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: change the ban system
i swear people disagree with me because they're afraid to get banned because the system sucks and its not working and they know they can get out of it easy and clean after trolling and abusing
: Not true. It's just a case of what's easier to prove. Chatlogs are a straightforward evidence while gameplay evidence is sparse. Ergo, it's easier to punish someone for toxicity.
ok so if what you say is right he wished me death i took picture of that and they can see it for themselves he cursed other people and he got out of it clean while i got banned for calling him stupid please this system is bad it need upgrade and fast no excuses of what easier or harder
: Get used to it, riot only bans for toxic chat, never for trolling and inting
so why shut up and let them keep going? Why dont you just agree with me and maybe they'll listen even if there's a maybe its a chance and they did ban my friend for troll sure he gave 8 kills and went AFK but he didn't do much difference why dont they just use some logic and help the game live on if they just say fk it it will die eventually cuz of bad system
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: This post won't do anything. You don't understand the MMR system. Don't make judgemental statements about it.
First of all I do understand it And I’m saying clearly it’s shit And I will make judgmental statements about it as much as I want Specially when the crap system doesn’t work I don’t care if you’re silver player with mmr of diamond or the opposite The system should put you where your belong And don’t %%%% people up with players who don’t deserve to be there And I don’t care if you look down at me cuz I’m plat or something I don’t look down at anyone so you shouldn’t either The system is shit It need to be fixed Players like you who’s like This is what it is so it’s good Yeah bring down the game ruin it keep going Or just don’t go against someone for no reason
Cypherous (EUW)
: Your MMR has nothing to do with your rank, you can have trash tier MMR but be ranked higher under the league system because it doens't enforce the required MMR like it should (and infact used to) MMR takes a long time to modify, keep winning more than 50% of your games and it will rise eventually
The season just started And my mmr was trash I was gold 5 started silver 3 I won so many games And my gains still shit Why I got with high winrate when my mmr was suppose to be good because I got so many wins and got up so many ranks I’m matched with silvers against high plats They don’t know what do it in games they troll and abuse What good it brings to the game even if they got the right mmr somehow Mmr system is completely shit I don’t need to get in one season from silver to diamond in order to play with golds only I deserve to play with people with the same mmr as me Same ranks One rank here or there doesn’t matter But 2 damn divisions? Common be serious about it If they got mmr that high why don’t they jump ranks and learn to deal with something midway Not going to the endgame right away
: Shitty mmr system
And I forgot to mention my winrate indeed drop duo to that and also my op gains were finally 20 after I had huge winstrike Now they’re dropped again over nothing because they ignore the fact mmr system is shit
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