: Ranked games EUNE
Game crashes.It's in general a mess today.Champion select randomly freezes and kicks everyone.
: Game crashes after 8-10 min
well here we can't even join it crashes in champion select!
: Does anyone actually play TFT because it's fun, and not for the rewards?
I like tft but i feel it's kind of unbalanced (some champions like olaf or comps are hell hard to counter)...or i am just terrible,i don't care for the rewards .
rockyfox (EUNE)
: champ select bug.
same .Thank you riot for reminding me how season 3 used to be <3
: What do you guys do when a teammate ban ur champ?
As nami OTP i would pick something normal but with bad win rates because i haven't invested a lot of time learning it.(soraka/lulu ) I will also mute everyone if i am losing my lane ,no point typing . If i want to win ,i will dodge or pick Zyra who is my second option (yet i hate if they don't ask before they are looking for trouble). I don't have time to waste by trolling him etc.
Roasti (EUNE)
: Bring back old ranked champ select song!
Good old days: "mid or feed and ban kassadin" Wish they could add a voice pack to be able to switch between new and old one whenever we want.
: >Yes, it is too much No it isn't. They have created new champions at this rate previously too around the time skarner was released and it wasn't a bad thing. There are players like me who have played the game for so long that only new champions and content can create new interest towards the game. >especially since Riot can‘t seem to create (rework) a champion that‘s balanced from the get go. You seem to be ignorant on the subject. It's not that they can't create a balanced new champion or rework. They intentionally make them strong on the release and they have stated it before and there are multiple reasons for it. One is to create interest in playing the champion. If the champion is bad on release, less people are likely to pick it up. Another reason is to off-set the fact that people tend to be bad on champions they aren't familiar with. They tone the champions down once people begin to understand them better. >It seems that every Champion since Zoe has just been OP on release and had to be nerfed immediately afterwards. And funny enough, many of those champions got buffed first because people were so bad at them. Pyke and Yuumi are good examples of that. As i said above, that is one of the reasons they are released a bit stronger than what they will end up being later on.
> . There are players like me who have played the game for so long that only new champions and content can create new interest towards the game True but to be fair lately ,reworks = new champions .If i compare old {{champion:266}} with new one ,feels like a completely new champion.Especially when many champions are thrown away and barely getting picked in solo q .
Jworst (EUW)
: Tell me what the hell is punishable in my recent chatlogs
As others stated,you can troll pick(depends how you define it) ,take cs from another lane etc ...but your not allowed to type more than 10-15 sentences if you are going to be negative in a game. Sounds lame but this is how it works. Did you flamed in that game ? Not really most of what you wrote are fine.You were a bit negative . Did you had valid points of typing them? Doesn't matter sadly.Most players will just alt f4 and will not get punished or leave their lane and go jungle for the rest of the game.Even if everyone reports you ,only way to get banned is by going 0/15/0 or getting first page at reddit or obviously your chat logs. tl:dr just don't type more than 10 sentences and you will be fine. At least this is how i keep all my accounts safe,i type only when is needed.
: ***
Getting gold in season 1 gold was way hard than it is today.(Gold (Top 3%) based on https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Season_One) I am also a bit salty for not having first 3 seasons victorious skins but if they make even these skins "legacy " instead of limited i think many old players will be mad about it. They can try to give you the option to get victorious skins but the players who achieved gold + back in season 2/4 MUST get something in return.Maybe a unique flair or something i don't know (same as they did with s2 championship riven) but still sounds pointless ,victorious skins look so bad and were earn (kinda )...
Els236 (EUW)
: I personally think Victorious Elise is pretty damn nice.
Victorious morgana is pretty good as well ,she has a lot of special effects .
: Remember ?
season 3: Summoner 2 :BAN KASSASIN Summoner 3 :MID OR AFK Summoner 5 :Anything but no support Summoner 5 locks nunu with {{summoner:13}} & clairvoyance because he had to go support . Great memories ,
: But these champions aren’t an issue. The point I’m making here is that win rates have too many variables to use... we need to completly ignite overall win rate cause it’s unusable, and win rate on mains is something which is useable but still has variables that are issues.. which is why riot uses more than just win rate to balance, many of these stats we don’t have access to. Every champion is a monster when played well, that’s not what riot balamce around. Akali is an active issue, she’s causing massive problems, she’s been meta since her rework, and she’s pick or ban in pro play with her taking over pretty much every game she is in. The champions you’ve mentioned aren’t an active issue.. can be strong obviously but not unhealthily strong. There’s a fine line between too strong and just strong... akali is an issue and needs nerfs, riven isn’t despite still being strong when played by mains. I’ve not done a good job of explaining but to do so I’d have to show data I can’t get... riot look at a lot when balancing... all I’m litterally trying to say here is that overall win rate is the worst stat to use.
> Akali is an active issue, she’s causing massive problems, she’s been meta since her rework, and she’s pick or ban in pro play with her taking over pretty much every game she is in. > The champions you’ve mentioned aren’t an **active issue.**. can be strong obviously but not unhealthily strong. Your right ,forgot the fact akali pick rate is still high enough (in solo q too) nice explanation tho!
: > pretty much every champion has 55% winrate when played by specialized mains, even ivern. > just watched a video about it, with statistics on the most reliable champions after 50+ ranked games on them, and surprisingly ivern was there Except ivern is a good example of what I’m talking about... he’s a niche and difficult champion who is easy to mess up on, therefore his win rate is low unless you are experienced on him. Even if it’s common for champions to have that win rate when played by mains that doesn’t mean much... we know she’s too strong, we know she’s frustrating to play against, and we know that the people right should be balancing around (aka mains) aren’t struggling so that 43% win rate should be ignored. > the op is right, they are overnerfing her.. now she will probably be the worst assassin togheter with katarina > let's remember that, as annoying as that be laning against akali as a melee champ, she has the weakest burst of all assassin, and she sucks at splitpushing and teamfighting.. she is basically a hypermobile squishy bruiser And like this The7thSeal said if it’s an overnerf riot can buff... champions have a power budget, the reason the rest of her kit was relativity weak was because of the amount of her budget going into her W, by removing a good deal of power from that W as well as the heal from the Q it frees up more of her power budget for the rest of her kit. That’s how balancing works, it’s a give and take... riot is taking, and then that lets them give so she’s balanced
> Except ivern is a good example of what I’m talking about... he’s a niche and difficult champion who is easy to mess up on, therefore his win rate is low unless you are experienced on him. Can't we claim the same for any champion ? Based on that riven should get a massive nerf because if we see the "top 0.01% of riven players" all of them are beasts ? Same goes as well for fiora /rengar/nidalee /yasuo/master yi and many other champions which are very strong if they are played by as otp in high elo.
Boolhya (EUW)
: Akali nerfs are too harsh
This happens when riot reworks and champion and ends up getting picked or banned every single game in LEC/LCS/LCK! I don't know i never liked the idea of her w ,actually i didn't liked her rework in general but can't argue if it was good or bad i am biased. They shouldn't had made her w work this way in the first place.It took so long to change it and yet they still can't balance her . Rest nerfs...i don't know, she is not as easy as she used to be so way her winrates differ a lot between someone who knows how to play and someone who doesn't because she has limited counter play if she is played perfectly .
: Tryndamere still requires a brain to play since you die in 5 seconds if you do it wrong. If i go 0/3 in lane as tryndamere i'd have to farm 20 minutes to even be relevent.
But tryndamere will almost never gonna join in a teamfight because he is a splitpusher.At least this is what 4 out 5 tryndameres are doing in my games and have very good performance no matter if they are 0/3 or 3/0 split pushing is split pushing . Old {{champion:83}} r was a problem too.
en2que (EUW)
: This. Hope riot finally forces ppl to have a phone number linked to play PvP. EUW has the highest smurf rate across all regions by massive difference, nothing comes even virtually close.
> EUW has the highest smurf rate across all regions by massive difference Based on what statistics? Smurfs exist in all servers and i do believe the rate is the same . I play at EUNE and i have 2 ranked smurf accounts & another one which i haven't lv up yet because i am lazy. Even if they forced me to use a phone number...i have like 20 different numbers (relatives / close friends who will never play lol because they didn't liked it) ,this will not fix anything.
Sarokh (EUW)
: How come 14.4% of all players are in plat 2 or above?
So players will have the delusion they became better? They done the same in season 2/3 and in season 4 not sure about season 5 .In general nothing changed ,those who used to be platinum 4 will just climb a bit higher but still their games will be same as they used to be (platinum 4 season 8 = platinum 2 season 9 for example).
: The figure is usually around 10% for plat 1 and above, with 3-4% being in d5 (old system).
diamond 5 + used to be top 2,5% or 3% and platinum 5 the top 10%-12%. The most likely shift everyone up so diamond 4 will look like old platinum 2 or something like that .
Hansiman (EUW)
: Show me a system that's considered 100% flawless, and I will show you a system that's wrongfully assumed to be flawless.
Well then zero tolerance is not a synonym of a 14 week ban right(if the op is telling the truth obviously)? Even if the word ni#(#er is not detected which sounds possible the **brain%%%d ** or the "deserve to be hanged in the street" are detected for sure and both of them are also a zero tolerance too . I don't believe the system is flawless it can just be a lower punishment?
: ***
> Oh I would like to see you being all that good while I %%%in planning killing your family for 40 mins ingame. > Time to get permaban from the boards too! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} ps:Vlad bot lane is not troll.
: You are the constant in every game 1) you need to win more games then lose to promote not to win all 2) enemy have 5 possible trolls you have 4 since you don't troll So your team chances are always better if you are constant good, same as you have told they have trolls but they don't have you as a constant.
Still this doesn't change anything when it comes to the question if they do something about the trolling. I want to have fun ,doesn't matter if the troll is in my team or not in both cases a one sided game due to someone who refuse to play is still a waste of time for me .
LukaCamper (EUNE)
: I was suspended for intentional feeding, but i feel i was just in doing so
So instead of dodging you decided to go 0/22 to "punish " your teammates? Banning a champion regardless you want it or not is not trolling is allowed ,sucks for sure but it is sadly ok.If my adc bans nami ,i will either dodge (most likely) or go soraka lv 8 w (which is a viable and used a lot in higher elos) . If you really wanted to troll them why didn't you just done something similar?(soraka mid) You have wave clear You don't even lv up w at all because its useless you never r for your teammates but only for yourself And you can just use your e to ks and then give the kill to the enemy team if you melee . **Actually it's not troll at all to play soraka mid ,she is just not a very viable pick . ** No need to go 0/22 . Hard to get banned for that ,your score will be ok / and your teammates will be salty as $#%#.
Febos (EUW)
: I don't even need to read, because I already agree with the title. A mentor system is long overdue, alongside a better tutorial. Shame I can't upvote. Here, take this instead... https://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/amozG2/aM7KNXAl_700wa_0.gif
Even tho **you are right** don't you think it can be abused easily or affect negative new players especially when players will use as a method to "elo boost" with smurf accounts?
: How to keep good mentality when you get this ....?
> how to keep good mentality when you did all you could and you still lose LP, despite of you following the rules , in a row and not getting the deserved rank based on the performance? Take a break i guess? Aside that nothing else for me,if i get tilted by one game this will affect me for sure in the next one so i will either stop lol for a while or just play some aram games to chill out.
: Azir and zyra, from mediocre to plain broken
Azir is not broken after all these nerfs...i don't believe he is a problem unless you reached late game full build which is unlikely to happen. Zyra on the other is strong yes but guess what,if pro team don't start picking her in LEC(lcs) she ain't gonna get a nerf soon.Azir got many nerfs dur to the impact he had in pro play not the soloq/casual games. The problem against zyra is not her e or her r .Her e always worked that way even before her rework .Her problem is the plants and how the enemy team is playing around them. Sometimes the enemy bot lane one shot them before they even attack them other times they just sit around and get like 200 damage and then say "oh balance" .Maybe if they reworked her w for a 3rd time they can balance her without changing much around. She does needs some changes tho her win rates are high for a long time.
: give supports credit
I try to Imagine what if played support back in season 3,when the role was indeed bad and not fun to play .
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is Twitch chat so toxic during championships?
I don't mind the NA /EU jokes in chat ,what bothers me are so very bad memes(wouldn't even called them memes tbh) which are racist but i think they are banning most of them . In general twitch chat is a cesspool if anyone types :" Any reta## here Pepega " ..a bunch of trolls will reply " hey im here Pepega " ,so yeah hard to deal with them. They don't really fight imo just to give you an example when EU & NA played in worlds and had great hyped matches ...twitch chat actually focus more in the game rather than joking around... till NA mess up a teamfight .They more just spam anything which is allowed ,if riot censor these words they will find something new to spam .
vladiq (EUW)
: TYLER1 react to TYLER2 | When Everybody Doubts Trick2g
trick2g backdoor tho 100% disrespect . He wrote history ( i wish no one in my games tries it )
VocaCosmo (EUW)
: some suggestions about physics in League
How can nami's w heal brand?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Dude no1 likes to read a wall of text. Next time finish ur idea in 1 or 2 setence
I can't support an idea with 1-2 sentences ,if you don't have to read it ,1rst sentence answers your question . ps: "**Not at all because they are useless and they shouldn't be allowed in general as they are today**." > ###**Rest was just the explanation not hard to skip if you wanted ha?**
: Best threads
Not at all because they are useless and they shouldn't be allowed in general as they are today. You see no matter if you find them funny or not they don't really explaining much .The reform card is a small sample & in any case riot support is responsible for them .Boards can't do anything about them . There were cases of "mind toxicity" no one can confirm if the player hide something or the reform card sample was bad or was an actual bug . So what's the point in the end?To show the system is working?We already know that. If the sample was better (more games ) then yeah but still wasting my time to read a bunch of slurs? Board community should focus on better posts which would either improve the game or learn something new . Posts which are related with these bans are like: 90% you deserve it 10% just send a ticket to riot . Copy paste like twitch chat ? I wish if they could implement a category "banned by the system " where all of you could post/read/reply and whoever wants to read important post to be able to** hide all** these non-sense posts which are related with a system we already know it works fine (or at least it's decent) AND NOT WITH THE BEHAVIOUR OF LOL COMMUNITY IN GENERAL . Same goes for those who posts stuffs like "i got leave buster remove it now ' etc.
: Are we a community or not?
Truth is that riot is trying to fix but they can't push the limits a lot because you have to accept lol is "a hardcore game" . Personally i learnt how to deal with these players because i am used to getting flamed (after 5-6 years in the past lol used to be way worse).For example i have disable all chat from the options because /all chat is useless .I never read something funny there ,only trashtalking or players crying over reports . No point for me reading it or using it .Even if i try to type something friendly like "gg wp " i will get the answer "are you on drugs dude you got carried by our 0/X <role>? Aside that it's all about you and how much you can handle the criticism even if it's false made . Players who are typing slurs are getting banned easily and fast ,players who trashtalk are doing this in /all chat so you can avoid them ,players who blame a lot are also getting banned ,those however those who blame but not a lot are not getting banned fast and it's unfair to give someone a 2 week ban (instantly )because he said "you guys messed up your lane so badly ,let's go next " .These punishments are given to those who act always this way and often. Community can't be fixed by riot so easily : They tried to coil players into groups and make the idea of "solo q " not a thing ,failed (dynamic q),many players hated it. They tried groups as channels so you can find premaders easily ,failed (a dead feature sadly). They tried events to promote "play with premades as 5" work a bit but not when it comes to competitive games. **They will try again with clash (which i hope will work ). ** I don't believe riot can have a "friendly " community with solo players (without banning the 10% of the players or something like that).And making solo players going into "5 premade parties " is way to hard at the moment.
: why blitzcranck and thresh are worst than pyke in laning phase
You miss 3 important parts: 1)The cast time of these spells.Thresh has a "noticeable " cast time on his q .This means if the enemy knows when you plan to cast your q,he/she can use his/her combo on you and because you can't use your flash while casting thresh q this can be an issue. Thresh has no "outplay potential " in that case aside a flash .Thresh tries to q >zyra uses her e on him >both get cc .What happens next depends on other factors . Pyke can instantly dash and follow his combo thresh can't .Pyke has some ways to escape a bad situation , thresh can do this for others mostly (latern) 2)Both thresh and blitz are losing a lot of their powers if they fail their hook.Blitz is one spell champion so yeah totally sucks thresh is is like pyke here. You miss your q but still you have something else ,blitz has nothing. 3)Their kit in general : Thresh is a tank a very good tank with lots of complexity ,on the right hands he can be beast. Blitz on the other hand ,SUCKS he is one spell champion "a hero or a zero style".You miss your q you wait afk ,you land it well depends enemy support if it's enough to win. Still i do believe pyke is much better than blitz for sure .Thresh is thresh was always good and hard to deal if he knows how to play but he also has many limitations . So thresh >pyke>>blitz .And only reason why i set thresh first is because i am biased due to the fact i played over 400 games vs him (silver-low diamond elo ) while with pyke i played less than 20 games (low diamond elo).Blitz is bad in general or just a "high risk- high reward champion".
Pathet1c (EUNE)
: Reverting Fiora
New fiora is an anti-tank meta champion.Has a role and something unique .She is can't counter everything imo. Now old fiora,i don't remember her a lot to be honest .Her old w was only viable for the early game : > PASSIVE: Fiora gains bonus attack damage. BONUS AD: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 AD > ACTIVE: Fiora parries the next enemy basic attack within 1.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to the attacker. In teamfights she had just 3 spells her w was a pure joke while her new w is way better. The problem with her was her r obviously and how much she could do with it. > ACTIVE: Fiora dashes around the battlefield, becoming untargetable in the process and dealing physical damage to (a) random enemy champion(s) 5 times. > > PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 125 / 255 / 385 (+ 90% Bonus AD) > Hits against the same target beyond the first deal 40% damage. The first and last ones will be against the same target. Each applies on-hit effects. So you either kill someone with it or the enemy team will brust you down once the whole animation ends because they know your position and if i am not wrong she had no true damage so exhaust shut her down .Her old r is like master yi q late game(in a non-duel senario) . I think aside her low skill cap there weren't many issues with her(in high elo ),but i used to play in silver so yeah $#%#$ fiora :D .I don't remember if she was even played a lot in competitive games but many players hated playing vs her . New fiora has less "brust damage" & she is more fun to play imo but i might be incorrect .
: STOP nerfing Irelia
This happens when riot overloads a champion with a rework.They can't balance her ,at least yet.They try to mess up with the nerfs/runes then they gonna buff her again till one day the meta will change and will become a balanced champion and no one will care about her.If they don't nerf her she will just become an issue soon,and it's important to point out riot buffs/nerfs are also based on the competitive games/esports where she is still very popular ,her win rates are already bad tho ,so yeah maybe they need to slow down or start removing parts of her kit (and then buff other abilities ). Same goes with akali too.
: What does counter Lux and Vel'Kroz in Bot lane?
Tanky supports mostly. So yeah as an adc all you can do is either to pick something with good wave clear and safe lane phase like sivir or cait .In theory all adc can be good if your support is the right one and you get lv 2 and abuse it ,o~~r do a cheese lv 1 by hiding in the bushes or something like that depends your support aswell~~.But i would say it's all about your support. As nami i don't face issues vs lux (she has snare not a stun which is way weaker ,you can use some spells/aa freely ) but velkoz can be a nightmare pre 6 ,after that nami has the upper hand(if lane phase didn't went terrible). Any tanky support can beat these i think as long as they play smart. Utility supports (soft poke) like janna/lulu/karma/soraka have to be very experienced over that match up ,they can be punished way to easily . Mage supports can go even depends on other factors as well.
Mada (EUW)
: Add a 1-day boost after a support game played
In higher tiers support is not really un popular .I am getting my secondary role every couple games as support.I don't think it's necessary anymore.
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Opinions on Off Meta (Example: Ezreal Top)
The problem with the off-meta champions is that they have "strong" counters and if they fall behind they are very very bad.But yes if someone knows how to play an off-meta champion(or even an off-meta strategy ) and has a plan they are fine. Now what is meta and what is not is hard to explain .Ezreal is a champion who used to viable as midlaner (ap ) /jungle (he could abuse and use very well some items or mechanics over the jungle) and adc which is the most common way to play him.I have even seen ezreal support being viable (he has some poke damage) but fails against many match ups. Let's take a different example like {{champion:101}} or even {{champion:34}} ,i can add velkoz here but since the time play are playing him as support he is not really an offmeta support. Both of them can be very strong vs squishy support and crush you if they land their combo,they can disengage with their cc and have decent ap ratios for mid late game even with just 1 item. But what happens when they fall behind or when they have to face a very aggressive combo?They will lose hard that's why off-meta are **optional **picks ,you **don't blind pick them unless you are sure you can win or go even against any champion. ** The meta champions are these who can't get crushed in early game easily ,their kits allow them to keep being a threat even after a death .IN lower elo's it doesn't really matter ,players are doing so many mistakes which is why the idea "this is viable ,this is not " shouldn't exist.
: The post title is saying Singapore and Garena as a whole. I'm just commenting on what is written
Yes the OP didn't made the right post indeed ,it was about all garena servers(i think ) who got this change.
: > the server with one of the largest player's database So It is kind of lie to say that it is gonna take so much time to fix it. EUW : 3,137,653 Singapore : 124,840 It's actually one of the smallest regions in the world... Please, make sure to check the stats before giving false info. Reverting it on EUW is so much different from doing it on Singapore. Stats from op.gg . They are not 100% exact, but they give an idea on how big the difference is.
Garena servers are massive .The vietnamese server alone is x1.5 the NA server your statistics are incorrect .Garena doesn't own only one server which is the once you mention.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because this mistake didn't cause any harm, at least not to the players.
It didn't really caused any harm indeed (game is as it used to be) but wasn't somethng good either to see happening or not commenting about . It's something similar imo with the "sexism drama" or the "sanjuro (might miswrite his name ) comment for t1" .Both of these cases had been discussed a bit but in practise they had no effect in the game or the lol community in general .The one had to do with the riot employers (like most players are planning to find work there or something and care who rioters are acting inside their company) and the other with just one player which is not even playing in our servers. For me both of these cases no matter the final result would, wouldn't had changed something at least for my in game experience (aside the memes in the chat). Something similar goes for this matter imo.It's not really the fact for me "hey look some players made accounts with shiny skins but **why riot is allowing these things to happen** .
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Where did you see your mmr? OPgg? Nothing shows your real mmr
In theory when you get match up with a "pure platinum elo team" all the time your mmr is around there.Still it's not accurate but it's impossible to have silver/bronze mmr as solo player and playing with platinum elo players all the time ,the chances of getting 9 platinum 4 elo players with silver 4 mmr are very very rare if not impossible when we are talking for 2-3 games in row(assuming the lowest mmr a platinum player has before demoting is gold 4 or somewhere there). You can make an approximation which is around +/- 2 divisions without any issue.
: This is not intended though. Currently, you can ask Riot to move your rank to correspond your mmr by sending a support ticket and they will move your rank to where your mmr is.
Is there any link in which riot stated that?Haven't read anywhere it's possible to do that.
: 8 of 8 ranked wins placed iron 1
It does ,new system places you much lower than it used too.However based on some streamers this has no impact with the mmr the system gives you.(in theory you will be playing with high silver/low gold elo players?) With the same win rate (8/8 or 8/10) you would be placed in gold in season 8 but mmr would most likely be the same (small difference). So your placed in iron 1 but you start with much higher mmr than the average iron 1 player (who got demoted from bronze 4),your mmr is not iron 1 or bronze 3-4.I guess riot goal is "force" players to play more in order to get gold 4+ without affecting or changing the way the mmr system is working .Sound kinda dump because you can see lots of smurfs being gold 4 while playing with diamond elo players ,but the matchmaking is as it used to be.You just need to play more to climb from now on. All these unless riot plans to fix it ,no idea .
: stop banning for toxicity
Hard to agree. All i believe that the report system for toxicity is fine ,i nver got a chat ban and i have 3 accounts in which i can't say i never said something bad.The only issue is how effective is the reform card that's all. If the sample is valid or can show a "clear" picture .In some cases it's terrible in other cases it's not.They could include more games ,or experiment in general with other ways too. In the end if you don't type anything you can't get banned(unless you run down mid!) ,there are sadly so many ways to express your anger in this game which makes chat the worst method . I have seen players spamming pings for the rest of the game:Never seen someone complaining getting banned for that. Alt +f4 twice ,again just a leavebuster here . Going into auto pilot to a lane and dying over and over game or opening their lanes without typing anything .Hard to ban for trolling because they "soft int " but in the end they mess the whole game. It's so easy to prevent getting banned at the moment,without even reforming which is the goal of the system i don't get it? And all the above is the main issue the system faces an gets more and more serious .Riot didn't get rid of the toxicity in the end or at least not as much as they wanted,,they just move it away from the chat that was an improvement but still problem remains.Some Players who got permaban just changed they way they express their toxicity ,they are still toxic in the end nothing changed .
Zhurkuleens (EUNE)
: Can ppl be banned for not playing usual game style?
> After all he got banned,because ppl where reporting him for not playing the game the right way. Yes he did and later **riot revert that ban ** after that they tried to change a bit their "rules " but still i would say they are imperfect because even riot doesn't know "what is meta" and "what is not" .They can enforce a meta but that's a huge discussion about the limits someone should have and the impact of the competitive games under these (new) conditions. Can you ban someone for playing amumu mid/support?No ,not at all .You can play anything anywhere as long as you don't end 0/16/0 or something like that. Can you ban however someone for picking support and taking all cs with brand(or a strong wave clear mage) and going doran ring first item? In iron this is the average support player so i don't know .In platinum and above this is 100% trolling and will make the adc/other player in lane to either RQ or go double jungle and open bot , but is it against the rules or you can claim you have a different style? No idea.
: WTF is going on with nidalee.
She was always the same strong(has been a while since riot nerfed her) the problem is that she is not a champion "for everyone".She has very low win rates and i only see smurf players playing her in low elo. Now the problem is same as morde .You don't often see her and you haven't learnt how to counter her.It's the same as {{champion:101}} support for me,i played like 2-4 times vs him and haven't found yet a good way to play against him . Is she really good? For me no ,i never had issues playing against nida in low diamond-low platinum .I would say graves is better than her and hard to deal with sometimes while being also used by smurf players a lot. Is she balanced? Not sure as i said some players maining her and are beasts with her but in general for the average player she is terrible and not worth the time ,there are just easier and better picks.
Lari (EUNE)
: Ok i know it was an obvious bug but you can not accuse the players for it or ban them. Because at the time they payed the cost of the capsule that Riot set. In an imaginary scenario where the player is not a smart one he may have thought that 1BE was the actual price of the capsule, you can not blame him and that is why they will not revert it.
I do agree with your imaginary scenario but there was an announcement over the price still yes anyone can claim this .However over companies wouldn't say "it's our fault but yours for not informing us after you notice it was a bug to remove the items /skins from your invetory in time and let us waste time to find out after months ". But still my problem is more the fact "why riot has no a protection system" .They just shouldn't do these mistakes or pass out so easily .
Lari (EUNE)
: Yo chill it was just an error anyone would buy free capsules even you. Whatever happened is in the past, you always have a choice not to buy these capsules no one forced you to spend your money on this. If you feel like you wasted your money because of this error you are fouling yourself. Buying skins champs chests etc is a waste of money. Chests are a luxury most of us play the game for fun, from season 1 to 6 people played the game even though there were no chests
> If you feel like you wasted your money because of this error you are fouling yourself. Buying skins champs chests etc is a waste of money. > Chests are a luxury most of us play the game for fun, from season 1 to 6 people played the game even though there were no chests The thing is that if it was a waste now after that's a total waste.Before this bug i would say "well you can get my skins that i bought for free if you get lucky with re rolls " but now it's more like "just wait till riot mess up again their store and exploit their bugs". I mean i would also be against if riot made all old skins free while i paid for them without giving me something back (even a flair would be enough tho like champion riven season 2 got ). **They have all the rights to do that yes it's their game after all.** I am just surprised seeing a company who runs a big game doing such a blunder .Wonder what's next ...being able to login to someone else account because riot messed up their coding? When it comes to the actual game yes nothing changed but still why would someone expect this bug will not occur again?They already proved how terrible their coding is xD > Yo chill it was just an error anyone would buy free capsules even you. Not those who read the TOS,you can get banned for exploiting a bug .Getting 1-2 capsules might be ok but those with 100+ for sure they knew it was a bug lets not lie about it .
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Question of the day(1 BE Capsule Bug Related)
No skins, revert what happened .Even if riot made prestige nami..i would still not buy that skin after what happened ,riot can't even have a back up system for the fundamentals parts of this game after 10 years? It's not like the other parts of the games are working perfectly oh wait: > ###**Small indie company {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}**
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