: Tbf he got pretty old.
dude tgh u should write no more
: RIP Stan Lee
boi not now
Radkus (EUW)
: [Information] World Championship Event 2018: All you need to know is here!
Question im gold on flex soo will the bordee show on solo q too and what about that season 9 it says that the border will show in more than one place
Joyzzy (EUNE)
: No man, you don't understand. This was my only account and i've been through a lot. I cant just make a new one. Think about it, if you get permanently muted then you cant flame anyone. we'll be all happy!
I understand u but i got two of them,and stll i flame a bit,go ask riot support
: So did you have Teemo mid with TP, when you played Zed?
Nah that game i got mid barley that game was my faulth for lossing
Joyzzy (EUNE)
: Permanent bans for toxic behavior?!? read if you disagree
Nah i got perma banned on two accounts and im happy they did that becouse i dont flame that much now i mean i know the limit and i know what is flame and what isnt so a perma mute aint gonna cut it,if u flame that is usually u died and the teammate didnt help so u roasted him, orr in some cases ur teammate runned it down mid so u flamed him then.My point is dont flame him just report him and let riot do the rest if they DO Anything bcs a robot os banning not a rioter.
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: > till I could 1 v 1 my gold/plat friends on certain champs I liked 1v1 is currently irrelevant in LOL, there are too many things to factor in, Imagine getting a lead vs the enemy and permanently being under his tower w/o the knowledge when to ward or good map awareness... You're breakfast for the enemy jungler. Are you familiar with the concept of roaming ? If your botlane is 0/7, as a mid/toplaner you're supposed to go and help, not kill the enemy laner and chat-spam flame your bot. There's a 8/0 kayn in the enemy team? Ward his red, collapse him with your toplaner (if you're the mid), easy. You don't know how to roam ? Play jungle. Learn champs that put your team ahead. Destroy the enemy team within 5 minutes with an early assasin or get a CC-bot tank for lategame teamfights. It's all in your hands, games are usually over in 10mins because the enemy jungler/mid kills bot a couple of times, and your team stands and watches it. If you're top and you see bot getting ganked, you instantly press that TP (and yes, you don't TP on top to get farm, you time your backs so that you don't lose CS when you're backing). If you're mid, you play roam champs like TF/talon/taliyah/aurelion/kassadin and after every wave that you pushed out vs your laner on mid, you go bot and doublekill the enemy team, or waste their summs, so the jungler can kill them later. 1-2X 4man bots, take tower, take drake, rotate top + take the tower, take herald, go mid + take tower...GJ , you just opened up the map in 13minutes and pretty much won the game.
Ok i understand what you are trying to say but the teams hardly coaporate,when i aay tp bot the ignore they only want kills and nothing else everyone whants to carry and no one whant to help the team,you said ward theyre red thats a good play but the 8/0 assassin kayn could eat ur ass,heres an idea u can win with two losing lanes let the jungler camp u so u sraw attettion of that kayn and u can easaly kill the kayn and the laner,what im trying to say is dont help the loosing lanes ul get the enemy jng attenttion that the bot lane is worth gold now,just let ur jng camp u if u see the kayn potentualy coming for you.
: So you weren't playing that acc during the rek'sai games?
Not quite,me and my friend have computers next to eachother and we switched for two games i played zoe and zed on those two games,and u are right aboite the cs im trying to fix that but the players in silver its like this "one man can't win you the game but one man can lose you the game"
: There's a simple thing that you can do in order to climb. Accept that you're bad. Your average diamond smurf, gets a win-rate of 80% and up while playing in silver. Why is that, you ask ? Simple, they don't do the mistakes that define the majority of players in silver. How will accepting that you're bad help, you ask ? Simple again : - A player that is delusional about his rank, thinks he is flawless. This prevents him from seeing his obvious mistakes hence leaving no room for improvement. You, my friend, have purchased 0 (that's right, ZERO / NUL) Control Wards in the last 6 ranked games, according to OP.GG You are playing dark harvest rek'sai (holy shit) You are getting a constant 2-3 CS/min as a jungler (holy f#$k) A gold player at least understands what build and rune set-up he should take, you don't. I suggest you, instead of making posts like this, watch a couple of tutorials on climbing, and differences between ranks, if you truly want to achieve your desired rank, because what you're doing now...is just not working. Peace out.
The reksai dark harvis was an acident and the cs is bcs im not a jungler at all i dont like that role my friend and i switched computers bcs were next to each other thats why theres only 3-4 games with jng i was the mid laner on those games and the nick was milanpro2003 thats my friends acc that i played on then hes on eune go lool there on 28/04/18 those 2-3 games were me playing Add me on lol friend if u whant more inf
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