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Ethelwald (EUNE)
: Azir op? -got nerf few patches ago. Zed op? -oh pleaaaaase people stop saying that...he is not. Actually, I think all assassins suck at this moment in league. You need a lot of skill and exercise and for nothing, the class itself is pretty weak right now and, until the class update my opinion will remain the same. LeBlanc op?- Well yeah, she is (in my opinion) the best assassin you can pick right now so... Fizz op? Maybe he is a little bit better since that meta- tanky-bulid or whatever. Darius op? I don't know, I often play top on my secound account and the champion doesn't seem that broken or overpowered to me... As for Talyah, well I think she is OK. She has some combos which, ofc do damage but her passive and ult give her mobility/utility so...I think she is somehow balanced.
Maybe i exaggerated, Azir always rekt me so i just took that from a one sided thought, and i just came back to league so i don't have so much air to talk alot about how strong other champions are, so im gonna agree with you on this one (: {{champion:163}} /o
: Except her E slows, meaning that if the W is hit right, the only way to dodge it is to dash.
From personal experience you can kind of read Taliyah's game play.. if she closes in on you and has decent mana 200 + you know shes gona put field and try to pull you in it.. (: {{champion:163}} /o
: Something In Brush /// Champion Teaser?
Teemo's Girlfriend hiding in that bush. {{champion:17}} /o
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