: Diamond lp gain
I Guarantee you they won't change even if you somehow manage to reach master/GM/Challenger. Ever Since patch 9.8 ranked is a mess. Before that i was earning 21-22 and losing 15-16 in Challenger which is quite normal considering the fact i'v had 56% wr. After that patch i and everyone else who was lower rank (in my case last season i decayed from d1 to plat 4 because during the season i didnt have time to play) started losing 21-22 and gaining 15-16 :). So my simple answer to your question is no it won't get any better just play 1 game per month to keep your rank until they fix it. I personally didn't care about lp this much that's why i played eventho i knew what was going on and dropped from 550lp to 150, then decayed 175lp to d1 75 and got 17lp for a win.

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