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Acapella (EUW)
: I had the same issue. The issue is still not resolved for me, I think they asked me to confirm i have twitch prime and then i think they're going to give it to me. Long story short here are the instructions i got from them: ---We're aware that there have been some issues regarding the redemption of this capsule, so here are a few things that will help you redeem it. Even if you tried this once, please bear with me and try again: You want to make sure that your current browser is not blocking 3rd party cookies from, as this can prevent you from successfully linking your accounts! (for instance things like add blocker software). Log out of Twitch and the League of Legends websites on the same browser you were already using. Once this is done, clear your cache and cookies, close out of your windows, and open up your browser again. From here, visit and follow the steps again. If you've already claimed the loot on the Twitch website, it's fine to try again, it should just tell you that you've already done that step. Make sure to use the link for Step 2 on the LoL Twitch Prime page to successfully log in! Once you follow these three steps if you haven't been given the message that you successfully claimed the loot on the LoL site then proceed to the next steps. You're going to want to try the exact same steps, but use a different browser from the one you originally were using. For most people, that means instead of Chrome, you're going to want to use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. This has fixed the issue for almost everyone who wasn't able to successfully claim it the first time, so fingers crossed! If it doesn't seem to work at first, just give it another go and you should be able to get it to work. It's also not a bad idea to try on a different computer altogether if that's an option for you! Here is a gif on how the whole thing should look if everything goes smoothly: Just in case, this is a guide on how to create a Twitch Prime (it's free for 30 days) account,This link should provide more insight on that or you can always contact the Amazon team via this link. The last thing is that due to how many people are claiming the loot, it may not appear immediately. This is totally normal! It just may take logging in and out of the game a couple times to get it to come through, but it also may just need to come through on its own. If you've received the notice on the LoL site that you successfully claimed it, you won't miss out on the loot so no worries. These steps should help you fix the issue, but if not or if you haven't received your loot 24 hours after successfully doing the steps above, let me know! ----- Just to add, if this doesn't work i would tell riot you know of this method and send in a ticket <3{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I tried this few times on different PCs, different browsers and still nothing..
Fredlex89 (EUW)
: Ok, here's what saved my day: go to Twitch settings and check that your account is not linked. Then open the LoL client and go to settings and "verification", insert the code that Twitch highlights in the settings-League of Legends, click Save. Now go to Twitch settings and put your summoner name and server and click "Connect" should manually link Twitch account and LoL account. After that, go check the Loot in the client...the capsule stood there *_*
: I cant link twitch prime with LoL
Try with Microsoft Edge, i heard it works.
Fredlex89 (EUW)
: Google for Twitch Help and scroll down to "send an email"...but they seem quite slow to answer.
Ohhh, i were there and didn't saw the button on the bottom {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Fredlex89 (EUW)
: Hey! I am having the same error! I tried to contact Twitch help centre, but they haven't answered me yet. Please let me know if anyone finds a solution! :(
How you contact with Twitch Help Centre? I linked my account and didn't received Capsule..

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