: > What's your excuse about those people? I don't have to excuse myself to no one. I worked for everything I have, I respect the rules, nobody has authority over me. > Is this still right for you? Was this decision correct, to include hidden missions? Yes. It was a nice surprise for people who actually gave 2 shits about 2018's biggest E-sports event. You're actually complaining for not receiving a secret icon, given out to the actual FANS, or people who did their research. **** Would you want to make things more boring for 20-30% of the playerbase, just so you receive a freaking icon that you forget about 2 weeks later anyway ? I was pleasantly surprised, felt like it was a nice touch to give out a little secret reward, for people like me, who watched ALL the matches. I still don't see what the issue is.
The thing is that I too was a fan, but since they destroyed the outside environment, the game, and many other things many people stopped being real fans, like me. We just play the game and that's it, but I personally was always a collector, I like having all the icons that I can get, and I'm also a Teemo main, and this icon has nothing to do about Tournament, they added a nice icon (gamer Teemo, what connection would this icon with Worlds Tournament have) as a reward for a hidden mission, they could add it for purchase in store, but this isn't a big deal. Their mistake here is that in site is shown that I have done all the missions, so there is no reason for me to search further "is there any other mission even though it says that all of them are complete?" So how have I learnt about this icon then? From a current fan of the tournament like you, he told me about this mission, I search further and now I know, if let's say, I would talk with this person 3 days ago, I would have also done this mission and I would also have the icon. Why do you still think that this isn't misleading and false decision from them to hide some missions. Since other players except fans got the icon too, but not me. A mission for a true fan would be "watch all the videos" and I don't think this sounds strange, right? Watching all the videos. Who would do the mission then, the average player probably wouldn't, he would think "I won't watch 50+ videos just for an icon, so I pass this mission", a true fan would think "oh I was going to watch all of them anyway, so I get a free icon too" and some players like me, that actually like having all the icons would do this. Just stop defending this decision just because they did something that you support at 100%, you really liked this feeling, I get it, but you talk only about yourself, and they didn't open this game only for you, or for players like you, they opened the game for all the players, and if they separate players as "fans" and "not so fans" and think "_we will do something only for our fans, and not for the average player_" then they are as dumb as this whole hidden missions decision.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Well, it's not the first time they come with hidden missions, there were some during Pool party event, there were some during Lunar revel and possibly during more events I just don't remember. I am sorry you are missing your main's icon, but after few events with same mechanics people should count on hidden missions already. :-/
But I just learnt about the hidden missions.. until a few hours ago I didn't know they were existed. And until 2 mins ago I didn't know that there were another hidden missions for the previous events too. And trust me, I've completed every single (normal) mission. Every single one of them, even the hardest, and I always try to get all the icons I can from missions or in store for purchase with BE. And now I learn this... there was an icon 2 days ago about my main, a gamer Teemo!
Strigina (EUNE)
: It was hidden but information about it were also given if you knew where to search for them: >There are also two hidden missions! You'll unlock secret icons at 30 and 50 games watched. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001976407-Mise-Esports-Watch?fbclid=IwAR1nWM_PfuRuc2Bs3DRO-shNckpZu7TlGXYbAFgDYKJ_hbYEw2QWkvfvXzk
If I knew Riot would do that I would just search in google "new league of legends event hidden missions" and I will probably do that in every event from now on because Riot likes to keep some things hidden, and I'm not talking only about the missions. A better question, why did those icons expire on 11/11? What's with this day? Why not when the Worlds loot end on 3/12?
: Look at the mission titles, regarding the icons : https://imgur.com/pJ3hx4A https://imgur.com/w4kxXLq FAN - as in you had to be a FAN, and watch their e-ports event, for fun, not for random remuneration that you knew about. The literal definition of a "secret mission, made for fans". What isn't clear about this whole thing ?
This is so misleading, there are many people who got the icon just because they knew how to get it, they watched another 6 games the same way they watched the previous, by having 5 tabs open with mute. What's your excuse about those people? They are not e-sports fans but they got the icon. I could be one of them too if I knew this mission existed. But I didn't knew, why? Because it was hidden, so either you are lucky and found it online about hidden missions, or an e-sports fan. I would just do the same, and I would probably get the 50 videos mission too because I'm an icon collector and I always try to get all the icons, excluding the ones you must pay to get. So I am a fan too, not an e-sports fan, but a game fan. Is this still right for you? Was this decision correct, to include hidden missions?
Grem357 (EUW)
: The difference between people watching videos for the reward... and watching videos for the game... Glad i got it as well :)
It's like saying: People who got the icon but don't care... and people who didn't got the icon but actually wanted it. After seasons 5-6 game has dropped a lot for me, and for many other people too, until season 4 I was watching everything, I was a true fan of the game, but now there is no reason to watch tournaments. I mean there is nothing anymore to keep me watching it. So yeah, I only watch it for the rewards.
Flemman (EUW)
: I'm not against hidden mission as long as there is no missleading stuff. When the esport reward page show "you've complete all the watch and reward mission" while there are still some who are hidden it's a trap if I didn't check how to get the 50 vod icon, i would have miss that too
oh man there was another one? at least I won't miss it, but the gamer Teemo, this, I'm gonna miss this one
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well, it's not like I'm not correct on what I'm saying. People who would agree with me are... not here, they quit long time ago.
: I read about a half. You said yourself, you inted many games. Trolling can sometimes be fun, but winning or destroying the enemy usually feels way better. Trolling is only fun for Praille who are doing it, not for their teammates, therefore league needs to punish bad behavior like inting or flaming as it makes game very frustrating. There are players who don’t understand that people sometimes have bad games and will report someone who is doing bad even if he is trying. That is wrong, since every game there is a team which looses (except loss prevented). However if you are actually trying and being nice in chat there is no way for you to accumulate enough reports to get banned. Once again, you said you did get banned, which means you trolled probably more than 1 out of 10 of your games. For most of us players like you are frustrating to play with that is why the punishment system is there. Play ARAM if you just wanna be annoying, people don’t care there.
But what happens when I have already like 2k ARAM games? And I just wanna play normal games? Btw, I forgot to mention earlier... ARAM games are not as enjoyable as they were older. Everything has changed since those unnecessary updates they make. (2 times Garen, 2 times Poppy, one time Warwick, ARAM is fun)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
And here comes the rules again, are you aware that this is a _**GAME**_ ? It's not like I'm going in ranked games and troll, I know that ranked games are more about winning and less about playing and enjoying the game. Sometimes I just wanna play a normal game with my friends as 3 top or 4 mid(including the lucky random guy who said mid first) and chill, like we were ALWAYS doing until NOW. NOW everything has changed, seems like you can't do that anymore. Guess I will just have to find other games to chill, because, that's the main reason of games existing, you play for fun, not for victory.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: to be honest I didn't read the whole thing but you admitted to inting. dude, when I have an inter in my team in a ranked game I deeply hope they get banned. the thing that you should understand is League of legends is not a game, it's an Esport. the way we ( I ) play it in low elo, has no relation to the Esport but the whole thing was designed to **NOT** be a game you play to chill. It's an electronic sport you play to win. So with all due respect, If you wanna play a game to chill with your friends and have fun trolling, league of legends is not the game for you. you ruin the day for your team and your self since they wont be kind to you. so please, if you ever come back to this game keep this in mind and don't play unless you're playing to win.
At least until the previous year this game was more fun to play and not an esport game, I don't like its change, it was the best chill to play game.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The minion aggro is just bad. There is no conspiracy going on there. Just to validate my point to you, i have played since season 1 and played far more games than you have and i have 3 permanently banned accounts (no i'm not bragging with it). So i'd say i'm more on the toxic side than you are although i'm not inting or anything, i'm just using the chat. Still somehow i don't think there is a conspiracy theory there. Well, maybe your toxicity affects matchmaking but minion aggro? towers? hit boxes? lol no.
Dude, I really hope it's as you say, that they are just bad, but why is this happens only on my account and on my cousins account which had permanent ban for toxicity? I also heard it in person from other people.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
For 5-6 years I'm playing this game, in total of 50-60 troll games which I intentional fed, this is the first time I'm getting banned. The game is becoming more and more strict. 2 years ago was the year of chat bans, previous year was the permanent banned accounts for elo boosting and stuff probably, what's next? Defeat will get you also banned? At some point it will stop being called a "game" and it will become a software, you just log in, make some work, and log out. All fun is gone.
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: Why I quit League of Legends.
Damn, I kinda knew that this would be the reaction of players who would reply. League of legengs-lovers usually use forums and boards of a game, not a normal and average player. There would be no way for someone to understand me here, it's like going on a tattoo shop saying that tattoos are stupid. @Turtles Are Okay probably yes, but every time is more and more permanent
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
: Blue essence ward skin dissapeared?!?
I just came here to write same. same
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: How many chances
I just got 2 times blood moon kalista..
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GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: Full Screen Bug
come on fix it already, full screen/borderless/windowed mode its all the same, rainmeter skins keep showing over the game.. its the only game to do that, after the last patch, when I play some other games rainmeter skins are under the game even tho my rainmeter skins are "always on top" http://i.imgur.com/Q6DaDSG.png
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Smerk (EUW)
: It seems like Sweeper bug, its effect just never disappeared from that spot
something happened when lee ulted right after vi ulted janna
Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
i think just a ''warded'' is enough
StarClay666 (EUNE)
everyone gets lower division in this season. I won 7 out of 10, from plat 5 to silver 1. you won 5 our of 10 and you are also silver 1? rito I need some explanation here.
: [6.24] - Velkoz W and E Bugs
Rioter Comments
Ripped (EUW)
: Legacy V.S Alpha [NEW]
I dont like the idea of not be able to see the skins of champions until I lock. Also there is no ''recently played'' window. Rune's window has many bugs, some times it doesn't show all the runes. When it's my turn to pick and I click in categories ''fighter / tank / mage..'' any of these, and then if I want to use search, it will show champions only from the category that is selected. I almost failed to pick because of this, I wanted to pick heimer, and I had selected the fighter category, I just typed ''heimer'' in the search box but it didn't show me so in 2 seconds left I panicked a little and I couldn't find how to close this category, luckily I found mage category and locked in heimer. Come on.. if I use the search box show all the champions, you don't really need the search box for searching your champ among the others in the same category. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Rioter Comments
: Well, thats true. Sometimes Im top and so focused, i dont even notice we loosin 0-10 "WTF I didnt even died yet and we loosin 0-10 already, what are they doing over there!!!" But again, you wont have time to check the history, maybe except when dead. But then, you will be busy blaming on people instead of just go out and help. Like: *3..2..1.. Respawns* "AHRI YOU MOCKERCOCKER WTF YOU DID THEN 3 MINUTES AGO" "REPORT FREE WIN SIN WHY YOU WENT THERE???????????" "VAYNE YOU FEEDER I HATE YOU" *Still at the fountain and flaming, meanwhile they took your top turret* Its not the best idea, just get over with this, dont store memories about who killed who.
its not so much about who killed who, its the damage that my team dealt, the assists, ''how many assists did i get of this teamfight?'' who knows... also its about where the enemy team focus more, like who is this annie always focus first? why she always Q in our viktor? viktor died with annies stun and Q, so you will tell him.. ''viktor care about annie, she tends to focus always on you, she stunned you in both teamfights so they focus you first'' you dont lose so much time. you get so much information about the game and teamfights with kill history. i think its very useful.
Rioter Comments
: Practice Mode
It is awesome but it won't come true because only for 1 reason, no one will plays normal games then and riot will start losing money because there will not be many players and many games, just by thinking that match queue time will go at least double, many players will cancel queuing for normal games, it will be the same thing with events ''urf, doom bots..'' but these games are complete 5 vs 5 matches, if this comes true.. i dont know... I wish for it but then there will be so much unbalance in others game modes. {{champion:105}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
these kind of people are the gms, those who give these bans, ''complete deserved.'' he starts with caps, ends with dot. . how can you called a ''human being'' when you only say these kind of stuff only behind your safe screen. im pretty sure in real life you are another insect, ''complety deserved'' ....
dude pls... i have 295 for saying "idiot" "im not part of the team" "i will troll"
Petsho (EUW)
: That one's pretty sweet! Shame this board doesn't support signatures.
well thanks ;P yea i eggree, they should add signatures..
Rioter Comments
: I could see it being very interesting, but it would need heavy tweaking and it would also be best IMO to remove all chat to stop people negotiating. This is LoL and its not gonna be very fun to be playing 5 v 10 to be honest.
I think this will never happen, in normal 5vs5 you cant negotiate with enemies, and you also wont be able to do it here. Trust me, it's impossible.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
1 out of 20 players would think of that, the others, they just want to report. I even get reports for no chatting at all, this is the kind of players who play lol.
NightHunter (EUNE)
: Well probably it is. Last season i got chat banned for 7 games cuz GG EASY at ranked games :D
man be happy about it... i have 300 games chat ban for saying "*idiot*" "*im not part of the team any more*" in 1 out of 4 games, i mean i will say this kind of stuff every 4 games -pouf 300 games chat ban. rito fair, rito justice. {{champion:48}}
: Add a "Ward has been placed here" ping
Just this one is enough, when jungler is coming for gank ''Warded''. It's just one click, and a very useful one , why didnt they add it already? >_>
De Kus (EUW)
: I find myself often pinging a warning ping and writing to chat a ward is there. Or telling the jungler that I just saw the enemy to ward the river. I'd imagine something without much sound, but just a silent visual marker that tells you "warning, your teammate saw a ward around here" that fades out slowly after 30-60s. Of course there should be some limitation to how many of these signs can be visible... What reminds me... we still have no option to ignore pings from a certain player... and worse, we don't even know who is the fucking ping spamming idiot.
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
https://youtu.be/Y19sHmaWZyQ omgggggggggggg 2 weeks!! just 2 weeeeeeeeks :DDDDD Lux ult every 10 sec xDDDD Ziggs 2 Q in 1 sec :D Zilean never die xDDDD come on fastttt :D
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
25 days left guys... just wait another 25 days :)
Where will the minions on mid go? {{champion:112}}
Kandaon (EUNE)
: I had this idea, I sended it to support a while ago, it's nice to see more people wanting this! Let's make it happen bro!
I also said it on forums about a year ago.. My opinion is on search: there's will be a list like the item list, and there you will create a page with any name you want. you create **TOP** page and in the search you just type **top** and its gonna show you the page of the champions you just created. I know it's already have in search the **marksman** the** fighter** **mage**.. but if time is running out and you want blitz, you type support and he isn't there :P he is on **tank** >_> {{champion:53}}
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
guys.. just wait... 36 days left :)))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=misAyNLuoQg :))))) {{item:3090}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3141}} {{item:3341}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3043}} {{item:3363}}


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