DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I don't think you can, but funny summoners name
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: Items in TFT need more explanation
i think you can stack every single item?!
Daneel (EUNE)
: Actions not being registered properly
it is like that for better than few weeks tho.
iaapvper (EUW)
: When will RIOT ZEPHYR be fired?
She will not be fired lol, she just did what Riot forced her do, babysit that toxic player, is not her fault she got assaulted with basically threatening messages from nb3 to ban nubrac, but she could just ignore him.
Gin (EUW)
: Why a waste of money? I get that it's not something for everyone, but you get a decent amount out of those 980 RP. If we go by normal RP pricing: * 3 Summoner Icons -> 3 x 250 RP = 750 RP * 1 Ward Skin -> 640 RP * 1 Chroma Skin -> 290 RP * 1 Emote -> 350 RP And just with that we are already at a total value of 2,030 RP. And then you still have: * 7 Key Fragments -> 2,33 x 125 RP (the price of a hextech key) = ~292 RP * 2 Masterwork Chests -> 2 x 225 RP = 450 RP * 2400 BE That you get "for free" on top. So you get a total of 2,772 RP + 2400 BE for 980 RP, which is a decent amount of value. If you don't like the icons, chromas or don't care about the whole esports-scene that's absolutely fine. But if we just go by numbers, it's 100% worth it.
just because it gives you a more worth doesnt make it better, honestly the single thing I like from that is the teemo icon, so im not gonna waste ~1000 RP for that since i have no interest in any other rewards.
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Garen is adopted

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