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Bushmåster (EUNE)
: I hope this stupid game will die by the end of the year.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well, there was supposed to be a comic or at least a story about it like last year. I don't know what is going on..
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: if u main the champ then u know all the weaknesses. i can see by ur summ name that u main that champ . and no is my question why , dont u want to have fun with ur games , i cant imagine someone having fun with that braindead 0 skill champ . i have fun when i make plays and u cant make plays with a champ that has a outplay button,
Actually Garen is one of the hardest champs in the game in my opinion when facing a good opponent. You have no mobility, once you use your q you are done, if you get ganked you are done. You can juke only by skill and not by dash or smt. It's how you look at it. He has braindead abilities but he needs to be in the right hands to be a GOD. FOR DEMACIA! {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Garen is way too overpowerd
Well, I have never lost to a Garen myself (maybe a few times). I always know exactly how a champion with absolutely no mobility will think and I counter him with that knowledge. If you play a champ with a dash when he uses q and tries to come close you just dash back and attack. 90% of the time he will try to go back and suddenly turn back on you. If you have good reflexes you will go back too and repeat. I even won against Garen with Trynda. Garen sucks if you know how to counter him.
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} You're gonna have to clarify that a bit.
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
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person (EUW)
: Is leaving a game because there are flamers in your game really wrong?
Trust me, if they rob you or your house catches fire you won't care about LOL.
: Jinx Fanart - Memotion Contest
Well, it does look a bit creepy, but it's a nice drawing! Keep up the good work! FOR DEMACIA! {{sticker:garen-swing}}
Coxis (EUNE)
: Pssssst. Come in here. I gotta tell you something
Oh that was so touching my love ^-^ You wrote such a beautiful thing for me?
: How am I supposed to react to this?
Noone is holding you down in Solo/Queue. In Solo/Queue if you want to rank up, you need to be able to carry even the worst of players. If you can't do that, you do not deserve to be in a higher elo.
Vilguks1 (EUW)
: Suspension for saying %%% *not directed at anyone*
Are you a maniac? You know that k y s is a hot word and you said it 5 times at least in chat. Jesus.. They baited you.
Garen Main (EUNE)
: Nope, you propably got your honor reset for bad behavior and toxicity.
Also, you don't get chatbanned if you play with honor so wipe that happy face and your second sentence out of this board. :)
Cotedor (EUW)
: honor got reset suddenly?!?!
Nope, you propably got your honor reset for bad behavior and toxicity.
: and do you think they will give me back the lp ?
I don't know, there is a small posibility since it was the game's error.
: lmao since when it's a beloved game ,think you are a new player here and don't worry i won't leave this community until it's fixed so get used to the troll and flame
New player? "Boy" I've been here since season 1. I even have Judgement Kayle and OG Championship Riven don't call me a "new guy".
Garen Main (EUNE)
: Instead of whining in the boards why don't you just submit a ticket to Riot so they can inspect the issue and give you the LP you deserve for winning?
Also, if you hate the game so much, please do us a favor and stop playing it. We don't like having toxic players ruinning our beloved game.
: i just lost lp when i won my game
Instead of whining in the boards why don't you just submit a ticket to Riot so they can inspect the issue and give you the LP you deserve for winning?
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Fun (EUNE)
: looking for a 15 lvl under player
why don't you just make a second account and give it to a friend to play for just one match?..
: When is RIOT adding a champion whose gameplay is based on controllable pets
It really sounds like a cool idea. But it would be broken either for the user or for the enemy 100%.
Boolhya (EUW)
: revert to season 4
No, if you don't like how the game evolved, just stop playing the damn game. Everyone stop complaining about it please!! LoL will never revert to season 4. Oh the good old days when a ryze could insta pentakill the whole enemy team. Or when your screen was gray 95% of the game because kha zix. Or the lee sin who could kill you with 1 combo. Oh good old days. If you don't like it stop it, noone is pressing you to keep playing.
Claire008 (EUW)
: Please don't be angry. Thank you for your advise. I will revised this question, change role to classes. I'm sorry English is not my mother tongue, so there might be some translation problem in my work. And your advise could help me to be more accurate. I appreciate it. And for the classes, I just use the labels on the official site. I hope it could be simple and clear. Do you think I need some other adjustments? Thank you.
Do not change your questions just because someone is being a jerk. I think everyone understood the questions well and were able to answer easily.
: I got super-triggered by the 9th question. First off, we don't have a MEGA ?! Secondly - you forgot to mention the following classes : * JUGGERNAUTS * BRUISERS * CONTROL MAGES * ARTILLERY MAGES The ones you described were CLASSES/TYPES OF CHAMPIONS , _**NOT ROLES. **_ League of legends ROLES are the following : * TOP * JUNGLE * MID * BOTTOM * SUPPORT Whoever made these questions - never played the game in it's life. Get your facts straight. I'm literally fuming ! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
It's true that this survey was not very good, but it's from a student, it's ok.
Claire008 (EUW)
: Please help me fill out a questionnaire about League of Legends. Thank you all~❤️
{{champion:86}} Sure, always in the mood to help someone with their work!
: Is it allowed to play league in japanese language ?
You are talking about using a third party program. I asked riot about this about 2 years ago. The assistant was very helpful. He said that even though it's not a cheating program which can affect gameplay its still a third party program and you can get in trouble for it, so better not try it.
Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: Vs event over
There will be a final mission on July 23th
: so you want me to adapt? just imagine putting many hours in a game and it keeps changing i have a normal life aswell i am not an streamer i dont make a living out of this so im not able to make fun and be productive cause losing all games is not fun at all
It's a free game. Also, changing it (in the best way in my opinion) allowed the game to survive. Also, other things were op back then and everyone was complaining.
: Are missions bugged?
I think they fixed this issue.
: VS Event - Who is winning?
In the client, it says on the top right "War favors" and sadly it favors Darius. He already won pretty much.
: i will tell you something i've said to a guy with who i played few games yesterday here is it MANY PEOPLE ARE FORGETING WHY THEY ARE PLAYING THIS GAME THERE IS A REASON WHY IS IT CALLED A GAME duck yourself and your ranked desires, ill play whatever i ducking what, even if that means janna jungle thats what i mean about your oppinion
If you want to play Janna jungle go ahead and play in normal games. I do not think anyone will get mad because of it. But in ranked you play competitively. Trolling in ranked is done only by disgusting behaviored people.
: I chose Garen cause shiny. But after watching the trailer I support Darius. And what you are describing is from his Noxus lore, not from VS event. Here he's just fighting for freedom.
No, actually he is there for his bloodlust. He says it himself "I am not a savor, I am just an executioner"
: > But what can I say, edgy teens It's only ,it's only a game why you have to get so mad? I vote garen not because i like him...but because demacia is closer to my favorite champions.
I didn't get mad, I just don't get how people think. I will always be proud of my boi Garen the Just! {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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8888888 (EUNE)
: Versus Border
You need to have the equivalent skin for the border.... Why does noone understand this. And before you say riot doesn't make it obvious, when you try to forge the border there is a question mark next to it. Go check what is says.
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: I Blame Darius for this
Holy %%%%ing shit that's true. Yesterday when Darius got the lead there was anarchy in the lol client. BRING US ORDER BACK!
SpeedBoi (EUNE)
: which exactly :P every movie ended.. [ good one] theres only Turkish series left, i cant play something else because my League is open and if i close it i have to wai another 2 hours... lol
Well, I cannot help you with that :P I am going to get some sleep, now that's a good way to pass some time!
SpeedBoi (EUNE)
Garen Main (EUNE)
You can all play something else or go for a walk, or watch a tv show, or play another game. It's not their fault something corrupted their files. They are doing their best to fix it as fast as they can. So please show some respect and let them do their work.
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Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: > He is literally a blood thirsty psychopath who only wants to kill. He doesn't care about his people, he doesn't care about the world, he only cares about his bloodlust. Who the hell would vote for that first of all you must be kidding..its a game dude...i dont even read the lore..i assumed of course that darius is the bad guy and garen the good.. oh no i will not vote darius he will kill pixels..xD you have problem with bloodlust but you are on war half of the day(playing lol i mean 5v5) see whats going on the world..the worst dynasties (korea russia america) they all have bloodlust leaders.. my point is you have multiple Darius in real life to conquer the goverment why so pissed of from one game.. i chose darius..for two reasons...i hate garen as a champ (since s1) and i didnt like the what he wants to achieve over a lore and mere pixels is another story :)
Ofcourse it's a game, ofcourse it's just LoL's lore, but still I am hyped about it. I am neither gonna cry not get furious about it. It's just that I wanted to see my favourite champion win. :) {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Account Problem
I don't think someone can actually steal a ward from an account. But you can submit a ticket to RIOT to clear your issue. May Demacia bring Justice to this filthy ward stealer of yours! {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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: How to apply God King Garen border
Sadly, you can't. I would suggest you submit a ticket to riot and ask them to switch the Darius border to garen border since it's the same price and it's practically useless for you if you don't have the Darius god king skin.
: as an intellectual, you misspelled "chose". also, Garen has a cat, he wins.
Right on point. But I think we lost this war already my demacian brother..
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: As an intellectual I choosed darius because he offer revolution and freedom
Well, Darius indeed offers freedom but at a price. Only if you fight for him. The moment you decide you don't want to fight anymore you are done. Chopped in half like a piece of meat clobbered by a cleaver.
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