: I agree with that, but i wouldn't really report someone who is bad and knows that, this topic is not about that, it's about people that are BAD but they think OTHERS are bad, they deserve ban :D
By saying bad, i mean bad by that elo standard, since we are all bad in the eyes of someone who is higher elo
Sympton (EUW)
: Exactly :) though throws are a part of the game, noone can keep playing consistently perfect. but people that throw 2 or 3x in a row, or have insane bad scores etc should get punished instead.
I agree with that, but i wouldn't really report someone who is bad and knows that, this topic is not about that, it's about people that are BAD but they think OTHERS are bad, they deserve ban :D
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > What i'm looking for is some kind of justified toxicity, cause you can't just keep cool when your toplaner dies 1v1 and then blames you for losing his lane. Getting frustrated about what happens in the game is completely normal. We all get that. However, that doesn't justify toxicity. That's still not cool. If one of your laners is struggling, do you think being toxic towards that person is going to make them get motivated and do better? Chances are, it won't, and it's just going to cause them to get even more frustrated and perform even worse. By chosing to be toxic, you're hurting your teams chances of ever coming back. If the laner blames you, so what? That doesn't mean it's your fault, and why should that persons opinion on the situation matter? You play the game to the best of your abilities and attempt to adapt to the situation. Don't spend time fighting an ally when you can fight the opponents. --- > Should they ease up on toxicity and focus more on punishing throwers? Throwing is never going to be a violation of the rules by itself. You're forgetting the key word here: intentional. Just making a bad play that happens to cost the game won't ever be punishable, because that's part of the game. We all make mistakes.
I'm not toxic towards them UNTIL they become toxic first, i'm just defending myself with the same weapon he used against me, just to show him that he is not the only one who can use it :)
Sympton (EUW)
: I agree with you here. if they wouldnt do that monkey crap you wouldnt have to get mad in the first place. i always wonder when you are clearly better why does riot give you people that are clearly worse than you.. it should match you with and against people of your skill.
THANK YOU. It's not that i am good or anything, but everyone deserves to play a game, or more likely enjoy it, which you can't enjoy if you keep getting throwers.
: "Should they punish people for doing poorly, instead of punishing people with bad behaviour?" - Is the last question. Which, of course not, no. If you're toxic, you deserve to be punished, there is no justification. If they were toxic too, then they deserve a punishment too. But you own your own behaviour. No one makes you toxic, you choose to be.
Yea, but i don't agree with you overall, every action has a reaction, and by saying toxic, i don't mean that kid stuff or something, its just placing the truth out there in chat, making them learn what they did wrong, like not a single bad word, nothing offensive, no family members mentioned, just straight up truth, for example something like " Garen, why did you dive Renekton with 200hp"- thats something i might write "STFU NOOB JUNGLER 0 GANKS" thats a reply ALMOST every time, also don't even get me started on players that are higher than honor lvl 3 and are still more toxic than me, who is honor lvl 0 because i get flamed and just defend myself by questioning their calls. I don't think someone deserves ban for that, but meh, you can't get rid of toxicity right, you can't just open up a tab and mute him, while on the other hand you can't really "make" someone not throw. Hope you understand...
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