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: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=YwjXnZLv,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-29T09:47:18.186+0000) > > Or maybe Tanks are doing way more damage then they are supposed to do even will a full Tank build? A Tank is supposed to peel and/or be a CC bot, nothing more. Even Leona, who is the closest champion to a proper Tank, has enough base damage to reduce an enemy squishy to 50% Health or around that. With full Tank build. I play Leona and I know it very well. No need to even mention the rest. How are tanks going to be relevant if they do no dmg then? Imagine malphite. press ult -> useless for next 60sec coz has no dmg. Which means u can just ignore him completely, and kill the rest of the team. And how are tanks supposed to jgl without dmg? If they get invaded by a yi, they should just roll over and die? a single MR item is enough to negate a huge portion of tank's dmg. {{item:3102}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3140}} moreover {{item:3111}} will reduce that 50% from leona to 30%. if they have a couple of tanks (for example {{champion:516}} {{champion:113}} , just go {{item:3153}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3139}} and you're golden. U don't necesarily have to build the same every game, your builds need to be adaptive, only then can you expect good results.
You know, a guy on the NA Boards said that he likes the concepts people come up with, but they are almost always overloaded with damage because few people manage to come up with a unique mechanic that makes them pick/ban worthy. By the same logic if a Tank becomes useless after ulting simply because they have no damage, then there is a problem with their kit. Or with how LoL functions. Take your pick. And do I have to mention that Malphite is far from useless after ulting?
: {Champion concept} - You really should take a look here, I think I have some very interesting ideas.
Should've entered the December CCOS on the NA Boards. You'd get better feedback there.
Synric V (EUW)
: Plat 5 negative winrate wasting his time with champion concepts {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Since when does rank and winrate determine whether you should be toying with ideas and concepts?
Antic0303 (EUW)
: Now that is your team fault for going full AD
Or maybe Tanks are doing way more damage then they are supposed to do even will a full Tank build? A Tank is supposed to peel and/or be a CC bot, nothing more. Even Leona, who is the closest champion to a proper Tank, has enough base damage to reduce an enemy squishy to 50% Health or around that. With full Tank build. I play Leona and I know it very well. No need to even mention the rest.
: while urf is indeed a mode 'to let you have fun in a way thats far from serious' it doesnt give you an excuse to be a douche
: Typical day in League (small rant)
Judging by what you say those are Normals or Ranked games. Either way that level of toxicity is ridiculous. But you know what's even worse? People actually rageing and flaming, even asking for reports in URF. URF is supposed to just let you have fun in a way that's as far from serious as you get. And somebody out there actually cares if they win or lose? I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry... Or both...
SalBunny (EUW)
: sorry mate i don't know if you are trying to understand the ban behind it ? or are u just saying that he had negative atitude and he flamed ans he should be banned ....
>Edit 2: The automated system takes everything as literally as possible, out of context and couldn't care less about your intentions. The above. I just pointed out what the system most likely took as violation of the rules and got him banned for. If he had no previous offenses it is too much to get permanently banned for this, but if not - he deserved it.
Fox1ne Yang (EUNE)
: just like me,they all saying enjoy ban and its true this is the only thing left to enjoy in this game. Cause ban system is wrong. Having sheeps supporting riot is also useless when they say "we checked it" and he copy pastes the bots text. they only create things by force in riot not by willingness.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Gxkqx2TL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-23T20:06:10.919+0000) > > The above is Verbal Abuse No its not: >Do not report a Summoner for using strong but non-derogatory terms to emphasize an event in the game Clearly "why in the %%%%ing heavens name" is "strong but non-derogatory" language The only statement that would seem to be derogatory to another player is this one: > you didnt go for full stacks you cheeky motherufcker And now the question is whether this can be considered joke or not > > That's Negative Attitude > No it's not or if it is then starting a vote to surr is a negative attitude as well. ("guess we lose cause, uh, yeah why not" is a clear joke. Thus it is only negative attitude if literal interpretation is the only valid interpretaion. Starting the vote to surrender, under a literal, legalistic interpretation, is, again, negative attitude)
It's an automated system, it takes everything quite literally. Wake up.
Bert122 (EUW)
: I'm unsure about this automated ban and would love if someone looked into this.
>%%%% - I assume you said %%%%. >why in the %%%%ing heavens name - %%%%ing again (potential pun not intended)? The above is Verbal Abuse >guess we lose cause >uh >yeah why not That's Negative Attitude Two types of multiple violations of the rules. Also ignored your 14-day ban. All that equals a Permanent Ban, whether you think it's reasonable or not is already out of the question. Edit: Says he's wondering why he gets a 14-day ban for saying %%% (whatever the word is); gets Perma Banned for the same. Still funny? :D (I know this line is just a joke, don't bite me) Edit 2: The automated system takes everything as literally as possible, out of context and couldn't care less about your intentions.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I doubt you wanna listen to my bullshit, by this reminds me of one thing. In high school I made one group in Facebook for my classmates. There I had one rule - write your posts in Cyrillic (the Russian alphabet) and not using the Latin alphabet. When I tried to enforce the rule they simply argued with me and when I refused to give up they just made a new group and even refused to let me join at first. So, yeah, it can be a strict requirement in some people's eyes.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It's not Riot's fault obviously. I'm just guessing he's someone banned many times after insulting people and anybody who says they're insulted immediately turns into a "snowflake". And now he's trying to find an excuse to throw the ball of blame into someone else's hands (in this case - Riot) and try to make himself look innocent, even a victim if possible. P.S.: On a sidenote - reading his two comments (that aren't answers to others) he seems like the real-life Draven, sort of :D
: The Problem WIth Riot in League of Legends
League of Legends is a competitive esport. True. People get frustrated - also true. Now I get why someone would tilt and start flaming and whatever if they are losing a ranked game. We're all human and we have emotions. Problem is you can't just run around calling people names and insulting them just because you can and just because you're upset. Besides what exactly are your arguments as to how Riot's attempt to keep in-game chat and behavior **civil** is firing back at them and the community, making it more toxic?
: [Unique Champion Concept] [Scrolling-based Support] " Damiron , Conductor Of Gears "
Crablobster10 has a point with the CC. And I want to add to that (even though I'm nowhere near "coding expert" level), but I think the whole scrolling thing on his ultimate would just end up really buggy. And even if it doesn't I fail to see how one would use that in a teamfight. You can just make it give the adequate stats based on whether the ally is running away from enemy champions or towards them.
: New Normal Game mode for Summoners Rift : Training Mode
Just let people play with friends in Practice Mode and it's all fine to me.
Archiive (EUW)
: Do you report "ez" and if so, what as?
Not really, no. That would mean reporting 5 people on average every match. Even though I HATE it.
D1mis (EUNE)
: which champions are the best for 1vs1?(CS 100 OR FIRST BLOOD OR FIRST TOWER)
It depends on your opponent's pick. Generally you want a champion with greater waveclear and range, so you can outcs them and trade from safe distance. You will want to let their wave to push to just in front of your turret and then use your full waveclear potential to force them into tanking the minions as they do a lot of damage early on.
: What champion is the best split pusher in your opinion?
Nasus and Yorick IMO. Both are tanky and have enough mid to late game damage to pose a huge threat if unattended. Especially Nasus due to Siphoning Strike. Tryndamere is squishy and easily taken care of in higher ELO.
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JuicySoup (EUW)
: Since this is a new pc, I cant really "go back or restore" a previous version. Would I have to install it manually somehow?
Yes, but you'll have to find an older version of the OS. Though I doubt it's the case, because I have the newest Windows 10 possible and have no problems, safe for the "incident" I mentioned above.
JuicySoup (EUW)
: GTX 1080 TI, Ryzen 7 1700x, 32gb ram 3200mhz - Low FPS in League
It's the game, definetly. I had no problems until today - in one of the games my FPS dropped down to around 10 for no apparent reason. Luckily it lasted only a few moments and then went back to normal. Maybe it just doesn't happen to everyone; it could very well be a glitch in the system, like the one that caused replays to crash when certain abilities were used or the one where the sound in recordings was... Well, gone. Besides, you still keep your FPS way over 60, why would you even care? I mean, the game runs smoothly enough anyway.
: Morgana needs hotfix ASAP
Add to that Hextech Gunblade's 15%. But seriously, the real problem is the lack of an AP Executioner's Calling. Not to mention Morellonomicom only activates Grievous Wounds at pretty low current health - and if she's good with skillshots you ain't never gonna get her so low, at least not by yourself.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: No, it doesnt. MMR doesnt reset, it changes only after games. LP can decay due long inactivity, but as far as i know MMR remains the same.
Well, then something else changes. Because it happens to me every time. Can't convince me this is a coincidence.
CamoSnide (EUW)
: Taking a break was the best thing ever!
Sorry to kill your enthusiasm, but if you didn't play for long enough your MMR has reset, so you get normal teammates, who aren't the typical low ELO idiots. Play some more and you'll start getting them again.
Hamu (EUW)
: Evelynns Splash Art is highly NSFW, I will have to make sure noone is around while logging in
No offense, but I'd suggest to your parents to tone down with the religious part. Boobs and sexy women are everywhere, I don't think they're allowed to bash on you for that login screen. Besides, Evelynn is far from being the only sexualized champion in the game.
Uncle Ryzé (EUNE)
: Nerf or rework
Pick champions, who don't rely on basic attacks, don't step in shrooms and don't let him poke/kite you. You should be fine. Ez-pz.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: ExpStealer (same in EUW) Props to you for this. Most people don't care or wouldn't buy anything with RP anyway. You, on the other hand, are the opposite. Stay nice. We all need people like you :)
: That's a 5 inch phone that edit itself its not normal to write at it.
Better a 5 inch phone than a 5 inch d i c k, you know.
: Tell me do you gonna report a 10/1 flamer has have to deal with his nightmare team You are into the deleting everybody's fun into the ground... P.S. you need early game champs to get out of silver Ashe just sucks...
Yes, because as the flamer has to deal with his "nightmare team", that same team also has to deal with the flamer's toxicity. I'm not the one dumbing down everyone's fun, toxicity is. Stop looking for stupid excuses and stop only looking at the coin from your side. The game will only change and become fun again if people begin to change for the better. Until then I'll happily keep reporting. P.S.: It would be good if you start to make a difference between intentional feeding and UNintentional one.
Sefi (EUNE)
: What a coincidence, i've reported i don't even know how many people and didn't get a single one notification ever, guess my reports are worthless. {{champion:32}}
As long as I kept rage-reporting people for nothing I didn't get that notification either, but once I started to only report people for what they really did (IF they did anything at all) this changed.
: Reporting Peoples is useless
Muteing doesn't fix the problem and its mere existance is strong evidence toxicity is there. I've always reported toxic people and I got at least a dozen punishments issued on such people due to my reports. And I'll keep doing it.
: No way out of Bronze even with Duo Queuing
Actually... I played like 10 games as ADC with a premade Support Alistar and we are yet to have a loss; had I not stopped playing I'd probably be high Silver by now - and no, he's not a smurf.
: >When you read the ToS you should notice that you'll have to comply with any changes they make. So that means I should refrain from voicing my opinions and trying to say what I would like and what I would not? This is your grand excuse for being indifferent? You don't care what riot does, and I respect that. But piss off telling me I can't or shouldn't care.
The symbolic part of your suggestion is good, but I mean... You are investing money and time in something you do not own and never will own. You read the ToS, you know what I mean. It's pointless crying about it on the boards. The OP isn't just stating his opinion, he's dramatizing it deliberately. There's no point in leaving the game. Besides... The leveling system is new. Why would old players be put on insanely high levels at the get-go and get rewarded with half the skins in the store, while newer players have to work for them?
: U will get essense for those runes atleast but what i want to kbow is weather or not lvl 30 player like myself will get the level bonus from 1-30 as just because im alreadly lvl 30 but dont have every champ so if 1-30 is where u get champs how is it fair that only new players get champs even tho recently leveled up people( i hit 30 about a month ago) wont get the champs they need? If i dont get rewards because i technicaly started in s6 and they give rewards to people who lvled from1-30 in s7 but went afk for almost a year Riot will be reciving complaints :\
Complaints about what exactly? You received the capsules' value in IP while leveling up, why would they give you the same IP again in Blue Essence?
Notify (EUW)
: Season 1 Veteran, completely let down, unrewarded and feel like 7 years into this game = 0.
So you expect to be rewarded for playing FREE to play game? Your only valid point is the refunding of the runes and rune pages, but apart from that what do you expect? A medal?
: im salty in game you are salty in the league boards we are even now ^^
True that. 'Cause I'm tired of seeing the EXACT same post over and over and over and over again...
: This things that you found in my games are not me tilted or tilting just a fun way to talk but not only you didn't look at my finest games that i didn't even get a single honor for (that's why the title is what it is)
EloctPT (EUW)
: Cool ideas and features that I wish would be added to the new client
I agree with everything. As for replays - I doubt we'll ever have *real* replays. I mean coding won't be so hard to be done, but saving those replays for even 1 patch cycle would probably require 100s of TBs of high-speed server storage which is sure to be expensive.
: i need a mate (supp/adc)
Look for valikob, he's Bronze III, plays Alistar support pretty well
: it would be amazing if you could combine the white Freljord model with these SFX and paricals. But don't forget the one costs 520 (260 in my case) which is super worth, while the other 1350 (five times more expensive!)
That would be nice. Either that or swapping enough skins that make 1350 RP in total value for one 1350 RP skin. But in either case I'm too poor for this shite :D :(
Awsane (EUW)
: Is Duo-Q Boosting legal/or illegal?
Creating a smurf on the same server is legal, but you must play with other smurfs. Else it's taken for boosting. And boosting in ANY way is pinishable (already got 1 account banned, that offered me boosting services).
: Literally wtf is wrong with you at riot
I'm 1000% sure you were as toxic as you are here, so you got reported for that, not for hooks xD
: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
Ugh, I don't want to :D I hadn't even reached level 30, I just played a few games on a friend's Silver account. Guess what :D I got a Quadra and my Penta was stolen by *that* much :/ Then I started feeding like a Bronze VI %%%%%% 'cause that was my newbie luck :D
: 1350 RP skin whille my ~~520 ~~ 260RP Freljord Ashe skin is way better! FeelsGoodMan
Good for you :D But you don't have those fancy SFX and throne, huehuehue :D
Treycos (EUW)
: Yeah, we know Looks pretty cool
Damn, I searched and it didn't show up. BUT I LOVE THIS SKIN <3
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Korimaxes (EUNE)
: EXTREMELY undeserved permaban, I demand moderator's action IMMEDIATELY
Cool story, bro. Go tell it somewhere else. P.S.: Report calling is punishable too, so the chat log supplied (with your past offenses taken in consideration) qualifies for a permanent ban at this point.
rocan2012 (EUNE)
: i want to thank riot for giving me 25 games chat ban for no reason
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=y4GjRnnE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-20T09:45:42.690+0000) > > I doubt people who go that far can be reasoned with. Mute-ing them would be a far better option than to tilt both them and yourself further. And usually attempting to talk with such a person ends up in a 1 on 1 flaming, which is punishable. > > As for summoner names - I&#x27;m yet to see anyone asking for someone&#x27;s reasons behind theirs. And muting does not prevent them bullying and talking rest of team to report you. Actually arguing against them **won't make it any worse, as it is already as bad as it is. It can only make it better, if you can get rest of your team snap out of rage**. I cannot understand why first flamer is just seen just like any other flamer. I cannot understand why constant campaign to attack "trolling player" to cover your own failure is seen as bad as, or even less several than, use of colorful language.
>And muting does not prevent them bullying and talking rest of team to report you. True, but flamers and trollers just want attention and talking with them only gives them the fuel they need. If people cease to give that attention they will burn out and eventually shut up anyway.
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