Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: The joke's on you. Wooing eldritch abominations is one of my favourite pastimes.
And Darkwood is my favorite game. The savages combined with the ravaged nature, haunted forrest and daunted village makes such a perfect combo to feed the dark arts of my inner shadow. My mind is tripping on it !
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Are you sure about that? I never was this sure. Then walk with me through nature to admire the woods, okay ? :)
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >parfume
Come closer for an inspection to check that face. C'mere !
Rioter Comments
: yes now I have a second slot and I can use augments
Well, there we go, then ! :)
: My average ping is now higher and keeps increasing
Interesting ! I noticed this too but I ignored it, even if it made me rise my eyebrows a bit. One reason for my "ignorance" was because my internet provider changed the whole infrastructure in my neighbourhood 2 years ago, updating it to a newer technology and renewal of old cables. So I considered that as a reason. Not to mention that some time ago Riot had some big waves of players reporting back internet and connection issues with League itself, which was widespread across EUNE. I've noticed a ping rise since 2012 when I started playing League. Keep in mind that my connection always has been through cable without anyone else using the internet (my router has no wi-fi) and speeds are the same as in the day I signed the contract with my ISP. My lowest ping I ever had was 28, but it always has been 32-35 in 90% of the time. Now is 45 on average, rising to 49-50 sometimes and going back. I don't have an issue with it because it doesn't impact my experience. I don't notice any delay in commands and the gameplay was always responsive. But if I play on EUW where I have a ping of 61 I notice some delays in commands and they are annoying. Movement, spell casts, summoners spells are all delayed by a fraction of 0.2 - 0.4 seconds. This is why I stopped playing on EUW when EUNE is down for maintenance.
ArtrixxHD (EUW)
: Bring back old rengar
No. And no explanation is needed. His initial kit was too over the head. There were no warnings on his ult, no vision range so enemy can detect you, your radar vision on enemies in ult was immense and you could stay near anyone while in stealth without them having an idea. The boost in armor and magic resist made him too tanky for an assasin that volatile. You could stack savagery 3 times which made him impossible to deal with. And if you consider in combo with Sword of the Divine.... Let's say his bola strike, point-and-click, was bearable. I doubt you played him (or against it) back when he was released. I did and I spammed it when I got the chance to do. Top lane or Jungle. I am glad they tweaked his kit.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Can some1 explain me why zed has 30.6 % CD on his ultimate ?
Zed's cooldowns on his R are : 120 / 90 / 60 The maximum cooldown you can have is 45% with Cosmic Insight rune. If you take also Presence of Mind rune, you get 10% of the ultimate cooldown back if you kill your targets. All this cooldown adds up and you've got yourself a nice Zed, as well as any other champion you might want to play.
: This is merely anecdotal evidence and on top of that you're looking at a really tiny sample size. Accusing others of hypocrisy even though you're unable to prove any of your claims is pretty bold...
: Okay the Rioter mailed me now and asked kinda hard questions about the account creation to verify, I am the account creator. But as I allready said I am not the creator, it was my brother and I don't know where he created the account (he was studying 600 kilometers away from our home and also making a gap year in whole europe where he was traveling arround the continent, staying like 1 month in each location) I don't know when he created it, i don't know if he mentioned his real birthdate, i dont know what he used to buy rp etc. etc. I am completeley lost now, i don't think I will get the account back to me ...
@Uppercase Thank you for taking your time to keep us in touch ! I think you've told us enough. From now on, you can take your time for a bit and think it through. Maybe you are missing something now and later on it will pop-up out of nowhere. Have a beautiful day ! Cheers !
: I'm more about the fact that when issues occur, the gamemode itself is not easy to remove from code and it becomes easier to patch it up instead of sending it back to workshop. That kinda puzzles me. I have to agree, they have done a good job so far on communication. However it could be a bit more opened. It's just my 2 cents. As for doublelift=he made exelent points. And indeed, the patches need to be more spaced out But like I said, the balance needs to be maintained
How they could be more open than they already are ? What they do NOT communicate (or not properly enough) ? I am genuienly intrigued by this one, since I can't really see how they could open themselves more. Balance is relatively easy to acquire, as in real life. But very tricky and hard to maintain. Oh God, very tricky ! So I am not pushy on anyone on that one. I'll give them that. When it comes down on how they resolve issues, well, that's how they deal with it. That's how they always did it, and it works for them so far. I am sure they have their method, reasons and strategies on why they are doing like so. I like to look at it as a road maintenance : sometimes you close that portion of the road entirely and redirect the traffic (which causes a lof of stress and distress for many), or you still keep it open to traffic but in a controlled manner. Flaggers are in control here ! :) The discomfort is less pronounced and much easier to cope with.
: how do I equip augments?
Are you taking about the one slot that is already there or an unlocked one ? If I am not mistaken, the one slot that is already open, already occupied by an augment and on by default is slightly greyed out. It cannot be changed. The other slots that come after (the ones with key) can be manipulated. I've done it and it works as intended.
: Thank you for your awnser and your empathy. I did not thought I need to inform Riot tho, I know it's forbidden to let others play on your account but since he was gone and he had a letter saved in his desk in case of his death I got to the account. Well I'll see what will happen. Thing is i pretty much i connect the account with some memories so I really hope i can geti t back :/ EDIT: Just to make sure: he had no single letter only for his League account, but a letter with login data for everything you could need
@Uppercase My best regards to you ! I really hope this situation will end in the favor of both sides. In the end, when everything will settle and if Riot allow you to say and us to know, will you update this post of yours on how things ended ? I am really looking forward to this !
: General thoughts. @Riot
There is nothing wrong with events like Odyssey, Nexus Blitz, Pool Party, Urf etc. Unpleasant surprises will always occur, no matter how many tests you run before lunching it. Is just the nature of things, especially when it comes down to IT department. The positive side is they can be improved, fixed and patched. Now, when it comes down to the core of League of Legends, which is ranked, we find ourselves in a total different situation. This issue is not quite new, but somehow it became more obvious recently. Same thing happened to DOTA 2 recently when they announced more changes in a short period of time. This topic has been touched, and you can check a very nicely put video made by an LCS player called Doublelift. Here is his approach : And to give you my two cents on Rito's communication with its public, I am satisfied enough on how they handle it. I am not going into details why, but I can definitely provide an elaborate answer on that.
crossps1 (EUW)
: Darius vs Marksman
Be defensive and try to farm under tower so you can be able to withstand the incoming damage with items. A marksman has the advantage of attacking you from range, and early on Darius is exposed to it because Darius doesn't have a close gap ability. Usually vs AD you buy Ninja Tabis boots. It gives you -10% attack damage on basic attack. If you have more questions, go ahead ! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
: How long does it take for Riot Support to awnser a Request about a locked Account?
Usually expect an answer within 2 days. Depends on the situation and the gravity of it ! But my experience with Support has been always positive and responsive within the frametime of 2 days from submitting a ticket. I am not sure about Saturdays and Sundays, which is why you should expect in those days a different situation (as expected normally in workforce).
: i have no patience
What's the rush ?
: Have you tried purchasing a ladder?
rengo protec ladder welp
: Upcoming events and skins
Whoaa, you just can't ask the future to reveal its secrets. Nobody knowns anything you ask for. Just have some patience and we will all know when it will arrive !
: I hope they will bcs I would really like it :) Thank you for help brother. RITO GIVE US VOICE LANGUAGE PACKS !! {{champion:17}}
No problem ! I am waiting for it too, so we are in the same boat ! {{summoner:31}}
: Is it possible to change champion voice language ?
There is a way but you have to edit a file inside of game's folder, and this might cause your account to be suspended. This is because League has a system in which it scans the integrity of your game files and it might trigger a false positive action by their system if it detects any kind of strange modification of it. This was the case, especially, with 3rd party softwares that would allow you to play with custom maps and custom champion skins back in the day. Because of this, Riot has made an official post in which they will encourage players to NOT mess with any other 3rd parties softwares (even if they would be only for aesthetics), and also with any values in-game files. As a side note, this is why you don't see anymore on popular League streams any custom champion skins. I remember I've read not so long ago (around a year ago) that Riot will make possible this option in their client. We shall see !
: Wrong pronoun discrimination in League of Legends
Where I should find my **_int_**erstellar pronouns, just to realise another thousand are knocking on my rarest genderless syndrome ? mfw no place to rest
: > [{quoted}](name=Feezlim,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=uycUlJfE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-09T17:02:43.163+0000) > > I will comment only on the resolution issue. > > What's your in-game resolution, as well as the aspect ratio ? > And what do you mean by _"i seriously dont know how to fix the resolution with out messing up every thing" ?_ Elaborate a bit ! > > What software are you using for recording, as well for editing and processing them ? Maybe you have an option checked by default that rescales automatically to fit the screen and it stretches your image to 16:9 when the video aspect ratio is 4:3. This is one of my suspicion ! I am waiting your response. the in game resolution is1280x1024( what i have recommended ) by i don't know how to fix i mean i have tried changed a few option but nothing and i messed up obs(what i record on) it didn't show the game play only black screen and i don't know how i got it to work again so i decided not to mess with i, another prob with obs is that i record the videos in flv (saves space and in case of black outs it saves whatever is record they happen quite often where i live) but what has been messing up the video i think is the fact that i used a program to convert from flv to mp4(Free FLV to MP4 Converter) to edit them in premiere pro but the resolution that the program was converting them from was different from the obs one(obs had the resolution 1280x720 while the converter had it on 1920x1080) which i think that might have been the problem but am not sure haven't had the time to test them out.
Alright ! I will try my best to understand your reply. First of all, I highly advise you to take your time for a bit and learn how some of the OBS settings are interracting with your machine and what they do. It's up to you to find what you consider an informative tutorial on Youtube or on a forum. Otherwise, we cannot help you much and you cannot provide insighful informations in order to reach your desired results. The black screen you've experienced after trying to change settings might've been due to screen capture options you didn't chose. Now, a thought I had has been confirmed so far. Considering that the recommended resolution video settings of your League game is 1280x1024 (this means an aspect ratio of 5:4), I will consider this as your native monitor resolution. If this is NOT your native monitor resolution, let me know. The most common resolution among consumers nowdays is 1920x1080 (known as 1080p), with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (widescreen monitors). This is why your video convertor software has this value on by default. I will not go into other specifications and fancy numbers, but post this picture for an easier understanding : Non-widescreen monitors are 4:3. As a result, your videos are recorded with a resolution of 1280x1024 and the software converts them to 1920x1080. As a result, you get this unaesthetic, undesirable scaling of a lower resolution to a higher resolution. From an aspect ratio of 5:4 to 16:9. This is why your youtube video of Kha'Zix has this weird looking scaling. In order to get a better image of what I am saying, create a custom League match and once you are in-game, change your game resolutions to lower resolutions and notice the difference of how the image is scaled on your monitor. Also worth mentioning, if you own an Nvidia GPU, use Nvidia ShadowPlay. It is a very good tool to record your footage and very simple to use. With this being said, I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know if anything wasn't clear enough or you have some other questions ! *NOTES: -have you tried to NOT convert your recorded content into your Free FLV to MP4 Converter but import it directly into your Premiere CC ? -have you checked your Premiere CC default preset values before rendering ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=uycUlJfE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-09T08:58:14.793+0000) > > There is really nothing special about this. It's just some kills. > That thumbnail would drive me away before clicking it if I found it on youtube. > And there is something wrong with the resolution. It seems like it's stretched out or something. 1. yes there is nothing special agree im doing this more for feedback whats good and what isnt not , barely a year in edditing. 2. yes i know the thumbnails and titles are bad, cant seem to make a good one, that i know. 3. i seriously dont know how to fix the resolution with out messing up every thing
I will comment only on the resolution issue. What's your in-game resolution, as well as the aspect ratio ? And what do you mean by _"i seriously dont know how to fix the resolution with out messing up every thing" ?_ Elaborate a bit ! What software are you using for recording, as well for editing and processing them ? Maybe you have an option checked by default that rescales automatically to fit the screen and it stretches your image to 16:9 when the video aspect ratio is 4:3. This is one of my suspicion ! I am waiting your response.
Saibbo (EUW)
: They just need to nerf the W, that S### is op as hell, slows 99% basically a root and also removes vision.
50%* slow. Lasts only for 0.5 when leaving the smoke zone. Basically not* a root. It has decent cooldowns: 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18. Can be mechanically countered by champions like : Riven, Lucian, Caitlyn, Vayne, Ekko, Lee Sin, Vi, Urgot, Galio, Orn, Kayn, Pyke, Renekton, Kled, Shen, Corki, Fizz, Kha'Zix, Rakan, Zac etc. You can use also Hextech Protobelt-01 dash and voilà.
: As a graves player i demand a nerf.
Yes, you DO NEED to make a case for your argument. Otherwise, no one can take you seriously. And I can tell you I cannot take you seriously. You have 2 lines in your post, in which one says "No im not being ironic just true." Tell us why we should engange in this discussion considering this given situation.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
If there is a chance for winning a light in the dark of fog of war, then it is worth trying ! ^_^" LET"S GO , SUMMONERS !
: Champion Capsule Drop
It is random , as Wasabi said ! ^_^ Yes, it is normal if it happens !
Gasburger (EUW)
: FPS drop after new patch
I do experience inconsistent fps and strange stutter of the image. I never experienced this, and I've been playing on the same machine since 2012.
dimbo21 (EUNE)
: FPS problem (new patch)
I can confirm this issue. I've been playing League on my laptop since 2012 and I had no issues. The fluidity of frames and gameplay was just 60 fps. Now it has this camera and gameplay stutter. I can't play it, especially when I lock the camera on champion (it stutter to the point of blurring the image). Just 2 days ago I reinstalled my Windows 7. All my drivers are up-to-date. Profile and options on high performance. I tried with different Nvidia driver options (from "Default" to everything). I tested the game on lowest settings. I followed the newest indications on League site about "uncapped" to 60 fps and movement prediction. The stutter remains.
Wârrod (EUW)
: i played 8:2 went gold 3 , today i played 1 Game was remake cuz our janna was afk and went bronze 1. Really riot are u kidding ? what a bullshit is this gold 3 to bronze 1 ? fix ur shit.
Sorry but let me blast into laughter a bit !^^ =))))) Not about you, but the funny situation itself ! ^^ Heads up ! Don't give up !
nemoko (EUW)
: 2/4/19 amumu jungle 103 farm 33 minutes won the game..... placed b4....... i have b1 mmr and s4 solo/duo queue.... gg riot
Yo, that's not a big deal at all. You were bronze, you are still in bronze. *sigh* Think that some players from Diamond were placed in Gold, even Silver. Even I, myself, as a Platinum player (was Plat 3 last season) got placed in Gold 5 with 6 wins and 4 loses. And now I need that extra match to see where I will be placed.
: Can't rank up, help?
Improve your mechanics. Work on your deicision making. Gather knowledge about how to pressure, how to rotate, what objectives are you going to do etc. Farm well, die as less as possible. Avoid unecessary fights. If your teammates are picking random fights and they die randomly, let them do so. You know better ! Learn to snowball with your lead. Know how to get a lead. Increase your champion pool. Learn how to build ! Builds are not stationary. They flactuate depending on enemy team.
Encrux (EUW)
: What the..? That's some next level stereotyping right here. The amount of toxic players is the same as in every other division. There is no connection between being a jerk and being diamond and you should know that. cheers, a diamond player
And that's just sad on a whole new level ! Cheers, a platinum player
Rioter Comments
: I get a lot of those messages, had like 4 or 5 so far. I don't report many players, mostly overly toxic shites that yell "report xxx" just for losing a lane. I wish people would understand that reports for "unskilled" no longer even exist, not like the old report system even banned for that. I think if riot would limit the ammount of reports you can submit, or punish those who flood the system with useless reports. Giving some players the illusion of power over the ones who lost them the game, outside of the game, creates very... toxic situations random nunu {{champion:20}}
The report limit would be a good idea. I like it ! Like 5 reports in total in 24 hours. Like you said, this way players would use their reports more effeciently, and automatically, reports would be more effeciently. It's just an example ! That unskilled report was very vague, in my opinion. Captain Teemo on command {{champion:17}}
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: i got it once, in my whole lol carrier, since the end of season 4, 2 years, 2 YEARS AND NO MESSAGE
Try to report those who are worthy for reports ! Don't spam the report button when it doesn't need ! And always write down a small summary about the situation. If you cannot leave a genuine summary, then don't report it ! False reports will do nothing , but waste time ! Well, I've been playing League since Season 2. And I got only 3 messages so far. Keep in mind that back in the day, League had Tribunal. There was no messages like we have today ! If I remember correctly, these messages about reports were introduced in Season 4, when Tribunal became unavailable !
JakiStow (EUW)
: Really ? I missed this info, that's pretty cool ^^ They're still too tolerant about what is considered unsportsmanlike behavior in my opinion, but it's better than nothing.
^_^ Yea ! They can't punish straight away. That would be too ham ! But if players will continue to be salty, they will get punished eventually !
: but sucks when you dont get that message even when you made alot of reasonable reports aganist flamers and afkers and trolls
That's for a solid reason. At the beggining of the Season 6, Riot introduced updates on the new system. They said : "You will get notifications only in 20% from all of your successful reports, just to avoid the message spamming"
: I get these every now and then. Still, the message does not include the name of the person, the link to the game or at least a copy of the message I wrote in the report box. Therefore I am prone to believe that this message is randomly sent to us just to make us feel better :)
Riot's policy protects the intimaticy of a person. But you can be sure that this message is for real ! Just to give you an idea of their working system, just check the Player Behaviour on boards. On EUNE, EUW, NA ! You will see a lot of players getting punished quickly after their mistakes. You will find titles like : _Really RIOT ? REALLY ? Chat restrictions again after I've finished my other games restrictions ?_ . This should give you an idea !
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I didn't even clicked okay ! ^_^" Hahahaha ! I still have the message ! I feel like someone has send their illumination upon me !
Rioter Comments
: I just lost my uncle to cancer and it's the worst but don't let it get to you! We know better :) Report them, stay strong and keep smiling! {{summoner:31}}
Madliv (EUW)
: awwww op, i'm sorry for that happening to you, you sound like an amazing person, take care of you and best wishes + wireless hug and {{item:2052}}
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Boohoo. Members of my family died to cancer too, no one is a special snowflake on this behalf. I agree those players should be punished, so mute, report and get over it.
: It is kinda sad to know that those people exist in this community. I've met them myself and it just ruins the experience, especially if you are like me and don't rage back at them. Needless to say, i wish you the best of luck in the future ^_^ Hopefully you won't experience that again {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hopefully ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I wish you the best too !
: And remember... people deserve cancer for being bad at a videogame.. even though they're often not even bad. They're just the victims of an upset teenager or really stupid adult. I had that yesterday in a Hexakill game... Zilean support, Bard called me a troll because I wouldn't follow him into death ten times.
I don't mind being called noob or trash, I'm okay ! I'm not that of a good player, anyway ! ^_^ But taking it to the next level is something else, and I cannot accept it !
: but cancer is a nice animal. it tastes like lobster
Now I'm hungry ! > , < " *stomach growls* Yep, got to eat that chocolate, I think ! ^_^"
pasjag (EUW)
: I always hate it when this happends ingame. I try not to re'sponse and then report them endgame. When they do it more often or even once if its so bad as in your game they will get banned. Still it's nice to read a post like this to stand still at a game where we play against other players. We all try to enjoy this game let's make it a good game regardless of the outcome. When you lose a game and you gave it your all it can still be a good game. *smile* {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
I did report him at the end of the game. I just wanted to post it on boards too. Just in hope to remind to some other people to enjoy the game and have fun. I don't mind losing at all. ^_^ I've had one of the best loses during all my experience in League of Legends. I've encountered awesome people making so much fun (in a positive way) of our loss. *smiles* ^_^
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