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Whitemana (EUW)
: Its gr8, they fixed all the major bugs, and i'm happy for this, specially for the scalling AP on R+Q, was the most annoying one. Thanks Riot. But if i may, since this post exist, with all the votes and multiple feed back, could be good if they fix the problem of turrets not shooting when they are fully charged, cause this one is still here. Its the last problem, and just a little one, but they did such a good job, deleting alot of bugs in the last 2 weeks, so its a good opportunity for them to do this last one too, while they are right in the middle of heimer codes.
so u want me to keep the post a little longer ?
: BUGS with Heimerdinger exist after the HOTFIX
Guys it is Fixed :D Thanks to all Heimerdinger Mains for sticking together behind our Big Turrent and for the up votes and comments (the fixes are live but are not mentioned in the patch notes) what i tested is the turrent now proc (apply) Ahri and Rylias effect and the R Q now scale with Ap like normal . So head up to the Rift and double kill the jungler and your laner and dont forget to use zonhya when things go bad xD i will delete this post after 5 days cause the bugs are fixed comment if u disagree. peace
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