: Again, Yasuo and what's wrong with him — based on Riot's definition
He gets easily countered, idk what u're talking about.Pantheon,renekton,fiora,irelia,jax etc(pretty much any top laner) and on mid lane all you have to do as a mage is safely farm,roam soemtimes if you really can't beat him but from my experience with Anivia as my main mid laner I stomp them.As a mid lane assassin all you have to do is pretty much the same, I have many games with Kha'Zix mid lane when i (again) stomped yasuos.I'm sure that you can do that with other mid alne assassins too if I can do it with a jungler. In teamfights just cc him and he's dead.
: Ryze is kinda too much
Sartania (EUNE)
: League Of Legends Voice We Dont Need Discord Or Other %%%%
No thanks,I need discord because first,I'm pretty sure it'll be way better than the garbage they are working on and second I won't be in the mood of hearing my 12 yrs old teammates raging at each other.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Can we do something about zed?
I agree he's pretty much garbage at this point.Everytime I see a teammate wanting to pick him I feel like dodging the champ select.He gets easily countered and becomes beyond useless in late game unless you split push, he definitely needs some buffs.
Damus (EUNE)
: I said multiple times above that I throwed this games partialy and kalista game was my fault, wtf you talking about? And no, the ranking system is wrong, not me. If you can't get it that means YOU are a typical LoL player which plays for long time and whenever you see some big changes or ideas of big changes you just don't want it simply because "no", Evra explained it below.
I have no problem with any big changes in Lol when they're not garbage and would make the game worse like your "idea".There are good reasons for it to NOT work and they were already mentioned to you like I said but YOU refuse to accept any argument and immediately deem it wrong when your whole post has no real thought at all in the first place. So yeah, YOU are wrong my friend not the ranked system.
Damus (EUNE)
: Don't bring games like that if you wasn't playing there. You won't read all from site, belive me. All games you brigned here was %%%ked up hard. In Azir game I died at beginning so I started to play def and ask jungler to gank (enemy mid laner was all time pushing). Jungler didn't respond so I was trying to farm and trade some damage to push enemy back, but I failed. Then enemy mid laner was fed enough to pick me out even under my tower and from now on - as n typical bronze team - jungler woke up and started bragging about "what have I done", but he didn't even answer me when I was pleasing for gang multiple times earlier, and as I said, enemy mid laner was all time in push = ez gank. In Yas game situation was simillar, that Kayle was much better than me and all time in push, maybe he was smurfing, idk. Again, asked for gank, when jungler finnaly came he died as you said and decided to "not gankin my lane anymore". Kayle was able to harass me under tower ez, cos he was in lead and his ult made him able to ez get under my tower. Kalista game was my fault, I won't decline but after first 2-3 death the FLAME WAS REAL, team was on me so I decided to not give a %%%k (and don't tell me that you never has game like this, everyone sometimes has a team, a day and a game when you can't hold you nerves and you just don't care). I was playing veigar supp multiple times, I saw veigar supp multiple times and I won multiple times. In this game ADC was super passive, super slow (idk, he has so slow reaction time or idk) and whenever I caged enemies, throwed Q and W he was moving like he wasn;t sure to get in. That's how I died at beggining and belive me, I'm sure he would NOT win a game with any other supp unless he would be carried by jungler with multiple ganks or mid laner roams. Also he couldn't communicate with us, eune drama, players can't speak eng but they speaking in their lang instead. Of course, there was some games which I partialy lost or I was the reason, cos something went bad. But as you said, 58% winrate and I'm balancing all time between b2 and b3. But belive me, the kalista game was throwed by me and I won't dodge that, but rest of them which you listed here was partialy throwed by me. I won't stay behind tower cos enemy mid laner can kill me even under tower, and then I will have 30 farm vs his 150. This would be the same throw as a trying to push enemy back while my team doesn't respond. About the LP rework. You right, I didn't say that the new system would be ez to make and manage. LP should depend as well from roles, so support should get almost the same "rate" for assist like mid laner for a kill for example. A top laner should get less "rate" for kill than mid laner and the same "rate" for an assist like for kill. Jungler should get much from assist, but not as much as supporter and the same "rate" for kill as top laner. And mid laner and ADC should get the most "rate" for a kill of course. IDK, something like that, but now on this LP system sucks. Examples which you listed about game as b1 in s1 maybe are right, but how often game like this happens? LP system should check how YOU playing in YOUR grade. So even if you losing matches, but you are doing great you shouldn't lost as much LP as your team. Isn't that logical? And remeber what I said about CS:GO. They had the same damn problem and they solved this just like that. Now your rank in CS:GO depends mostly from your score (kills, bombs defused/planted, MVPs, etc) and team score is only small prat which has an effect on your rank. And now ranks in CS are WAY more balanced than before. As I say, I have been in b5, I've been in b2 and I've been in s3 in season 6. Didn't see a difference between all these players.
The typical player that blames literally everything but himself for not doing good in a game.Also CS:GO is way different and The Febos already explained it to you but like every player that complains about the ranking system you refuse to accept the fact that you are wrong.
: Has anyone been actually punished for leaving a game?
There's leaver buster which makes them wait 20 mins before being able to join the queue for some amount of games and if you constantly leave games I believe you can also get banned
: Nerf Fiora
Honestly they should really remove her true dmg on passive and only leave the % hp dmg part but make ulti still do true dmg.I think that would be the best nerf for her and wouldn't hit her too bad since she literally has no counter when building, all you can do is pick someone that might be able to kill her like pantheon or renekton etc or sit under tower 24/7 with any other top laner waiting for your jungle to finally gank but you still won't be able to 1v1 her unless she gets way behind.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: No, you wouldn't want longer queues... stop spewing this bull
Yes I would actually prefer getting my main role all the time than get autofilled, and don't worry I have plenty of stuff to do in those 20-30 whatever mins, I won't just sit there and look at my league client like a brainless ape Lol. At the same time i understand why riot implemented it and I don't have THAT big of a problem with it.
: There's no way out of silver I guess?
Oh look another "I'm garbage but i'm just gonna sit here and blame my team for every single game I lose and refuse to try and improve my ape skills" post.
: Don't be afraid to dodge in Ranked Games.
I agree but people shouldn't dodge too much either.I've seen people dodging just because they didn't like someone picking a certain champion.
xKarasu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fake Masks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2LO4kAaT,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-08T21:22:18.346+0000) > > No one wants a support that makes the whole enemy team invincible either True. Soraka got better heals after rejuvination. But you need to hit your useless range nerfed Q to get it. Rejuvination is kind of terrible in fast paced fights. The only support that makes a whole team invinceble is Taric.
You were complaining about the unkillable tanks but I guess you forogot that your heals aren't only for a random vayne right clicking enemies and can go on tanks as well.And I was talking about the old soraka that got nerfed not the "rejuvenation" one since you said that a buffed sona would have 60% win rate.
: _coughs violently_ {{item:3123}}
That item existed before soraka got nerfed, she still got nerfed.That item might be useful against mundo swain or vlad or some othe healing champ but it doesn't change much against a champ with 1 sec heal, an 5 man point and click heal on ult and redemption+ other items.
: I dare you to prove me wrong
Remember kids, don't drink and post.
Infernape (EUW)
: >If any support does need buffs that's Sona No one wants 60% win rate Sona again lmao
No one wants a support that makes the whole enemy team invincible either
xKarasu (EUW)
: Buff Soraka
She might not be the best lane phase support but she sure is annoying in late and mid game so no, she doesn't deserve any buffs.If any support does need buffs that's Sona
: > [{quoted}](name=Fake Masks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=000800010000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T15:41:56.362+0000) > > Climbing=winning more games than losing.And it's impossible to be stuck because of your own team since the elo you're in are all players of similar skill level which means enemy will have "bad" players as well.It's your performance that's bad then. > They are NOT the same thing.And yes IT IS YOUR fault. It's my fault a Katarina starts flaming and feeding to later go afk? Next game, my adc is afk, comes flames and go afk to dc later, we try and succes to dominate the game 4v5 our jungle Yi goes eat with his mother and stays afk 3v5 we lose... Next game Talon adc goes mid thinking he is mid, but he wasn't... Is that MY fault? Sorry sir, I don't think so....
Okay whatever I'm sick of arguing with "omg my team is bad that's why i'm bronze V gg" people so I'll just let you think whatever you want.
Rstonius (EUW)
: But what the enemy team does has no relevance on what my team do. If my team are under performing every game while im performing well, meaning that the enemy is doing well, then how is that my fault again? Climbing = Winning more games than losing right? Okay, so hypothetically, if in 10 games that I play, in every game I get a person who goes afk for whatever the reason, whether it would be a plain simple DC or a RQ, then that's my fault for not being able to climb because i'm forced to play 5v4? Anyone with simple reasoning can see that if you're not the reason that you can't win games, then it's obviously not your fault that you can't climb. It's the most basic logic, yet you still hold on to that imaginary idea of "Your team is crap and theyre all feeding but it's still **YOUR** fault that you can't climb" Makes sense.
People will improve and climb while you stay here complaining and talking non sense,your choice.Couldn't care less about your climbing anyway, if you wanna create excuses for being stuck in low elo, go ahead.You're the one refusing to accept facts.
: Halp me to make my life more miserable
: Afaik Charms do cancel her ult. only fears and taunts don't.
Actually charms didn't use to cancel her ult idk if they recently changed it or it really is a bug but i'm 100% sure it didn't.
Shacownz (EUW)
: Daily reminder Ivern has a 57% winrate
Win rate doesn't always prove that a champion is OP but i have to agree, that champion is simply the easiest jungler to play , all you need to do is gank every lane while ur camps are getting ready, get everyone fed, peel the carry with your overloaded support kit and win the game with no effort.
: Why can a brand support with 2 kills and 6 deaths 1v1 a fed adc with ease?
Because he's a mage not a support and you were an adc with no hp/mr items.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Don't think this is a bug tho? I mean first or second q hit, it's still the same ability? And abilities similar to anivia r don't proc banshees. I think gp ult doesn't do so either. As far as i'm aware of that's intended.
Second Anivia proc stuns sivir's E noc's W and worked on the old banshee as well, %%%%% please
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Then I went into more detail about what an assassin is and u still continue to act like a smartass
"A mobile target that has a combo designed to 100-0 an enemy carry then."
: My logic? It was you who said that champion that can one-shot an enemy is an assassin.
Then I went into more detail about what an assassin is and u still continue to act like a smartass
: More like AP burst assassin bruiser tank support ad carry.
Okay think whatever you want, couldn't care less.Teemo is also clearly a tank since you can build sunfire randuin on him with your logic
Rstonius (EUW)
: Whats the difference between climbing and winning? If you can't win because of your team, then you obviously can't climb because of your team. Winning games is the only way to climb, yet when your team denies you that win then how are you supposed to climb? People are saying theres a difference to "Its your fault you cant win" "Its your fault you cant climb". Which makes 0 sense since theyre both the same thing, if my team is losing me every game then how am i supposed to climb?
Climbing=winning more games than losing.And it's impossible to be stuck because of your own team since the elo you're in are all players of similar skill level which means enemy will have "bad" players as well.It's your performance that's bad then. They are NOT the same thing.And yes IT IS YOUR fault.
: Let's just leave it at both of us guessing who the ignorant one is.
I don't even know why I care about you understanding the rank system, do whatever you want Lol.Stay here and keep complaining
: Does the plat player solo carry gold games? No. He may still solocarry bronze or silver, but nearing his own elo (which is still higher than gold) he starts to need team to win. So your argument is invalid, because if your own elo is a bit higher than the rank youre on, you can't carry enough to climb. You need to have good players on your team. This is problem is easily avoided if you play with a friend. IMHO soloque should only be soloque. 2 good players playing together have so huge impact in the game.
I'm sick of trying to explain how climbing actually is and it's really pointless I guess, look at my other replies on this post and maybe u'll understand if you're one of those "I'm stuck here because of my teammates"
: You don't understand When I have 180CS@20 and am 5/0/2 while my team is a collective 2/64/0 it is NOT my fault for not carrying. And if that happens nearly every game it is also not my fault for not climbing.
Once again, I'm not saying it's your fault for losing SOME games but it is for not climbing since the players you get can be in the enemy team as well, I don't know why it's so hard to understand really, starting to think you're just ignorant.
: You can one-shot with AP Hecarim. Is he an assassin? Is Tryndamere an assassin? You can one-shot with Annie in one rotation. Is she an assassin? You can one-shot with full AP Blitzcrank in one rotation. Does that mean that Blitz is also an assassin?
A mobile target that has a combo designed to 100-0 an enemy carry then.
TrollSup (EUW)
: *probably, how do you know? i played 500 ranked games on that account this season. no i didnt flamed in most games infact ive been honored in more games and people add me because im more of a sportsman than u will ever be. U say its deserved because u are butthurt. Im happy that u will suffer more then i do so we are cool.
i know because you got perma banned and you don't get that from 2 games.I have no reason to be butthurt and how the %%%% will I suffer more?The toxic part of the community is so funny sometimes.Guess people won't add you anymore for your sportsmanlike attitude that's so much better than my attitude and can be clearly seen from your perma banned account and ignorance :)
TrollSup (EUW)
: i got tyler1ed, now look at the chatlogs and look at game2 and tell me what do you think
You deserve it without question lmao.And no i'm not talking only about those games, you probably flamed most of ur games and I'm happy you get to pay for it :^)
: You are wrong. > [{quoted}](name=Fake Masks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-05-02T16:23:47.319+0000) > > take smurfs as an example, higher players solo carry most of their games and climb easily That's simply because they are playing way below their own skill level.
Oh "I am wrong" then bring some arguments or your comment is as useless as a bronze V saying that he's stuck there because of it's teams.That's the point, you climb because you are above the average skill in that elo Lmao
: Firstly. This is the reason I intentionally avoided comparison in post. Every champion has its kit and discussing them is pointless. Everyone player his own experience and understanding of game mechanics. Secondly. They are actually better. Any of those tools let them survive after assassination. As an example let's compare Kassadin's ult as it's closest one in terms of gameplay: Nida/Kass 3s cooldown/6s-2s cooldown (this is the only part that is debatable but Kassadin's will be better at late game - moment where Nida really can use reset) dash/blink (blink is obviously better) 350 range/500 range (500 obviously better) > nocturne IS an assassin as well as Diana They are not. Their pattern is fighter (diver in recent classification) not assassin. They have means to go in (ults for both) and sustain themselves (Nocturne passive, Diana W) and do a lot of damage but no tools to get out. And don't tell me Diana is an assassin. I have around 200 games on her. How long you been playing league to not notice the difference between assassins and fighters?!
Someone that uses a whole combo that can one shot=assassin.They both do it.And no Nidalee doesn't deserve any escape at all.
: It is your fault for not climbing if you underperform. I dare you to show me MORE than 2 ranked games in my matchhistory that made me the reason we lost. I lost 2 because I underperformed. The rest because they weren't carryable for me.
You don't understand, you need an at least 50% win rate to gain more lp than lose, not climbing is simply being stuck in one division and it's your fault for being stuck, accept it or not it's a FACT.Those "bad teams" that you get are just players at YOUR elo and CAN be in the enemy team as much as in yours which means that you do something wrong if you can't climb. Whatever tilted players are just gonna try to argue with me instead of trying to understand how the climbing actually works and will always blame their teams instead of trying to improve which is sad.
Rstonius (EUW)
: And yet every smurf themselves say the hardest elo to get out of is Plat. Even IWD struggled through Plat.
Struggle isn't equal to not climbing.
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
It IS YOUR fault for not climbing.It might be your team's fault for losing some games but if you don't have an at least 50% win rate in that division you clearly don't deserve more, take smurfs as an example, higher players solo carry most of their games and climb easily
: > [{quoted}](name=Fake Masks,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LWYgEjWa,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-05-01T20:25:06.073+0000) > > Literally every big company does it but you're one of the silly ones that get fooled by their acting Lmao.You seem like one of those guys that watch a commercial and believe 100% of it No i dont dont pretend to no me. I work in retail and and I have work in other business so I no how it works
You don't know shit really,not gonna argue with you anymore, clearly wasted time
: I don't compare her to Katarina and Kha'Zix. I'm saying she doesn't have an assassin-like immediate escape tool. Kass has blink. Rengar W. Eve haste. Yi damage reduction. Etc. Nida has tools only to go in.
Those you listed right now aren't any better than nida's W reduction and nocturne IS an assassin as well as Diana.
: I know that. :)) The problem is different - she can easily be bursted in 3 seconds. It's not that noticeable in SR games because most of the game you don't go in into 5 men squad. But while I was playing LotPK it became really obvious because you are constantly teamfighting and situations when you need immediate reset happen more frequent. Immediate reset on champion kill is common assassin escape tool: Kha'Zix, Katarina and since Pounce isn't a damage dealing ability (comparatively) it won't break Nidalee.
Yeah well compared to Kha'Zix and Katarina she can spam spears from a really long range+ There are a lot of assassins with no resets like kassadin rengar nocturne evelynn
: > [{quoted}](name=Fake Masks,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LWYgEjWa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-01T19:10:41.038+0000) > > Because we ARE only money bags for them, they'd be dumb to care about our little fragile feelings. > And the support staff is nice and DOES help.Just because you don't agree with their thinking that doesn't mean they're not doing their job which is helping whiny babies like you. and can you think of any other company act they way they do. There isnt one because normal people no you cant treat people the way that Riot do. No they dont help, I have had 0 help all there good for is saying how there expernce is. That is not help that is just saying things
Literally every big company does it but you're one of the silly ones that get fooled by their acting Lmao.You seem like one of those guys that watch a commercial and believe 100% of it
: Riots support staff!
Because we ARE only money bags for them, they'd be dumb to care about our little fragile feelings. And the support staff is nice and DOES help.Just because you don't agree with their thinking that doesn't mean they're not doing their job which is helping whiny babies like you.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Name the champion who you think has the highest difficulty to utilize to its full extent.
{{champion:136}} or {{champion:163}} in my opinion.Maybe Riven as well.
: I would say Ryze is the perfect example here, for obvious reasons: - one of the most nerfed/reworked champion, is now pretty much gutted - huge impact in Pro-Play, performs poorly if not mastered (far below average winrate in Low/Medium Elo) - he needs to hit a ton of skillshots (basically his Q) to utilize his possible Damage-Output - he needs an exceedingly good skill/cooldown-management to make the best use of his movement buff, shield and teleport
Biuvoc (EUW)
: OMG VAYNE W 2000 DMG...Legit
This post is the definition of stupidity
: New client is disgusting
Yeah the new client sure is annoying compared to the old one, however I don't know wtf are you talking about with the mastery example.
: Kata has way to much damage
Kata is easily countered, it's the Yasuo story all over again, just pick CC and she's beyond useless
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: What champion would you rework?
{{champion:238}} I feel like he's just beyond useless compared to every other assassin lul
: Ignore comments about your ranks. Like 5 months ago we had school LoL tournament. We won it but last game was pretty spicy. I'm midlaner as you might guess from my name. Enemy that I was facing as {{champion:103}} was... {{champion:4}}. I'm gold V, he was Diamond II. After 10 minutes that {{champion:4}} was 0/4 and couldn't even roam cause I've been constantly pushing him+ i had both sides of river warded so I simply said "no" to ganks. Just ignore comments about your rank cause it doesn't matter how high/low it is.
It does matter how high you are but there's always the possibility of someone being boosted or just having a bad game.When I see gold/plat players checking the divisions before a game and then bragging 24/7 in chat of how good they are because they won a game against a diamond makes me wonder if they even have a brain in the first place.
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