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: Yes. From my experience, it is like 75% of adc players I get are just too bad (maybe I am exaggerating, but it is surely more than 60%) and does nothing-no farm, no poke, no trade, no pressure, no vision but expect support to save them from all their bad positioning, do all damage and give them kills; worst part is even if they are given kills, they never keep the lead and just throw it away. Better part is to roam, help mid and jungler (top is too far away) and get atleast one of them ahead. Mostly it is jungler who carries and always help for crabs, drakes and against any invade. Only problem with this is the adc players will start wasting time in writing that support should be always with them and go 1v2 or 1v3 to feed even more.
Exactly. like, i don't want to feed any longer and i don't want to lane with a horrible ADC who can't CS properly, it's better for me to help other lanes (and yes while top is too far from my reach i still go there and help).
leyz40 (EUNE)
: a tip for u i was suport main to so tip 1 is to play a cerry support (zyra/pyke/brand/xerath) becouse if your adc cant cerry you you need to cerry them tip 2 try to make a premade bot lane you will have more fun and he will listen to you more tip 3 mute your adc and roam the map get vision and help your jng take objectivs tip 4 quit support i have played support and u quit becoseu most adc i got are laging or jsut teriel tip 5 if your top is fed and theyr top is feeding try to switch lanes so your adc can farm and try to get a kill or 2 i dont relly think helped but i tryed and i hope i actualy did helped u somehow.
Well i literally main Pyke and i'm still having the same issue with my ADC not going in when i do , even when i ping them. That's the main reason i go roam around and help others. Pyke is excellent for both support and roam.
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Eambo (EUW)
: If you go to - top right you can login to your PBE account and manage it from there as you would any normal account (Forgot password etc. :-) )
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Eambo (EUW)
: Yuumi Builds? How do you play?
> I've yet to get my hands dirty with her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How do you play when you're ahead?
There isn't really much advice to give , if the scenario goes like this. You win lane and you think it's a guranteed win, but most of the time your other laners don't do quite well and then you lose. not many players will listen to what you tell them to do, mainly becuase they are either tilted from last game or they just don't understand what you tell them in general. JG is also one of the main reason some laners lose lane. Neglecting lanes will often lead to a lose. And you have some champs that scale waaaay to better in late game than early, so even if they were losing early, they win late game most of the time. long story short, not much can be done if you want your team to focus on taking down towers, that is , win the game. i recommend you to: - Take a break from league for at least a day - Try communicating more with your teammates, if it's possible. This way, you can all form a strategy for a teamfight, like, who's ult goes first? who do you stun out of 5 enemies? who do you focus? and plenty more plans. Wins you more games. - Play with a full Premade team of your friends, that way it's way more fun and you're less likely going to lose a game. That's all of the advice i could give you right now. If you have any question you want answered and such, feel free to reply, i will usually try to reply as fast as i can. Sincerely, FunnyFriend23, also known as Steven. Have a good day and good luck on the Summoner's Rift {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Infernape (EUW)
: They won't update his visuals without touching his gameplay/kit. Maybe some time in the future.
well, what about Ezreal? only thing added to him was his W and his instant auto attack after using his E. His Visuals changed a lot , but not much for his gameplay, it kinda stayed the same.
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: it wasnt necessary but since there is more and more dmg in this game and that garen'w was buffed he needed to compete i guess
although that is true, but what are other top laners suppose to do? they can't always rely on jg as there are many jgs who don't really gank often and when they do, and if they get hit by Darius Q , Both of them , the heal is just too much to bare.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: One that I remember was in an AI game, where a group of premades - who had not yet reached puberty - asked another player if she was a girl, based on her summoner name. She confirmed this and, as anticipated, they began making snide, sexual comments towards her. When one of them outright asked her for sex, she replied in perfect English: >I'm sorry, but you sound a little too young for me. [sic] By the time I had stopped laughing at the sheer casualness of her response, I had an AFK warning up on my screen. ^^
you know this is a good one when you can't feel your cheeks and your stomach from all that laughing
: Dia 3 Support looking for team
I would like to join buuuuut i'm on EUNE which kinda sucks.
: one game i fed my ass on kassadin went 0/6 in lane and the ememy mid pyke and support vel koz kept typing ( ???) every time i died at around 30 mints they took all inhebs and towers and we they were ending they kept saying (gg ez noobs losers ez game ez life u %%%%ing suck and all that shit) but oir kayn got a triple kill and then we kept killing them with a late game kassadin and we won i finished 9/10
Neat! but i don't see a comeback to an insult, like , for example: Friend: your PP is like a tic-tac You, comin' in with a comeback: no wonder why your mom's mouth is so fresh xd
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Jemapel (EUNE)
: I can confirm this. I tried everything ( even underclocking my GPU ). IFreezings ( or MASSIVE FPS DROP) happens only in LOL. I reinstalled ( on another partition ), cleaned PC ( i reagularry do that anyway ), tried several nvidia drivers, Hexctech Repair, undeclocking GPU man nothing works....for me it started to happen since the latest patch...
SAME HERE WITH THE PATCH! I don't understand what is going on! i don't see any extra changes to the game itself except many champion tweaks.
: A Lil Game UWU
actually i have no idea.
: Your team got a clean ace, what do you do?
consistently spam in all chat "Crikey, mate"
: Thresh Lantern - Max-Range Circle Dissapears
this is also happening to my premade, he keeps complaining about it lol
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Zxsty (EUW)
: Every game lags at 7-10 minutes
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: We need a way to report players who abuse the pre-game lobby, because right now we have nothing. Personally I would add a system where if a player dodges a match, they get a notification asking them to state why they left the lobby. Options could include: 1. Queued up by accident 2. Had to leave due to personal issues 3. grieving teammates 4. Client bug Then if you chose the "grieving teammates" option, it would then ask you if you wanted to submit a report for it.
Riot: Bruh you're hired. My opinion, it's Genious! they should add that as well.
Akorahil (EUW)
: Teamfights would be a Painhymn. And they allready do such sounds during their death animation.
about the teamfight, you're telling me that people in the middle ages never shouted out in pain when they get stabbed throught the abdomen from a spear? just saying.
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: well, the buff is big but you also need to know how to farm (and if your enemy laner knows that he will harass you early to stop you from farming) the real problem with nasus is his slow. it lasts way too long and has a very short CD at high ranks. if you ask me what needs to be nerfed, it's his slow's duration. he can have all the stacks in the world but if you lower the duration or increase the CD of his slow, players will actually need to THINK when to use it instead of spamming it over and over, meaning he will be KITABLE
oooh god that too. Honestly they should at least make the slow duration last at least 2 - 2.5 seconds or increase the CD by a ton.
: People are just not used to seeing him strong. Just like {{champion:45}} (who can one shot people with 1 spell once he has enough stacks), he is designed to be that strong. In this new meta, games became much shorted so he wasn't able to reach his strength. That's why they needed to buff his stacking speed. Maybe they overshot the buff, but I can't speak about numbers since I'm not a balance professional. When playing against {{champion:75}} , you need to consider a few things : * Taking a team full of squishies and no cc against him is suicide. And just like any other champ, you need to take that into account in champ select * Nasus have no mobility and is weak early game and relies solely on his stackings. Which means that you need to freeze the minion wave and let your jungler camp him so you guys farm the nasus XD (this is not a joke) He have no escape so he's a free walking bag of gold. If he decides to stay under his tower. He will just lose all the cc + the stacks since you're gonna keep freezing. No stacks = weak nasus. * He is very predictable (like Garen). Everyone knows that a Nasus will walk toward you, then slow you once he's in range, then keep walking toward you. Once in melee range, he will Q you to death. He can never surprise you or do some fancy plays. Which means that you should simply take that into account and take more distance. If he is fed, you can either kite him or avoid him and be somewhere else on the map. Friendly reminder to everyone playing against a Nasus : You are not supposed to be melee range with him and fight him 1 on 1. This is called inting. If you take into consideration all those things, you'll understand that it's quite normal that he's very strong if he get to stack freely or get close to you. It's his right to be strong in his area of expertise (having enough stack and being in melee range of enemies) if enemies don't punish him for his weaknesses. Hope that was helpful.
Thanks and it was (although i'm sure i know about it). Like, as if Nasus was not OP enough.
: the fact that they said "low elo players aren't good at csing" to justify this buff spoke for itself.
Yeah but imagine someone whose god like at farming nasus Q in High Elo, Imagine that, dude.
: What is your age?
FIDDLE! i forgot i aged 16 yesterday ;C I picked 15 but whatever
: What's the most beautiful or best skin on League?
K/DA Akali has to take the cake uwu
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
How come these of people pass by unnoticed? that's seriously fu**ed up. Their wording was too much and i honestly wish i could pay a visit to these dudes.
: You're screaming over URF mode? It's going to be stupidly unbalanced no matter who is used.
You're not wrong about it, that's for sure.
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: and then they call you useless when you are 2 levels behind the enemy jungler because, let's not forget, if you end up in a bad matchup the enemy steals your jungle too. i mean, at least get the enemy jungle {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I totally love it too ! Catching enemies and saving allies is soo priceless ! You can also feel how much you're annoying your enemies {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Exactly! it's such a fun lane but i don't understand why people don't like it
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: Do You Ever Just Lose All Ability To Play The Game?
well, kinda. I'm losing the will to play League but it's the only game i play so i guess , i don't know.
: Farm should be removed from the S rank requirements
i strongly agree on this one. People today just keep stealing my jungle camps, wether i gank or not. They also steal my Vital Buffs! it's absurd.
: then they ping spam, you mute pings ? they spam your portrait for all chat spam , that literally shows trough mute all.
it doesn't trigger me tho, as long as they use pings for something useful, i'm fine with it.
: That's what I'm asking: what else can you do? In real world, if someone shows aggression to you, do you just stop your ears and go away like a pathetic vic? Or do you punch it in the face, answer to the aggression or go to the police? You have many decent options. And anyway, would you ever ALLY with toxic person to achieve any goal? That's almost impossible, until you plan to screw them later from the back. So here, the system is trying to punish you every time when you don't want to HELP and ALLY with person who is toxic and aggressive to you. This is just unbelievably mindless.
listen here, I don't plan on getting tilted by these morons that flame over the internet. I don't Plan on Arguing with them. i don't Plan to be mean to everyone. I don't Care wether someone shows aggression to me. It'll be their fault for doing so, not mine. I certainly would not feel wonderful to carry someones life on my Back. oh and one more thing Toxicity will never stop in this game. so face that fact. and understand it cannot be stopped. Thank you and goodnight.
Declined (EUNE)
: And here I was hoping to talk about chkdsk or sfc. Also, why do you assume people are slow readers, it took me max 2 minutes to skim through that monstrosity of yours?
Well heh, i don't really know why, it just felt like it would take a long time to read.
zxcvbnmmmm (EUNE)
: As a Pyke player, I LOVED this post and it's the best I have seen in days. YOur humor is great, on point and I hope Pyke is the face of the next TrivaGo ad
lol i hope so! thanks for reading it out man <3 there's part 2 as well of this story but uhhh... idk if it good
: It doesn't prevent them from spitting their swill in chat. It's just pathetic and self-deceit.
well what else would you do? spit fire on fuel? i don't Think so. /mute all is currently a better option.
: How do you fight with toxicity?
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