: You say he had 5k hp 400armor and like 700ap. I know how to fix your Problem. Get glasses Also as a zac Main I know he has damage but you can't do that much damage except if you are either building ap or you are like 5 Levels ahead
You are the one who need glasses if u didn't read properly shut the fuck up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fatedhope,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lFuLx8bN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-05T11:44:46.623+0000) > > Full hp/armor zac with 5k hp and 400 armor did 1000dmg in 2sec this game is just unplayable, Try to play anti-tanks champions like Vayne or Kog Maw. Kog Maw is very effective against tanks with his brut damages.
Uhm .. i play draven mostly , but even if im vayne if he knock me i will lose like 50% of my hp and enemy apc/adc will burst me before i can even flash away >.>
: qss doesnt work on knock ups. stop defending tanks.
Nah, i don't play with this acc. I was adc and zac killed like he had 700+ ap lol
: You see, tanks have this thing called "base damage" If Zac hit you with all his spells, you are in for some pain even if he doesn't build AP. Every spell hit also ejects a blob from Zac, which if he collects it, heals him and reduces the cooldown of his W for more paintrain. Do you know what is the best counter to damage of such tanks? MR. They will not be building any penetration, meaning every point of MR decreases their burst by a hefty amount. Zac will not IK you unless you are seriously underfed/building no defensive stats whatsoever. Also, you said something about 1000 dmg in 2 seconds. That's pretty much doable. It's also not an instakill, since ADC's in lategame have about 1500 hp. Did you have a support? What was he doing? Or did you.....get caught alone while doing something you shouldn't be doing?
I was defending my inhibtor as adc, he just jumped from nowhere killed me and flashed away i had like 70% hp i thought he build ap but he had only hp/armor items.
Fristajla (EUNE)
: 1000 dmg in 2 sec as full tank Zac? Cool story bro.
I know right ? still crying :(
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