Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
10 bucks says I'm gonna forget half my usernames now. :^) I have 5+ accounts. I never used numbers in my account names, except for a specific few. Now I got forced to add random numbers to most of them. It's incredibly annoying. I heard about people that managed to 'lose' their account in the current process? It was as if their account was transferred to another region and they lost all data once they logged in on the new server. I'm a tad terrified about running into that 'glitch', or whatever you want to call it... Besides that, if they want to make yadayada UNIQUE throughout all servers, why not just let people have one account ID that they can associate multiple League of Legends accounts with? That way we wouldn't have to remember a dozen log-ins, they'd have more names freed, and it'd be less of a hassle overall. In the same way that we're able to create multiple characters on one server in MMORPG's with just one log-in, it should be possible to do so with a Riot account too. Obviously none of the 'accounts' on the specified log-in should affect each other (unless they want an easier ban / perma ban system, in which case it'd benefit people who know they won't get banned to keep all accounts on one ID, vs people that get banned frequently = would lose all their accounts in one go if they only have 1). Not sure if I explained myself well enough.
Shamose (EUW)
: The LCL just had it's first ALL FEMALE Team play.
Mercy, I saw enough of this for today. Game was a joke and should never have happened, I'd be embarrassed for life if I was one of those players, it just served to reinforce the stereotype that's already there
: yeah, i think her face is way too long and thin, her splash art is a lot better
Depends on what you like, I always thought she had a... "snout" expression on the splashart with too heavy make-up for a warrior, same with Lunar Eclipse Leona. Not a fan of it, at least she looks more oriental in the video
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 7 days until Christmas! What is your wish? ^^
Bring IP, old masteries and runes back.
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
I can definitely relate to this. I know I'm pretty burnt out as well, so it might just have to do with that, but seeing the same champions over and over and knowing you're going to lose if you try to do something different for once before the game even starts -- is not my idea of 'fun'. As if the game wasn't repetitive and predictable enough already in ranked games in terms of what you see and experience, it's the same in a fast paced "fun game mode". Even though they tried to add that gist of randomness with the mini events it's always the same bloody thing that happens, at this point I just wish they brought the original URF back; at least there was a bigger map to play on. Maybe a bigger map could improve Nexus Blitz as well? I don't know. I never liked Ascension mode for the same reason that I do not like this one, some champions become incredibly obnoxious to deal with on a small map with a lot of brushes. Give me a 'Find Teemo' kind of game mode and I'll rejoice. I had so much fun with Dominion even (Crystal Scar), it got my adrenaline pumping because it was a race against time, it had the interactive summoner "Garrison" that had multiple uses and where timing was important. I felt like I was playing an actual strategy game, or one where I had to use my brain. It didn't have to be about KDA, or about who could kill the most. Of course that still counts as a bonus, but the game mode revolved around those points that you had to hold. Oh no! One's not taken anymore, gotta make sure we don't lose the ones we have and rush to the other one to fight it so the timer once again will go down! You could interrupt sieging, you could delay it, you could fight the minions and shove them towards the point you wanted or straight up have back-up to assist you in retrieving a point that had been lost. It was fun to me, it really was. I really don't know. I want something to play that isn't team deathmatch by default, I want something that shows that champions can be fun for multiple reasons, make the game revolve around multiple things, not just a nexus, don't make it a contest of "what champions succeed better at being competitive in this gamemode; because frankly, don't we already know that from having played ranked games? Need a new game where the "unusual" things that champions can be good at can be shown. Let fantasy run free here. I got a lot of things in mind. For one, a map that's not exclusively catering to roflstompers, but making champions have certain terrain bonuses depending on where they are on the map. And with that, open up for more gameplay as well. Perhaps have multiple goals within the game, keep the random mini games for all I care, but improve the design of the map so that more champions can flourish, and so that it won't be 10-15 min stompfests. It's sad and boring.
: Just stop buying RP untill they stop this whole "exclusive chroma, prestige chroma, limited bundle" bullshit. Next thing you know they'll be adding season passes.
You're giving them ideas. Inb4 someone looks over this and goes "Hey... that's not a half bad idea" :^)
Yes, but she is mostly played in the jungle. Graves is an ADC too though, even though he's better in the jungle.
Smerk (EUW)
: It actually makes sense when someone who did nothing in the match says easy. It was easy for him, he did nothing and still won. 0 effort for great result
I didn't think of that perspective. Lol'd. I'll take it. :D
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Ky.s is danish, ky.s.s is norwegian. I'm danish tho. :O
: K Y S in every club tag ever... please stop this trend
I don't care too much about any of those, although 'ez' can be a little triggering when the other player is a complete mofo and didn't do jack to win him / herself. : p '%%%' means 'kiss' in my language, can't think of it as an abbreviation for anything else due to that. Besides, why should I care that someone said that to me? They probably have more problems than I'll ever have. No point in taking offense if you ask me. It's not about growing balls, more so about not taking things *that* personally, these people don't know you after all. I know people get banned for it, but that's still my opinion. I never said any of those things myself and don't feel the need to either. Gonna go with the mute option.
: Who is stronger in low elo; Morgana or Sona?
I would say Sona if you go ignite and AP. People are often bad at trading in lower elo, Morgana has her Q but not the damage to actually kill someone on her own for the most part; Sona on the other hand can get the damage to actually do so due to her rather spamable Q + powerchord, she offers more if played properly (w cord for dmg reduction (hence why I wouldn't bother with exhaust, Q powercord isn't always the best one, E powercord if you want to set up a gank and you don't have R yet). If you wanna count on your jungler / laner you can go with Morgana, her spellshield can get people out of otherwise sticky situations and her Q is perfect to set up kills for others. I'd go Sona over Morgana in low elo and Morgana once people don't flash away while they're spellshielded / when they trade properly. :^)
: Best thing you can do is mute him, mute his pings and so on. Play your own game, focus on yourself and look for ways to turn game around
I do, no worries :^) Was just saying that it's usually the other way around in my games.
: okay i had a toxic game before my ban where i told someone about the relics in aram they called me an idiot i proved them wrong so they got on the defensive side and called me a racist, i took that with salt and called her a w.h.o.r.e and that isnt a racial slur, homophobic comment or a death threat, its not bannable, you can say anything you wish about my comment, but that isnt bannable and riot knows it because when i sent a ticket they told me that they sent the wrong logs to my client so riot themselves know that i shouldn't be banned even though it was a bad word i cant be if i was not toxic 24/7 on only game 1, there has to be a game 1 and 2 but i only have a game 1. the only time you only need game 1 is if i was toxic whole game but i wasnt, only 1 line, and i never say a racial slur, homophobic comment or death threat i deleted the game so i can't go onto client but i will post the live chat logs, where i spoke with a rioter in real time at the end so i get an email saying that its wrong logs that they gave me, which means i shouldn't get banned for it, there is another game so i went onto the live chat and the game after that is why im getting banned, they wouldn't need to bring up the second game if the first game was enough to ban be which proves it wasnt bannable, so now game 2 i wasnt toxic i played an aram game and my kindred called me the N word she told my pyke to k*s end of game lobby i told the enemy sion to report kindred, he asked why so i told him why but by telling him what she said i had the N word and k*s in my chat logs so the robot that looks through logs banned be because it thought that i was telling someone that since its programmed to look for those words i spoke to live support, the dude understood my situation, he sent a new ticket but the ticket people disregarded the whole reason im banned and they said that they investigated and that the ban wont be taken off because i was toxic in another game, but heres the thing i know for a fact that that the w.h.o.r.e game was the only game i was toxic in since i was 2 weeks unbanned because i was watching what i said so that means thet banning me of that first game but their previous response proves that it shouldn't be banned, even the tone of live support shows that i asked for the logs that they banning me with but they never give it to me this is the live support logs because i dont have client logs, the first set of logs is what i have on client, second set i got from this live support, both lohs show that i might be toxic in first game but it wasnt bannable toxic, never got the logs that they banned me with so im just frustrated its like going to jail without knowing what you're being charged for yea its toxic at start because i was called a racist and the enemy believed her which is why i swear her, so they said they will afk so i told them to go afk so they stop typing to me, actually the first 2 lines of game 1 was also swaering but more of a friendly type of swearing since i failed me dive and they lived with like 50 hp so i said, "u fking kidding me" but when my teammate cleaned up the kill i said "there we go" that game one looks bad but it is not bannale because if it was then the email would say it was wrong logs, so im only under investigation for that game 2 which was a false ban but they dont care they looking at another game instead Chat started: 2018-11-08 06:11 PM UTC (06:11:06 PM) RedEyeTiger01: someone spoke to me about my ticket i and i see live chat on so i thought this would be more convenient (06:11:36 PM) RedEyeTiger01: is my account perma or 2 week banned because im confused with my reacent response (06:12:38 PM) Blitzcrank: My systems have alerted me that you have been waiting for a human for longer than a minute. Humans are not as perfect as I am, I will try to Rocket Grab a human for you as soon as possible. (06:14:52 PM) *** Mighty Ted joined the chat *** (06:15:00 PM) Mighty Ted: hey there, mate (06:15:08 PM) Mighty Ted: please give me a few moments while I look over this (06:15:13 PM) RedEyeTiger01: np (06:16:04 PM) RedEyeTiger01: they said they messed up with logs so my client is shwoing the wrong logs with a perma ban but last reponse from support said its a 2 week ban so im confused (06:17:40 PM) Mighty Ted: just a minute please (06:17:56 PM) RedEyeTiger01: take your time (06:18:14 PM) RedEyeTiger01: my account is banned so its not like i have anything to do xD (06:22:35 PM) Mighty Ted: so (06:22:41 PM) Mighty Ted: I see that you had 2 previous chat restrictions (06:22:46 PM) Mighty Ted: and also a 2 week suspension (06:23:03 PM) RedEyeTiger01: ... (06:23:11 PM) RedEyeTiger01: still dont know whats happening (06:23:19 PM) Mighty Ted: well it's a permaban for toxicity (06:23:37 PM) RedEyeTiger01: do u have the logs to the match i got banned? (06:23:55 PM) RedEyeTiger01: can i see it because i havent seent this logs before since they never give me the new games logs (06:23:58 PM) Mighty Ted: just a sec please (06:27:08 PM) Mighty Ted: first chat log, that triggered the permaban is this one: (06:28:00 PM) Mighty Ted: [2:45] [All] Ekko: u %%%ing kidding me [2:59] [All] Ekko: there we go [7:04] Ekko: i let u take the first one [7:26] Ekko: u do know that u also get hp when u activate it [7:37] Ekko: so the person who activates it gets more hp than others [7:49] Ekko: learn how the map worls my man [7:54] Ekko: np [8:01] Ekko: coz u dumb [8:11] Ekko: bye bye [9:06] Ekko: go afk %%%%% and stop complaining [9:13] Ekko: less typing when the person is dc so leave plz [10:21] Ekko: when was a i racist? [10:32] [All] Ekko: i never say anything about race [10:38] [All] Ekko: isk what she is reading [10:48] [All] Ekko: i flamed her but i never %%%ing say anything but race, this whore is blind [12:28] Ekko: %%%%% im only writing coz u lying i stopped talking but everytime u open ur mouth u make me talk again [12:33] Ekko: stfu and play u dumb %%% [20:15] Ekko: look annie [20:20] Ekko: i get h [20:28] Ekko: hp [21:29] Ekko: we were fighint over the relics, i showed u im right so u jump to my deaths [21:29] Ekko: wtf (06:28:50 PM) RedEyeTiger01: yea thats the perma banned one but i got a response back from ember knite saying "Ember Knight here! Firstly, I want to apologize for the misunderstanding - it appears that the system sent you the wrong the chat logs and after looking at them, I believe there might be a chance for us to recover the account" (06:29:01 PM) RedEyeTiger01: so why is that the one thats banning me (06:29:13 PM) Mighty Ted: I also see something else (06:30:12 PM) RedEyeTiger01: there was a game i played after that ekko game where i said %%% but i never say it to anyone i was telling the enemy siuon is post game to report kindred, he asked why and i said "she said %%%" (06:30:16 PM) RedEyeTiger01: im sure its that one (06:30:40 PM) Mighty Ted: that's what i saw, yes (06:30:45 PM) RedEyeTiger01: u see (06:30:47 PM) Mighty Ted: and was wanting to ask you what happened there (06:31:02 PM) RedEyeTiger01: the kindred told my pyke %%% in game (06:31:19 PM) RedEyeTiger01: game ended and everyone left besides enemy sion so i said sion report kindred (06:31:22 PM) RedEyeTiger01: he said why (06:31:27 PM) RedEyeTiger01: i said she called me a %%%%%% (06:31:32 PM) RedEyeTiger01: and she told pyke to %%% (06:31:50 PM) Mighty Ted: I see (06:31:55 PM) RedEyeTiger01: i never tell that to anyone, the bot that looks at the instant feedback might off banned me for see those words (06:31:59 PM) Mighty Ted: well this is much more sensitive and complicated than I expected (06:32:03 PM) Mighty Ted: I will need to make this into a ticket (06:32:10 PM) Mighty Ted: and send it to our special department (06:32:19 PM) RedEyeTiger01: how long though? (06:32:40 PM) Mighty Ted: can't tell you (06:32:43 PM) Mighty Ted: depends on my colleagues (06:32:51 PM) Mighty Ted: we do have a larger intake of tickets than usual (06:32:52 PM) Mighty Ted: :( (06:34:03 PM) RedEyeTiger01: if its going to other people it might be difficult on my side since there are people that have a heart and see that somethings are not always the players fault like you and ember knight but there are other support people that dont give a shit like the vibe i got looking at the reposnse from paintrainer (06:34:16 PM) RedEyeTiger01: i might lose this case even though i never do anything wrong (06:35:12 PM) Mighty Ted: sadly, I cannot solve it here (06:35:13 PM) Mighty Ted: sorry (06:35:16 PM) RedEyeTiger01: the dude is digging up old history even though my receant games that put me in the radar is clean (06:35:18 PM) Mighty Ted: it will take a time to investigate (06:35:28 PM) RedEyeTiger01: but its okay nothing you can do thanks for your time (06:35:38 PM) RedEyeTiger01: you can create the new ticket ill just have to wait (06:35:41 PM) RedEyeTiger01: thanks (06:36:15 PM) Mighty Ted: yes, please (06:36:18 PM) Mighty Ted: sorry for this (06:36:20 PM) RedEyeTiger01: it was an actual plessure to talk to you thanks man (06:36:30 PM) RedEyeTiger01: ill take my leave now but thanks again (06:36:34 PM) Mighty Ted: thanks man (06:36:39 PM) Mighty Ted: really appreciate it! :) (06:36:42 PM) Mighty Ted: anytime (06:36:45 PM) RedEyeTiger01: bye (06:37:03 PM) Mighty Ted: bye now here is the email i got about wrong logs Ember Knight (Riot Games Player Support) Nov 8, 5:37 AM PST Hey there! Ember Knight here! Firstly, I want to apologize for the misunderstanding - it appears that the system sent you the wrong the chat logs and after looking at them, I believe there might be a chance for us to recover the account. We have a Player Behavior team in place dedicated to looking into cases like this, so I need to transfer your ticket. We cannot guarantee that the suspension will be lifted, but a member of our team will be investigating your case and contacting you as soon as they can. Please keep in mind that we respond to tickets in the order we receive them, so ‘bumping’ your ticket by sending us additional messages will send it to the back of our queue. This might inadvertently delay our response. :( Thank you for your patience! Best regards, Ember Knight - Player Support Specialist
Even if you consider 'whore' the same insult as 'moron / idiot', I dare say it's not. :O Consider the meanings behind those words. Maybe you think it's far-fetched, but would you walk around calling your mom that, even if you were angry? If you wouldn't (and I'm assuming that's the case), then why not bring the manners you were taught into conversation when you interact with other people?
: People should trust their teammates more
It's usually the players that feed / %%%% up that flame the ones that aren't doing so -- that's the funny part. They blame others for them dying when they make really questionable decisions, because they think it'd have worked in their favor. I rarely see someone flame a player for doing badly in my games; but I often see someone retaliating when a player (the bad one) decides to try to blame others for their deaths. There's 0 reason to trust a player that spam pings for assistance and then goes to int another kill because "jungler didn't come, no help, enemy is a lucker" etc. It only shows poor judgment, lack of patience and a big ego.
Lagenias (EUW)
: tell me what i did wrong in this game that i get 25 games chat restriction
If you didn't edit the log then that's... really odd to say the least. :S Is that really the only one that was attached? I don't know, would write support if I was you, seems unreasonable to get a chat restriction for this imo. On a side note, the 'flaming 24/7 so I can't concentrate' is a lame excuse to use for anything in general, try to avoid that. Mute if someone won't shut up, don't go for the victim mentality.
: Im lvl 21 played had jud a game vs platinium 93% winrate lb and got banned for intentional feeding..
I do think that you inted the first part of the game, but then changed plan after that. For a moment I thought it seemed legit because of the damage dealt to turrets but... _3 min Winning Team Tower Killed ImmortaI Emperor_ Why would you get executed by the enemy turret 3 mins in, when you died just a minute earlier (minute 2)? _4 min Seoul Way Killed ImmortaI Emperor 4 min Seoul Way Killed ImmortaI Emperor 5 min Seoul Way KilledImmortaI Emperor 6 min Seoul Way Killed ImmortaI Emperor 7 min Seou lWay Killed ImmortaI Emperor 8 min Seoul Way Killed ImmortaI Emperor 9 min Seoul Way Killed ImmortaI Emperor _ You get the hang of it. It is inting when you keep walking to the middle of the lane just to die. You fed her a ton of mejai stacks for no reason doing that; it's just not possible to die once every minute unless you DO run it down mid, which the execution would indicate that you did. You probably told her to buy mejai's and said you'd run it down, don't see any other reason someone would rush that item 4 minutes in, she didn't even get the kill on you on the 3rd minute. You were in between 1st and 2nd tier turret on their side when you died on the 4th and 8th minute mark -- why would you be there when the turret wasn't down?
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, I noticed that you still managed to farm, but that's the only thing that talks in your favor if you look at stats. It's hard to say for sure without replay. And well, in either case you should contact support and talk with them about his ban, we can't really help you there
Not just the farm, also the damage dealt to turrets. He dealt 15k. I'd love to see the replay as well because I wonder why he went mid to die 10+ times to begin with, but beyond that, 19 deaths doesn't seem excessive to me when you manage to get that much dmg off on turrets at the same time. It's no different than people doing the Sion thing.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: When Egyptians play Bard
I need answers. Explain. D:
: 3v5 ranked games are the worst
At that point I'll hate the people that keep me in a game like that more than the people that left. :^) Just go on autopilot, put some good music on and talk away with a friend until it's over.
: > It's being egoistic, it tells more about you than the state of the game. No because it's soloq and that's the nature if this q ,to win?If you want to have fun you play normals/arams etc. You play with randoms and you most likely never gonna find them again unless your playing above low diamond? All you gain to begin which if you reconnect is toxicity over you which imo is acceptable (i understand players getting tilted for that but yet not justified if they over do it). If they deserve to lose or not it depends what riot wants.Come back after 3 mins get flamed because of my dc and even if i win the game (because of my impact) to gain nothing ..thats waste of time there is absolutely no reason to return unless you playing with a premade (so you care about his/her win ) because all you gonna get is blaming/flaming and a loss. > Although, they could let the members that were left vote for whether the "AFK" member should get the LP or not. There's a big difference between leaving 3 minutes when baron is up and leaving 3 minutes when nothing is happening on the map. > In both cases the team should decide not a bot . If i have a dc in my team and comes back after 5 mins i must decide (and the other 3 players in my team) if he/she deserves to get leavebuster . As you pointed before "do they deserve to lose?" right now riot tells to players that they do or that they must win 4vs5 because they don't promote players to reconnect. In a normal game i don't mind if someone goes afk for 5 mins even if baron is up ,i play more freely in rank games i would say it depends. ____________ What it better to have a system which will take into account your opinion and punish someone and promote players to reconnect or the one which we have right now? I mean there is an option to report someone for going afk and it's just cosmetic .
What does it matter that it's soloqueue? Those are real people that have better things to do than waste 20-50 minutes of their life because another individual deemed that since their time was lost, he'd punish the leftover 4. __"I don't get any rewards even though I caused the problem in the first place, now you don't get it either!"__ If you leave the game for any reason, you put your team at a disadvantage, you're essentially wasting the time of 4 individuals, because the winning chances are that slim in a 4v5. Whether you care about that or not (you'd only come back for a premade apparently) says something about YOU as a player, not anything about the system punishing people that cause such scenarions to happen. You are not going to be rewarded when you put your team in a bad spot -- that should be logical. They have a good reason to be angry or frustrated, just apologize and move on, shit happens sometimes. To me it just sounds like you're more concerned with there not being any LP to win, that's what's annoying. You can't expect people to rejoice, that's unfair. People are far too used to getting rewarded for everything they do; sometimes you just have to perform because your actions influence other people. Take some responsibility instead of being all "but what about me?" -- if someone becomes straight up verbally abusive, report them. It's impossible to avoid someone DCing once in a while, that doens't mean that someone is allowed to go apeshit on you either. But ya, let the players on the team vote, problem solved. It's either a 100% loss of LP or a 50% chance that you didn't piss your team off with your absence / proved that you indeed did do something to deserve it. Maybe the players you run into are having a good day even, who knows. Always reconnect if you're able to though, I assure you that some people will appreciate it. I always hope for reconnects.
: The problem is that even if go afk for 3 mins you get leavebuster too. And not that's not fair because it makes coming back pointless which IS BAD for the game.In case i have to reset my router ..i must dc for 3 minutes that's enough to give me leavebuster .Game might be winnable but ...i ain't come back if i know that regardless how much i will try the game will be counted as a loss for me. Leavebuster system atm is terrible because in these cases IT MUST take into account if you teammates are ok with the fact you went afk or not . If they don't report you why should you get leavebuster punishment? It simply tells you if you dc > don't reconnect game is over for you.What's not how it should work .
It's only pointless if you got issues with feeling entitled to rewards rather than trying to make up to the people that you left behind in the first place. Do they deserve to lose? It's being egoistic, it tells more about you than the state of the game. Although, they could let the members that were left vote for whether the "AFK" member should get the LP or not. There's a big difference between leaving 3 minutes when baron is up and leaving 3 minutes when nothing is happening on the map.
Garison (EUNE)
: So what, we are watching every day people geting lp who dont deserve it at all, both in my and enemy team, who troll and intentionally troll till they see that they can actualy winn, and now you are placing all the blame on a guy who got dc-ed randomly ?
Randomly dies 3 times, once every 2 minutes, then DC's and claims to have contributed. His team wasn't super far ahead despite how many kills they had. No, I don't think someone that goes AFK for almost half the game deserves the LP. And why, no, they don't deserve the LP either, but Riot needs a better detection system for people like that. That doesn't mean that this guy gets it.
: Went 3-0 in lane, got my bot tower as first, swapped and got top tower and herald before i DC'd, then came back and played two great teamfights, but I barely contributed to the game.
You were afk for 12 minutes total -- considering that you died 3 times within 6 minutes before dcing, do you see why I find it weird? If that's what you call contribution, then okay.
: Winning ranked games might make you lose LP
Pretty sure your team carried your ass there. Would you think that it's fair and well deserved for someone that's gone for 10 minutes to harvest the reward of your effort? I'm sorry, but I'd take the lost LP and apologize to my team. You might lose this LP, but on the other hand, you could have caused 4 other players to lose their LP as well. 10 minutes is a long time -- most games would be over by then when it's 4v5 with no ADC. Just be happy that they managed without you, I really don't understand how you feel entitled to earn the LP when you barely contributed to the game.
: The people on the boards that keep saying how good the system is and how every permaban is deserved are the ones that are either hardstuck silvers/golds or unranked casuals . These people don't know the how much value these accounts hold for the more dedicated part of the community (the ones that are trying to grind every single day and played for years). These people don't think that getting angry is natural. They think when someone is intentionally loosing your game you will sit still and wait patiently without saying a word. This is how they think everyone should act... They will say ''Well, its just one game... Why would you insult him when you can just ignore him ?'' or something as dumb as that. And what they don't understand is that you are playing ranked in order to grind elo, you are trying your best to win this game and climb higher to reach your goal (Nobody gives a %%%% about winning in normals/aram). Its %%%%ing natural to get pissed off by this guy who is loosing your time and elo. Its even worse since you can't do anything about it. Its funny how people are trying to force new ways of punishing toxicity (even bg and ggez is considered toxic now...) when inting/trolling hasn't been touched.
I rarely get mad in my games and am pretty reasonable; for one, no point in getting pissed at someone for genuinely having a bad game, nor throwing remarks at someone that just got turret dove with no chance at surviving. There's a time and place for everything, I wanna win my games, not argue with people over shit that can't be undone. I just find it unreasonable that people can get banned for being mad at someone who's inting / assisting enemy team on purpose, or that one guy who is AFK farming while telling everyone how much they suck. Having a no-negativity policy is plain insane for a game like LoL. As for ggez and bg: "Friendly" batter is fine, saying "ggez" after winning a 5v4 or after a 50 minute long game is idiotic. No need to rub salt in the wound, it doesn't hurt to be a little respectful. Would say BG whenever it's been a 4v5 game or if someone on either team decided to ruin it. Pretty sure you can't get banned for that one. But yeah, they should start with getting rid of the problems instead of the people addressing the fact that they exist. People can be competitive regardless of rank, not everyone has the 'talent' to climb, but they can still be frustrated. The problem persists in all divisions and tiers unfortunately. (I'll agree that there seems to be a large portion of players that have adopted the casual mentality of "it's just a game" in ranked though --- which sucks, if you ask me)
: This looks way out of line for me. Should I Reddit this?
Yes please. :) Link me after.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=UwU Sona UwU ,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=L0v8WABX,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-10-19T15:58:26.180+0000) > > [9:01] Janna: ff > [9:03] Janna: open > > yes you do sadly you cant be wronger, this line alone show us 1 thing, this guy want to end a toxic game as fast as possible a game when no one cooperate and every one flames, such game should end as fast as it can, because the more it continue the more toxic it becomes, stop with that BS never give up and bla bla bull excrements, some games are better to be ended as fast as they could so they do not generate more toxicity. I do not say give up every game. just dont blame the guy for wanting to escape the toxic match he got into a match that every lane fails and becomes just a madchat and flamewording till the game is over.... and the more it continues the worse it gets
Agreed on this one. It's a stupid way to say it, sure, but if people aren't able to put themselves in the shoes of another player anymore, perhaps they need to be taught something as simple as compassion. If someone is mature enough to understand that there's no need to reply or react, good on them, but they should also be able to understand that not everyone has been hardened to the point of being like that themselves.
: Funny thing is is that if riot used these rules in their office, their ceo's would be fired, what do you think about that?
QFT, thank you.
Marissa (EUW)
: As you said yourself, you got a 2 week suspension only a few weeks before the permaban. The two week suspension is your last warning before a permanent ban. It basically says: "Change your behaviour fast now or you'll get permabanned!" The problem is you didn't. Within those few weeks after the first suspension you got negative in-game again. You did not get banned over that one game but over the history of your behaviour and/or punishments, you got banned because you fell back into your (old) habits and got negative again so quickly after your last warning - which is taken as a sign that you might never reform, thus resulting in the permanent ban.
Imagine if we put all people in the crazy house / asylum for showing emotions in real life. Ever watched the movie Equilibrium? This is getting pretty damn close to the standard that was set for people there. Everyone can become negative, there's nothing unnatural about it. Banning retaliation and any sign of negative emotion in situations where there's good reason for it to be there, i.e. when someone is AFK, trolling or or being verbally abusive (no, OP's post does not count as verbal abuse by far), is only a way to hide the real problem. People get permabanned today for something that wouldn't warrant as much as a chat restriction back when it was released. Supposedly the community is the one that sets the standard for what people should be banned for, in that case, why do I see so many ban scenarios where it'd have passed with "Pardon" had the tribunal still been there? The ban system is flawed and doesn't take natural human interaction into account. They may silence people as much as they want, but perhaps that's one of the reasons that the toxicity levels haven't dropped seemingly much? The people that are truly toxic for the game aren't stupid enough to write in the chat if they want to ruin someone's day; they'll simply find other ways that can go undetected for a very, **very** long time. I'm starting to find it disgusting that people go around talking about how they're "reformed" as if they committed a vile crime - does it not sound ridiculous to you at all? At what point did the playerbase say that they wanted people banned for expressing any negative emotion, especially considering that the ban system doesn't take context into account at all? That's why the tribunal was good. It gave context - it let people decide what would be fair, based on what EVERYONE had said. It was fair for the people involved, although it might not have been fast or super convenient. If the people that get banned are the minority, a very low percentage according to Riot, then why not bring back the tribunal and let the community do their votes? They could still hand chat restrictions out based on their automated system. Less robotic player environment, more "player-friendly" - in the sense that not everyone wishes for other people to lose their account over small things. If anything it's maddening to see what 'justice' has become.
Moonblast (EUW)
: Deserved Permaban¿
Wouldn't say that's permaban worthy at all. I know that a 2 week suspension supposedly is the last straw, but come on. This wouldn't even warrant a chat restriction back when the tribunal was there. Who wouldn't get pissed if they had to play with someone that's AFK? Sure, your responses were on the childish side, but still. It doesn't seem fair to me - also just proves that the chat shouldn't be used anymore. :0 It's no wonder people became less talkative over the years. I don't think Riot realizes that people were able to bond over disputes in the past, especially when they talked after a game was over. (that's somewhat besides the point, but just putting it out there; I actually miss seeing people showing emotions these days, many don't dare do so. Is it for the better? Supposedly, since the community establishes the boundaries, according to Riot). I never got banned, might as well put that here before someone anticipates it. I'd file a ticket if I was you and link this thread, who knows, maybe they'd reconsider.
WHILE casting it can be interrupted, nothing new there, working as intended. It can also be stopped with silence.
Moenky (EUW)
: Should "reformed" players stay perma-banned?
I do think that some people deserve 2nd chances, but not everyone by far. There are a lot of manipulative 'reformed' players that know exactly what they're doing and what they did to get the ban, they just thought they could get away with more. That being said, some of the things that get people banned these days are... lol-worthy. The people that trashtalk a couple of lines are less of a nuisance to the game than the players that deliberately do things to mess with their team, i.e. going perma afk farming on any lane and recalling just to go to another, never participating in teamfights, essentially just starving the team. "im playing the game u cant report me" <--- that kind of player usually knows that they're doing something shitty that won't show 100% clearly on game stats, so it's difficult to detect that they're indeed afk / inting / trolling by flashing to steal buffs or the likes. However, if you straight up talk shit for no apparent reason beyond having a lousy temper and you spend the majority of the game time being a keyboard warrior in the chat, then no. If you got banned because of a few lines that were offensive, then yeah (with the current way that bans work, following this up with a suggestion below though). Make the current permaban be a 2 year one or something like that, if you get banned for the same offense again once that ban lifts, double up on the time (so 4 years, so on) - most people would be sad to miss out on content for that period or straight up quit, but at least the account won't be entirely lost then. Accounts should only be permabanned if they've been scripted on. Boosted accounts could / should be stripped for season rewards as pr. usual, could do the same with accounts banned for other offenses on top of the time, if adding an extra layer of punishment is needed, but generally, 'permanent' is pretty severe. They gotta account for the fact that most people playing this game are young and have room for improvement when it comes to being mature about things. Teaching people that they can't speak up at all, that retaliating supposedly ruins everything, is a big fat lie. You won't find anyone that's dense enough to believe that it's impossible to get influenced enough to lash back, unless they live in a bubble.
: Just another poem again ^^
What will it be, do you run or concede? Your fate is sealed, even if you flee He longs for the hunt, the sound of your pulsating vein your agony is his pleasure, to him it is a game A chase for amusement, the howl sends shivers down your spine from the shadows a voice echoes; "All who run are mine!" Should you accept your fate, a more peaceful death awaits Her voice softly speaks to you; "Hush now. Rest." Swift as thought, her arrow will pierce your chest Life is but a wheel of time, where beauty blooms and fades All living creatures will meet their end in the place where Kindred waits Dotdot: I got a Kindred vibe out of the other comment that was made. Regardless, could be fun to to 'sew' something together. {{champion:203}}
: League is becoming way too complex for casual player
Because gold funneling and keystones are very complex. If anything, LoL is more simple than ever, and that's what makes it boring. Remember when you had the option to customize every stat - and essentially your playstyle as well - with runes? On top of that you had masteries, now you got both of them mashed into a few trees that don't let you choose whether you want to start with 20% cdr, flat armor/mr, AS, AD, ap, scaling mr/armor, %exp gain, scaling ad/ap/as/mana reg, health gain, so on - now everyone gets the same essentially, and people that're passive players are rewarded because you can't go with an aggressive tree without handicapping yourself, since Resolve is straight up broken. I used to play with 0 armor on botlane and 15% + AS and 20 AP when I went on support, or even AD at times if I planned to AA a lot, I'd go 20% AS on ADC's and have barely any AD as well because that suited my playstyle. Keystones were a downgrade in my opinion, runes should just've been made free for all. As for in-game: The moment you see either Yi, Taric, Kayle, Lulu, Diana, Nunu, Singed in the same game, you already know what's gonna happen. People get 2 infernal drakes? Oh well, shit, good luck with that one. Old drakes gave global gold, but at least that didn't determine the mid-late game outcome - if you failed to take advantage of the gold you got then, it'd even out eventually. Drakes weren't do-or-die. Strategy-wise, the game is far simpler than it used to be. Everyone can grant vision because of trinkets, everyone can deny vision because of trinkets, everything is focused on what champions you pick now and how much they benefit off the "premade" stat-granting keystones. Options have become limited, and the only other stat-granting thing in the game - items not included, obviously (though that barely matters as well now) - has become RNG (drakes!). It's simpler, not more complex; you know what to expect, you don't have to think, you can go on auto-pilot and win the game pretty much.
: I genuinely feel like I was permabanned for the wrongly
I read the whole thing with this video in mind: Like holy %%%% dude. I got annoyed just from reading the chat logs, sounds like someone who's trying really hard to cheat the system by abusing the loop holes. I feel like people are a little dense when they don't realize why 4 players would get this annoyed with you; not just 1, but 4. The pregame chat should just support the fact that you were being passive aggressive while not even trying. "oops missclicked" --- so you didn't let them surrender, but you were also 0/10/0 while chatting the game away claiming you'd play better if they didn't flame? It's JUST like that video, and I assume that's how the game looked as well Edit: Posting the replay in combination to the chatlogs would be the ideal thing to do
Leto GT (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fang,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JOExXrIt,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-09T00:03:17.897+0000) > > What a pro says doesn&#x27;t impact what&#x27;s strong - let along what happens - in solo queue. That&#x27;s hardly an argument to use He has bad laning phase. I can't think of the support that has a worst laning phase than him. You don't need a pro to realize it. You only pick braum when your team lacks cc/engage for teamfights. That's it.
..... probably because you don't play it properly then. Worse laning phase? A Blitzcrank that doesn't land their hook, Tahm or Thresh into Zyra / Morgana, it all depends on what you play against and how well you play. If you can't land skillshots and if you don't know when you can go in, sure, your laning phase is going to suck
Leto GT (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fang,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JOExXrIt,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-08T19:34:13.008+0000) > > Braum is anything but weak in laning phase, the %%%%? XD He&#x27;s one of the strongest picks with an ADC like Lucian/Ezreal/Tristana if played properly; enchanters are squishy and have rather long CD&#x27;s early, that&#x27;s when you should abuse them by going all in with the passive and Q. If you sit passively behind and don&#x27;t do anything, then yes, you&#x27;ll lose because you&#x27;re going to be gradually poked to no HP. Ignite for kill potential, never exhaust unless you count on losing early game for some reason He is. There's an actual riot interview of a pro support that explains it. You may find it if you search a bit. It's very instructive.
What a pro says doesn't impact what's strong - let along what happens - in solo queue. That's hardly an argument to use
: Please, am I garbage?
If you're used to playing ranged supports like Lulu, and with exhaust at that, chances are you aren't very proactive as a player; in other words, you wait for things to happen rather than making them happen yourself, and you'd prefer peeling. You could technically just farm the lane out since it's pretty safe with Ezreal, but there should be kill potential early if you go with ignite rather than exhaust. If you go for exhaust you probably won't get a kill unless they're balls deep on your lane. That being said though, you do need an ADC / team that follows up on applying stacks and killing as well, so it's not all on you. I think enchanters are more reliable in low elo in general; you can peel, poke, etc, basically 'forgive' your teammates mistakes if they make any. Lulu only gets stronger as the game goes on because there're more items that benefit her abilities (ardent, crucible, redemption - all increase shield / heal value) - where as Braum will only be 'stronger' with an item like Zeke's if his team is already ahead, otherwise the best you'll be able to do is soak damage or prevent it for a short duration (higher cd's). Nothing wrong with 'losing to your main' - you might know what the counterplay is to it, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to execute it, because they probably have knowledge about their weaknesses as well.
Leto GT (EUW)
: Braum has a very weak laning phase. So it doesn't surprise me you had a rough time. I don't think Braum is played at all in soloQ.
Braum is anything but weak in laning phase, the %%%%? XD He's one of the strongest picks with an ADC like Lucian/Ezreal/Tristana if played properly; enchanters are squishy and have rather long CD's early, that's when you should abuse them by going all in with the passive and Q. If you sit passively behind and don't do anything, then yes, you'll lose because you're going to be gradually poked to no HP. Ignite for kill potential, never exhaust unless you count on losing early game for some reason
: Literally it doesnt matter at all. I had a game that I was 13/2 Jinx. All other lanes feeding. So they had an AP vlad that was 16/2 or soemthing and he was just insta killing me, so when all my team fed, I had the best score, only won lane and at the end the enemy support flamed me that I couldnt carry. Like you can carry with an ADC if all your team solo dives or the enemy are all fed.
My condolences for you on that one. Had the pleasure of a game like that myself recently where I was playing Jhin. I was overfed, but eh -- impossible to kill something that's untargetable while dealing damage. The guy would flash R, instant W, E while in pool. Proceed to do another E when pool is over if 4/5 aren't dead by default already here. Vlad's counterplay is just this; don't let him get his items. That's as much as you'll be able to do, because the low CD's made him obnoxious later.
: You are right, I sometimes forget my experience and play-time, and the fact that I'm in the top 0.7% and rising. We can't be all top material, 90%+ of people are under mid-plat MMR. But if you accept that you belong there, and your theory of not improving, since you're not a "messi" type, what's your purpose in the game? ALL high elo players, NO EXCEPTIONS, started as noobs, and went up the ranks, taking one step at a time. Going through the brain-dead team struggles and so forth. However, I sense some kind of superiority in your voice, when you speak about your bad teammates. I feel like you think/feel that you don't belong there. Where's your place then ? What would be your "TRUE" rank, your skill-cap ? If you got decent teams, could you rise up to D1 for example ? Help me understand a bit. Also, in games that you won, was the enemy team playing perfectly, same as yours and you had a little edge over them ? Or they were apeshit bad and your team just stomped them ? We tend to forget the cases when the enemy has a 0/20 or a 6minute AFK, and just take the free LP, however when it hits us, it hurts. From what I see, in all your games, where you won, the enemy team had 1 or at least 2 people with 10+ deaths, and shitty farm. As I said, this is silver...people are bad, you gotta live with this. IF your skill level will improve, and you are WORTHY of climbing, you will climb - this I can ASSURE you, without looking at statistics and numbers. That's how it supposed to be. You won't find 10cs/min , perfect KDA people in silver, nor players who are objective focused, they are more about fighting on sight, not realizing that they are 5K gold behind. PS: I'm not trying to start a debate or an argument here, I took a chunk out of my free time to genuinely try to help you understand a couple of things from the point of view of a player, who has gone through the shit you're in, MULTIPLE times, and always came out on the other side, Victorious.
I was used to being able to carry my ass in soloqueue to Diamond 1 for multiple seasons during my peaks; but in this one, it's been pretty damn hard to do anything. Can't swap from botlane to jungle role, even though that's the win condition; and to be fair, there's VERY little you can do when you get 4 man ganked over and over, and you've got the jungler that does not react to any of it (no, being under turret does not help, very few of them care). There're far too many things wrong with the current state of the game to start listing them. RNG drakes that boost the power of champions that'd have to perform decent early to have a chance to get to late, EXP 'catch-up', whatever champions benefit more off the oh-so-versatile new keystone system, and the pressure on botlane due to whoever thought it'd be a great idea to invent FB turret gold; that shit needs to go already. Unless you're a jungle main / you go duo queue, it's become more than just difficult to spoonfeed people wins. No matter how many ganks you deny on support, no matter how far ahead you get botlane, there's only so much you can do *BECAUSE* you're offered the exact same tools as everyone else in a season where meta truly has become the only thing relevant - like oh boy am I sick of tanks with aftershock, boneplating and second wind, you have no %%%%ing idea. If you're playing against an equally fed opponent from toplane, you can't force the rotation that you'd want or need, because your jungler or midlaner which is behind in the first place is not going to come top (and yes, enemy top is going to get aid from their mid and jungler, because why not) to help you push that either, instead you get to get gangbanged. Unless you follow the bloody jungler around and help them clear their camps, you're going to be short of all drakes, which eventually puts the enemy back into the game if they get mountain / infernal ones. Add a herald in there, a jungler that doesn't WANT to do baron or straight up misses it, and there goes whatever pushing opportunity you had. Baron got buffed, herald is a free push, even wind drakes got buffed. You're a jungler, so you won't really be able to relate to the pain it is to play with 2+ players that do NOT have the game knowledge that's required to end a game early; people try to fix their KDA's, or farm for another 10 minutes instead of abusing the lead they have, it's not even funny at this point. The balance changes that're made are too based on pro play now. Champions or objectives that do not need buffs / adjustments are getting them anyway, because they want to make the pro scene more interesting, but in the same process they're messing up the soloqueue ladder: you can't force co-ordinated communication between 5 strangers every single game. It's never gonna happen. I never had so many friends complain about the state of the game as I do now, and we're all the long term players. It's understandable that players get increasingly frustrated, and it's not just in Gold that it happens.
ChefSauce (EUW)
: How do I know whether or not I'm a KDA player?
Would have to watch a game to determine that. In general, people that play for KDA will do /everything/ they can to snatch the last hit, or will only use their burst when the enemy is low, regardless if adding in damage sooner could've prevented a teammate from dying. Also, even if there is 3 people running low, the KDA player won't attempt to kill them if it means there's a risk of dying. You can have a 0/10 guy that was more useful than 10/0 one - it all depends on if you bothered to do map objectives, or if you only farmed kills and did nothing to push the lead you got (i.e. recalling every time you get a kill even if there's no reason to). To sum it up, a KDA player is one that won't let themselves die, even if their death could result in a free baron, inhib, or even the win for their team - they're not doing anything that's against the ToS, but their playstyle is incredibly frustrating, because it forces everyone on the team to be passive, since they can expect said player not to assist if there's risk involved, and then you got a 4v5 where most of the kills are on the player who doesn't want to abuse it / the lead. It's easy to achieve most dmg dealt on certain champions, because there's 0 risk in doing so; Teemo shrooms, Brand W/R, Zyra, Ziggs, Lux, Xerath are some of them.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: for the trolls in lol this is for you
Didn't expect to find this here. Shane's poetry slam is amazing, for people who enjoy it they should check it out. "To this day" has an added flick of humor as well.
: When a Support feeds, is it the ADC's fault or his?
Ahhhhhh yes. I can relate, but you should really just shrug it off. xD It doesn't matter if your support has 12 deaths or if you have them, it's still going to be 'botlane' that'll be blamed if that's the case. The amount of times I got pissed off because I started getting blamed after my support would AFK at turret leaving me in a 1v2 lane, or when they give 3 kills and then rush mobis and go mid to die there following, that's when things become funny. Don't take offense, people don't enough attention to your lane to determine what happened or who's at fault, and frankly, it doesn't matter. If you know you did your best, let that be your peace of mind.
: Chat Bans are a joke
Why do you bother to say that you're going to report someone so many times? And why do you bother arguing with someone who you claim is a troll? The entire purpose of trolling is to get a reaction, so if someone is actually trolling you, then why would you reply or answer to it? When your chat restriction is over, just refrain from pointing out the obvious. If you're going to report someone, do it after the game, you don't have to notify them of it while you're still playing with them. It's seen as a threat by them, so you're just giving them a reason to get pissed off and potentially ruin it for the people who are not even participating in that conversation. DON'T do report calling -- it's written in multiple places that you should not ask for others to report your teammates. If THEY determine that someone on the team was toxic, they'll report on their own, asking for it is not going to make a difference. I used to do the same 5+ years ago while I was still rather immature and wanted the comfort of knowing that others would report the person as well, since the guy or girl just ruined my day, but they'll get whatever punishment they deserve if they keep that behaviour up regardless. Just don't become part of the pool, it's annoying for others as well, particularly if they don't agree that X person is a troll.
: "Who Cares, it's only Flex" Mentality Needs to be Bannable.
I'd rather have a 'trollpick', a person that's familiar with said champion (pool) playing it in a different lane, than some first time support or ADC (or anything else for that matter). It comes down to the same thing; it's annoying when people go into ranked games with something they haven't tried elsewhere, not even once. Flex is more tilting than soloqueue by far, because you might even get a 3-4 man premade that all pick things they've never touched before in any other game mode, because they treat flex as normal draft. Better to just play flex if you've got a team so you can queue up as 5, and otherwise stick to solo/duo or normals to keep your sanity.
: I had a situation with someone who mute pings, help!
I only mute people's pings if they abuse them at some point during the game. But doing so at the start is hardly a good idea... but then again, you don't know how the guy would've reacted or what the outcome would have been had he played it differently; sometimes, doing what people are asking of you, is a bad idea. And about that baron; I gotta admit, I don't know why you would get elder drake over baron either. Baron buff is way better considering the buff it received, unless your enemy had 3+ dragons, in which case you'd simply want to deny them it. :S Only thing that was questionable though. If you run into someone like that again? Ehh... check match history of the person and see how they've been doing. If they seem to do really good in their games, try to follow their judgment? I don't think it's going to happen very often, regardless.
Necromant (EUW)
: This function is avialeble in the League App ^^ why not in the client?
Just check in that app then. I personally don't want people being able to see when I was last online. Sometimes you don't want to talk, so you go on at odd hours. I see how it'd be useful when you gotta delete someone though, but until you're able to put yourself as 'Invisible' as well, this is not a function I'd like to see.
: Love seeing an adc with targons, overheal, bloodthirster and a janna Good luck with that
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I swear to god, if I get one game without Trist/Vayne/Twitch/Ez
Isn't it fun and interactive though? If you can find me a game where there's no Relic shield and Overheal on botlane, that'd have me sacrifice more than a goat.
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