: ***
Imagine shit talking as a sona main KEKW
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: Are you like a cute dude? I’m not even homo but if you’re super cute I wouldn’t mind
Dude get lost. He's taken AND he's just asking for advice. Please put your pants on.
Zounatic (EUW)
: I suck at Ranked.
Everyone learns differently. I mostly play the champions I hate playing against. So that I get this general idea of what combos they want to do and when they want to go in. If youre playing karma and youre facing a kata and you've played as kata. You already know that you avoid her daggers like the plague. If you play vs zed, you know if you position certain ways. Its a lot harder for him to land WE and both Qs. You can't win without losing. When you lose, you learn what you need to avoid doing. The more you avoid things that lead to a loss. The more likely you are to win.
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