Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: that's bullshit... my friend played him for 1 year (azir fan) and he dropped about 3 promos... azir can die easily... any champion can kill him. his damage is also low... i can't use practise tool for now.. it's not avaible in EUNE servers.
Practise tool has been available for months in EUNE. Unless Riot disabled it for reasons unknown it should be there.
: You're totally gonna scare her away with your 1 damage at any point before you have at least {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3006}}....
First - Thunderlord's Decree. Second - you're ranged, she's melee. Third - she relies on picking daggers for a big chunk of her damage pre-6. Fourth - Shunpo does minor damage. Fifth -- Bouncing Blade is a piece of cake to avoid unless she casts it on you. Sixth - correct placement of your soldiers will zone her at worst. Seventh - cooldown abuse is king.
: I don't think the skill of the champion is the problem here. The meta kills him. I mean every champion in the meta has some gapcloser and if you play {{champion:268}} and you are against {{champion:55}} you just alt+f4 and delete LoL
Or you just learn to counter her and zone her with your soldiers.
Perilum (EUW)
: I don't know what you're talking about.
Initially I was like WTF is Air? Air drake? What abilities? What Q? Then it dawned on me... The OP was so hungry they ate the "z"... :D
Rioter Comments
monika99 (EUNE)
: who to play vs Annie
Annie is easy to beat in lane. Just take somebody, who's long ranged or can avoid her first ability (usually Summon Tibbers). If you manage to avoid Tibbers landing on your head, that's a big chunk of her damage, she won't be able to finish you off unless really fed and ahead. There is one key thing that, I think, players miss about her. In one game I was playing with Lux vs her. At one point of the laning phrase Annie engaged, but I had just enough time to activate Prismatic Barrier. Annie's passive was fully charged, but I didn't get stunned. I continued to fight and survived, but I was confused. What happened? Did it bug out? Then I read Annie's passive's description. There was one line, which said that for the stun to work her ability's damage MUST hit the champion. If it hits a shield, the stun won't work. My whole point is you can use that to your advantage by also picking a champion with a strong and reliable shield and/or building Seraph's Embrace. My best bet to beat Annie would be Lissandra (because of her ult and poke potential), Lux (large range, heavy AoE slow and snare), Morgana (passive sustain, strong magic damage shield, long ranged 3 second snare) and Xerath (extremely long ranged and has a stun). There are also other champions, who can beat Annie if played right, but are much tougher to play in general.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Have you ever heard of a joke? I don't think so. Get a life.
Not when I'm angry, no.
: Yasuo's Blade - League of Legends - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
They also made Leona's Zenith Blade, Katarina's daggers, Master Yi's Ringsword (not sure about that one) and Darius' axe. The last one they couldn't even lift xD I personally want them to make Commando Garen's sword. 'Cause... DEMACIAAA XD
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: As far as i know replays are only for the owner, at least for now. Smurfs face smurfs, except until they hit ranked then it's based on theyr rank, but still smurfs are pretty rare. I woudn realyl trust anyone who asks for role and says he's a challenger smurf. There was one game in OP.GG, wasnt that good because there wasnt much to see so i focused only on early game, but here's few things: While your blitz wasnt that good, there was also the issue of you not enabling him. You need to keep minnion wave small to allow him skillshot opportunitys, too bad you didnt. You were geting some free damage from Caitlyn, leting her to headshot you for free as well as just walking into a trap she set up right in front of your face, which made it harder to regain pressure in lane. It really didnt look like you were last hiting, it looked more like you were just autoattacking. Lastly your mouse speed looked pretty slow. game in question:
Yeah. I'm not a good ADC despite my mastery points. I usually manage to step away from her traps, but there was one I hit 'cause I panicked, suddenly realizing I was squeezed between two traps in a really tiny space and I think I also had to keep an eye out for Thresh. So yeah, I ended up hitting that one. I wasn't last hitting either. But how did you manage to judge my mouse speed? :D It's not slow for me at least. Unless having the bar at around 60% is slow.
: The fix for the existing system!
Hear, hear! How about making those voices additional champion quotes? Yeah, that'll take a ton of time :( But what's better than hearing Lux's cheerful optimistic voice when you're doing badly, telling you to not give up? Or a salty joke from Darius when you're on killing spree with him or do a Penta? :D
: > Matchmaking is flawed at best. All the time it's just a stomp - either you stomp or get stomped. Maybe 5% of my games > were actually balanced. > If every match was like that, I wouldn't even mind losing, but when your team goes 2:15 in 10minutes and you're playing > a squishy ADC Did you actually made real statistics about your games or are there, once again, random number which just popped in your head ? Lets check that, if you dont mind (all your ranked games for the lasts 7 days): Balanced until 20 minuts so, here are our 5% i guess, I shouldnt find any other balanced games. Not really a stomp but ok, it was decided before 20 minuts -won This one is a stomp - lost This one as well - won Really disputed game until 26min - balanced 300 gold difference at 26min - balanced :) (why would you play with FH vs a yi who can't be slowed tbh ?) Stomp : won Stomp won Stomp won Stomp won Stomp lost Stomp won Stomp lost not really a stomp, (2k5 difference at 28min), but i'm generous tonight : stomp lost Stomp lost Stomp lost Balanced : won (994 gold diff at 36min) Balanced : lost Out of 18 games: 5 Balanced ( 27.8%) 7 Stomp won (38,9%) 6 Stomp Lost (33.3% I think this answer my question, stop making up fake numbers please you have no clues what you are talking about and it's painful to read. Worse, it insults your readers intelligence.
72% stomps. Don't you think that's still a bit too high? I think it should be 50-50 at worst.
ImJanemba (EUW)
: Im Boored, So Let's Talk About Our Mains || Join My Booring Discussion
Number three: Luxanna Crownguard of Demacia Reasons: I like her playstyle and she also represents a "beacon of light and hope". Especially her voice and attitude. Gosh, I love her taunts, even though I don't use them :D OP or not OP: Not really. Sure, she can incinerate people from afar with Final Spark, but she's also super squishy and has a degree of risk in her kit, coming from Illumination and Prismatic Barrier. Requires a fair amount of skill to say the least. ----- Number two: Leona of the Solari Reasons: Lots of tankiness, lots of lockdown. I like her playstyle too and is my go-to Support in many matchups. OP or not OP: No. She's prone to poke and fully dependant on her team. However, one of the few true tanks in LoL. ------- Number one: Ashe of the Avarosan Reasons: First champion I learned. Along the way I developed a spiritual bond with her. She also represents unity and a fighter for peace. OP or not OP: Not OP. Even if she has a fair amount of self-peel she's still in the category of glass cannons. Gets rekt by assassins as she cannot be in a fight and stay outside their range without a solid frontline (in contrast with Lux).
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Maybe you just peaked? Is it so hard to beleave you just reached your own true skill level? In the end matchmaking system is pretty simple, in the long run there isnt much for it to fail. Also all that text about what happened in game is meaningless, it just shows how you saw it, your own side, unless there's a replay.
You can grab the replay from the new client (unless we have to be friends or I'm the only one who can watch it). I don't record my games, but the fact that bot ended with a combined result of 0/25/10 and that I have 82% or so Kill Participation should tell you a lot in this case. Peaking. Last season I reached Silver V and kept climbing after I was stuck in Bronze III for a month. Do you really think Bronze II is where I belong? Smurfing also clearly shows how the matchmaking system is flawed. After your placement games are over it should know you're a smurf and make sure you play only with and against smurfs, but in reality this doesn't happen. It just can't assess your in-game performance accurately. EDIT: At the end of the week I'll be back at home and if patch 7.6 doesn't come to live servers we can watch it together or I can record it and send it to you if you really want to see it.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What else can one do about it? Make a thread on boards how theyr team sucks and hope this will change something?
What I hope for is that Riot will finally rethink their matchmaking system. They need to make sure that the enemy team's skill level matches my teammates'. Because right now it's pretty bad. The game I mentioned - my opponents' skill exceeded my teammates' skill by a high amount. There was nothing I could personally do. Then I played a Normal game with Lux. Won it with 6/0/8 because the enemy team was really bad. They had Yasuo support, Teemo mid and Amumu top. But the stupid role choices was just the tip of the problem. After I killed Teemo once, he left mid open and their bot never roamed (as opposed to top and jungle). I'm either matched with players, whose skill level is either much lower or much higher than mine and/or my teammates'. And almost never even relatively equal.
el barno (EUW)
: Stop talking about KDA and start thinking about objectives and you'll improve. Your CS also seems pretty low. You rarely touch 200 in >30 min games. A kill is worth about 15 cs so you could focus more on that. If you want to play adc in bronze get an adc that can self peel, if you hang back a sec people will already be tunneling others and it's rare to have enemy teams focus fire the adc in that elo. If you have enough items you should be able to clean up most fights. Also remember to always be looking for objectives to take. The game is not a deathmatch.
Well, with the self-peeling I came to the same conclusion. I'm saving for Caitlyn right now. Not the best choice, but... Ah, well. As far as objectives are concerned - there were countless times when I'd ping spam my team to take a free Drake, but they just ignore me. Turrets I can solo as long as I have minions, so I don't have to ping them, but the rest... Or I can't defend an Inhibitor or the Nexus on my own and they'd just chase kills. I need to improve my roaming when playing Mid and Support. That's for sure. CSing too.
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YYlVAakh,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-03-19T17:27:15.790+0000) > > Yes I know I'll be getting bad teams. Now and again is acceptable, but almost every game? Nah. Its called amlosing streak. People tend to cry about them all the time, but when u have a win streak, u just brush it aside and pretend it never happened.
You know why? 'Cause neither depend solely on one's own performance and when one goes on a loss streak because of others they get really pissed. If it was all my fault I wouldn't come here and write what I wrote.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Kite?
You think I don't try to kite?
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YYlVAakh,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-19T17:33:53.724+0000) > > Like I said - I'm not a godlike ADC, but I'm not THAT bad either. Could carry myself from s5 with one hand. Bad teams or not.
Don't underestimate their (our) feed potential xD
Overloard99 (EUNE)
3.8/5.9/8.9 (2.17:1 KDA) (38% KP) telling me to git gut just because you're Platinum. Nice joke.
Téglagyár (EUNE)
: Silver 5 is beyond terrible in all honesty. Sorry.
Like I said - I'm not a godlike ADC, but I'm not THAT bad either.
: So when I read a thread about "1 vs 9" situations I wait to see a profile in of 20-5-15 with 70% kill participation average.. Then I see a 4.9-6.3-11.4 with 48% kill participation average blaming the bad team mates.
And how am I supposed to be a effective ADC when the enemy is so fed they can kill be with the press of a single button? Sure, I can just sit back and AFK farm. At least you won't be blaming me for having 6.3 deaths on average. You'll be then blaming me for having almost 0% kill participation.
: Congratulation, you just find out that you can't solo carry in this game. Wanna know why? Because, hear hear, it's a team game, and if you don't accept the very simple fact that with a bad team (whatever it includes you or not) you can't possibly win a game, you should probably change game.
Yes I know I'll be getting bad teams. Now and again is acceptable, but almost every game? Nah.
saibot420 (EUNE)
: There is a reason you play with them because u are the same rank, and as bad as them. It's hard to admit but the rank you are in is what you deserve, so don't blame your team for being feeders etc.
If you look at my ADC games - yes. I'm not a good ADC regardless of the amount of mastery points on Ashe. But Support Leona and Lux mid? Please. Everyone feeds and I still get rudiculously high KDA with very low deaths. And I'm as bad as them? If I was as bad as them (or they were as good as me) they would know how to play safe. AT LEAST THAT. Not to mention they NEVER take tanks even if I tell them. If I get a smurf Support I carry. 'Cause that smurf doesn't just walk around and execute minions, you know. If I play Support and get at least a HALF decent ADC we carry (provided the rest don't feed, that is). If I was as bad as them I would've never gotten Silver V, would I?
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=APnPm3A3,comment-id=000e000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-17T21:45:25.422+0000) > > So? Statistically I'm the same as you and I wouldn't be pissed. I'd honor him. And if you were on Darius' team... Whom do you think you are? The toxic Shaco that did almost nothing the entire game, the Veigar, who lost his lane, or one of the two bot laners, who fed like no tomorrow. Tell me. Because I don't think any of those deserved to win if they can't beat or at least... AT LEAST go EVEN against a team with a missing member. Do you really think you'd deserve to win your promos if you were one of the above? Wtf are you talking about. I just told you this game is all about capitalizing on enemy disadvantages.
Read your previous comment and you'll know. And no, not every disadvantage.
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=APnPm3A3,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2017-03-17T06:56:19.715+0000) > > Matches shouldn't start when someone fails to connect in the first place. This isn't a firefight and nobody is going to die or lose their property if they lose the match. Don't step over the line. If somebody makes me lose promotional series because of that I would be really pissed as I can only play like 1-2 hours a day. That would mean this guy put me 5 days back because he wanted to make himself feel better.
So? Statistically I'm the same as you and I wouldn't be pissed. I'd honor him. And if you were on Darius' team... Whom do you think you are? The toxic Shaco that did almost nothing the entire game, the Veigar, who lost his lane, or one of the two bot laners, who fed like no tomorrow. Tell me. Because I don't think any of those deserved to win if they can't beat or at least... AT LEAST go EVEN against a team with a missing member. Do you really think you'd deserve to win your promos if you were one of the above?
: I would report you aswell. This game is all about capitalizing on enemy disadvantages.
Matches shouldn't start when someone fails to connect in the first place. This isn't a firefight and nobody is going to die or lose their property if they lose the match. Don't step over the line.
Juujishou (EUNE)
: Reported for being fair ?
9 out of 10 times your opponent wouldn't do the same, huh? Why do you need reassurance that you'll be treated the same way to be kind? Why do you even blame the guy for being kind in a place, where 60% of people, if not more, act like douchebags? If you want to be assured that you'll get something in return for your kindness - you're doing business and you're being selfish. Don't mix the two things. 'Cause if you were that Malphite you'd probably be screaming how unfair it is. Darius noob for killing AFK. That would've happened if the OP didn't do what he did. His team had less than 2:1 KDA, every single member, even himself. The enemy team? 3+:1 KDA for all members, even Malphite. Tell me again how Darius gave up a non-existent win? He didn't feed. You're a runner in the Olympic Games. You're first. There's two more runners from your country, but they're far behind and don't stand a chance. A runner from another country suddenly collapses on the ground. What do you do? Keep running for the win or forget about it and help them? (I know there must be medics, but let's say there weren't any) If you still say no - you probably forget that League, like every other sport/game, changes nothing outside itself whether you win or lose.
Juujishou (EUNE)
: Reported for being fair ?
I admire you. Very rarely do I see or hear about such players. This is the true meaning of "Honorable Opponent".
: This is Assisting the enemy team and you shoud be banned for this. You coud have atleast asked your team before you gave away a win.
His bot was 5/28, but he gave the free win? LOL
: A simple question about the report system
As far as I know you can only block him.
Contesting the Dragon is out of the question. Since Rengar is already wandering around bot lane, Fiora can back off and head down to bot lane. A quick 4v2 gank should end with 2 kills for the losing team and no more than 1 for the winning team. During the fight Kha'Zix is going to show up for sure. In the ideal scenario he would be the one picking a kill, but at the expense of his own life. One for one. Poppy will most likely teleport to bot too, but due to the long channel time she might arrive too late. Katarina will also head down. Zilean could try to safely stall her for a moment. In any case Fiora and Rengar should have survived. If we assume Ezreal died to Kha'Zix and Zyra saved her ultimate the losing team still has an advantage. Even if Poppy and Katarina attack Zyra and Rengar they should be able to kill Katarina and then deal with Poppy. Or Poppy would just send them flying. During this whole time Zilean is actively pushing the mid turret and Fiora also Teleports to help him. There's nobody to stop them. Back on bot - either Katarina gets even more fed or she and Poppy die, resulting in, probably, the enemy bot turret getting destroyed too. That is, however, the ideal scenario IMO. There are too many IFs, however.
meroboth (EUNE)
: but i want to wear 6 wizardhats
You can wear 2 whenever you play a male human champion ;)
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: What is the happiest champion in your opinion and how you imagine him/her ?
Objectively - that must be {{champion:117}} Subjectively - {{champion:222}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: The way i see it it in the current system i have statick shiv and infinity edge, in your system i have infinity edge as weapon and statick shiv as boots or other piece of cloth. Your system requres to create some of the same items in other classes that overlap, but i don't think it really has a significant advantage besides just lots of work also that's basicly where those tons of items come from. Locking some item to specific class champions is something that can be done in the current one, but it would be easier in yours and overall it could make balancing easier for Riot, still i think it limits build freedom and really overcomplicates the game while the current one does the same while being much more simple.
>The way i see it it in the current system i have statick shiv and infinity edge, in your system i have infinity edge as weapon and statick shiv as boots or other piece of cloth. For IE you're right, but items like Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer will be reworked into some kind of Gloves. >Locking some item to specific class champions is something that can be done in the current one, but it would be easier in yours and overall it could make balancing easier for Riot, still i think it limits build freedom and really overcomplicates the game while the current one does the same while being much more simple. Well, from coding perspective it does call for a lot of work and does make things a bit more complicated. But look at the current system - you have so much problems with unconventional builds and Lethality when it comes to balance. In the new system many things would just fall into place without much effort to balance them.
: I don't think that is a good idea it doesn't give as much freedom like now
If more items are created it would actually give at least as much freedom. And that's the point. Though if you think about building items through recipes, you're absolutely right.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I know you werent going for realism but that's what RPG is going for(at least in how clothes work). The question is what kind of benefit your suggested system has over the current one besides being more realistic? I mean in the end if i get my attackspeed from a sword or from my boots it doesnt really matter to me, i guess it could help with immersion or something, but i don't think it's really a significant change.
>The question is what kind of benefit your suggested system has over the current one besides being more realistic? It makes sure the bulk of offensive stats is focused in certain items and same offensive items can only be purchased by specific types of champions. The weapon I used in the example build is ranged only. We don't have ranged tanks, right? Secondly the items would be created in such a way that you have a ton of choices for each type, but you need to have good decision making, or else you risk screwing your build (right now you don't have much choice when itemizing, you just pick what has the most AD, for instance). Thirdly - an assassin typically doesn't build defensive items, apart from those like Maw of Malmortious, right? Well, that one takes up their Weapon slot. From there they could get little from other items in terms of offense (except if they're mages), so even if they do deal a lot of damage, they will still need to be skilled, since all "squishies" will have a boost in their resistances after a certain point in the game. A Zed won't be able to press W+Q and 100 to 0 anyone. And the assassin can't take a second Weapon as there is no slot for it. You do not see it because Ashe is basic attack reliant and has more use for Gloves, which are focused on AS and CSC. An AD assassin needs AD, CDR, Lethality. Besides his Weapon, he's not gonna get more than a total of 50-75 AD from all other item types combined and maybe a minor percentage of CDR. That barely makes 300 total AD. And Zed scales only with bonus AD - 175 bonus AD at best, rather than 200+ like it is at present. If he wants damage he gives up a lot of his defense, becoming almost a glass cannon. If he wants some defense he has to give up some of his damage. In both cases he'd need skills and decision making beyond smashing all buttons. Right now assassins (and not only) can build defense AND offense and still deal massive damage. ADCs and many Mages don't have that option (except the few casters). Not to mention Darius, duh. Of course, as I said, all this can be achieved by simply readjusting heavily the numbers on current items, but... Ah well.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I was thinking about, at first i did assume it would help champions building what they're not supposed to(like tank assassins), but then i realised that i don't think this would really solve anything, in the end what this is just puts items more like in premade sets, there still isnt really anything stoping an assassin build tank set for tank set stats. Also you're kinda looking at a more realistic representation of items in an RPG, while in league it doesnt matter, items are here only for the stats and power not for realism. I mean in the end ranged adcs are stacking swords to do more damage.
I wasn't going for realism, but you have a point.
Rioter Comments
jonisen22 (EUW)
: Fiora is like the easy yasuo.
Kind of, but not really. Any ranged champion can easily deal with her if they know what they're doing. She doesn't have Yasuo's windwall. Riposte is much harder to use correctly and she has far less mobility. Thing is, you can use her in the late game as a semi-tanky assassin and rekt squishies in literally two hits.
zzzzizu (EUW)
: question about boosting
Boosting is bannable, regardless of reason.
Azathor97 (EUW)
: Champions in uncommon roles and Riot supporting them or not.
Well, they do support picking champions in unusual roles, but every champion's kit is designed with a certain role (or roles) in mind. They don't want Braum or Alistar to be effective junglers easily, because that would bring toxicity to the game in the form of getting one-shotted by an AP/AD stun machine with tons of damage and nobody will play them as Supports, which is the role they were designed for. That's pretty much it. If they just put 100% AP and AD scaling on all champion damaging abilities that would make a huge mess. You don't want ADC Lux with a 2 man snare, that does insane damage, do you? Balance can't be ignored or there would be essentially no roles too. And LoL is designed as a team game which means it MUST have roles.
Rismosch (EUW)
: And there we have a new problem: When you shift the grading system into objectives, kills will become meaningless. Solocarrying and snowballing will become super bad. And before you say "Well, then properly balance it out", then that would mean that literally every playstyle would fit, meaning grades do not matter which makes this whole system pointless.
Kills don't matter that much in a team game anyway. You'd say we're not pros, but look at them - how many kills do they make in a single match on average? Besides, why do you always put stuff in the extreme? 1 point for kill, 2 points for assist, that's leaning heavily towards assists, but doesn't make kills meaningless, especially if you snowball. You portray it as if you gonna get 5 points for an assist. And even if you snowball, you still need your team to win, don't they deserve to be rewarded for effectively helping you too? Nobody singlehandedly wins a match.
GPet (EUW)
: That kinda sounds like it's a good thing that LP are focused on team performance and nothing else. :o
But you still got the occasional AFKer/INTer/TROLL, right? You'll lose less LP with that system if encounter one + (I'll say it for the umpteenth time) the grading system can be changed to favor assists, warding, objectives, etc. more than KD ratio and CS.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > Being carried in my book means that you aren't ready for a higher elo... Here's why it actually is: You cannot win lane 100% of the time, thus you need to rely on your team in some cases. In such games you wont be carrying, rather you try that your most fed teammember carries the game for you. In other cases, proper shotcalling and decisionmaking can make you win games, even though you you are not the one carrying. Especially in matchups you dislike or you know you will have a bad time, it's sometimes easier to play passively and later peel for your mates in teamfights. In scenarios like these you will not carry, you are the one being carried. That is a skill that is way more difficult than you think, and it isn't a bad thing either. There is the difference between getting carried by lucky matchmaking and the decision to abuse the carrypotential of teammates. --- Basing the LP gain/loss around a system that doesn't take this strategy into account is simply bad. There are many different ways to win this game: Teamfighting, splitpushing, getting carried and so on. And the grading system does reward certain strategies more than others. This is bad, because it limits creativity and punishes people who think outside the box to win with new strategies. It's a good thing that the LP gain/loss is equal, no matter how you performed or how you played, because this is a team game. Only depending if you win or not, no matter if you carry or are the one being carried, you should gain/lose the same amount of LP. If you don't, then you favor a certain playstyle/strategy, which is harmful for the gameplay, the community and the game itself.
Why do you assume the game is supposed to be carried by anyone in the first place? Yes, there are different strategies that can lead to a win. But in all cases you take down objectives and help in teamfights. The system can be changed to attract a lot more value to assists, objectives, warding, etc. as opposed to kills, deaths and maybe even CS. We told you that a multitude of times, but you just seem to ignore it.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You do realize that being carried is also a skill you need to master in order to become better. So when you are behind and have a terrible game, you think it's fine to punish you, even though you managed to not lose the game? What if you match up against a smurf? What if you are tilted? What if the jungler camps you? In such situations it's very easy to have a bad game. And when you manage to win them due to proper makro play you still get punished? This is so wrong. Kills do not win games. Objectives do. Kills and Farm are the main focus in the grading system. Objectives do too, but not dying and killing others is way more weighted.
Punish me with 10 LP, not all the LP I get. As I said the grading system should be tailored to give you a higher score even if you're 2/7/22 on an ADC (let's say out of 30 kills for your team in total) and have contributed to the majority of objectives your team has taken. Meaning you're still useful and not dragging your team down.
Rismosch (EUW)
: But when you get no LP, then ranked would be way more painful than it is right now. When you win and have a bad game, you get 7-8 LP, and when you have an S+ only 15? Taking the half is an even worse idea!
No, maybe 10 LP for D/C/B grades, 15 LP for A grade and 20 LP for S. And the opposite when losing - 10 LP for S, 20 LP below A. Plus weighing assists, wards and objectives way more than kills and deaths.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Very bad idea. Getting good grades requires a certain playstyle, which is not neccessarily the best way to win. Also, on some Champions it's easier to get good grades than others, the same with roles. If your idea would be implemented, then oh my...RIP support mains.
That's why I said lower the numbers, maybe even half them. Otherwise people would start flaming for KS A LOT and do whatever they can to get a perfect KDA.
: LP systeem league of legends
Well, maybe you should lower the numbers a little bit, but I'm all for this idea. Good job.
: people cry. For nothing. Riot mad what it has to be done. Exhaust still slows movement speed and still reduces dmg dealt. Thank god they removed armor/resistance reduction because it hurts tanks more than already squishy assasins. ANd tanks are more discriminated than ADC's
10 less Armor and MR hurts on a Tank? :D And mostly... Why would you exhaust a Tank in the first place? :D :D
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