: on the bright side you only need to win 2 promo games since you will get a free win
and now i'm back to g3 took me 2 days to get back where i belong due to a bug very cool :)
zigzagerzz (EUNE)
: Loading bug
happened to me a few hours ago and i was at 0 lp game ended up being remaked and i was demoted from g3 to g4 -.- oh and games have already been going shit lately was almost at g1
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: I was hoping people would say how many S ranks they got on average, so could get an idea of the distribution... this forum does not seem very active! {{champion:32}}
for me it depends on the champion i play if i play alistar i get an S every 2-3 games and not an S- it's an S or S+ however when i play yi/diana/veigar/teemo for some reason i can't even get an S just an S- every like 7 games lol getting an S with supports it's kinda easy and yes I only play cancer champions :)
: So maybe it was just a slightly long game?
nope i checked the game ended in 18 min and i got an S- and i already said right before i disconnected i saw in the chat that the enemy team has surrendered with bla votes against bla
: Ye everyone loves lux skins! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
ok the game just finished and i was even given option to honor lol
: You have to wait until rito servers update the game info lel it may took around 1 day. This glitch is working from season 3 atleast
wait they are introducing new lux skins!
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rèV (EUW)
: 1. Already tried to completely unistall the game and reinstall it? 2. Is there another pc availabl at your home? If so, does the same problem occur? 3. Tried to deactivate your firewall for testing purposes?
i have the same problem as him but im connected to my phone hotspot and when i connect to anyone else network it works normally im finding it strange i thought you might know something for this as im connected to my phone not my router
ShiroVM (EUW)
: Like, i can do anything if i manage to log in with my router pc, go to the shop, the profile, loot, everything except that i just cant hit the play button for some reason, and sometimes i cant even log in.
hello i was just searching for the exact same problem but im connected to my phone network and it keeps saying that i may be offline and after i finish each game if i go back to home the play button goes off and i have to relog it really pisses me off so did you find anything for this if so please reply to me

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