XeNvictus (EUW)
: But he was intentionally driving me mad spamming his emotes if he stole minion kills, or if I died. When I said stop taking my minion kills he would just ignore me, and the enemy top lane was going with him. Which too made me even madder.
so, if someone pisses you off in a game, they should immediately get punished because you have anger problems?
XeNvictus (EUW)
: I got perma band wtf?
**Let's Begin** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technically ur the troll, he got support, he decided to play adc, and u had the chance to leave champion select at that point, let him go adc, or pick adc and complain about it like a kid, u complained that whole game over one small thing? you deserved to be banned for that chat log, and u probably ruined the game more than that draven did, because u kept spamming "report" like a 4 year old every other sentence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also you are saying "this is full of more autistics" which is flaming, you are report calling, which u shouldn't do, you are basically putting your anger out by begging people to punish the dude that made you angry, not only that you also say that riven is 0/7, and flaming her too, ur saying that u haven't broken any rule, but during the whole game you are crying, report calling, flaming, and spamming, and u just didn't focus on the game, u only focused on making sure people understand how mad u are that Draven is a %%%%head. You said that Draven is crying, but all u did that game was to cry and beg to the other players. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, my impression of you by that chatlog, is that you are about 12 years old, you are bronze-silver, you think you are a god at this game, and that you are the best player, and you never make mistakes, you always seem to blame your team for every death you have. You seem very childish, and can't argue, you also failed miserably with your points saying that Draven is crying, while all u did that game was focusing on crying instead of playing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Honestly you deserved it more than Draven. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I give you my op.gg. Can you give advices what to improve next season? Or just come roast me
Play according to win rates compared to games played, helps u climb. Don't try new things in ranked before testing it in normals or flex.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello C9 LynX Are you still having this issue?
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Antony9 (EUW)
: So how the %%%% would i play those champions at a diamond level if i dont play them until diamond?
with the game knowledge u will get when u climb, u will know when to use sums, when to go in, how to freeze a lane, warding properly etc. that will help u alot when ur smurfing, with this in mind, winning the lane will almost be guaranteed. Problem is with low rank players that pick up high skilled champions is that they dont know how to freeze a lane, when to use sums, when to go in, etc. which results in them most likely losing the lane, and most people in that elo wont even know how to play teamfights correctly with their champions, neither how to counter build, so that makes them lose the game, they might know their champ, but because they dont know the macro parts of the game. Also whatever u choose to play don't be toxic, if u feel like playing yasuo sure go ahead but u rarely see people climb to high ranks if they just decide to pick up yasuo, zed, vayne, riven in low ranks, but when ur in diamond and know this already u both have games where u will improve at ur champ, and u will climb with it, so when ur finally comfortable at that champion, u can play it on ur main.
Antony9 (EUW)
: What champion should I one trick and what role should I play?
Anything but Zed, Riven, Yasuo until ur diamond + and smurfing in low elo :)
Antony9 (EUW)
: I have no ideia what role to main or what champion. I need help choosing
Renekton top, can't really go wrong with that. As of jungle, Zac, Hecarim are fun to play there, and easy too. Mid lane, Malzahar, Fizz, Lux, Annie are fairly easy to play. Adc, tristana, Ezreal are pretty fun, and support, personally I love Rakan, but Leona is strong atm, and not too hard.
: How to make this game less snowball and doesn't end at 15min +
I love 20min games, they are good and nice, and it's about how u played the early game that matters, not if ur teammate goes to ward and dies after 40min in game, and the respawn timers is so high that its basically lost.
Treycos (EUW)
: Not picking a meta champ => report What an awful mentality
no, we should ban Singed420 for playing Singed, it's so troll, and he is just huge troll towerdiving and farming behind enemies tower, wtf is he doing that for, even walking into the enemies base, holy shit, that guy probably bought his account.... *I'm actually not serious about this, it's just a joke*
: His build path is god awful, costs more than crit build and provides less.
oh congratz u looked at Dong Huap's video, ur such talented wow, its insane. Can u boost me senpai? Senpai know-it-all.
Vulpine (EUW)
: Ornn and ARURF
BunnyFuufu made a video on Ornn gameplay on URF
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iNLZEloY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-24T16:20:08.261+0000) > > Premades honor each other, why would u be toxic just because u didnt get that honor? It feels bad but really? it's just a game, calm down man... because its not just 1 game.and im sick of every %%%%ing nami and janna polayer that have nick sweet bunny or cute buterrfly or some other girl name having honor banner.this game is filled with singed haters and nerd virgins who spam honors to girls
lmao, nerd virgins who spam honors to girls xD
: Premade honors mean nothing. You need to be honored by non-premade player to get anything.
ye but they honor each other anyways
: Singed haters
Premades honor each other, why would u be toxic just because u didnt get that honor? It feels bad but really? it's just a game, calm down man...
Xiyador (EUW)
: I need some advice
take a break, watch some tips and tricks on youtube and guides, I recommend Dong Hyap, he has fun content and really good tips on how to improve, maybe u should try something new? I felt like I do too good as a jungler now and then, and started playing support, picked up Thresh, eventually got bored, played jungle again had a few good games, bought Rakan, and now I OTP him, and right now as I post this, my win rate with him is 83%, with 18 games played, I feel really confident when I play him, and he is hella fun to me, u just have to try new things, either in normal or if u feel like it, then ranked. Good luck!
: I got Team Spirit Anivia in hextech
Do u play Anivia? - Yes -> Upgrade - No -> Next question Do you like Anivia, how her kit is? and enjoy playing her now and then? - Yes -> Upgrade - No -> Next question Do you hate Anivia and never play her? -Yes -> Disenchant -No -> Upgrade Final question: Is there anything you currently have that u want to buy more than the Anivia skin? -Yes -> Disenchant -No -> Upgrade Or just save it and reroll into permanent
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: Did you create Ornn specially for LCS?
idk who came up with the idea to make a new tank that is so strong, like any other tank there is in this stupid game, what happened to the whole point of tanks using CC and peels for team, because apparently in LoL they still deal damage too... well get ready guys, a perma banned champion is coming out. Also being able to shop from anywhere? create his own items? let's teammates create their own items? Yeahhhhhhh boi, bring the late game please.... Not only is Cho'Gath, Maokai, Nasus and many other tanks and juggernauts still op, and doing their job + able to deal plenty of damage, now when u think they might get nerfed soon, Riot decides to create a champion that exceeds any others late game, not only for himself but also for his teammates. Riot first of all fix your mistakes, THEN make champions... Why are tanks making you so damn horny? Do you get %%%%% by making tanks broken...
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: You can do it, but by most its considered "A d!ck move"
ye most of the time I do it, he bans my champion, and I really don't care since I can play more than one champion, so losing my prefered champion doesn't do anything to me.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: No. It IS ultimately banners decision. They can request (by hover), but they cannot demand that any champion stays open. That said, unless you got good reasons - and can argue so (in a mature fashion) - it is sportsmanlike to let hovered picks stay open. "I don't like him" is an example of a bad reason. "He got good utility, and can pose a threat lategame in capable hands" is a good reason. _Same argument, really, but the phrasing is everything._ I'd ban someone for saying "u" in a Board post instead of "you" though. This ain't a chat, where acronyms and abbreviations are often necessary to keep the conversation going smoothly. /s
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LTPA08Pu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-06T18:34:07.933+0000) > > Good, then I will proceed to ban every Yasuo I see In Yasuo culture, this is considered a %%%% move
I know that, but if enemy team doesn't ban Yasuo they will pick him, and if we don't finish before late game, he will stomp on us anyways unless they lack engage.
: i'll be checking your future discussions for a post named "a yasuo one trick ran down my game for no reason whatsoever" post
I won't post that, because most of the time when I see a Yasuo he is not first pick, which means if enemy has a good yasuo and they don't ban him, they will pick him, almost everytime Yasuo isn't banned he is picked. besides if he is trolling just because he didn't get his precious 40% win rate Yasuo, then something is wrong with that guy, most of the time that I ban Yasuo's doesn't matter if he is on team or not, the yasuo will ban my prefered champion as revenge, which I'm totally fine with, since I can play alot of champions, and there is a report button for inting players anyways. If I really was tilted enough on afkers and leavers I would have made a discussion long ago.
House x33 (EUW)
: No, it's totally fine to ban someones hovered pick.
Good, then I will proceed to ban every Yasuo I see
: No.
Good, then I will proceed to ban every Yasuo I see
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House x33 (EUW)
: Because it's a game, if not play it for fun, then what for?
I am having just as fun with whatever I play if I know im good with it, winning for me is fun, if I want to play whatever champion I want, I would play normals, or custom games, ranked is not the place to learn a new champion because ur point of view of fun is to play whatever the %%%% u want no matter if u win or not. I expect everyone to be as good as me, and play their prefered champion, and play to win, not just take some random champion and don't care about win or lose. But this is just my honest opinion.
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: Which ap 4800 ip champ to buy??
Orianna/Malzahar/Syndra/Swain are really good right now. Orianna is the best teamfighter out of all these. Malzahar is the most viable champion, he can go top, mid support, and is really good at picking off targets. Malzahar is also anti-assassin, and anti-adc. Syndra is probably the safest pick, she can take out adc even when behind, and can stand behind team and still deal alot of damage. Syndra is also anti-assassin, and anti-adc. + has really good zoning. Swain is probably the best if your team lacks sustain, and he is also really viable since he can go top and mid, and is just really annoying to deal with.
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QuickJiiz (EUW)
: Ofcourse mate.. I've misssmited a baron/buff/drake.. And i take full responsibility for that. Missed an easy ability.. flashed into my own wall etc etc. But I can also admit without having an ego.. that my mistakes are at a minimum.. from the plays that i make. Ofcourse if a top tier player would see me play.. i'd probably make alot more mistakes.. The thing is, I expect ppl to be decent at best and that mindset bites me in the ass 99% of my games. it's simply all the same shizzle coming back, game after game after game.. > Getting an advantage and they think they're gods >> Lose the advantage cuz of their own greed, blame other lanes >>> Starts whining and throws away every lane or we have the classic one > Die lvl 2, blame the jungler when he's on the opposite side of the map doing his first double buff route >> No vision no objectives, blame the jungler >>> ff 15 minutes, report jungler and whoever fed the most that's LoL in a nutshell from my point of view, from my game experience.
"ff 15 minutes, report jungler and whoever fed the most" I swear to god kda players are more cancerous than people doing bad in lane... I could have won a game, if we grouped up and went baron, but nah 3 from my team were kda players and went chasing for the remaining 2 full hp people at low hp and unfed, and guess what? They died, and because of that it was me and another guy, they ended up taking baron because of the kda players hunting every kill in the game.
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Rioter Comments
: why is leveling honor such a big deal? just play the game, don't be an ass-hat and your fine, you'll level up after some time. i get the whole "we want flares and capsule" part of the new system but you cannot expect us to get the new free rewards this quick. a Rioter has said in a different post that basically it would take the whole season to reach honor level 5
I actually don't care too much if I get it or not, I just wonder when I'll get it, like how long does it take? because if no one gets it and it takes like 30 honors or something, it might be a bug but no one would talk about it since no one knew back then how long it would take, I'm just curious as to how long it takes, and why I haven't got it already turns out it takes longer than I thought, so guess I'll just have to keep playing.
Rioter Comments
: It's bullshit that he has 100% AP Ratios on Q and R. Especially the R given it's cooldown and being able to SILENCE someone. E basically doubles his AD also. V6.13 Rocket Grab Now pulls enemies 75 units in front of Blitzcrank rather than directly on top of him. Power Fist Duration reduced to 5 seconds from 10. Power Fist's empowered basic attack can no longer be canceled. Static Field Cooldown changed to 60 / 40 / 20 seconds from 30 at all ranks. No longer hits monsters while Blitzcrank is out of combat. It was MUCH worse when his ult was 30 at all ranks BEFORE CDR. > [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aVhstBlZ,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2017-07-09T11:46:56.667+0000) > > lets buff Thresh now so that he too can have fun and %%%% an entire teamfight up when he lands a Q on someone with an absurd hitbox that doesn't even look like it hit. Let's not buff Thresh. If anything, some nerfs would be welcome. He does too many things too well. He has never dropped below 52% win rate and has an absurdly high play rate. Riot you've nerfed Ahri because high play rate and win rate, You're nerfing Caitlyn (Thank god)... Now it's Thresh's turn.
I have no idea why Thresh would be nerfed, he is perfect like he is, not too op, besides his Q flies slow and is easy to dodge, Lee also has high play rate and decent win rate, Thresh and Lee both are stable, not too op, and not too weak, just the way it should be, besides Janna has a higher win rate than Thresh, and Blitz win rate is above Thresh's atm, and very close to 53% which is Janna's win rate.
: Because he got only two skills with these scale and Q is for all intents and purposes an ultimate...just check it's cost and cooldown...
9s cooldown with 45% cdr build, every 9s in late game u can force a flash or get a guaranteed kill, if the one who's playing blitzcrank atleast has a brain to calculate something, his Q and R as a full tank even in late game is able to do so much, mana cost in late game isn't something a Blitzcrank ever has problems with, and taking 40-50% off a squishies hp in late game is not op ok, cool. Also Thresh too has high cooldowns, a Q that is slow as %%%%, and has smaller hitbox, why not buff his scalings with Q,E, and R so that he too can do 40-50% of an adc's hp in late game with one combo, yeah why not man? while Thresh can save a teammate with W, Blitz can run to them and grab their ass instead so that they dont get to the one they are chasing, Thresh has knockback, Blitz has knockup, Thresh has a smaller range ult with slow, Blitz has a higher range ult that does more dmg and a silence, Blitz Q flies faster, bigger hitbox, Thresh Q is slower and smaller hitbox. So if they can leave Blitz with his current scaling and have fanboys complaining about the mana costs and cooldowns, then lets just buff every champ with mana costs and high cooldowns, lets buff Thresh now so that he too can have fun and %%%% an entire teamfight up when he lands a Q on someone with an absurd hitbox that doesn't even look like it hit.
: it's still a high mana cost, high cooldown (on his q) regardless
Does that matter? you can build 45% cdr and still be tanky and the Q would be 9s cooldown, and ur build gives u mana anyways, so a 9 second cooldown hook at max, for a flash or death in late game? isn't it absurd?
Infernape (EUW)
: His ult cooldown is BS lmao
100% death trap or force flash, hit Q, and people who argues with the mana cost? it's ridiculous if people are spamming an ability with 20s cooldown yet have mana problems with it, I really don't know how bad one can possibly be... if this is a problem in low elo where people thinks its good to spam every ability u have up, then u might aswell delete yi because he is op there.
Farce (EUNE)
: >there is no other tank support that has as good damage output as Blitzcrank EEEEXCEPT {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:223}} . Fair enough.
Thresh? LOL, only damage dealing ability with proper runes is his E which doesnt do shit late game, same with R, it's alot harder to land a Thresh Q than a Blitz Q. I actually think that a Blitz overpowers Nautilus too, and his scaling and base damages isn't as absurd, are u talking about Braum's damage? only way he can deals dmg is with attack speed, he can't solo an adc or take them below 50% hp with one combo, his ult also has higher cd, and he must reach his opponent to deal damage which Blitzcrank doesnt, since his Q is like 70% of the size as Xerath maxed Q, Rakan deals 0 dmg not even gonna talk about him, Tahm Kench has to reach enemy team too, so ur comparing a guy with huge Q range and hitbox that will force a flash or kill the one he grabs, to someone who has to walk up to them in meele combat, and has 2 forms of CC which all relies on him meele fighting for the 3 marks.
: high mana costs
good Blitzcranks will not spam Q in lane, they use Q wisely, and by the time he is prepared to land his next Q, he already has full mana, if this is seen as a problem in low elo, then why don't riot just nerf yi, because Yi is op in low elo too? Riot has no arguments as to why Blitz WOULDN'T get nerfed, his winrate is above Thresh's win rate and close to janna's already, and played in professional stage, just look at the arguments above and tell me that Blitz should stay as he is....
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: While he does have good AP scaling it's not really worth going for it, because tank blitz can do exactly the same and is not made of paper.
even then he is able to take out 50% of an adc's hp as a tank, and by the time he has finished his combo, his team is ready to pick him off... I was not talking about full ap blitz in this post, but if you get ahead in lane and decide to go even one ap item such as rylais or whatever, it's over for the enemy botlane, since his ap scaling even with one item in early game and with ignite + base damage on that ridiculous Q is enough to solo adc over and over.
: 100 Mana is alot but if he grabs you, you are displaced by more then 1000 units and the only way to escape is a flash which is 500sec CD and he has his grab on 20 Sec and building Mana on him profits his passive . One grab means flash, the other grab is 100% death. Insane range and the Hitbox is ridicilous. he synergises well with tank/Mana items, if he gets ahead he can burst a ADC or assasin almost 100-0. His Grab paired with the Damage and natural tankiness are obnoxious to play against. The only way to stop him is to rush him down since he has no peel. Here is his bigest Weakness. After he shoots his shit he has no abilitys for 20 seconds and is basicly a moving ward. Thats the reason why Blitzkrank support actually sucks. Because once he shoots his grab he cant do anything anymore and just get blasted away OR his adc gets blasted away since he has no means to protect him. So good blitzkranks need to evaluate if its better to Grab offensively or wait and Grab to peel.
I don't even see it hard to hit, I understand Morgana's Q scaling because she is actually a mage, and it flies so slowly so it's easy to dodge as long as u try to, but Blitzcranks scaling is absurd, I could counter the argument saying "Why doesn't Thresh have good base damage on his Q and E? when Blitz has?" It's even harder to hit Thresh Q than Blitz Q, Thresh Q does less job in teamfights, if ur not tanky enough and u dont have a team that is ready for an engage, u Q and go in and ur dead, Blitz just stands still and DOES THE JOB FOR HIS TEAM, While also being able to knock them up, then silence them, and only this combo with Q,E,R even if he doesnt have ap is about 40% damage taken, as an utility support. Also if people don't know how to play Blitzcrank properly in low elo, then why is it a problem? Yi is a big problem in low elo, yet they don't nerf him because he sucks in high elo, Blitzcrank even has higher win rate now than Thresh, and is now suddenly being played in professional stage, which Yi is not. it's a 100% grab if u just run into enemy use E and then Q, if enemy has flash, u can just wait it out since he will think that u will use it instantly, and thus flashing away, and there u have a free hook, this champion is just ridiculous it doesn't need such ap scaling and base damage.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: It's absolutely not worth build the ap unless you are smurfing or your team is winning hard anyway. And even then it's questionable. You only get potential to burst one single target on your own and in trade you are glass. It's like saying full ap malphite is broken while it's obvious that building tanky does the trick better(unless again smurfing or just having fun). Edit: Sorry,missed the original point. As normal builded blitz he has good damge but hitting q is do or die. His whole kit revolves around hitting q,it's his reward mechanism. If he does hit he can burst hard,if he doesn't he does nothing unless you have positioned near him already. In early game sure,blitz can run with w but still he could end up getting kited and q is still dodgeable. Also the easiest way to destroy blitz is pick tanky support that blitz cannot ignore(leona,naut,alistar,taric etc.). Blitz cannot grab the tank or he screws his adc and if he somehow manages to grab adc he puts his own adc on risk getting beated up by enemy support.
Yeah, I know that, but even if ur not necessarily building full ap, even one item and you notice the difference, also if you run ap runes, you can almost one combo the adc at lvl.6
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: Getting out of elo hell by playing properly the role that has the highest chance of put you against a troll...is OBVIOUSLY a bad idea :D!
I actually don't see alot of trolls in botlane, most of them are trying, and pick something they know how to play.
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