: Stuck at 100% loading screen,AGAIN
Same still happening to me after multiple patches
Rioter Comments
: FPS Drops since 9.13 Still Happening in 9.14
Same dude same .. it's insane they haven't fixed it yet
Carrimi (EUW)
: Soraka, Janna and Lulu takes a lot of brainpower to play. Pyke and blitz barely have to think about anything other than a landing a hook. I agree with you on Sona.
What ? Are you delusional or just don't understand the game ? What's your elo ?
: Just Tilt
What are you maining atm ?
: quiting game cuz of the %%%%%%ed champions around
Yeah i see what you are saying here and here's my perspective .. i have been a support main since bronze 2 to plat 2 currently (alistar, rakan, pyke, blitz, thresh) and my champs just don't feel strong and here is why .. E GIRL SUPPORTS THAT ARE BRAINDEAD AND BROKEN BEYOND BELIEF (soraka, sona, lulu) .. and the prime example is soraka .. the %%%%% spams W on her adc and ults in a fight and auto wins everything .. healing reduction doesn't help at all and that's just one problem .. so yea they need to take a look at the game for real .. because why would you want a hook engageing champ when you can just get point and click healed every second ???

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