: If the verbal toxicity is bad enough, it's going to result in an instant 14-day ban. Also, you shouldn't call people "%%%s" even as a joke. You should read up on why that nickname was given in the first place.
oh. i see. okey thanks for opening my eyes. Imma straight up delete this garbage game. cya in a few years when this game is dead due to lack of players, players that got fed up with this tarded system i hope they go bankrupt and start begging every old player to come back playing so they won't have to shut down the game and start working as garbage collectors, which would be too high of a standard for them, since it's a noble job in many countries where you get respect for doing something that other people are not willing to do.
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: Climbing is the same everywhere, but whatever you climb or not depends on how good you are. I know it's easy to look at others and see how they don't perform to your standards, but you're just picking the easier path instead of accepting responsibility for yourself. While at the start of the season MMR is skewed, in the long run, it doesn't really matter, you won't improve while not playing.
had Silver 4 with gold-plat mmr when i finished my placements. But of course, the game did its thing and managed to arrange my matchmakings based on my "skill" by teaming up me with silver4-3 and the enemy team having golds+
: Getting Account Suspended for 14 days straight with no warnings.
I hope i have offended as many as possible by posting this
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