: gonna leave leuge after my friend got banned
Sweet! You will have more time to learn English. You've made a smart choice.
iJoshuxx (EUW)
: Fiora... f**k
Same for you, quotes! As you hate her, I bet you do have some spicy quote as her.
: {{champion:33}} if I did it right. I don't have T-shirt but hoodie at the moment 'cause I'm always freezing.
Do not forget to write your quotes, Rammus! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
Blotniak (EUNE)
: I think it's fine as long as you are not like mayn Yuumi's out there who are going to other lane when they feel that I did something wrong :D
Well, I can't guarantee anything as it is a team-game (so finding ways to win is a must. But I do admit that, there is a learning curve in between the ADC and Yuumi, since it is a very different bot lane. How it is said... They need to work in sync? Anyways, if you wanted to try out a few games (in normals, since I am still unranked with 0 games), hit me up. Perhaps the system still would allow rankeds as well as I was plat. But I'd prefer one or two drafts anyway. Just to see how it goes. Not even you would want to play with a Yuumi you do not like.
: URF needs some attention.
Just played my first ARURF match yesterday.. at the 11 minute mark, everyone surrendered except me. Such a waste of time. This gamemode is not enjoyable at all. I mean, because of the all random element.
: Can someone explain me why there are bots in normals?
># Is getting S by killing bots considered an exploit and is bannable? How these questions are born?
Blotniak (EUNE)
: LF friendly support
Hi, I see you're from EUNE. I was wondering if you liked {{champion:350}} or not very much? I main her since release. I wouldn't say that I'm toxic, kinda the opposite. I was plat 4 last season as well however, haven't played in this one at all, yet.
Is it a real question ? It had an overwhelmingly negative welcome. Paying for achievements ? Nothing else for it but making your lvl7 emote into a burning match? The whole thing was and is a cash grab. Of course most of the players didn't like it at all.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: not soon) not even in 2021
1von (EUNE)
: Please guys give me advice. Please!!
Well, it is a very good question. _"How to make a troll to pay for win?"_ I have doubts if it was possible, because trolls are mostly not trolls but burnt out players. So.. They are negative toward everyone and barely have mood to play. _(It could lead to ban as they often offend their teammates too.)_ How to deal with them? It is not possible to deal with them. _(I think)_ The only thing which could give them some kind of will to play is a team which is winning -without their useless gameplay-. So, perhaps they would join and be useful if your team was in 10/0. I do not say that, every troll is a burnt out player, but mostly is. Some even starts their chat in the lobby _"This will be my 7. lose in a row, thanks noobs."_ And yes, no one even picked a character yet. In my opinion the only thing you can do is to not let them to ruin your focus on the game. So.. You actually can't make them to play but protect yourself of their **shit**. They spread their negativity and it is impossible to stop. You need to stay positive and play for the win, even if they weren't trying. At least you practice more with your character. Also, if you stay positive and even try to raise the morale of your teammates, you might get honors, so you still "win" something at the end, since honor 5 rewards are still a thing. This is what I do. No matter how bad they are and how much they mention your mother. You stay positive, you thank them for their compliments and harvest the honors for being cool. Sorry if I was not able to help you much with this bible, but this is how I see it.
: Fiddlesticks rework is good, but it could be great...
Still waiting for an {{champion:34}} rework.
: Thank you for giving free sett champion!
ARUrf.. I hate arurf as much as the base game. Wake me up once normal urf comes back. Like, after 10 years.
leonhiro (EUW)
: WHY do i have to change my username?
Aren't we done with this subject already? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Cynoxy (EUW)
: Kayle skins
If you want to know more about {{champion:10}} and her mind, watch _King's Game The Animation (王様ゲーム ジ・アニメーション, Ōsama Gemu Ji Animēshon)_. She plays as the king.
xStyrosx (EUNE)
How can you write people a time and peoples in another in the same sentence?
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: spending money on a free game
If that is the case, then you have no decors in your home? Cuz they are just plastic, glass or some kind of vegetation without anything to add for your living.
Wolity (EUW)
: The feeling of being support
**_*~~Cuteness is all thing!~~*_** https://i.imgur.com/lERitNK.png[]
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: I wonder if there is any special coding on the forum that is not mentioned in the official formatting thread. I assume your highlights and spoilers are some of that secret code. Wouldn't mind the txt version
If you download it and copy its content into a post, you will get exactly that you see above (my concept). If you had any questions, feel free to take them. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sdEStxlSr8IsAjIPV0T9Lx9fBDY5acqlIpnM9D-QCig/edit?usp=sharing
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: So beautifully edited, you are the virtuoso of post formatting. Teach me senpai ;n; Xel'airy also seems pretty nice, but if you do self-cast, does the ability not cast because it's used to change the form?
Heheh, thank you. And you are right about Self-cast. However, as Xel'airy has no abilities he could target allies with (like a buff or heal), in his case, there are no abilities could be used as the commonly known self-cast (Like Lee Sin **[W]** for example). In his case, it just switches abilities. Well, I do not know how could I teach you. Perhaps, I could send the .txt I made this concept.
: Skin Wishlist
No-no-no-no-no. NO player data collection. If _***~~RITO~~***_ learned that, every second player wishes for a Lux or Ahri skin, they wouldn't release anything else for years at all.
Rioter Comments
: ”Roman” inspired champion
You must hate ranged champs dude. Even his fart is true damage against them.
Rioter Comments
Opheliae (EUW)
: So lets say , the cashier has no idea whats going on in the back , in the office or why the cash register is broken. So yeah , they wait and wait till there is someone who can explain the issue. When they dont know whats going on , what do you expect the cashier to say ? More then a " i dont know whats going on" wont happen. Releasing your anger towards them is wrong. But raising your voice towards something the cashier isnt able to change on the spot will end in this reaction. You can be upset. But be upset to yourself. Throwing a tantrum bc shit isnt working wont make it work any faster. Or you can simply leave the store or come back later when its fixed. Im waiting till 6 am aswell without a notice of the maintenance team and here i am , being able to stay calm unlike other people on this forum right now. Yes , an update would be fine. But still no need to react like some are reacting right now.
Actually, this is what you want. Hearing that "I have no idea what is wrong." I do not know how good you are in psychology, but human nature -mostly- reacts badly for being ignored. People are mad for being ignored. You would be mad on a cashier not telling you a thing, if he was ignoring you. It is not about RITO, but in general about the ignorance they show. Lots of people can't tolerate being ignored. You can, me too. People making those posts? They can't. And it is fine. You can't tell them they are wrong, because they are right. They are just not as tolerant as others.
Opheliae (EUW)
: Well , if i were a cashier and someone like you would start to insult me , i would simply deny any services to you and let u get kicked out of the market. Do you really believe you are in the right to get mad at a cashier bc something is not working ? You know, there is something called manners. If you are waiting to long , you can also just leave, and come back later when its fixed. Yes, it takes Riot far to long for an update , thats totally fine and nothing i deny. But there is literally no need for others in this forum to insult and throw rage fits, should have expressed it better that i mean the general atmosphere in these forums atm is filled with toxic kids throwing insults left and right bc they dont get what they want. At this very moment you are acting like a kid bc insults are the only thing you have to rely on while im talking to you in a normal and calm manner without directly insulting or attacking you.
Do not forget to add that, you are a cashier who won't give any info about that, why the customer has to wait without having their goods. You just stay here, looking through the customer, who first, just stands here, waiting. Then asks questions... But you just do not hear it at all. Actually, you do not see him standing in front of you. He gets a bit mad at it... Raises his volume. You just scratch your butt as a response. This example now makes sense.
: About Aphelios' Release
Ban him. Post can be closed.
: a critical error has occurred
Do you use cheat engine ?
: I found a gamebreaking BUG NEED InSTA FIX !!!!!
Only I am bothered by that his name is written incorrectly by himself at the end of his post?
: Stop releasing new champions this fast-paced. New champion (after Aphelios) already announced.
Drupu (EUNE)
: Why are people PISSED about the name change?
Because people's organism requires drama in order to provide happiness hormone. Arguing over something which affects you insignificantly is great for such. Lots of other people will pay attention at it, since they are affected too, and it is commonly know that, this hormone is generated more rapidly in crowd. Hope I helped.
: I really confused
The game closes and you get an error message all he time you want to reconnect?
: Why all new champions ( And most reworks ) in 2019 were complicated and unique?
Rito got jelly on Heroes of the Storm's champion pool.
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
The game didn't ask me to change my username and now I'm mad cuz I can't whine about it. I wanted to follow the herd but I can't like that! Do something!
Sasser (EUNE)
: Why are only selected chromas available for IP instead of all?
: Billion Dollar Company
Yeah, you lost your "unique" account name that no one has ever seen. Unless you shared your account to some people which is against tos and so you shall be banned. It is just a login name which could be anything. Just simply put a number after your old name or whatever. It is really not necessary to make a new forum post about this in every minute. I can't read anything interesting on the forums today cuz everyone is whining about this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Sérenity (EUW)
: I know but it just doesn't feel right. Having had that name since the beginning, which I don't remember when. Maybe 2010-2011, somewhere there and now having it taken away from me. It just feels really awful. But I'm over it, I'm playing Dota 2 now instead.
D4rksn0ww (EUW)
: Why Taliyah hasnt got any skin yet?
Hard to find something which would be compatible with her nose.
Cajolo2 (EUW)
: New login name
If you didn't need to choose a new username, then the account linking wouldn't suck. And since you play LoL, you must know that, making something which works properly and/or as intended, is highly against _***~~RITO~~***_ policy.
Forsan (EUW)
: I uninstalled and reinstalled LOL over 120 - 150 times in 2019, it's a like a drug, can't help it
You stopped it and uninstalled it... ...for... ...toxicity. There are 15.296 reasons to uninstall this game and you did it for toxicity? >### *Are you #!?@ kidding me*
: What other games ban people for use of chat?
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: lol :) since we don't have the emotes here i write it > ( Fiz Emote pls ) but to be honest , the quiz was Nice & i enjoyed spending time for my #1 favorite game . @ Hey Rito -> ♥
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: Hello there , ye i know , i participated in Quiz in it's First day :) and i check this post everyday to see the Winner Names ( i did this quiz so fully detailed & it got 8 Hours! ) but yesterday i noticed that my comment here was deleted ... (or maybe somehow bugged) , So i Rewrote it Again . Thanks that you care to inform people about the quiz stuffs . {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
8 hours {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Can you now delete ww from the game?
And you are right. This is kinda unfair..
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Haven't played in a while so I'll ask you guys to do me a favorite
# With all of my good intentions https://i.imgur.com/wWtYVQJ.jpg[]
: Can we bring back old champion colletion?
I feel like I'm going to make the same mistake with my Monster Hunter World weakness chart V2. > #Version 1 https://i.imgur.com/807Rm33.jpg[] --- > #Version 2 https://i.imgur.com/E1nN7hL.png[] --- It must be something in the air or I do not know. It happens with everything, just look at the evolution of phones.
: Victorious Adjusted
I not even know how Aatrox looks.
: Yasuo vs Fizz (HUN) gameplay
And what about writing english on an english forum?
: From my own personal account mate. Just Wanting to see if It finds it feet, Hopefully it's enough to get people interested.
You are very committed. I wish you the best of luck for your project.
Talbadar (EUW)
: How do you contact Riot live support?
If you want live support, you need to travel and knock at their door. Important, to bring pizza, or they won't let you in. Also, when they ask, "A new delivery guy?", just say, yes.
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