RayleighTT (EUNE)
: lv 23 and already not catching lv 30 ??? ;)) ,looks hard to reforme ?
If by reforming you mean turning into a cuck who needs to accept any shit an idiot will say to him without fighting back because defending yourself is a right then no, in won't reform. It's not like im losing something important. This community turned into a communist shithole so screw it.
: Oh look we have internet fighter here. Loosing your mind to an insult from a person that is try to tilt you is beeing "strong" ? You did what he wanted. Like a puppet. And ended with 14 day ban. You showed you have weak mind and couldn't control your emotions.
Not at all. If i was an internet fighter it wouldn't be my first penalty. I simply don't accept insults and other type of curses about my familly. I'm not gonna be silent about that, im not gonna bow down about that. I dont' care what a pathetic loser tells me as long is not about my familly. Then i won't shut up. The only puppets are people that will swallow anything just so they won't get ''penalties''. Swalling all the censorship the dictators at Riot(came to this conclusion today after talking with other people about stupid bans) are implementing means being a puppet. They need to take another look at what free speech means.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Drops homophobic slur is surprised he gets banned Homophobia is literally illegal where i live lol But by all means keep going, i shall await your next post in 2 weeks where you get a permaban http://www.cypherous.com/popcorn.gif
You don't know what homophobia means. While he started talking about my mother, and throwing out the death wishes i can tell him whatever i want. I'll never say stuff idiots like him do because i am superior and since i can't break his jaw i'll call him whatever the %%%% i want to.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Using 0 tolerance words gives you an instant 14 day ban It doesn't at least half the time.
So i can make a ticket and maybe get unbanned? I literally have no other penalties.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Ofc you got suspended in 5 minutes That's how it works when you use a zero tolerance word And most of the time you won't get an instant feedback report when someone gets punished from your report So they most likely did get punished Anything else i need to clarify for you?
So what now on the next report even if it hasn't any 0 tolerance words or insults its just gonna be a perman ban? Just like that? Are they really turning full communist?
: I call 4 premades dumb, cause they were dumb and they promise they report me and I assume they did, nothing happen since I don't spam for 30 min, no use forbidden words, nor flame game after game. I always find funny the irony that in chat logs of toxic players it's always "you are reported" :D
What's the problem with that? I told them they're reported for starting to flame and insult and they just kept going and going.
: You are weak minded fool that gave up your self control and act like an ape with that person. If you would be strong you would ingore that person and just report him.
Ignoring a loser like that one is not being ''strong'' is being a cuck that its afraid to stand for himself and bows down to everyone. I guess being a man in 2019 its ''hate speech''. That's sad. For someone that its against toxic behaviour you have no problem calling me a weak minded fool. But i forgot we are on the internet and anybody can say whatever they want because they know they won't have to face the guy they're insulting.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Using a zero tolerance word gives you an instant 14 day ban Simple And how do you know that they didn't get punished
Because i got suspended in under 5 minutes while i haven't received any kind of notification about the players i reported.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Using 0 tolerance words gives you an instant 14 day ban It has nothing to do with the premades because 1 report = 4 reports etc And it doesn't matter who started it or what they said because you get punished for **your** actions We can only see the 1st 8 messages of yours, but i can guess that the rest of the logs were just as toxic This is 100% justified and fair
Game 1 In-Game Frank Castlë: we lost Frank Castlë: you are reported Frank Castlë: %%%gots Frank Castlë: imagine being so pathetic and insecure that you need to state that Frank Castlë: you'll play with no hands cause we are reporting you Frank Castlë: now muted Frank Castlë: good luck with that Frank Castlë: flamers Frank Castlë: back and def Frank Castlë: best flamer eune Frank Castlë: flamers* Frank Castlë: they're 2 Frank Castlë: malph Frank Castlë: get iceborn Frank Castlë: after rabadon Frank Castlë: easyest game of my life Frank Castlë: i played with no hands Frank Castlë: so easy Frank Castlë: losers Post-Game Frank Castlë: that's what you get for flaming Frank Castlë: cry manchild Frank Castlë: cry Frank Castlë: we are better Frank Castlë: and you lost Frank Castlë: bye now You are pretty wrong. Here it is. So i guess them provoking, calling us pathetic and slaves, losers, idiots for literally no reason isn't punishable? What can i say. Great community.
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