: If she went with the grasp/Ravenous/taste of blood + proced vitals she will heal a lot.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello notalma5 Sounds like something is blocking you from accessing the game, maybe antivirus or some problems with your router, even when everything else works. Let's see if we can solve this for you. Please share me you're LeagueClient log, so that i could take a look at your issue: Make sure you choose the correct **LeagueClient.log**, look(click) the image below to see which log to take: https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FgohjJjj.png%5B%2Fimg%5D&key=a45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b&width=300 * Go to "Applications/League of Legends/Contents/LoL/Logs/LeagueClient Logs" * Select the latest "LeagueClient.log" file * Open it using notepad or a similar program * Select everything (ctrl + A) and copy it * Go to [pastebin.com](https://pastebin.com/) and paste the content there * Set the expiration date to 1 week * Submit it * Share the link with us
https://pastebin.com/3cEJjXem hERE IS MY try to found me reson why its same happened to me
: Don't worry its not your PC's fault, many people are experiencing this since problem. Hopefully Riot fixes this low FPS problem.
Thy say on this patch thy will fix it and after update i relly can ply game normal but last night when thy do something and again fix something thy again make same %%%% riot thy do nothing i have the same problem since 7.22 patch
: use tinder smh.
gtfo kid xD
Mìmo (EUNE)
: When she ask u lets play rank? haha trust me they are fun for Aram but normal or rank just do not play not worth :P
i belive you xD but you dont know mybe she have more skill then me XD
: any specific reason it needs to be a girl? x)
Well i love girls :D it can be women also XD
Mìmo (EUNE)
: I was playing 2/3 years with one girl and it was really hard...... i mean it is good if she is supp main but if adc or jng ....... adc with {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} _hard time _ .
then we will just ply normals no ranked xD no boost xD
: am looking for 2 egirls to play league with, need to be cute and hot and some what decent in gameplay... if someone fills this requirements pls contact me PS: 2 egirls better than one egirl
I dont think so lets found one frst hahaha
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: Minion - DROP FPS
Here is the same thing when i ply normal sumonoer rift after 5 min my fps start droping to 20 fps doesnt metter if its on low or hight before i ply on 60 caped witouth any lag now i cant ply normal but when i ply aram or futur game is fine everything ...
: It's a memory leak problem for sure. Not only concerning ram but also your cpu. Look at your graphs and you'll see that the more you spend time ingame, the more spikes you get either on your memory and your cpu usage.
i check everything and everything is up to date and fine i ply other games on high fps except leag :)
: I think many tickets have been sent about this issue, so annoying that it affects a bunch of us. Riot need to check if there is a memory leak in the system that effects our pcs. P.s I have a GTX 1080, i7-4470k and 16GB RAM. and of all games for an fps drop it is league. i can play max settings on all other games except lol. {{item:3070}}
I send 4 tickets still waiting answer {{champion:107}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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LZ Jayce (EUNE)
: FPS decrease and lag spikes,after patch 7.22
same shiet here same problem as %%%% after 5 min game its droping so hard and patch 7.21 its was 100-120 now is 20 and yea i test aram on aram and twisted tree lines its normal fps just on sumoner rift blind pick is %%%%ing disapontment ...
kalima994 (EUNE)
: 99% sure this is a troll post, i mean...how can a homeless guy play games?
Well i use that word because in soon time i can be that so i feel it like that have nowhere to and i have nothing i still have my room and 25€ per month thats all what i have and i can loos it in next hour or nexd day or next week what then ?
: > [{quoted}](name=athioos,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=1BNKEUOe,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-03T06:14:57.257+0000) > > Well guys since 2015 my story start like this ... > 2015 i got big problem in my country so i was suposted to leav itand never go back well i make desision to go to germany acctualy berlin ..since 2015 im on asylum in berlin because of my country im from bosnia and my problem was with police for no reasone because i save one girl from beaing mourder from one mafia clan now thy want me but my country cant save me so i leav everything and come to berlin thats is shoort story.. > Now in berlin im 2 years my german is not so good and my english is not so bad but after 2 years having pain and not seeeing my family at all and leaving at shiet haim i got declain my asylum apllication now im acctualy homles i have nobody and nothing i have nowhere to go but im good leag player well if somebody can help me.give me some job i will do anything so rito esport or somebody i hope will be nice man and help me thanks for reading this... > 😔😔😔😔😔 I would love to help, I was in a situation little over 1 year ago were I got kicked out from my home (had a relationship that went sour (wont go into details about it though since i still respect the woman that did this).. I sleept on the streets for 45 days, but i got refused by the social services for help, since they did not want to help me get an apartment. I went to the newspaper and they did two full length articles about me and an farmer found me and took me in, I currantly live in an cottage the farmer owns. I siezed the moment and got a job here at the farm as a lumberjack and got myself a girlfriend.. So i can relate, you are homeless from the date of january 2018, so here is a small guide what to do! Here is a guide for you to follow step by step! 1. Get an Attorney - the state can get you one probono - check extrediting treatys, since your in danger - your life is in danger - there is a chance that they cant send you to your home town if they send you back. 2. Appeal theyr decission, gives you maby an extra year. 3. Contact media, such as the newspapers - they might be eager to help you since its an unique story compared to war stories everyone hears about! 4. If they send you back, try coming to my country, Sweden, If this is the next resort! 5. If in Sweden, contact newspapers here and tell your story when homeless - the church will take you in, they give you a PO. Box at the church and give you your mail (this is the same in all countrys as fare as my knowlage goes), sure this means you need to sleep on the streets for some time - but ill prepere you for this, I got quite some knowlage of this. 6. NEWSPAPERS!! get as much newspapers as possible, when I was homeless there was a storm brewing, snowstorm, coldest winter in sweden for many years, I stached up on free newspapers and rolled em up to small balls, and shoved em into my clothing, everywhere there was room, this works as insulation, keeps you very warm and also makes surfaces softer to sleep on!! since Im 6ft3 this was my option, to tall so sleep on stairs!! 7. HIDE FROM THE COPS! - Its illigal to sleep in public places, it's an offence!! - Try to find bushes somewhere for windcoverage and places to hide your stuff when your away for food hunt!! 8. FOOD and NESSESARITYS! - there are places you can go for food - We got something called Stadsmisionen - its a place you get a warm meal ones a day - except saturdays and sundays when theyr closed! - It will cost you money, but like 0,5 euros for 1 cup of coffee and 4 slizes of bread with cheese and vegtables on like paprika, tomatoes, leddause.. but optional (this i did alot) big food stores have strict throw away food policy - meaning one day or two before the expire date on food runs out, they have to throw it away.. YOU ARE ALLOWED to dumpster dive there and take theyr food they threw away, its not bad - sure it might be discusting, but face it, starve or EAT! 9. KEEP updated on social media and keep govement contacts close, bugg them everyday for aslong as your homeless, the newspaper will help you here too, when they are anoyed enough, they will help you - be a needle under the toe nail for them! This is all I can help you with, im sorry if this is not the help you wished for. //YourEvilness - Rickard
Thanks i will try to do something like you say if its help me i will post back thanks a loot 💜
Altiverse (EUNE)
: (in case this is real) Riot help this guy. I'm pretty sure Riot has (or had) an office in Berlin.
Thanks for understundig me 💜
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: right now i am pretty big depression and i cant smile so no i cant imagine but you are going OVER THE WALL what i mean is that you go too deep in a place that no one cares about anything also your story is pretty much exaggerated even if you are in bad state of your life you shoud try anything other than playing league. If your story goes out to be real the thing you can try is search a place where you could be helpful Berlin is a big place you still can find something.You say you got internet so use it but not for league bcs it will not help you anyway you still got 2 montch.. I was going to get this as fake mostly bcs that one reason i save a girl from a murder or the murder was idiot or i am not sure what you got in yourself but it just sounded so exaggerated. (the fast one league community cant help you reddit will be more usefull even if you can just search work in berlin.) dont become drunk from youtube thats all you have to NOT do.
I never get drunk by youtube wtf well you dont belive me let me say you my story.. One night in bosnia i was wallking with my dog outside araund 01:00 night and i was hear that somebody screaming araund one corner in one building there was 3 guys hitting one girl i was go there to check it what is heppend and i see that when guys see that i use phone thy run because i call police .police come thy take girl and take she to hospital after some days police come to my home say me story that girl take drogs from that guys and she didnt pay for it so thy found she and want money but she didnt have so now in that time i must go to justic and say my story after everything what i say police check house of that guys and found some drogs and guns take them to prision but thy have guys outside thy 3 time try to kill me once in ban i get hited by knife and survive 2 time thy come to my flat and destroy it luck is i didnt be there police cant do nothing to save me if you know how is police in bosnia thy dont care so i was suposted to leav everything to save my self my english is not so good but you will understund probably..
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: "RIGHT NOW I AM HOMELESS"doest mean that you got a place to live i dont really wanna go too deep with this...
How will you feel if you get post that you most leav country in 7 days but you can sty in your own risk like me unitly my auswais dont go off so if police come i must leav this place and never come back if i back securiti call police and everything is over so its almost same anythat that thy come where should i go its winter almost ? Right so if i say homles it can happend today tommorow or for some days right its depend when police come right but when you know your future its same like it heppend today so i say it like i feel it like that right now its just about time
: For him to be legal, he needs a job contract for at-least two years, if I am not mistaken which no one will really give. It's a hard situation people are swindled over job contracts(e.g; employer taking X amount of money and then showing to apply for the work VISA and after some time, not fully going through it). And no one really gives job easily, this is not a single incident there are thousands of people in the same situation as his (not all play league of-course, meant it that they don't know english or german that much). I recommend some how, he should get into another country and apply asylum there, but that is risky, if he gets caught he will be deported. He should have applied for University/College while his Asylum was being processed, with which he could have applied for student visa after his Asylum got cancelled.
Well thy not alowed me to styudi or work and if i want to styudi i must have 10k€ on my back acc so i can financire my self there is no other solution or if i get somebody how will give me safe contract that i can work it will help then i got visum easy but i must cance everything what i got from goverment ...
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DaahRealLeon,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=1BNKEUOe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-03T06:18:57.830+0000) > > i cant really tell if this is a joke or not. :I i count is a little bit spam to lose some of our time you can count it as whatever you want..
You mean that i spending somebody time just for no reasone i spend time on this acc so much so im not sceried if any of riot gm will ask me to show him my documents in private inbox there is no problem i will pic everything and show and if i lie he can just ban me for ever im not scaried of it i have no reason to lie i didnt see my 2 sister and mother father and other family for 2 years can you imagine that my grandfather die and my mother is sick and i cant go there to see them what you think about it put your self in my postion befor you judge me or somebody else 💜
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: shoud i ask you why do you have over 20 games in a 2 day period WHEN you say you are homeless...
Yeah i will answer you that question i have 20 games and more over one day becausw i live in room who is 13m2 and i have internet but i can stay there unitly 8.1.2018 unitly my auswais get date off so i have 3 months to found solution or i will be homles and if you are interesant thy not give you apruvment that you can work and thy just give you 25€ per month enought that i can buy net and yeah i have free food but i cant go anywhere no money for tickets that i can travel over city and found something i dont want to steal something or to be puniament by goverment because i cant buy ticket to leav this place and i dont live in midle of town im outside of it so what to i spend time plying games and finsing solution on internet i cant even leav my room i mean i can but where to go witouth money so im suposted to sty in room and just pick up 25€ per month if you think im lying or something i can pic all of my documents and post here and also that 3 monthss what i have more is not 100% sure that thy will not deport me thy can come anytime at night an deport me ao i ceep not sleeping at night that i can see police and escape it so what will you do in my situation so i have 3 months here just with food and you guys i dont wan to do bad thing just legit stuffs so im looking for help not for judge me 😕
Rismosch (EUW)
: Man, one time I try to be supportive and I fall straight up onto my face :(
I feel you bro 😔 but life is hard im so confused now i have so short time to fine solution i need som job or something that i can sty here i have nowhere to go 😔
: > I suggest you stay in germany. He got his asylum application denied, so he can't.
: i cant really tell if this is a joke or not. :I
Well i have no reason to joke with this things i can give you my fb so you can connect me and i can show you everything .😔
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