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: My opinion on supports in Season 8.
Well as a support main i'll give my opinion I started last season in the ardent meta and i hated it, good ridance i say and more over i welcome the changes to shields that are on the pbe. Forces us to have a sightstone? We need wards, we control vision, we set objectives, tbh seeing supports in S7 without a sightstone made my eyes bleed. About Rakan and Pyke, arent ppl always take champions that were intended to one role and play them in other? Lucian mid last season, Irelia mid this one, Trynd can top and jungle, and the list can go on forever... Also i dont understand what you saying about the backline, if youre an enchanter ofc you are the backline cause you peel, cc, heal and shield If you want dmg, Zyra, Brand etc you still in the backline as would any other mage. Want to be the frontline? Ali, Leona, Want mobility? Bard, Rakan just to name a few We are in good spot, not too strong not too weak, we are still a couple of levels behind everyone on the team and with a lower gold budget but we are supposed to work like this because we ofter so many resources to our team. Apart from the changes to relic shield that made tank supports fall out of meta (you can still play them ofc quite competative) we are in a pretty good spot about diversity Thats just my humble opinion ofc and by no means make it true whatsoever My regards
: We somehow need to make/FORCE the community to understand, that self-justice is not doable in LOL, flaming a troll won't discourage his behavior. Flaming WILL get you punished, so will trolling. And just because you don't get a clear feedback, the other guy WILL get punished, if he trolls. These 3 lines of facts, delivered the right way to the community, would reduce toxicity levels significantly. And reduce the number of banned accounts, HENCE no more stupid forum posts.
> [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yoOZ7Kxz,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-08T14:00:22.382+0000) > > We somehow need to make/FORCE the community to understand, that self-justice is not doable in LOL, flaming a troll won't discourage his behavior. Flaming WILL get you punished, so will trolling. And just because you don't get a clear feedback, the other guy WILL get punished, if he trolls. > > These 3 lines of facts, delivered the right way to the community, would reduce toxicity levels significantly. And reduce the number of banned accounts, HENCE no more stupid forum posts. I second this! Also, report them after game and mute ingame, problem solved, the system does work they will get punished.... But so as you if you respond with flame/toxicity/trolling Think it trying to make a point of someone that broke the rules by breaking the rules?
FearFactor (EUNE)
: BAD players in Gold
Tbh, 3/12/9 in lane isnt acceptable even if just farm, never overextend and wait for your jungler to make a play, also and i cant stress this enough, vision control around bushes and that applies to all lanes. Im not saying im better i still make mistakes but the before mentioned are general game knowledge i think. Dont think because its Gold the skill level goes extremely up, im still in silver strungling to get out (more difficult as support main) and i still get games that looks like B5. Even in Diamond there is quite a difference between D5 and D1 and thats why the Ranks are gonna get changed next season which is a thing that i understand. I'll tell you my point of view, lets say theoretically 50% of your losses are because of inters, feeders and afkers, happens to all of us, that leaves 50% that you could have done something better resulting in more winnable games. Try and think about it and improve yourself, at least thats the conlcusion i've come up recently and im trying to improve myself Hoping that will help you a bit, cheers! My Regards!
: How long usually takes for the support team responding?
Well it took a while but all cool!! Thanks for the responces guys, cheers!
: League is not dying. My opinion
I second this! Good post, constructive and on the point, also want to add something for the younger generations. I've seen it before, apocalyptic post about the end of online never happens, it will ofc eventually, but not anytime soon for this game People complain on the internet with no constructive critisism, ideas etc etc... People complain at Riot with no arguements or valid points whatsoever and expect them to listen, ofc they will not Thats the way things had always been and will always will be, thats the internets for you. Nice post OP!
: How long usually takes for the support team responding?
It still states that the ticket hasnt been given to an agent and its been 16h In the ticket i expained what i said in the OP... Clearly there was something going on with the game and i can justify getting zero lp for that game, what i cannot accept is the fact of losing lp when it wasnt my fault or my computers fault (since everything else was running perfectly fine, internet etc) and it was the one and only incident in the one and half year of playing League Didnt get a bug splat or something and almost in every game i played yesterday someone would either d randomly or had lag spikes
: How long usually takes for the support team responding?
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: Hmmz where are the swears ?
Any point "yelling" in the boards? It will not make you look better... You must understand this, the chat logs you are showing us are pretty toxic tbh, i will say it again, responding to toxicity and flame, with toxicity and flame its not the right way to do things It was your choice to get in an argument instead of just muting and move on This is the internets, you cant stop people from playing bad or making bad disicions, but you always have control of your actions, it has always been like that, trust me odds are, im playing online more years than you do so take my word of advice
avi1g (EUNE)
: flaming and banning policy
And you just flame the adolescents, calling them names etc etc? This is mature or something? Thats just rude and offencive not some righteous judgement..... They need advise, which as this is the internet, are not oblidged to hear, but its all you can do and thats enough
roqueto (EUW)
: Ranked bug
Its not a problem.... Its called Loss Prevention and it occurs when there are server problems Its normal The winners get reduced lp and the lossers -0lp instead of just terminate the match and give everyone zero lp
Suptra (EUW)
: loss prevent
So would you prefer to stop the game and give both teams zero lp? You know that in fact both teams are favored this way right? If you would winning why would you want to get zero lp? Things like this happens, its cool And its a fair system to my humble opinion
AtomicEon (EUW)
Server maintanance You get lower lp as a winner and the lossing team a loss prevention which means -0 lp I recomend dont play a lot tonight as its already up that there will be maintenance at 01:00 cest
: I hate players who refuses to play support
People have the mentality that they can carry a game and like to see big numbers and kills on the screen sadly But there are some of us who like teamplay and thus the support mains were born Jokes aside, im not saying that other roles dont make teamplays dont misunderstand me. Support was and will always be a thankless role that people look down upon and thats were the problem arises A good support can actually "carry" his/hers team to victory by supporting them with either shields/heals or damage, vision and often shotcalling Same, a bad support can cost you the game Which is ofc the same as any role My advise, everyone should have 1 or 2 comfort picks they know and can play if they get autofill cause at the end of the day its a teams game after all
: 3 afk's in 4 games
Oh ok didnt knew that I play online games like 15 years now (im 33y soon) i never endorsed afkers or did i actually done so... I respect the time i put in a game and i expect the same from others but thats not the majority of the internet sadly..
: 3 afk's in 4 games
Wasnt always bannable? Sorry, i started League last season so i might have missed something. Aside from that i read a lot of problems lately about this, but also im fairly sure LeaverBuster is working so if they do it frequently they will get punished for sure
: Let´s talk Diamond 5
As a low s4 player at the moment cant say much about diamont....although most problems are common in lower elos as well! But im all about some motivation so.....hope you figure it out and unstuck from there Good luck mate!
: On another note. 4 eyes see more than two. So if someone else looks over your replays (or even better your shotcalling ingame). They might be able to improve your shotcalling.
> [{quoted}](name=Mindbomber2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1GuV0tyX,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-06-01T12:47:06.158+0000) > > On another note. 4 eyes see more than two. So if someone else looks over your replays (or even better your shotcalling ingame). They might be able to improve your shotcalling. Yeah im into it, have a few guys in mind to help with feedback! I do lack the experience outside of low elo so for sure other higher ranking players who have been in my stead would certanly see thinks i dont!
: A little bit of ranting but, i just need to get it off..
Thats so constructive and helpfull Thanks mate, i get your points and will try to build a foundation on them, i can see where this is going I dont think im better, i wouldnt be in silver if i was right? At the end of the day all i can do is to improve myself so thats the goal Again thank you very much!
iSneez (EUNE)
: > The biggest problem arent the feeders though, the biggest problem is that people dont listen to pigns and shotcalls, I feel that i try too hard to pull the team together and turn the game around and to be honest i had done it, up until the point someone gets cocky and thinks that because we won some teamfights he now can go solo.... why a stranger from internet need to listen to your orders ? who made you the shot caller ?
> [{quoted}](name=iSneez,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1GuV0tyX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-01T10:46:14.262+0000) > > why a stranger from internet need to listen to your orders ? who made you the shot caller ? You are right my friend, no one is obliged to listen to anyone, and in my mind shotcalling isnt an order, rather an effort by an individual person who is part of a team, to make a play he thinks is better in the long run for the his/hers teams interest If someone doesnt like "orders" then dont play a game which depents a lot on team play, thats what single players games are for It is a team's game after all or am i wrong? Again thats my opinion and only mine, im saying again, in my mind shot calling isnt the same as an order and im very much happy to "follow" someone who makes plays and we can get things done And no one made me the shot caller, the circumstances did, like for example, we just won a teamfight, they are down to 3 members we still have 5 and dragon/baron is up, ofc i will try to shot call either objectives when i see one member chasing the retreating 3, one that goes to farm the jungle and the other 2 recalling If everybody does what they think is right, which is logical, but doesnt work, someone must try and make the 5 persons a whole 1 team
: A little bit of ranting but, i just need to get it off..
Yeah, i know right? My shotcalling is at a good level i guess, for my elo at least, but more often than not, people are not listening sadly, so its "you cant ping anymore" and then i turn to chat like "guys, lets team up and take objectives" or "dont extend come at drake/herald/tower/baron asap/fast, lets win this" ... But noooo we have to chase this little rascal who ofc he runs to his team baiting that one-two players that want to kill him so so so much... But to be fair, not all games are like this, sadly its feels like the majority though or at least its the bitterness that settles in and makes it that you remember the bad ones more At the end of the day, if a have time and the aptitude, i watch my replays, see what i did wrong in the games i lost and what could had worked Also if there is a close victory, i also watch that replay as well, i think somethink i could have done to make it cleaner i guess Whats funny, last game we had ad mid, as i was tilted and i though that "oh im sure it will be one of those games again" someone said "ap support plz" and it was time for my baby Zyra. Picked coin instead of i was like, ok ok cool we still can i will play around my cds and the mana i get back from coin By the end of the game, finished 1 damage dealer on my team, double the dmg of our adc Thank you guys for commenting and your support on this, wish you the best of luck everyone
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: What are currently strong supports for low elo ?
It somewhat depends on your prefered playstyle, Sona, Soraka can scale extremely well into mid and late game if you have a hard scaling adc. Leona, Alistar and Rakan can win every lane if your adc has early power like Miss Fortune, Lucian, Draven. Janna is more of a safe pick overall and scales well almost into everything and goes almost into any composition. Morgan can shut down engages and turn around the fight with her Black Shield. It comes down to the plays that you can make better from the enemy bot lane. Remember that practice on a champion can turn even a counter pick into your favor and vise versa. Kench right now is not good, you really need to be a master to him to have a positive win rate, so dont pick him up in this meta. Apart from champions, support is not easy, you gotta have eyes on the minimap and ping about lanes missing or if you spot the jungler and lots of that stuff. In this elo ppl dont really pay attention and are getting caught but that does not mean that you shoukdnt do it. I dont know how good you are with skill shots, but, thresh and Blitz although powerful in the right hands, are depentant on their hooks, more so blitz than Thresh but still.. I wouldnt recomment picking them up if you dont have experiance in them.
: Considering switching roles, worth invest?
Trust me, when i first started i played everything as i didnt knew anything about the game back then, i dont like anything else than support and mid, both for different reasons. Why im asking about opinions, is because, to be consistent you need to actually main a role (at least at my skill level i dont know) I love support, the way you can influance the game and the fights, i just have it stuck in my head that if i can perform with similar skill in mid, maybe, maybe, im in a better spot to influence and carry. But it will need more time and dedication to learn the lane the matchups etc, and time is not actually something that i have plenty
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: New to LoL . HI :)
Welcome buddy, althought we will never meet as i play in eune, wish you the best of luck!!
: Average of 85 farm at 15 minutes: what elo do i belong?
Seems average to low but if you want to improve you def need to get better. Also looking at your there are some things i noticed, you lack ward coverage and you defenentily need to buy and place more control wards. Your kill participation also is quite low, that shows you dont impact the game so much even when it seems like you winning. Also, dont pick Kench as support, he is unreliable in this meta and you really need to master him to be any good, instead there are a lot of stronger picks for when you play support, Bruam or Alistar are way better if you need to go tank and even Leona. Take the champions you like and practise them on normals, even when behind try your best so you can learn and aknowlegde what you could have done better. Last but not die way to much, ofc everyone can have a bad game but less deaths means less gold on the enemy team. Hope i helped a bit!
: Should I Transition from Support to Jungle?
The question i would ask myself is, why im tired of playing support and why i want to switch nad that applies to all the roles. In the end of the day you should play what is more fun to you. In this meta jungle has more influense in the game if you re good with pathing and gangs, maybe it feels you can carry better if thats what you are seeking. I didnt vote tbh, my humble opinion is what makes you happy i guess.
: Looking for some advise regarding champion picks and playstyle
Ikr, just got this game where i just couldnt read my team resulting me dying 10 times.....i dont blame my team, i blame myself that i wasnt able to perform and couldnt read the map better.... But that game also ended with a win after a Baron steal by me and our adc ulting in the pit (he had Varus), one teamfight after we got the ace and won. They way i play Rakan, is a take w then e at level 2 so i try to make it unsafe to for the enemy adc to cs correctly, if my adc is at least average he will aa my w target and usually we win hard the trade as i back with e to my adc, if his is not i know i have to play more passive, it works most of the time but i suppose its because in low elo people dont know how to counter his w. Also must learn to play around cds as well. I mean if a Morg misses her q or blackshield to fast, then it is time for a w from me, same if a Soraka silences when not needed. Need to practise pro active play to be honest better, not only with Rakan that is..
: Looking for some advise regarding champion picks and playstyle
Yeah i kinda like his kit a lot too, i was just watching some vods about him, although i have never played him at all before, main difference, once Thresh is in, there is no way out lol! Will def give him a go, same with Leo, they both seems to have some great playmaking abilties once you get them right
: Looking for some advise regarding champion picks and playstyle
Sona and Janna helped me climb out of bronze last season but right now i cant seem to make them work, i need to get some normals under my hands... Def gonna try some Morg but yeah, seems to like playmakers most this time around!
Rismosch (EUW)
: Rakan plays like an assassin. But instead of damage he does good engages. No other champion is like him. Pyke will have a simmelar playstyle in laningphase, but in the mid and lategame Pyke won't be so much dependant on his carry, because he himself does damage.
Yeah i know and thats why i guess, having success on him, he is like one of a kind! But if i want to climb and get better i think i should explore more options and thats why i asking for some thoughts
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Grammos (EUNE)
: I finally did it
Just couldn't help it! Cheers mate and congrats!! Looking forward to see you reach plat!! Keep it up!!
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