Sceizer (EUW)
: TRANSLATION title: Education in the League of Legends in Glimåkra Folk High School Are you eager to play League of Legends in a year? Search our education Esport and game idea. More info can be found at: (translated from google translator)
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: I have a bizzare build idea- PD Rammus
Grondorm (EUW)
: Please bring back featured spectates
: Weather in league
weather effects and maybe champion voices only option or something like that :D
: Shen Players Stand United! :D
Lux Lux (EUW)
: Block them. Easy :)
CV Selfieee (EUNE)
: Alpha Client rune pages and their new design
needs more ... zazz - {{champion:202}} :D
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: Keyfragments on champions you don't own
: Soooo it's a pantheon club then? or mybe i'm just dumb and i just don't get it at all {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Anyway i don't think anyone should judge others for anything, especially if they don't know them
: I am doing a giveaway because i am feeling generous
hey i tried adding you, but you're friend list is full :( {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} (rip RP )
Naerra (EUNE)
: Ranked queues still remain way toxic and unpleseant, maybe more than before?
12a12b12d (EUNE)
can you ask your to gift me some free rp , please? :D
Wuju StyIe (EUNE)
: Bulgarian Language on the website


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