: Wait did you answer to "And have you recently received any punishments?"? Riot doesn't give rewards to those that were banned
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Have you got a chest on Ahri and Pantheon this season?
: Did you get banned or punished in any way recently?
: Do you own her? And have you recently received any punishments?
YES,and i said bad,i have all 4 :(((
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Did you have a available chest? as you only can get 1 chest every 7 days.
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: I think I got or saw such a statement from Rioter once. They may have changed stance on it but I am not sure. Once it happens again (which it prob will soon) I'll make sure to come to the boards with it
yes but if someone rly changed his attitude ,he can get an revision on an another account and wow,i have my money back,i want another chance or my moneys back ,and thats a good idea,an real flamer WILL NEVER BE GOOD,just toxic,but im not more,but some people don t understand ...
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