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: Well there are the games you get carried and the games you have to carry. Looks like you failed in one of the second kind.
bro I have carried many games even as support but this one was impossible. just look at their score. they gave 6 time in 3 min. illaoi used her teleport and died instantly. it is impossible to win against fed yi and zed in 1 team.
Evile Theif (EUNE)
: Riot for god sake change your mach making system
Now in this one look at my top lane. its the game after the one I have mentioned.
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: In the first 10 minutes, minute four is the only one you didn't die. You were obviously intantional feeding. You don't learn a new champ by staring at a grey screen. These are all my matches with zoe.
Wârrod (EUW)
: Sry but 18 death in a normal Game even if u trying to learn zoe is inting and your ban is well deserved.
I you think if someone must be banned because of too many deaths you must be banned too because you had 13 death with kayn in rank solo due and you lost the game. At least i won the game.
: If you want to appeal your ban, write a ticket to the Riot Support.
Done. So what will happen?
Shamose (EUW)
: post replay. As you can see i am zoe
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True Sight (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster? If you actually wait 20 minutes, and the timer resets, this suggests that your internet disconnected for a brief period of time and it resets your coutndown mid low priority queue.
My wifi is right behind me and it had disconnected after near 2 hours trying to just play one mach.
: Any source? Havent heard anything about this.
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: you get that only after you afk consistently i had to afk yesterday and nothing happened as i don't do this often , and dont blame your mom for your afk behaviors
i never blame my mom -_-
Eçlipse (EUW)
: The ban system in place is actually fairly lenient for one-off AFKing due to things like this. The leaverbuster is already lenient enough, and the 20 minute wait time over five games suggests you were already past the point of leniency. Instead of going AFK constantly, maybe you should leave the AFKing for the emergencies like the one you mention in your post?
yes iwas afk the daybefor but i was ran out of data and that was the reason i was dc
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Add them to friends, play some games honouring them. Also you can tell them how wonderful they are. Works better than honourables.
XD , I agree with that.You can also send him some rp if you want
: I doubt. o; Probably next one.{{sticker:galio-happy}}
I hope so. I love blood moon skins the most then project skins.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Normal games have more skill than ranked games, prove me wrong
I was s1 with mmr s1 last year and started rank at s3 this year at solo due but now I am s5. in 4 from each 5 maches my team was 2 from that 4 we had trollers or afk's. Because of those loses my mmr now is that I am thinking, normal maches specialy draft mode have more playing style quality from players than ranks.
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: The server status said since early in the evening that EUNE would go down at 1:30 CEST. But don't worry, games that didn't end in time aren't recorded.
oh well then and thank you for commenting but I didn't see the massage you say from server status
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