I hold left click and move it on the minimap while I hold it, instantl fixed.
EmEx (EUW)
: Are you allowed to steal cs from your adc?
If someone dont wants to follow the adc / support meta, its fine, nothing against the rules, if he wants to farm for himself, sure he can, its not like he gonna get swated if he takes the cs away from the adc...
: I think it was cdikiller@hotmail.com and that's the problem I don't remember the year probably 2012-2011 :( {{champion:32}}
Well, u see the "Support" button above, click it, and go account recovery, and tell them all infos u know. Dont bump the ticket, it might take 1-5 days to asnwer
: Trying to receive my old account back :(
What was the email u used when the account was made? Also payment methods, vertification email, and the date dont has to be 100% accurate but atleast the year has to be right.
: Scared of ranked.
U want my honest opinion? Normals r alot more fun, rankeds r serious, maybe at start u wont feel it, but later u will see, how it will affect u.
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Exactly, he was changed.
Well, yes W now heals + crits on third attack
: every 3 third hit is heal mate,not critical hit.plus i was doing these criticals while my first skill was E at level 1
Well, W is supposed to do crits now, but if u say that u had E dno...
: What exactly is your question?
He means, that EU servers once were one, and when they split it into EUW and EUNE all had 1 free tasnfer, looks like they removed it in s6 for unkown reasons.
: This is completely off-topic of LoL, but I need help
ask her out fk it, and risk it ... but dno u go in the same class so it might suck alot if her asnwer is no >_>
Rioter Comments
Silisa (EUNE)
: Because a number of junglers prefer to play farming simulator for the first 20 minutes, leaving their team to play 4v5 in that time (ironically, the opposing jungler decides to play the opposite and seemingly camps all lanes simultaneously).
That is so wrong, how many times my whole team goes 0/10 instantly none gnaks them, they simply lose lanes 1v1, 2v2 but ofc flame the jungler, even after I do successfull ganks, its not enough. Its easier to say NOOB JUNGLER then to work on own mistakes, but thats how life is. Its alot eaiser to blame someone else for failures, but yourself.
: > kappa ˈkapə/Submit noun noun: kappa; plural noun: kappas the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Κ, κ ), transliterated as ‘k’ ASTRONOMY the tenth star in a constellation. noun: Kappa "Kappa Orionis" BIOCHEMISTRY denoting one of the two types of light polypeptide chain present in all immunoglobulin molecules (the other being lambda). modifier noun: kappa um..... so............
Wth u just googled god knows, let me explain it to u. Lets say: You r a nice guy KAPPA = You r not a nice guy, I am so rich kappa = I am not rich at all. Do u get it now?
Âzaq (EUNE)
: I have played from other peoples computers,but dont they look at the mach history? Its not like a i have 10000 wins and 10 losses,im a normal player. I have sent 5 tickets from the 13th to 17th and no reply...idk what is happening here.
Dude third party program dosent mean that u have aimbot lol, MKjogo can get u banned lets say if u use the skin modification, that will not give u ANY lead in the game, but still its bannable, cause u change the game/clint with it.
: relay... urgot is so under powered even though he is getting a buff with this R: Now additionally fears nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds after the channel ends.
I think u have no idea what the word kappa means, maybe google it ;)!
: Funny comment, this is a game, it's not real life. Anyway though, people need to grow some balls, if anything I said in those chat logs genuinely offended someone I really feel sorry for them, all I did was complain about their gameplay which was atrocious not flame :P
Idc, if it will offend me or not, but its annoying when one scrub comes and insults everyone and focus on chat instead play, cause he cant control himself
: Just got perm banned ^^
Good luck playing, rito are running this game into the ground xD They banned a flemmer, I dont think so :)
: things riot nerfs
Finally the Urgot nerf, about time kappa
: Please bring back the pop up!
Idd, its like I go FB for 5 sec = kicked out :D
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:40}} Well, if u ask me Janna is the best support atm, I feel like that only Janna is able to peel enough hard against the current meta. I also enjoy the GJ JANNA :D {{champion:8}} I always used to love Vlad, I just enjoy him the most of all APs, nice brust, tanky, utlity, he has everythin needed! {{champion:23}} I remember when I bought him when I just start to play the game, everyone was sayin "trynda broken buy him" cuz I was new at the game, I had no idea whats he doing, but after I saw that he just has to right click to kill, defuq op xD, but now after I know how to trynda, he can easy do a really game changing ult or split push, and if not a hard counter at top, he will for sure carry.
RainbowFegg (EUNE)
: so i got 10 games chat restriction for this?
Just 10? I would add one more 0 ^_^
: I lost jungle because I cant find madrods razors
:D old times, nice times :D Anyway, that guide is a few years old I guess
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Looking for group to play ranked with tonight
: Whats your best or rarest skin?
Dno, I bought The Magnificent TF 2 - 3 years ago, dno if he is still avaible >_>
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: To those who defending curret automated system.
I am not toxic, so I never had a ban, someone flames me in-game I report, and get 1 min later the pop-up for cleaning the community, the system works well.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Yeah but how many times people throw free harrass and insults just because someone plays Riven? It's like logging in and seeing a thread called "You, yeah you.... fuck you" every time. It's not nice.
Tbh, I got harrased alot by Riven mains, cause they losing lane :)
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
Well took me around 2 years to get all champs, but anyway, they will not give us more IP, because its a F2P game, and they want u to buy it with RP, if u dont like it with IP.
: Heh ADC main arent you? He cant oneshot ADC under 0,01 anymore - he doesnt have enough dmg to do that. However thats not the point I want to talk about. Rito destroyed Rengar as a assasin and champion generally. He is not fun to play due to his clunkyness. His mechanics are not reliable and his stealth is not even a stealth anymore. This Rengar is like a playing poker with shown cards. You can win a round if you have Royal flush but you can win only blinds not a pot. *reasons for editing: grammer and spelling mistakes
No I am not adc main, but watchin how rengar 1 hits my adc apc , or anyone who has 3k hp in 0.01 is silly.
He is still too strong, and able to 100 > 0 anyone on 0.01, I suggest only more nerfs.
: Increase Bans and buff towers
Look whats funny, there is always a smart scrub who tells me "more champs would mean more bans!" No, just give 10 overall bans? Why not? Every player should ban 1 champ, now u gonna say "What if someone counters a player by banning everything he knows to play" ah cmon please... I reallly suggest 1 ban per player, or atleast if nothing give us 8 overall so 4 bans per game, and those turrets r a jk atm, a few years back, u had no ballz to dive towers lvl 3-5 cuz guess? They nuked u instantly, but now, its just silly, grp mid and push the squshy dmgless turrets...
ulluMulu (EUNE)
: NO1 Cares About flamers !!!!!!!!
I am not a flammer, I didnt had a CR for like 2 years, and never a ban, still I had a nasus last game, who kept blaming and flaming me, cause he is losing lane 1v1... Edit: Anyway, do u know why muting is not an option? Cause, why I must mute a teammate? And lose a huge part of communication? Cause he cant behave like a human?
True Sight (EUNE)
: Random adding and "Reported, hope they ban you for good message"
I had alot of ppl who tried to add me after a game to flame me, he flames me all game long, after the game, he dares to add me to cont. flaming, I just decline, but if I see that he spamms the fr req I just block
: i need my account back riot plz
It dosent matter if u put 5000$ or 5$ same rules for everyone, anyway if the reason for the ban is behavior, then I am afraid, but they will not lift the ban ever.
Hresvelg (EUW)
: ***
Thats not true tbh, they dont BAN instantly always, they first warn u that sharing is against rules, and that if u do it ever again or u lose acess to the account, they wont help u with it
: you bought jhin, then refunded him and after that you bought him again.... you just wasted a refund for a truly bad scam {{item:3070}}
I did the same a few years back, I bought Riven then refund her, and bought her again just to refund her again, and all that in less then 30 min >_<
: Why is it always EUW with the server problems.
: How much longer until we get pure solo Q? Another game with a toxic premade.
Well, its weird, they add triple, quadra, penta que, but not solo que
: Valentines Day! Post your Champion couples
{{champion:81}} {{champion:44}}
Kendorito (EUNE)
: Planning to go to another region. Any idea which?
Dno m8, its not like EUW bronze is any better, and the other regions r just dno... not really that serious lets call it so, so the only legit region for u is EUW or EUNE, well NA wont fit your time zone, rest of the regions has low player base, so if u seek for skill dont go there...
: Gifting Center
Jeez, just give it time, try in 30-60 min again, or tomorrow, cmon the world will not end if u dont get the gift now...
i eat pussi (EUNE)
: btw I am Shen Permanent Account Suspension i eat pussi, Your account has received a permanent suspension following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ engage as soon as i get 6 yes stalkers blade ur noob maybe that's why mundo taking blue omg that's a waste of time shut the fuck up and let me play take mid ... no idk this mundo is so big shit you should stop calling retarded objectives stop retards u stand no chance if u retarded fizz keep roam i cant do it alone 5 2 10 Shen no help Please give me cancer 4 ks Please give me cancer i have better kda then any of you why u call me bad extreme mexanics ez and fizz Confirmed retarded ezreal? I think yes Confirmed first time mundo? I think yes Better say shen is a crap HE only wants to ff This game is cancer FIZZ AND MUNDO STOP DOING BLUE WHAT THE FUCK ur noobs janna is fine everyone else is trash ur trash mundi is garbage as is worst piece of shit here can u say anything else except let's ff? are u that bad u piece of shit pathetic ezreal i make u angry oh baby go afk and cry like a piece of shit u are .... push out lanes pro Sigh? ward baron i will do dragon since i have tp lol ur so bad i will literaly cry mundo want me to go more like that mundo? like you ? guy cant land sinle axe janna had to flash lol baron please do baron fucking retard retard because he is as retarded as you you have 13 deaths he has 10 like wtf im carrying you please shut up help retards omg :D DID U ULT ON GAREN U FUCKING DICKSIHGT Pro fizz tb can u use all abilities after i do ezreal op U hit me 720 And i have thronmail lol GG WP honor ez for free win ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your behavior means you are no longer welcome in the League of Legends community.
LOLed, agree must be a system failure u r totally fine!
i eat pussi (EUNE)
: they were premade 4 from what i got in champ select and i did not want to top since i chose mid and jg so they were bashing the shit out of me for basicly anything i do then adc started feeding intentionally typing lolololo xd,if that does not deserve to be said ur fucking trash than i dont know what does but yeah I tought they should display all graphs ,if you ask me permanent banning a player that trashtalks is bullshit but it aint my game so whatever is cool hahah
First of all, no if someone is trolling u dont have the right to call him trash, just report him after the game, u got permanently banned for reasons, u did not show any sort of change, u first had CRs then a ban, and yet u still flame? How come I myself never had a ban? Im playing 4 years, never a single ban, ofc I too lose control over myself here and there, thats normal, we r all humans, but I dont keep doing it every 2. game, if someone flames u, mute and report, but talking back, is not a help, premade reports count as one, means u got reported games b4 that one too.
i eat pussi (EUNE)
: Automatic perma ban
What do u mean "whole log"? The ones who insult u, will also get punished aswell, its not u against the world, u were toxic and got banned, the one who insulted u, maybe got a ban aswell...
Molemir (EUW)
: Stolen account and possible permaban
Hmm, well not Long ago, my account got hijacked, coz I was enough dumb to get myself a keylogger, anyway the support was fast, and the recovery successfull, they also used to rename me back, and to earse all RP and things the lets call him suspect bought, but anyway, dont get me wrong, I hear the First time about a link that makes u "log somewhere else" and also if u click links the clint will ask u "Are u sure that u want to open the following site" and u have to confirm again "Yes"... better be honest, I mean those ppl who work at Riot r humans, and not robots who have no brain >_>
T0pic (EUW)
: "Happy" to hear that im not the only one. do you have any more info about the bug? really want them to fix it soon.
Well, not really any usefull info, I just couldnt pick a champ to ban tried to click 20x but nah, tried to ban 50 random champs but couldnt select any, even tried to filter someone, still didnt help, so I got kicked >_>
driow123 (EUNE)
: My friend lost it.
Is it a LoL friend or real one friend? If real life one, then he needs help If u ask me, anyway I do not care who took my lane or who did this or that, I want to win, so I gonna do a leash for Adolf if needed ...
: Account has been suspended without reason?
You probably using mklol/jogo right? If so, then remove it or that one day might turn into perma.
kírts90 (EUW)
: Can you guess which is the new champion with the lowest winratio in game?
He was broken more then broken, but the nerf hit him too hard, but its kinda hard to balance him cause of the weird kit he has, I suggest a rework again..a smart one
T0pic (EUW)
: New Champ select is stuck
I just had the followin problem, I was not able to pick and lock the ban, while I was able to chat
Barty (EUNE)
: Master Yi as devourer/bruiser is way too strong atm
Well, Yi / Udyr if they get early lead and make the stacks fast, its kinda funny how they r able to destroy everyone...
its lit fam (EUNE)
: Frucking hell Riot Games
I have striker lucian only niceo ne rest sux ballz :D 70% off anyway, will get it today or tomorrow, hope it wont change xD
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