: Unfarily Suspended
Game 1 In-Game ``` GaMMaThEpRos: ty GaMMaThEpRos: stop pinging GaMMaThEpRos: %%%%ing GaMMaThEpRos: stop GaMMaThEpRos: report me for what GaMMaThEpRos: lmao GaMMaThEpRos: not intentionaly GaMMaThEpRos: :p GaMMaThEpRos: so u cant report me GaMMaThEpRos: nope GaMMaThEpRos: im trying to help him GaMMaThEpRos: go cry more GaMMaThEpRos: im listening GaMMaThEpRos: i love your tears GaMMaThEpRos: i love your tears GaMMaThEpRos: cry more GaMMaThEpRos: rep ryze GaMMaThEpRos: toxic GaMMaThEpRos: ty GaMMaThEpRos: lol top lost GaMMaThEpRos: so mad GaMMaThEpRos: XD GaMMaThEpRos: k GaMMaThEpRos: ye blame the jungler GaMMaThEpRos: ok and? GaMMaThEpRos: im having a bad game GaMMaThEpRos: nah GaMMaThEpRos: yep GaMMaThEpRos: And if you keep on flaming i'll go int GaMMaThEpRos: so shut up GaMMaThEpRos: nah GaMMaThEpRos: im not GaMMaThEpRos: but i will if you keep on flaming GaMMaThEpRos: you are GaMMaThEpRos: the entire time GaMMaThEpRos: like you never had a bad game GaMMaThEpRos: dont make me load up op.gg GaMMaThEpRos: he E'd GaMMaThEpRos: gg rep ryze and ashe toxic This can not be a Permaban. Only 1 game.
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