Fr33zerg (EUNE)
: Katarina still needs a rework
Her new Q is unfulfilling, and in late game, you're still reduced to "throw the dagger and forget", so the rework failed at that. Dagger zones instead of being useful for kat players, they're kind of requirement to keep the enemy in check. They are like Ziggs Satchel Charges, except they don't CC, and deal damage instead. They are either not procced at all (against counters), or procced all the time (dealing a horrendous amount of damage on the long run). They are also extremally annoying to play with and around for both Kat and her enemy, so it needs to be changed. W should fill the role of terrain-ignore ability, just like ward+shunpo did pre-rework. Now it is only a ultimate-booster, as the dagger falling on spinning kat makes her even more bursty, and making this extra damage unavoidable (stuns don't stop it). Alternate use is to push a lane, which Kat **do not need**. E refresh is making her waste cooldown. Giving her alternate version of Shunpo ability, this cooldown is not wasted anymore. Even if you don't like Q or W changes which I proposed, you certainly should give a chance about the E changes.
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Fr33zerg (EUNE)
: Game constantly crashes after Siege patch.
Please upvote thread for it to be seen.
Infernape (EUW)
: Try repairing or reinstalling the game.
Done it already. Nothing changes.
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: [Suggestion] New Items
Yeah, buff assasins even more. Downvote.
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: How to Katarina.
A simple image presenting a complete bronze douchbag and his understanding of the game. Kat have one of the highest required skill levels to play even properly. But you main malzahar.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: That's why this specific mastery is also getting nerfed :) Come next patch, it will trigger only against champions and not against minions or monsters.
(works only on ranged champions) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: That somewhat deals with his pre-6 damage too. I'm finding too often ganking him that a Q will take a ridiculous amount of HP off at just level 3-4, which is obviously bad given that you NEED to put this pain in the ass champ down ASAP.
Durfain (EUW)
: Move Yasuo's crit passive to his ultimate
The more interesting is the fact that one of new masteries - Warlord Bloodlust - now make yasuo heal 15% with each strike every strike. Give the hypercarry more sustain and hope for the best i guess? Something need to be done, because it is unplayable.
: New "Anti-Tank" item overkill
This item is a complete disaster. It will make going in hp/ap items completely unworthy. Cya Rylai. ... And Cya Ahri. You shall be remembered Vladimir. Item buffs ad assasins even more. Zed every game? Like it is not cancerous enough.
babyru (EUNE)
: same here cant log in to eune but NA etc work just fine
Server is online. Played yesterday without a problem. Today I can't log in.


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