Solash (EUW)
: Quality over quantity
I guess so but what counts as quality? :(
: It is automated, but it's not bullshit. Flaming is forbidden. And you can't deny that you actually flamed. Quite extremely, actually. Telling others to kill themselves is a HORRIBLE thing to say that should never be said to anyone under any circumstances. That is not just "a bit" toxic, that's is really waaaaay out of line and very far away from being acceptable. This ban is absolutely justified and I am pretty sure, deep down, you know that.
I understand your point you made it nicely but it's 3 letters that was said jokingly during a game if you'd actually think that I would wish to have them kill themselves just because someone told them on an online game then what has this world come to? Please try to see this from my perspective I'm sure you can.
: > Like i understand that this is a bit toxic but _A bit?!_ If the three-character percent signs is what I think it is, that is not "a bit" toxic. That's straight-up telling someone to take their own life over an online game. That is _beyond_ scummy. Hell, even if it _wasn't_ a wish for suicide, you yourself say that there's still a degree of toxicity to it, so why are you even surprised that you got punished? EDIT: Yep, you confirmed in a later comment that the latter was a wish for suicide. And you're still surprised that your punishment was instantly so harsh. Good lord. > And for 5 sentences jesus what has happened to emotionally unstable people. You hurled an insult and told someone to take their own life. This is not a case of emotionally-unstable people, this is a case of you having the worst possible attitude in this community. Punishment deserved. Go away.
I try to see the point of your argument, but if you're that kind of person who get insanely upset from 3 letters then I just don't know what's in your head. Like it's 3 letters over a fcking online game. And people like you WHO get 3 letters censored just because they hurt your feelings inside your own little online bubble are the reason who make the community so poor.
FinKuro (EUNE)
: I got banned for 5 sentences.
Wow Riot censors the words puss*y and k y s
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