Wolfbrother (EUNE)
: I got chat banned, and I learned something very important, here is what:
The fact that there is no actual and fast penalty to players that do that kind of thing (troll ranked games) makes me giggle... Sure your behavior wasn't good, but here comes the ultimate question. Are players generally toxic, or the actions of the community force them to become? {{summoner:14}} Apparently people with my personality (explosive) can tend to become toxic now and then when shit hit the fan, you were lucky mate you didn't got perma banned. Your advice is good, removing the chat window entirely can and will help you. Best of luck.
strontiu (EUNE)
: HIgh ms
I have same issue as well. I have contacted my ISP, and from their end have told me that everything looks normal. Opened the ports on UPnP for league, since last night, downloaded WTFast but the issue is still there. I suppose some error or bug at the servers of Riot? No idea......! But you cannot actually play with 200ms+++ from 50 : / {{item:3070}}
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