Another salty kid showed up. Had you ended up in my game you would've been banned already. Unlike others I report people for bad behavior regardless of the outcome of the match.
: Autofill matchmaking has a serious flaw what impacts quality of matches negatively.
You have a valid point, but it's matchmaking that's faulty here. Autofill has nothing to do with it.
Care to learn to how to play before you post a rant?
Rioter Comments
: I can se that none of read the whole text.
Oh, yeah? How do you know? They told you you're responsible for the actions of your account. Full stop. If you had a gun and someone used it to kill somebody else aren't you responsible for the fact that you let the killer gain access to said gun? What should authorities do; help you find your stolen gun or confiscate it and make sure you cannot legally own a gun anymore? Said it to a YouTube flamer and I'll repeat it: grow up and start taking responsibility for what is YOUR fault.
RageFuel (EUW)
: They basically think that because they're a higher rating, anyone with inferior rating has no knowledge of the game. I've played this game for 4 years now. Just because I'm stuck in Bronze and I haven't improved my skill, doesn't mean I don't know things about the game.
: Ah I love the attitude of low elo people
Yeah, they have Soraka support and my ADC refuses to buy Executioner's Calling. What can I say :D That game I died 5 times as Leona support, my team died x2 times more :D
: Link the last song you listened to.
[Skillet - The Resistance](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCWmHbpD0fE)
Rioter Comments
: %%%%% please, look how many matches I've played as Yasuo this season. And with what outcome. Unskilled? It seems like only the unskilled players shit themselves when Yasuo happens, 99% of the whine is coming from low elo players. Please, point out a single high-elo Yasuo ban XD
No bans as people actually know how to deal with him and counter pick. >99% of the whine is coming from low elo players. Of course. Over 50% of the player base is there, what did you expect?
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yNEHx3Is,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-15T16:38:07.161+0000) > > Not really. Maybe I'm just bad mechanically or my teammates drag me down (or both). You wouldn't be trash mechanically if you understood how the game works, nor would you straight up blame your teammates.
Understanding how the game works is one thing. One's ability to put that knowledge into practise is something different.
: You can understand the Game and be a mechanically bad Player . There is a Difference between Knowledge and Makroplay for a Reason . And btw why cant High Elo Player treat Low Elo Player as Human Beeings anymore?
Because ego. Watch any movie or play any game related to war. One thing you'll notice is how a General, for instance, would never listen to anyone lower in the ranks, even if they're on the field and obviously have a better understanding of the situation than a General, who sits in a chair hundreds of kilometers away. Not really the best comparison, but... There are, of course, exceptions. I had some "higher ups" agreeing with me here before. But that's a rarity.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: yes its skilled champ..thats why doesnt work in high elo..cuz it sskilled and you want him to get nerf or changed LOL.seriousl dude.Your team drag you down i know that story man .
I die x2 times less than my teammates on average. Anyway, he is not broken, just imbalanced.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: that's exactly what it means lol
Not really. Maybe I'm just bad mechanically or my teammates drag me down (or both).
Biuvoc (EUW)
: youre bronze/silver...YOu dont know how the game works..if is so broken plz play him man and climb.But im sure your egonna have 0 30 in many games.GL
I did play him, but I'm bad mechanically. BTW you're Platinum with average ranked KDA on Yasuo <2.00:1. One advice - Yasuo top doesn't work in higher ELO :)
: League of Legends Best Girl
Previously it was {{champion:22}}, but now... It's Xayah.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: people who think yasuo is OP are silver and below is what i meant
Even if I'm Silver / Bronze that doesn't mean I don't understand how the game works :)
Biuvoc (EUW)
: lel you know{{champion:157}} is not tanky..and in early game his dmg is not that big cuz i play him sometimes and i do 0 dmg even if im ahead.I need at least 2 items.Besides that if you rush defence he does less dmg..and mobility???????After yasuo ult you can catch him easily dude.. its not easy to e on enemy champs like you do with minions.He got huge weakness play yasuo vs vlad prove me yasuo is broken or vs darius.. i really wanna see that.
Dude, I've played enough games with Yasuo on my or the enemy team and I know how he performs. At least 2 items? No. Just Zeal. And you proceed to shit on whoever dares to even poke you. You block their damage with the shield, dash to them and weave in 2 AA + Q, then dash out. Wind Wall stuff if you really have to. And you're untouchable. High skilled Yasuos are like that, but not so much because of their skill. Remove the shield or Wind Wall and the skill cap suddenly sky rockets, guess why. Yasuo vs Vlad? Vlad doesn't have projectiles in his abilities, so he'll have a much easier time. Darius shits on most melees anyway. Yasuo is not an exception.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: plz can you people stop changing these champs..{{champion:157}} is skilled and is good how it is.{{champion:41}} got destroyed with his nerfs {{champion:238}} too..Just stop focusing on these champs already cuz you tilt me.{{champion:64}} was nerfed too..whats next {{champion:40}} ?? If you wanna change something do it with {{champion:8}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:122}} and other idiot champs that are easy to play and overpowered. Stop destroyng these skilled champs because you think they overpowered..Evry champs is strong if used corectly and these champs get destroyed in low elo even high elo many times so plz.Enough with this thinks.Focus on champs that deserve nerfs and changes.
Yasuo has too much defense AND offense. People can hardly trade with him in lane + double crit and every half decent Yasuo can at least win lane if not hard countered. Zed was not destroyed by nerfs. Neither Gankplank. They have strengths but weaknesses too. Where's Yasuo's weakness? You can't exploit his tornado's downtime because of windwall (unless melee) and you can't exploit windwall's downtime either due to his passive shield or his tornado. Fizz's only broken thing is his ult's hitbox. Vlad you can shit on with someone like Xerath. Darius? Long ranged champion. Or one with a ton of mobility.
: Only in the jungle? This would be a big nerf. Btw I'm not a Yasuo main
True. But he already has double crit, Wind Wall, knock-up, mobility...
RageFuel (EUW)
: How to Fix Yasuo (Discussion)
Remove his passive shield entirely and make his Flow function in a different way. Or let him get flow only in the jungle (wanderer, eh?). He barely has something to dash to in the jungle, but he gets a shield he can use when ganking. On the other hand he has lots of in-lane mobility, but lacking the shield will allow champions to more easily exploit Wind Wall's down time. That way they can outtrade him much more easily and he becomes vulnerable to some ranged champions (mostly ADCs). And, yeah, Steel Tempest shouldn't crit.
: After managing to get 16 accounts banned, the message should be clear. He's not welcome here anymore. He should have thought about that already after he got his first account banned.
SIXTEEN accounts? I thought he got banned on just one... HOLY SHIT... :O {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Marissa (EUW)
: A lot of people don't really have the option to trade because they don't own many (popular) champions. I for example own only champions I like/enjoy with a few random ones hextech gave me. If I'm first pick adc - sure I assume most people will own Ashe (my fav one). But I don't own Yasuo, won't purchase the new champions, don't own Lee Sin nor Riven, only have like 5 champs in the 6300 IP range (Gnar, Aatrox, Bard, Kindred and Syndra). But then if I'm first pick toplane. I'd pick Gnar, he's my fav champ in the game and the only one I dare to blind pick into an enemy team. Not everyone owns Gnar, he's not the most popular champion at the moment. It never happens that I have both the champ someone wants AND they have Gnar - unless I play with my friends who own all champions and have played the game twice as long as I. Sure it exists, but seeing the champions people hover I'm never in a position to offer a swap and untill I actually get decent runepages/some other champions I like - I won't be able to offer them those swaps. ######I think most people in lower elos are in that situation where they just don't own that much yet (except for veterans who've been stuck there for 5 years now).
I said even if they can trade. Rarely do I see people asking their champion to be picked. But I agree on the rest. I myself have about 20 champions and maybe not even one that costs 6300 IP.
: not even worth to buy xayah until next 2 months
And all that because people never even consider the trade function even if they can trade champions. FFS.
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: As LVL 6 120K yasuo main i have something to tell you
1.28:1 KDA on average in ranked. With your main. And blames the jungler for not babysitting them all day long. Typical. Nice try justifying your (probable) in-game toxicity, but it doesn't work.
: Ashe minor buffs .. thoughts?
Ashe's ultimate is fine as it is. Adding an AD scaling won't increase the damage all that much. Besides, her ECA is used for the stun, not the damage. I like the touch on Volley though. Hawkshot... An ADC shouldn't have anything to do with vision (apart from warding that is). Following Riot's idea for a utility ADC... Why not replace her E with a quick narrow skillshot that stops at the first champion hit. It would deal minor damage but slow the target for 30/40/50/60/75% and Ground them. Lasting for 2 seconds, refreshed by Volley. And *maybe* pass through any champion who already has Frost Shot applied. Although slows, a Ground effect and a Stun may be a little too much for an ADC.
Aminumbra (EUW)
: The Glorious Matchmaking, or "How to climb without having to play 450 games to defeat RNG ?"
The truth has been spoken. I mean, how am I supposed to carry a "team" that always goes 2v5 or 1v5 or whatever and never waits or get fed and be relevant with a brain dead support, mid and jungler? I do my best, but I alone can't supply all the damage or peel needed. SoloQ must be made a 1v1 mode. It's supposed to measure your individual performance anyway.
Their reveal page is on the NA site. You can check their abilities (and duo recall) there. I swear, I haven't been ever hyped about a champion release, but... Oh, my! I can't wait to see them dance around the battlefield!
: "Advanced Bots" a? Riot you...
I started having my doubts when the enemy Yasuo showed me his lvl 6 badge... Then the end of game screen confirmed them :D Though without all-chat the game was way less toxic. WP Riot! :D
ArchTyran (EUW)
: Voice Call in the client or voicechat ingame
You're by far not the first. The majority of people don't want it for the same reason you stated and I can't blame them... I myself am fine with it as long as you can turn it off.
Vukí (EUNE)
: Perma ban
>never used unallowed stuff except scripts Regardless of explanations and reasoning that's enough to get you permanently suspended. >the person who helps me to get my account back will get this account im currently playing on (plat 4) I suggest reading the Terms of Service.
: They already removed this change from the pbe.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D (Didn't know it was removed xD)
Rioter Comments
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Here's the deal. Making autofill optional would make one half of the community crying again because queue times would increase drastically. However, this does influence matchmaking experience, cause mmr wise it might be balanced, but personal skill depends highly on which role is your primary role. That being said, i have a better suggestion than yours. Include the "plays mainly this" system in matchmaking
I'm open to whatever solution. Somebody somewhere suggested a "star system" where you prioritize roles rather than choosing two out of five, hoping Autofill won't dumpster you.
0Smile (EUNE)
: sorry but if you are not good enough to carry the trollers when they are in your team it's because you deserve that elo; just check out proffesor akali's last series on youtube; he has a 95% win rate out of 20 games, and that is enough to say that this game is not really about gambling.
Excuse me?! Now I have to carry the trolls? Really? Riot Games want to make the game teamplay oriented, now you say I don't deserve higher ELO if I don't solo carry the bad players? **DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SUGGEST?!**
: such a huge difference is actually easily possible because the system matches you accordingly to how well you play in each queue. Someone not tryharding in normals might be "silver" there but diamond in ranked as he goes full tryhard... Ive played enough games myself 2500 normals tp be precise and around 300 rankeds in all seasons on my main and yes normals are sometimes %%%%ed up but they are more about quantity. Also its impossible to actually balance normal game matchmaking because if a dia plays with a bronze friend the enemys are either also dia/bronze or gold and on both examples people cry about unfairness ... Winning = how well you make your team win League is a teamgame and long term your team plays as well as the enemy team which results in YOU being the key factor to winning. So basically winning = personal skill lvl (it just cantmeasure for 1 game or other small numbers) The system works how it should Normals are for fast games where you can play from bro ze to challenger and the chance to actualy meet someone pales in comparision to not meeting them. Rankeds are for serious even skilled skilled teams to compete but daily performances and teamcomps but also synergy make it often seem unfair)
Are you blind or what? At least check the damn matches I mentioned in the original post. Everything the current system does is adjusting a number ONLY BASED ON WHETHER YOU WON OR LOST! It DOESN'T measure your INDIVIDUAL skill and that is why so many people get matched with either too good or too bad teammates and/or enemies and matches are ALMOST NEVER BALANCED. The long run doesn't matter here, but every single match. It's supposed to match you with players of the same SKILL LEVEL, not WINRATE. That's why also smurfing works. If the system worked smurfs would always get a rank close to their main account's (unless they intentionally feed or AFK), but, for the umpteenth time, it doesn't give two shits about how well you perform. In Ranked Flex and Ranked Teams the current system may work, but not anywhere else, because outside those two queues it must measure your INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE REGARDLESS OF THE MATCH'S OUTCOME AND IT DOESN'T DO THAT! As far as premades go - why is a Diamond allowed to queue up with a Bronze in the first place? Or a level 3 with a level 30?
: Normals and stuff =/= ranked COMPLETETLY DIFFERENT Matchmaking works please just inform yourself HOW it does lol Also if you win more overall the system recognises it and makes your mmr go up
Such a huge difference shouldn't be possible. MMRs are separate and still - this is NOT supposed to happen. I've played enough games to know if the system works in practice. Guess what. It doesn't. Winning =/= Personal Skill Level (what it's supposed to measure)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Actually, voice communication is known to increase toxic behaviour. This is increased towards females, since they get harassed far far more on voice chat than males. Voice chat only works well if you're talking to friends, and you have 3rd party tools for that.
You'd still have the mute option and players should be able to opt out of voice communication from settings if they don't want it. Back then when I used to play Counter-Strike A LOT I didn't use voice chat, but others also didn't because players would primarily text chat when they want to yell at someone and insult them. They don't have the balls to yell on a microphone. Many games have voice chat, LoL shouldn't be excluded from the list.
: Funny how nobody said anything about ranked flex's matchmaking im diamond and i get matched against people in bronze.
Flex is even worse from what I've read. I'm scared to even queue up for a game :S :D
: id rather wait 10+ minutes to get a decent fun game, instead of wait 2 minutes for troll filled morons who shoudnt be playing anything other than bots.
Add to that the number of people, who don't even press "Accept" for some reason and those, who dodge champion select.
: Which is obv riot's fault. I'm pretty sure that on the accept screen the game knows what players will be placed in the champ selection. It's probably for the sake of lower queue times.(You know they could make it that duos like that won't be seen in 1 game)
Once I had a Platinum in a 5v5 and a Diamond in an ARAM on my team. So yeah... I'm kinda waiting for the moment a Challenger pops up either on mine or the enemy team... The current system readjusts your MMR solely based on whether you won or lost the match, as far as I know. And that's why it's so faulty. It's supposed to measure your personal performance. But its alghorhitms couldn't care less about whether you carried or went 0/35/0 in 10 minutes.
BIue Monk (EUW)
: This problem won't be adressed because there is no such feature named "matchmaking" in the game.
Rioter Comments
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: that's bullshit... my friend played him for 1 year (azir fan) and he dropped about 3 promos... azir can die easily... any champion can kill him. his damage is also low... i can't use practise tool for now.. it's not avaible in EUNE servers.
Practise tool has been available for months in EUNE. Unless Riot disabled it for reasons unknown it should be there.
: You're totally gonna scare her away with your 1 damage at any point before you have at least {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3006}}....
First - Thunderlord's Decree. Second - you're ranged, she's melee. Third - she relies on picking daggers for a big chunk of her damage pre-6. Fourth - Shunpo does minor damage. Fifth -- Bouncing Blade is a piece of cake to avoid unless she casts it on you. Sixth - correct placement of your soldiers will zone her at worst. Seventh - cooldown abuse is king.
: I don't think the skill of the champion is the problem here. The meta kills him. I mean every champion in the meta has some gapcloser and if you play {{champion:268}} and you are against {{champion:55}} you just alt+f4 and delete LoL
Or you just learn to counter her and zone her with your soldiers.
Perilum (EUW)
: I don't know what you're talking about.
Initially I was like WTF is Air? Air drake? What abilities? What Q? Then it dawned on me... The OP was so hungry they ate the "z"... :D
Rioter Comments
monika99 (EUNE)
: who to play vs Annie
Annie is easy to beat in lane. Just take somebody, who's long ranged or can avoid her first ability (usually Summon Tibbers). If you manage to avoid Tibbers landing on your head, that's a big chunk of her damage, she won't be able to finish you off unless really fed and ahead. There is one key thing that, I think, players miss about her. In one game I was playing with Lux vs her. At one point of the laning phrase Annie engaged, but I had just enough time to activate Prismatic Barrier. Annie's passive was fully charged, but I didn't get stunned. I continued to fight and survived, but I was confused. What happened? Did it bug out? Then I read Annie's passive's description. There was one line, which said that for the stun to work her ability's damage MUST hit the champion. If it hits a shield, the stun won't work. My whole point is you can use that to your advantage by also picking a champion with a strong and reliable shield and/or building Seraph's Embrace. My best bet to beat Annie would be Lissandra (because of her ult and poke potential), Lux (large range, heavy AoE slow and snare), Morgana (passive sustain, strong magic damage shield, long ranged 3 second snare) and Xerath (extremely long ranged and has a stun). There are also other champions, who can beat Annie if played right, but are much tougher to play in general.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: ***
Not when I'm angry, no.
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