly more ranged or tankier than the others. That's why I summarized my thoughts about the matter in one word and moved on. > [{quoted}](name=Djhrum,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Yo7cBbnw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-13T22:14:59.360+0000) > > My examples are just situations I imagined. Compare the game to whatever sports you like, think about how things go compared to LoL and think for yourself if you would stay in such a club. Ahh wait... I thought your point is against muting, not against "staying in that club" at all. You are right. I wouldn't play soccer with ten random guys from all over Europe. I would play with friends, or random people who I got to know and who appreciate my company more than they are annoyed by my shortcomings. Coincidentally, that's exactly what I'm doing in LoL.
: feeders
That video is a wasted opportunity. It could have been fun.
Declined (EUNE)
: ☐ Not rekt ☑ Rekt ☑ Really Rekt ☑ Tyrannosaurus Rekt ☑ Cash4Rekt.com ☑ Grapes of Rekt ☑ Ship Rekt ☑ Rekt marks the spot ☑ Caught rekt handed ☑ The Rekt Side Story ☑ Singin' In The Rekt ☑ Painting The Roses Rekt ☑ Rekt Van Winkle ☑ Parks and Rekt ☑ Lord of the Rekts: The Reking of the King ☑ Star Trekt ☑ The Rekt Prince of Bel-Air ☑ A Game of Rekt ☑ Rektflix ☑ Rekt it like it's hot ☑ RektBox 360 ☑ The Rekt-men ☑ School Of Rekt ☑ I am Fire, I am Rekt ☑ Rekt and Roll ☑ Professor Rekt ☑ Catcher in the Rekt ☑ Rekt-22 ☑ Harry Potter: The Half-Rekt Prince ☑ Great Rektspectations ☑ Paper Scissors Rekt ☑ RektCraft ☑ Grand Rekt Auto V ☑ Call of Rekt: Modern Reking 2 ☑ Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Rekt ☑ Rekt It Ralph ☑ Left 4 Rekt ☑ www.rekkit.com ☑ Pokemon: Fire Rekt ☑ The Shawshank Rektemption ☑ The Rektfather ☑ The Rekt Knight ☑ Fiddler on the Rekt ☑ The Rekt Files ☑ The Good, the Bad, and The Rekt ☑ Forrekt Gump ☑ The Silence of the Rekts ☑ The Green Rekt ☑ Gladirekt ☑ Spirekted Away ☑ Terminator 2: Rektment Day ☑ The Rekt Knight Rises ☑ The Rekt King ☑ REKT-E ☑ Citizen Rekt ☑ Requiem for a Rekt ☑ REKT TO REKT ass to ass ☑ Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Rekt ☑ Braverekt ☑ Batrekt Begins ☑ 2001: A Rekt Odyssey ☑ The Wolf of Rekt Street ☑ Rekt's Labyrinth ☑ 12 Years a Rekt ☑ Gravirekt ☑ Finding Rekt ☑ The Arekters ☑ There Will Be Rekt ☑ Christopher Rektellston ☑ Hachi: A Rekt Tale ☑ The Rekt Ultimatum ☑ Shrekt ☑ Rektal Exam ☑ Rektium for a Dream ☑ www.Trekt.tv ☑ Erektile Dysfunction ☑ 50 shades of rekt ☑ Gaben Newrekt ☑ Allahou Rektbar ☑ Sudo apt-get rekt ☑ Rekt and Morty ☑ Miley Cyrekt
You just won the thread. I just lost the game.
: You're lucky there is a mute button...
Try Candy Crush on her. Worked for me - peace since two years. xD
Djhrum (EUW)
: If LoL was football - would you keep on muting?
Silliest comparison of ever. I have zero clue what you are trying to say. So I'll just reply to the thread title. xD Pings are more efficient. It's done faster and easier to notice. And you see the pings of muted people too. Though I kinda' never mute people, so I know what tickboxes to tick in the post-match lobby. But I'd encourage muting if the flames bother someone. I counted -zero- cases when a flamer said something constructive in chat after the usual tantrum. And I counted that very accurately.
: He forgot to use "" then...
But I used kappa. Thought it's cooler. Sorry, I'm an amateur troll. But this thread is the devil's already, so lemme continue. xD
: I'm originally from EUNE...
than dun' tell 'em for you'll be deported for international feeding xD
: Thanks a lot. And here I tough my English was fine for someone who doesnt even use the latin alphabet is a base alphabet... (idc if it's sarcastic it's anoying) Y_Y
u be on euw, you all be perfect english gentleman chaps. u no get joke. we emigrantes and gitanos on Eune talk only babel-tongue xD
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: Go on to his other post, read what he has said there and come back here, it's okay I understand you didn't have any info on him and just saw this post, I would also be defending him if I only saw this post. here's the link to his other post below http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/usz00lOf-ban-these-kids-riot
Sorry, can you type that again but in English this time? That might be hard for you since you are from EUNE and noone from EUNE can speak English... kappa xD. Ahh well, the guy got me. xD
: I think i ... miiiiight overplayed Pokémon Go a bit, just a little bit
But offcier! You are keeping Pokemon in here against their will. Are they under prosecution?
: B5 is worse than low levels. I have never when leveling an account seen stats which i have seen on B5 players.
I'd blame smurf detection. Though I can't be sure - never been B5 before.
: > [{quoted}](name=Evanitis,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EMqeRvZE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-13T12:54:03.161+0000) > > Get a few nice buddies who doesn&#x27;t mind playing with a newcomer. There are many. Either make a thread asking for them, or keep an eye out on losing matches to spot players who doesn&#x27;t rage, give up or similar stuff - even when facing defeat. Those are the guys you&#x27;d want on your friendlist. > > BTW... below level 30 queue is full of the new accounts of the banned people who apparently didn&#x27;t learn from their bans. It&#x27;ll get a lot nicer once you reach 30. Gz,you got trolled. <_< just...read what he is writing in other topics. he is clearly not an newbie if we keep an eye on his words in these other topics, and more aggresive against others who dont share the same opinion with him.
Mehh. Trolls in my time at least -attempted- to be funny.
Kappasugi (EUNE)
: You can't take criticism, but you want to criticize everyone you talk to and that's okay for you, it's not about the community being non-welcoming, it's about you being too sensitive about your mistakes.
You make me wonder when was the last time you played with a >lv10 account. It's like bronze 5 when the jungle never ganks, mid never calls SS, bot keeps dying and support takes all the kills. Take a look if you don't believe me.
: I was warned. I didn't believe it.
Get a few nice buddies who doesn't mind playing with a newcomer. There are many. Either make a thread asking for them, or keep an eye out on losing matches to spot players who doesn't rage, give up or similar stuff - even when facing defeat. Those are the guys you'd want on your friendlist. BTW... below level 30 queue is full of the new accounts of the banned people who apparently didn't learn from their bans. It'll get a lot nicer once you reach 30.
: Tbh, when I pick Sion, I pick him to be the beefy frontline and not for doing (that) much damage, although his base damages are very good. And with Q, E and R I dont Need another slow on my jungle item. That's why I resert to even more Utility by picking a mini-Sightstone. Remember, every noob knows to build damage and tankyness, but most dont know what a ward is or where to place them. If I am still hurting for damage and CC, I pick {{item:3748}} and {{item:3025}}
Can't say I didn't know what you said as second thoughts. But the noobness is still strong with this one so I somehow kept picking +10% of someone I already do well instead of picking +80% of something I don't. {{item:1409}} , here I come!
: Tbh, I prefer Jungle Sion over Top Sion. Why? Because of this Little friend here {{item:1409}} and Strength of the Ages. Both deal very effectively with his low health and health scaling. Also lane ganks with his ult are very likely to pull {{summoner:4}} from your enemies.
Is {{item:1409}} worth it? I usually think along the lines of.. "I don't have enough CC. I have a full ability that has no CC in it. So I pick {{item:1401}}" Perma CC for the win. Or even{{item:1413}}. Challenging Smite reduces damage and gives more damage to me. Every noob knows to build damage. xD
HuntSeeker (EUNE)
: People don't seem to understand what toxic means and Riot should explain it & So many toxic players.
If feel if Riot gave an exact definition for being toxic, toxic people would find ways to express their frustration that somehow falls outside of that definition. And than they could really complain that they got banned for no reason - and they'd be right.
SirUuucus (EUW)
: What do you think about this (forced) anti-flaming-concept?
I don't think it's a good idea - mainly for toxicity =/= swearing (or even other keywords). I remember a certain Kha'Zix. His first line in match was "fuck off", indicating that I should leave the first camp to not take his xp. Not that I was dangerously close or anything - was just giving a perfect leash. He had multiple of such outbursts - but never directed towards the team, never when we made mistakes and we could read it as offensive. Was he rude? Yes. But I don't think he was toxic. I'd queue with him any day over guys who go "report xp for feeding".
: That one annyoing thing
: How to survive as sion early?
Well, I mainly play him in the jungle, but I didn't really have problems in the early game in top matches, so I guess I could share my recipe. {{item:2033}} <- always started with that. Besides mana and health, it also gives some damage, so I pop a charge when trading. I never had mana problems, as by the time potions aren't enough itsleff, I tend to have mana from {{item:3024}}. It feels -everyone- underestimates the range of a minion kicked by E, so I max it first and poke all day. Damage scales with armor so people gets surprized how a tanky melee champ bites that hard from that far. I take W for second, raising it to ~3 in lane, maxing it when the teamfights start. It can soak damage and it can damage well. Try to time it so it can do both - very early that means it can only take 1 dmg skill or 2 autos before it pops, so best to activate it prematurely. If timed well, you'll surely win short early trades, especially if you softened him up with Es before. I love the Q. If there weren't toplaners who know that it's invisible from the bush, I'd always max it first. But many know too well how to avoid it (even if hidden), so I only take 1 level for the knockup / slow. I sometimes raise it a bit if I feel my bubble is strong enough, but I usually max it last. I use 12/0/18 masteries for I want to bite hard. Picking the middle one from the 18 column, as extra health buffs the bubble too. Standard AD+armor+mr runes, though it's more like the lack of funds than being sure it's the best.
: Forums users most toxic
I can't care less. It doesn't demolish team morale, doesn't mean the user can't concentrate on the match, doesn't gets my teammates tilted. gg, ez
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