Arrcros (EUNE)
: lool? when she picks up summs and gets movement speed and then she auto attacks and does tons of damage i dont know how zoe works so i cant tell what it is exactly but its auto attack
Even if she has lich bane, she simply can't one shot with her auto attack. Yeah, I see you don't know how zoe's kit works.
: Yeah, GP with grasp is absolutely terrible. The problem is that it allows him to have a strong laning phase and then scale into a strong late game, which is never a healthy thing for a champ to have. Problem is there is not really a way to adress this problem unless you change GP's Q into no longer counting as a basic attack and that would destroy him pretty much completely.
Changing the grasp proc from melee champs to melee abilities that count as a basic attack could fix this. Don't know are there any champions that can get affected by this. Maybe Gnar, dunno.
: Another Champion nerfed to the ground and becomes unplayable in solo Q
Gnar unplayable, that's why it's the favorite top pick for many competitive teams. xD Ornn too. Oh, and Galio too. And Aatrox, he deserved the nerf, he's been broken for too long.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't know if Riot pays you to defend them. Seriously, every post you make makes me wonder that.
: Thank you Riot !
Riot support is nice I agree, they always try to help people that reach out to them. But the game, oh boy, it sucks so hard it's sad
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: Why ranked experiene is so bad atm?
Everything up to Plat 5 is the same elo, same type of players, same skill.
Smerk (EUW)
: As long time veteran, played since season 1, I can clearly see that this season is one of the best, at least from the features and design point of view, balance is also quite solid right now. Stability and performance wise there were better times, especially last two months weren't that good, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was in seasons 3/4 before they moved EUW servers to Amsterdam and EUNE to Frankfurt.
Balance is solid? Dunno what game you're playing but it definitely isn't League of Legends
: Tanks are Weak...
I hope this thread is some sort of joke
: Sounds more like the game changed you couldn't adapt and fell in rank. That was obviously what made it shitty to you^^ And why exactly kept you playing such a "shitty" game for so many more hours?
Yeah, you're absolutely right. The game has changed, in the most %%%%%%ed, shittiest way possible that everything sucks about it. Because when I started playing it, the game was fun, that kept me playing her. It must be that the problem is in me, let's just ignore the fact that more and more very high elo streamers are saying the same stuff. Fact is that the game completely changed and it currently sucks.
Drag3nz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exhibit B,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EREXMp8j,comment-id=00040000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-13T17:54:07.723+0000) > > Plat 2 was my rank from about a year or more ago. Since that I've lost interest in the game because of how shitty it became and how even more shitty it's about to become. If someone wants to play the game let them no matter the age, Mute buttons exist and im sure your LARGE brain can find it and click it if someone is being toxic. Right?
You don't understand anything, do you? It's not about muting people to prevent seeing toxic stuff. It's about the players' actions that I can't do anything about. You can't stop people from trolling, intentionally feeding the enemy team. Yeah, you report them, and then? Does that even have an effect? Do you actually see less people trolling than you did before? No. If you do, you're lying.
: Wow, from plat 2 to stuck in g4 with 400 games on an acc that is not your main. Yeah, I totally believe that.
Plat 2 was my rank from about a year or more ago. Since that I've lost interest in the game because of how shitty it became and how even more shitty it's about to become.
: Insults ppl about being gold while being hardstuck gold IV with 48% win rate himself. Oh the sweet sweet irony.
My highest was plat 2, unlike the guy I talked about being gold the highest. On my main account though, not this one.
: I see. You on the other hand are among the chosen few that have attained englightenment, I assume? Phrases like "14 year old kids who are for some reason allowed to create accounts and play the game" really show you know what you're talking about. I mean, kids playing video games, that's unheard of right? How stupid of riot to let all those kids play this game. It would be so much smarter of them to ban half the playerbase and only let people over 20 play the game. Because we all know adults NEVER troll or insult people. I mean, just look at Donald Trump, the man elected to represent the entirety of the USA. He is such a kind, curteous and rational individual, isn't he? But you could always go and switch to trashnite, where the big boys play...
Yes. Do not allow children under the age of 18 or even 20 as far as I'm concerned to play the game. Because their tiny brains and undeveloped attitude is not healthy for the game. Go and play single player games. You think it's far more likely that a 20-21 year old will troll in the game than a 14 year old? Nice.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Exhibit B,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EREXMp8j,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-13T15:54:00.911+0000) > > the vast majority of the community are 14 year old kids who are for some reason allowed to create accounts and play the game Citation needed. Also, the minimum legal age to play League, in many countries, is 13.
So, you think 13 year old children should be allowed to play a game which requires team communication, basic understanding of the game, many advanced techniques and tricks that require a lot of time to fully understand and utilize?
: Loving how the comments are just a circlejerk of self-pitying morons who can't understand most of their problems are on their side, be it bad pcs/connections or simply a lack of skill. Also amazing how ppl throwing a temper tantrum about a videogame (which is obviously truly a mark of maturity) are complaining about "kids" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
You have no idea what you're talking about.
: Everything he said is on point. at this moment everything in this game is literally awful. But i gotta say, Rioters are very, very helpful. If you ever need help or assistance they will be more then helpful to you. On that i say good job Riot, on game i gotta say its in the worst state ever, unplayable, buggs, kids, Match making is probably the worst of any game every created on the planet. Game is in worst point now, and it will die soon
I don't have a problem with the Rioters, but the game itself, and it seems they are not making the game better.
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: Pointing out someones elo is toxic?
Every elo is toxic and sucks until mid diamond maybe. Plat 5 is the worst.
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3apa3a (EUW)
: Zillian and Shen
Xerath does have mega damage and mega range, but guess what, he is a sitting duck. Any form of mobility or burst kills him. And Poppy is a tank, what a surprise that she's unkillable.
  Rioter Comments
: Banning a picked champ
You wanna know how many times I've banned my teammate's Lee Sin or a Yasuo just so he'd pick Xin Zhao/Brand and carry the team to victory? Nope. I do not like your suggestion.
: Deleting rune page
Just don't use them then. What's your issue with that?
: Low LP gain for win and High for loss
It means your MMR is way lower for your division. If you are for example gold 2, and your MMR is gold 5, you will earn way less LP for a win and lose way more LP for a loss. Winning consistently will increase your MMR. When your MMR is higher than the average for your division, you will win more and lose less LP per win/loss.
: What's wrong with IE
Two item crit rush for 100% crit go amazingly well with Tryndamere. Tiamat > Berserker's > PD > IE > Rageblade = fastest splitpush in the game and the best 1v3, 1v4 or even 1v5 in the game. Works wonders for gold elo.
: How do you kill MUNDO?
Get any item that has grevious wounds and focus him as a team. Coordination and kiting him will kill him every time. One person can't kill him alone, maybe Tryndamere can.
: What's wrong with IE
I agree. Crit chance being either 60% or 120% is a waste and isn't gold effective. They should change something about it. Either add that crit chance over 100% is converted to bonus damage up to a cap of 20% or add a bit of critical strike chance on IE. The first one sounds way better.
QUT Kosmish (EUNE)
: The matchmaking is not good anymore , i hope riot reads this. (Even Faker says the game isnt fun)
Platinum 5-4 is actually the worst elo I have ever been in. Plat 4 not as much, but plat 5? Holy shit, those are some toxic and bad players. Very bad.
: i have mailed riot about this too and this is the answer why its hidden> Hello Summoner, We have some very tech and mathematical savvy players and if we would publish the numbers, they would start experimenting and see the changes and back engineer the algorithm and factors that influence the MMR. Thus, it would open the system to abuse and would ruin the players' experience. It wouldn't be a fair and plain playing field, everyone would just run and do actions that would inflate that number instead of focusing on the match. I hope this has shed some light on why we keep MMR under wraps.
Yeah. Great explanation. They keep it hidden instead of making it public so the players playing this game can do something that would boost up their MMR so they can play with better players, thus learning from them. But no, it's way more fun to match me with incompetent 12 year old children that have no game knowledge than with players who are actually amazing at the game.
Fisit (EUW)
: If you think its shitty why do you play it?
I do not. I deleted it half an hour ago.
Fisit (EUW)
: Toxicity solution
There is no solution to toxicity. People will always find something to be toxic about, whether it's a champion being overpowered, braindead teammates or just the general state of this shitty game.
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: nerf Nasus
Voted "TOTALLY NERF HIM!" just for the lolz.
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: Yes, I agree. But my question is: Are there people who cant get better, even if they try? I honestly dont know.
No, there aren't. If you play and don't really care about trying to improve, you won't improve. If you do, you will improve. Simple as that.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: I am incapable of any progress
Lol. You get better by playing League AND by learning from every game. It's not just "I will play league all day and hope to get challenger" You have to learn from every game, take every mistake you did and think how you could have avoided it. That's how you get better. It takes a lot of time and experience.
: IE suggestion (partially refund of the crit damage modifier)
I like the idea. I feel like 20% extra crit is a waste, but add a cap to the extra damage up to like 25 or 30%.
: i keep getting logged out from boards everytime i close the tab
jacktjong (EUW)
: Play a tank is a legitimate statement because that's called a counterpick. Akali counters fighters, high cc tanks counter Akali. But lets take {{champion:39}} vs{{champion:84}} Akali uses Q and goes in for an auto with her ult: Use your W. Then, use a shorthand E (throw first E away from you and second E at your feet) to stun her more easily. Then slap ehr a few times, do not fight her long enough for her Q to come back up (so about 3 to 4 seconds). If Akali uses her W, step away from it or don't let her enter it. If she's in it, it'll zone you for 7 seconds sadly, but you'll just have to accept that. You can also build {{item:3101}} > {{item:3155}} >{{item:3078}} or {{item:3101}}> {{item:3111}}> {{item:3078}} for mr if she's still winning. The problem here anyway is Akali is a good top lane pick vs fighters because she can shit on weak early's, especially when they're melee. Then she snowballs and carries the game. If you want to shut an Akali down, you need cc. Moral of the story: Akali doesn't have to be weak against your favourite champions to be balanced. She's balanced because she can be shut down pretty damn easily with CC or by playing asfe early and not getting her 6 kills early on. P.s. I looked at your Match History. You did well with Camille twice, then did bad against an Akali once. Camille gets hard countered by Akali because Camille's ulti becomes useless if Akali just shrouds in it. Also, Camille is auto attack reliant and that again gets cancelled out by her shroud. Camille also needs extended trades to win, while Akali just wants to go in quickly, blow her load, and get out. You let yourself get played. You should've baited her shroud and waited it out.
She just heals back all the damage I do to her, with her passive and not to mention when she got hextech. It's an impossible lane to win alone. There's just no way in the world to do it.
King Lego (EUNE)
: CC, Skill shots, and cc. Akali can counter point and click with her stealth. But any cc or skillshot abilities (or combination of both like Morgana Q) will make you "akal" (that's Arabic for "eat," in other words, it's a pun) Akali for dinner. Hell, Akali or AP Assassins (even Mages) in general aren't that strong these days. I rarely see any AP Assassins even. No Katarina, LB, Fizz, or even Akali. Their itemization is far less than AD Assassin who can have items with both damage and MR, and even have enough AD out of these items to powerspike a bit. Not one shot, but good enough damage.
But it feels so lame and unfair to lane against her. She has sustain, burst, mobility, somewhat decent waveclear and a freaking invisible shroud. I would rather face Zed or Talon in lane than Akali. At least their weaknesses are obvious, Akali is just a %%%%%%ed champion that anyone can abuse for wins.
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Vasalios (EUNE)
Never. 1v1 is to prove to something to someone, not to compete. League is a team game, therefore, this won't be added.
: You play broken true dmg Camille and Fiora and complain about Akali rofl xD
Fiora and Camille are mechanically difficult, decisions on those champions in certain moments are tough. Akali has no hard mechanics in her kit and yet she is so strong. That's what's bothering me.
: you seem to assume that she will be nerfed but i don' think so: “We want to give her more options for success by playing up her ability to hide in plain sight. We think her Shroud is an awesome and iconic ability and want to push it even further.” Riot is hoping to give the champion a “stronger laning pattern” and reduce the emphasis on her all-or-nothing snowballing potential that relies entirely on getting kills.
They can do whatever they want to her, I just don't want her to have all this stats and abilites as an assassin. Point and click one shot combo with tons of mobility requires literally zero skill. She has no real skillshots. And people complain about Zed being op. At least he has skillshots, not to mention everything else beyond that. ( W cooldown, shadow management etc )
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Remmeh (EUW)
: Thanks for the sugjestion of loooing up Donghuap, defenatly will check and see if its something for me. Melee minions take 2 tower shots and an AA though :P
Yes, my bad. 2 tower hits and 1 AA. :)
Remmeh (EUW)
: Training CS, particular under the tower
Without any Attack Damage items: Caster minion = 1 AA + 1 tower shot + 1 AA Melee minion = 1 tower shot + 1 AA Cannon I don't remember well but I think it's 7 or 8 tower shots and an AA. Look up DongHuap, he has a video explaining minion wave management perfectly.
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