: Go ahead.
sander here rito see my message?
: Go ahead.
how can i send my message now in rito support?
: Go ahead.
so now if i tell it at rito support they will probably not give it to me back?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man, Riot does not unban accounts that were given a permanent ban, you had plenty of warnings and chances so far. good luck with a new account if you make one. Besides why dont you post your chat logs of the ban and see how the community reacts to it ?
i think that they already know so they will nor change their mind :(
: Hey, I'm sorry to tell you, but permabans are never reverted. They are only used as a final sentence after several warnings. Promising you will never flame again doesn't change anything. You had several chances to prove you wouldn't flame, but you ended up ignoring them. There are things that cannot be solved by simply saying sorry. While it is friendly to say you are sorry, it cannot always be accepted. This time you had enough chances in before to prove you were sorry for your behaviour and now that you didn't prove it, your account has been permanently banned.
can i ask you something?
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