: Katarina
They just nerfed her E, they increased the cooldown early on, and I think that they decreased the damage too. > [{quoted}](name=PokerCardMaster,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=M3Ba5VLc,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-24T08:48:03.778+0000) big lategame damage and way too much mobility. That's simply not true. She falls behind in the late game compared with many other champions. Before her rework, that was true. She had a crappy early, but she was not bad late either. Now she's very strong early on, strong in mid, and weak in late. If you build her damage, you die instantly, you will often be in a situation where you needed less than half a second so that your W will drop to the ground so you can pick it, if you build her more defensive, you don't deal damage. If you want to punish Katarina early on, punish her at lvl 2. When she throws her dagger, bait her E by staying near dagger, then damage her as much as you can. You will have around 2 seconds when she can't E back on a minion and she can't do anything. She's also weak against champions that have higher burst than her or high mobility. Annie is pretty strong against her, Ahri, as she's so mobile at lvl 6, she can mess up Katarina's combos pretty bad if played good. Old "counters" are not really good against her. Zed, Yasuo, they both should have a hard time against a decent Katarina.
: Please help a noob out
You shouldn't follow as Vel'Koz, you should push the wave into the tower, taking tower would be huge. Even if you don't take the tower, you get better value by just pushing the wave and going back than if you would go and get a kill on Talon . You should never follow that kind of thing, Lucian is dead one way or another. You can't chase Talon around, in a 1v1 in their jungle you probably lose. If he leaves the lane, ping missing and push the wave under the tower.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: max Q or W on orianna?
Q max is usually better. Mana costs on W are huge for early on, and you just get more from Q. It also gets lower cooldown when you level it up, at max level you get half the cooldown of W at any level and half damage. So you basically get the same damage. Slow on W is nice and all, but the lvl 1 one is just fine for early game. It does not worth those mana costs, you end up running out of mana too fast.
: support help
Depends on the champion and how do you want to play it. There's not necessarily a "right" way, as it depends on your way of playing the game. You find yourself being aggressive in certain situations, maybe running something that deals more damage is better, you find yourself as the only tank, maybe going Colossus will be more helpful for team engages, depends. Runes help a lot early on. I think that most frequent runes are armor yellows and magic resist blues. These are kinda good all around on bottom lane, because you will usually have both types of damage, it helps a bit with early trades. On reds, you will usually go damage, either hybrid pen if you find yourself using auto-attacks a lot, or magic pen if you don't, AD works in many cases, depends. On quints, you will want to complement your champion based on what he's good at. If he's good at dealing damage, like Zyra, Malzahar, you might want to go for AP quints, if he's good at tanking, you might go for Armor or HP. With masteries, it's pretty much the same thing. Looking at your history, don't see big problems with keystones, except for Morgana. Morgana's shield is great and all, but it's not usually great at protecting against damage, but against CC. Thunderlords is easy to proc due to her W and her binding + W poke is very strong early on, through damage dealt. Also, and that's a personal thing, I don't really like Colossus on Blitzcrank. I would usually go Thunderlords on him too, due to the fact that he's not the kind of champion that I want to jump in the middle of the enemy team with. Early game aggression can often win you the lane, and the damage from Thunderlord's is strong. Try to use your common sense and take a while to understand what are you doing in a game with a specific champion, and adjust based on that. There aren't "best" masteries and runes, but the most efficient for certain situations. I really like where the game is at with mastery keystones, as it offers diversion based on your personal playstyle. Try out different builds, do what you think it will work, if it fails, there's nothing wrong with that.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gojiraw,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExzOvGTA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-22T05:05:08.993+0000) > > But this kinda supports the idea that you need way too much IP for champions and you get rewarded minimal amounts. If they are more champions, you should be able to unlock a single champion faster than in a game with less. But then you have a problem. If with every new champion the pool gets larger, every champion would need to have it's priced adjusted. It actually happens right now; with every new champion the oldest 6300 IP is reduced to 4800; every 3 new champions, one 4800 IP is reduced to a lower bracket. I understand that this game is hard to get into from a new player prespective and that's why they release fewer champions every year (mostly reworks nowadays). Anyone that has been actively playing since at least Season 3, should have all champions by now (anyone with 3000+ hours clocked in). > The main problem is that it's not only the champions. You have runes to worry about too. This is a problem in itself. Riot has said that they want to rework the Rune System. Probably pre-season 8. In the meantime, you can get by with Tier 2 runes, which cost way less IP (1 IP to be exact). Sure, they aren't as good as Tier 3, but still (78% as good). Besides, the most popular runes, like Attack Damage Marks, Armour Seals, etc, have had their price reduced too. You only need 4290 IP for a decent AD page and 7989 IP for AP; in total 12.279 IP (full Tier 3). That's 2 champions of 4800+ that you can't buy. > A daily system would be great for LoL. Queue 3 times as support, play one Twisted Treeline, play 2 Annie games, whatever. Something that would reward you doing specific game modes or playing specific champions. Doube edge sword. Specific "quests" can do more harm than good, unless they are exclusive to a certain game mode, ie Blind Pick.
> [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExzOvGTA,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-22T05:23:20.581+0000) > > Doube edge sword. Specific "quests" can do more harm than good, unless they are exclusive to a certain game mode, ie Blind Pick. They wouldn't, they would be just fine in ranked too. I don't think that champion specific quests would work too fine, as you would have too many silly picks, but role ones would work just fine, or simply gameplay ones, where you play X games each day and you gain some IP. And the thing with champion quests would be just that, silly picks, like Annie jungle because he wants to do the quest. Otherwise, I personally don't have any problem with people playing champions for the first time in ranked. As with most things, they apply to both teams, so it's no biggie.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CarL0f,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExzOvGTA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-22T00:49:24.152+0000) > > league of legends is the grindiest game i have ever played If you say this, then I'm sure you haven't played enough games. Just from the top of my head (in no particular order): Metin2, World of Warcraft (vanilla), Eve Online, ... basically most MMORPGs If you are comparing League to other MOBAs, then you must be fair. League has over 135 champions. Most MOBAs don't have nearly has much. All champions combined cost, approximately, 550.000 IP (can be lower if you are smart). 1 win of the day, every day, assuming you win that bonus plus the normal, would be at least ~200 IP. It would take you at least 7 years to gather enough IP, if you only played 1 game every day. In reality, you only need ~3500 hours to buy every champion there is. Assuming you play at least 2 hours everyday, you should get there in just 5 years. Better yet, if you play 4 hours every day, that number drops to a whopping 2 years and half. Now with Hextech crafting is even easier to achieve that. Besides, you don't need all 135+ champions.
> [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExzOvGTA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-22T04:54:34.675+0000) > If you are comparing League to other MOBAs, then you must be fair. League has over 135 champions. Most MOBAs don't have nearly has much. But this kinda supports the idea that you need way too much IP for champions and you get rewarded minimal amounts. If they are more champions, you should be able to unlock a single champion faster than in a game with less. But that's not the case. The main problem is that it's not only the champions. You have runes to worry about too. At least those were pretty constant for the last few seasons, and they didn't got changed too often. If the runes would be "balanced" from time to time, you would probably spend all of your IP on replacing them. A daily system would be great for LoL. Queue 3 times as support, play one Twisted Treeline, play 2 Annie games, whatever. Something that would reward you doing specific game modes or playing specific champions.
Lonuge (EUNE)
: Add all already existing languages to all regions!
> [{quoted}](name=Lonuge,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=lgoaELdy,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-21T20:42:49.567+0000) > If the language is already existing, it would be easy to add to other regions? It's not as easy as you might think. The problem is at support and maintenance. Every language needs to have support teams in that particular language, on that specific server, website, and forums in those languages as well, with everything that comes with them, admins, moderators. And it's not cost efficient, as there aren't enough players in EUNE or EUW so it would make sense to have a Japanese or Korean department for these servers.
Douudii (EUW)
: The Unfair Riot
> [{quoted}](name=apollo1990,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=eEn1MllP,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-19T17:55:46.581+0000) > im not a carrier, i just wanna play a game with people know their lanes, they know what to do, they dont troll, they just play a game (i main support though) So you basically wanna be carried every single game. Your expectancy is that a Rito employee would develop a special matchmaking algorithm just for you, so you will always be matched with players that are on winning streaks or much better than the opponents. That's your realistic expectation. That you should get special treatment. If your win rate is at around 50%, you are where you should be. You shouldn't be higher, the game does not have to move forward for everyone, not everyone climbs. You can probably improve, but focusing on how bad your team mates are won't help you in any way.
Herdeir0 (EUW)
: So, what is really improved?
You're gonna get to Heaven if you are in good standings with Rito. Good for you!
boos boos (EUNE)
: This needs to stop!
Awful idea, my friend. First of all, 3 consecutive losses is a very small number. There isn't a single player that does not constantly have at least 3 losses streaks. Most of these "ideas" do not make any sense. Basically, everyone wants to always be on a winning streak, if possible not losing a single game. That's not possible in SoloQ, because that's the whole idea of SoloQ. You play against other people until you reach your real tier. When you do that, you should lose as much as you win. If everyone would constantly winning, there would be no "ladder", but just people that play a lot being highest.
CabsIog (EUW)
: Can I use this music?
Unless you composed, it is in public domain, or the author/owner expressed that they don't have any copyright claims upon usage, you can't.
: I think the ult is probably the most likely thing to change and they will keep the missile-lock-on mechanic at his core. Everything around that is prolly subject to change.
Missle-lock mechanic is a bit silly too, and I think that it will be reworked too. It's too similar to Cassiopeia.
: What do you think riot will change on Urgot?
> [{quoted}](name=Taka No Yaíba,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=58yVjAKU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-18T19:37:26.673+0000) > He will keep the ult, since that makes sense... You know... The main reason for the rework is his ult because it does not make any sense. If they want to keep his ult as it is now, he's probably gonna become a melee tank, otherwise, I don't see how that will work. Urgot was a good idea, badly implemented. I think that he will get a complete overhaul.
: I haven't played shen in a long while. Should I play him in the jungle as well? I'm scared to play poppy jungle because she was the jungler with the worst winrate for some months. I like to play Vi and Quinn, though I didn't try Quinn in the jungle yet. Mid is my worst lane and thus I need at least one champion for that role in case my luck fails me. Annie and Orianna are unappealing to me. I need better suggestions. I played a lot of ezreal back some time and my friend was maining him thus I learned some stuff from him. I was always cautios with ezreal. Now I don't play him because I feel he lacks damage. Don't suggest non-tanks for the support role when I said I like tanks :( How about I start using some champions for multiple roles like shen jungle and poppy support (I got mastery level 6 on another account just by playing poppy support).
Poppy jungle is kinda bad and the same goes for Shen. They don't have too good clearing speed. That's the problem. If you want to improve, you shouldn't find certain champions "unappealing". To be honest, I never found a champion feeling just bad when I'm playing him. I can pick up any champion if I start to play him a few games, I'm starting to enjoy them, even if I don't enjoy playing it first time. You should play champions that you are not familiar with, in order to understand how do they work and how can you play against them. Currently, the only champion that I find extremely efficient on filling top, jungle and support is Galio. It's not Season 5 anymore where you have Trailblazer and you can jungle with pretty much any champion. Now junglers kinda need a specific profile in order to be efficient. Jungle deals a lot of damage, and you need to clear the jungle camps kinda fast. Poppy support... The only instances where I would find her appropriate in laning phase would be against Alistar, Leona or Thresh. But she's actually not, even in those match-ups, because you can block first engage, but your W will be on CD for the second one. So yea, I don't see why would you play her support to be honest. You don't have reliable engage, as you need terrain, you don't have reliable disengage either, as you need dashes. You don't deal damage with Ezreal because of what I was saying earlier. You don't land skill shots well enough and you don't know when to go in, you don't understand how much damage are you doing. Ezreal can be similar with Vayne. You can't play those champions passively, you need to choose your engages and land as much damage as you can. As I was saying, if you want to improve, you shouldn't think that you want to play a single type of champions, but you should look in trying them all out. You should put yourself in uncomfortable situations. If you want to have fun, you can play Alistar jungle, whatever grinds your gears, it does not matter. But you're not gonna improve.
: What method do you use to get better?
You're fine top as far as champions go. There's nothing wrong with not grouping or making plays with your TP, that's a bit of a problem for Shen, as his ult is basically around the idea of assisting teammates. For Poppy, for example, there's nothing wrong with not grouping, as long as you do something on your side of the map and you're efficient. Looking at your history, your farm does not look too good, you should improve that. If you would farm good, you would be able to dominate the lane, then you could snowball, keep pushing top or bottom, draw enemies to gank you while your teammates focus on objectives. For jungle, both of your picks are kinda tricky. Vi is not an easy champion to play when you go in you pretty much commit to going in, you need to pick your fights smartly, also her Q mechanic and auto-attack resets adds some complexity. Quinn... Just don't. You can try playing champions like Zac, Amumu, both are great. Mid, I don't like any of your picks. All of them are pretty complex champions, either mechanically, or their mechanics are build around map control (Taliyah, TF). Akali is pretty similar to Katarina. Unless you have a good knowledge about the game, you know enemy spells, cooldowns, your damage, all that, you shouldn't expect good win rates with that champion. Annie, even Orianna, are much better overall picks. ADC. Varus fine, toss Ezreal and pick Ashe or Caitlyn. Not much to say here, pretty much the same problems at before. Ezreal is not an easy champion to play. You rely on landing skill shots and going in at right moments, knowing exactly how much damage you can deal. Leona kinda ok, Thresh is not. Thresh is probably one of the most challenging champions in the game, up there with Lee Sin. He's not about landing his Q as many people tend to believe, but about map control, advanced pathing understanding, he's hard to play it properly. You're much better off with Janna or Soraka. If you want to improve, play ranked and not normals. Focus on a single role, and start with one champion. Spam that Poppy over and over again. You might do badly at the beginning, but stick with it. Try different things, see what your champion can do, even if you fail. I usually like to stick to a single champion for long periods of time. I pick him, start playing him, and I pretty much try to figure out how I can play that champion more efficient. I try different keystones and builds, do stupid things, does not matter. Once I get the mechanics down (10-20 games), I will usually start improving. Focus on small things, farming, staying alive, whatever, and take fails as learning experiences. You learn more from a game where you are smashed than from games when you are much better than the enemies. There's nothing wrong with playing "for fun", but don't expect to improve in doing so.
: abyssal scepter
Banshee's Veil. It's actually gonna be much better. Abyssal was not making too much sense on so many mages. In order for the passive to be active, you would have to be in the middle of the fight, and that is not your role for ranged mages. Abyssal will be for tanks, as they can make use of the passive by buffing the team magic damage, while Banshee will be much better on mages due to the passive. Abyssal is considered a defensive item, but it's losing the effectiveness once you get out of the laning phase, and you kinda need to add another defensive item, like Zhonya's, even if the enemies don't have too much AD. With that change, you will be able to skip Zhonya's in many cases, as Banshee's will be enough, especially for burst mages, where it matters to be able to land your combo before getting CC-ed.
Sn0w Fox (EUW)
: Season 7 Annie Guide
I would like to throw a tip out, as I like the way you make the guides. There's no need for the blurred gameplay while there's stuff over the video, you can make the font bolder and the text needs to be smaller. A smaller text would actually improve readability, even if it sounds counterintuitive. If you ever stood next to a big billboard, you know that you're seeing the commercial better from far away than right next to it. The same principle applies. Regarding Annie, things can get more complicated. You can build her with Deathfire Touch if you think that you're gonna go for {{item:3116}}, you can go {{item:3030}} as it's just a great item on her, you can even go {{item:3800}} in some cases. I never liked {{item:3165}} on her because it's not really enough sometimes. You often cast spells on your way to combat, as you want to prepare your stun, and you might be in the situations where you won't have enough mana during team fights. A bit of tankiness and mana restore when you take damage helps a lot in those situations, that's why {{item:3010}} is a bit of a core item on her, and since Hextech items, {{item:3027}} is not really as efficient as it was before. I tend to like {{item:3030}} more due to better building path early on and a good synergy with her ult. Getting that slow helps when you engage as well as after you blow your ult. Slowing people down, so that Tibbers can keep up with them can be very useful. About boots, I think that {{item:3020}} and {{item:3158}} are pretty equal based on how often do you usually buy each of them. CDR is very useful on Annie, especially the reduction on her {{summoner:4}} from Ionian, there are many cases when they are a better pick than Sorcery. A third alternative is {{item:3117}} that's still a viable choice if you want to roam a lot. Annie is a very diverse champion, there are a lot of things you can build on her.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: No that would be a terrible idea, we already have plenty of users being harassed after some ex-teammade added them. imagine if you could spam that add friend thingy with a message.
What if... And bear with me here as it's extremely complex... What if you wouldn't be able to spam it and friend request would still work exactly as it's working right now? Pooohhh. Genius! It would be just a small box where you can write why you are sending the request. Many other games have this feature. You can't "harass" people through friend requests. They would just deny and that's it, just how it works now.
Graw (EUNE)
: Friend Request Message
That would be a nice addition.
: ... is known as a Cheater
That's actually pretty clever. Gonna definitely use that when I'm getting autofilled. Thanks!
indshield (EUW)
: Everyone does. Why do we play LOL? just to have fun..right?? What makes you sad if I share my gameplays here to make money? Real world creates game and kids play the game, so as you do. This is the fact. This is not to hurt anyone. By the way, if you like the gameplay, put a like and subscribe. Thank You, My friend.
You don't understand what I said. You will NEVER make money this way. There is simply no chance. You can make money with LoL content, but not by using this kind of cheesy practices, but by making quality content. It's delusional to think otherwise. That's how the real world works.
Leptyx (EUW)
: just the clickbait title prevents me from clicking this lol
I don't understand what these kids expect, to be honest. For people to take them seriously, start sharing the video, reach 50.000.000 views and get rich? Do they realize how the real world function?
B Jay (EUNE)
: Katarina
Katarina would not work right now if you would just replace her current W with her old one. Would just be completely useless. The way that her W was working in the past was mostly as a quick way to consume marks on multiple targets, but also as a speed boost. Without the marking mechanic that was on her old Q, it wouldn't be so efficient. And as the new Katarina goes, she's all about having multiple daggers on the ground and making plays around them. Her main engage is E>W>Q>E. You take W out, it would be very hard for her to get efficient resets. I used to main old Katarina and now I main the new one. I like her now much more than before.
: which champion should i buy next?
> [{quoted}](name=chadthecat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uhvjjIrk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-12T11:00:55.225+0000) > > so i researched the statistics and found out katarina gets the most kills per game so i buoght her Well, are you a robot that calculates each move made by every Katarina player, the calculate the average move he should make each time and does that? If not, those statistics do not matter. Looking at your match history... What can I say... Interesting. I never thought about building 4 (FOUR) Zhonya's on her, but I might try it! Seems counter-intuitive, as they share the cooldown, but you can pretty much smash your fist into the keyboard and you'll hit a button with Zhonya on it, so that's pretty nice. On a serious note. Any champion can deal a lot of damage. Few exceptions would be some supports, that you don't usually build for damage, but even those, if you would build damage on them, you would be able to deal a lot of damage. It's more a thing of how are you playing that champion and how good is your general game knowledge in order to deal damage. Katarina is not an easy champion to start with. She requires good game knowledge, positioning, reactions, you need to keep track of enemy cooldowns, it needs too much in order to be efficient. You need to focus on basics. Farming and staying alive. Don't worry about damage, pick a champion that does not require too much mechanics, like {{champion:1}}, and try to focus on farming and staying alive. Stop that nonsense with building the same item more than once, because it's useless. The passive effects on complete items don't usually stack, so you will get the effect from a single item. It's like wearing shoes and getting some much bigger shoes to wear over those shoes. It's silly, serves no purpose and it's a waste of money. Look at "recommended items" for whatever champion you want to play, read what each item does and try to understand how does that item applies to your champion.
: Did i miss something?
Genja was a player known for going Ninja/Mercury on ADCs instead of Berserker. Recently, I think that it all started with scripters, where they would get Ninja Tabis on ADCs because they needed to negate some auto-attack damage, as they would dodge skill shots anyway, so auto-attacks were the things that would hurt them the most, so they would go Ninja Tabis. I saw Imaqtpie playing with Ninja Tabis when he was trying to mimic a scripter, he pretty much build whatever the scripter was building, just for the fun of it. I guess that people took the idea. Now, I don't think that it's in any way wrong, quite the contrary. I think that ADCs should go a bit more defensive. With Warlord's Bloodlust becoming the main keystone for so many ADCs right now, that attack speed you get from Berserker's might not be always needed. Add to that the fact that many AP junglers are an exotic concept right now, Ninja Tabi can work well. In a 1v1 duel, same champions ADCs, with same stats, one with Ninja, the other one with Berserkers, I'm pretty sure that the one with Ninja will win.
Bløom (EUW)
: Jungle guides for this season?
In my opinion, jungle routes are a bit of a mess right now. The most efficient route is Raptors>Red>Wolves (optional)>Blue, but it's not really great in SoloQ, as people might mess your leash if they want to give it, or they will be mad for you starting raptors and act silly. As a general rule of thumb, I rarely start on the opposite side from where my bot lane is because I really don't see the point. With top lane you can't get a good leash, and if you get a good leash, your top laner will probably give first blood. The reason why Raptor start it's most efficient is because it's the only path that gives you level 3 when you finish the third camp. This helps a lot with clearing speed, that blue buff should go down faster. The way the raptors have been reworked in the last patch make this path available to even more champions. Just try it out and see if you like it. It's the most efficient in terms of XP and clearing speed, but it can be problematic in SoloQ. Countering enemy jungler shouldn't be so big of a priority, but you can do it sometimes. Going something like Kha against a jungler with bad dueling can win you the game if played properly. But going Kha for the first time just because you think that you will mess up that Amumu is not gonna work most of the times. So stick to your mains, because knowing a specific champion strenghts and weaknesses it's not something you learn too fast. Play the same jungler over and over again and don't worry about it. In most cases, the enemy jungler will mirror your path. Top or mid lane are usually most ganked first, a bit after min.3, and rarely bot. Then you pretty much use your common sense. You know that the enemy jungler cleared his top side two minutes before, you can be pretty sure that he's gonna go on bottom side. Early on, you can count his farm and get an estimate of what camps he did. He does Blue (1 cs) > Gromp (2 cs) > Wolves (5 cs) > Raptors (11 cs) > Red (12 cs). So, if you see the enemy jungler ganking top with like 6 cs you can be pretty sure that you can take his raptors, because he surely didn't touch that camp. I don't agree with the fact that you should necessary play around the lane that's getting ganked most often. Many times, you can do objectives on the opposite side of the map, take jungle camps from that side instead. If you have a clear advantage in 2v2/3v3 against opposite team on the lane that's getting camped, you can try to duel. Otherwise, you're much better off doing something else. You can help out the lane that's getting camped by setting some vision on his side of the jungle or in the river. But you shouldn't necessarily look to counter gank. Always try to make your ganks based on your jungle pathing. Don't go from base to gank top lane when you don't have camps on that side. Do camps, gank afterward. Your movement should always follow the most efficient farming route at that moment.
: I've got the maximum RAM for the space in my computer (laptop :D ). Hope that day will come when Riot disables all animations and gives very poor graphics for low-spec mode to the client so that I can run it smoothly :P
ASCII client ftw! I guess that the performance will improve too. At least right when it was launched, it was lagging very much, it's much better now.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Creating guides for champs can win money???
You can, as long as you make it as a Youtube video. You can monetize the video and you will get paid based on views. Another option would be a website, but it's a bit harder that way, as more people are going to Youtube for this kind of things and it's really not a big enough niche to get enough visitors. You might get them if you would have an awesome tool for the game (op.gg, champions.gg), but I doubt. For guides, there are sites like lolking that are much more informative than whatever you can make by yourself.
: I have tried the new client 2 patches ago and was very laggy (even with low-spec mode enabled). It also takes ages to relaunch the client after a game is finished (because low-spec mode closes the client during a game to save resources with low-spec mode enabled *which is a good thing*). I know that the problem comes from my computer :|
Yea, well, you know that it will come the day when you're gonna get the "you must update your client" message. Maybe pop a bit more RAM into your machine, it's the most affordable boost you can get.
: Help with builds for Ashe/Lissandra/Sejuani?
On Ashe, I always preferred the {{item:3508}} path. Usually, you want to rush {{item:3508}}, then {{item:3085}}. With these two items, you maximize the Essence Reaver's passive as soon as possible and it's pretty much the cheapest way to hit that 30% CDR early on. Now, the first item kinda depends. Most of the times, you will want to aim for {{item:1038}}. After that, you can go straight {{item:3085}} then finish your {{item:3508}}, or you can finish {{item:3508}} first. Usually, when you are behind, you should go for {{item:3508}} first, as it offers CDR, that will help you with having your ult up more often. You should rarely get {{item:1042}} as first item. You can get a second {{item:1055}} if you die early, or {{item:1036}} as your building path include them. Early on you need straight up damage, so you either go for {{item:1038}} or {{item:3133}}, and after that you can get boots and AS. It helps with the farm, and you will keep up with the enemy ADC. If you go for {{item:1042}} and {{item:3006}} you pretty much give up your lane. You won't be able to trade, you won't be able to push, you will be stuck under your tower with a bunch of movement speed and attack speed that you can't use. Straight up damage early on. After that, {{item:3031}} is a good goal. {{item:3036}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3102}} are all great on Ashe, depends on the situation. Now, regarding Lissandra... There aren't many champions that can be efficient with {{item:3070}} and Lissandra is not one of them. You will usually want to build it on champions that can spam their abilities, they have some kind of cooldown reset mechanic, or channeled abilities, for example, {{champion:34}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:81}}. The way that item works is that you will want to charge it to 750 stacks as soon as possible, so you can upgrade it into {{item:3040}}. Just having it for mana is not really cost efficient. You are not really able to stack it before min. 25 as Lissandra, so you loose the effectiveness of {{item:3040}}. It's like {{item:3027}}, that if you don't manage to get it early, you shouldn't get it at all. Early on, you can manage your mana better, you can get another {{item:1056}}, you can get {{item:3802}} and go into {{item:3165}}, or you can go for {{item:3010}}. You can get {{item:3030}} or {{item:3027}}. Sejuani it's not a really good top laner. Farming with her is obnoxious on lane, even worse under tower, you don't really have damage to do anything 1v1. She can offer great gank assist, but that's pretty much it. If you play with a premade jungler, she might be great. But for SoloQ, she's not that good. As a general rule of thumb, you rarely want to rush {{item:1001}} on top lane. They are pretty inefficient, as you don't benefit from movement speed as much. You aren't usually against champions that rely on landing their skill shots, so you might dodge, and you're not gonna roam around, so you will benefit from movement speed. Rushing {{item:3047}} on the other hand, it's not always a bad idea. If you are against champions like {{champion:23}} {{champion:133}} and you struggle with them, that's the item you should rush. But you shouldn't get it when you are against {{champion:78}} or {{champion:57}} for example. It's a situational buy. You will usually want to rush resistance/armor items on tanky top laners. {{item:3751}} is a great buy against a laner that's not too oppressive, while {{item:1031}} /{{item:3211}} are good against AD/AP champions that can damage you pretty bad. {{item:3068}} is a great overall first item, you can sometimes get it even against AP laners if you don't need magic resist. {{item:3083}} is rather situational. Passive effect is awful against poke and flat HP is not always so useful. Sejuani is not the type of champion that can be built AP too much because her scallings are pretty bad. She's not like Amumu, where you do a ton of damage if you build him full AP. She will do a bit more damage than usual, you will never reach a point where you will burst people down. CC is her main thing, being able to stay alive in fight and crowd controlling the enemy team. So, in jungle you should go for {{item:1401}} and stack tanky items based on what you need. Try to understand what each item do, how that can apply to the champion you are playing, and experiment.
: I can't switch to the new Client because my computer is too slow on it. :/ I just suggested this because I think it would be easy to fix and it could be an improvement for those who still use this old client. I'm not asking this to be top priority.
But the old client will not be available to use pretty soon. New one works good. Was a bit slow when it first got launched, now it's better, especially with low spec mode enabled, it's just as fast as the old one.
: Scrolling speed of the Legacy Client Patch Notes screen
I don't think that someone is giving a damn about the legacy client anymore. Just switch to the new one and that's it. Things are smooth over here.
: Always going to be stuck in Bronze 3 :(
You need at least 4 games to have a decent game pool. You can't focus on just a bunch of games, like that. Just play and things will even out. The number of games you lost due to AFK or trolls will even with the games that you will win due to AFKs in the enemy team. What's left is your actual performance, games won or lost due to your performance. You're not gonna win all the games, but you will have a positive win rate if you generally perform well. Accept that you are bad and, if you want, try to improve. Looking at your history, you kinda make the usual Bronze mistakes. Play a very large number of different champions, you don't get appropriate runes and masteries, you build items that don't make sense, you die too much, you don't farm too well. Focus on few champions, learn to play those properly, learn to build them, improve your general game understandings and results will come.
Walkievili (EUNE)
: At the middle of the game me and Annie made a deal to exchange lanes. Because she did bad with Karma. I agreed and that's why i bought the other boots. But the exchange was pretty useless because we were just defending the base .You are telling me that he was a better player? Now, was he? I already told you that i couldn't do nothing against him - i was low on farm because he tower dived every time i went to lane, i couldn't fight normally because of this reason : my rage bar was never filled and i didn't have gold. He isn't skilled, he was just milking the situation with his long ass ult , and btw I main Gnar, I know how to play him.
Just because you main a champion, does not mean that you know how to play him or that your game knowledge is high enough just because of that. You had 3 times less farm than Tryndamere, under 100 farm in a 30-minute game. If you would take a ZZ Rot, throw it in the lane and watch a movie you would have probably got more farm. Look at these games and try to understand the match-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irtuBy0hx6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNbtmu6aXk He was a better player just because you felt that you couldn't do anything against him. You say that your rage bar was never filled and you didn't have gold. Those are things that you control by knowing when to auto and knowing how to farm. It's like complaining that you ran out of mana.
Walkievili (EUNE)
: Here are the problems...
So... Just because you encountered someone that was better than you, the game is broken? Looking at your history.... You rushed {{item:3022}}, then you took {{item:3111}}. First piece of armor came at min. 25. I mean, I don't play Gnar often, but I would get some armor against champions like Tryndamere if I know that I'm gonna struggle against him. {{item:3047}} is such an efficient item against him and any AA-based champion. Especially in that game, where they had Vi jungle, getting some armor early on would have helped you. But you mostly encountered a better player than you. It happens. You should actually want to face similar games because these are the games from which you learn the most. When you are getting smashed, those should be the replays that you should watch and see where you messed up, and try to fix your mistakes.
Doomley (EUW)
: No, it is not dying. With it's current player count, it will take years to die out. >riot videos dont make too much view any more They never have because most casual players don't watch them. They just gain more views over long periods of time. If they would make another cinematic, it would still get high view counts. >streamers wont stream too much anymore They do. The streamers that stream LoL just change. Just like the people who play it. This also naturally affects you friends list too. The fact that those random people don't play anymore, doesn't mean LoL hasn't gained people to replace them. >idk lol streamers video clips dont get too much view like past That's because their content is either repetitive or getting worse. Also, the view count on videos doesn't have anything to do with the games popularity. It has more to do with the streamer's/youtuber's popularity. LoL has 100 million unique monthly players. It's not going to die anytime soon. Also for the haters in the comment section, the game is fairly balanced right now. Everyone who claims it isn't doesn't know anything about the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZdsXB4QH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-09T02:19:03.381+0000) > > No, it is not dying. With its current player count, it will take years to die out. > Not necessary. The way the game is today, it requires that huge player base in order to function. If you would scoop like 30% of active players and would make them inactive, the player base will keep declining due to big queue times and the game would die eventually. LoL player base is in decline, even if Rito won't admit it. Those "100 million monthly players" are figures from 2014, when it was at its peak. Right now, it's probably much lower. You can feel this in queue structure, implementation of hextech crafting and autofill, the fact that Rito have not shown statistics about player base for the last two years. So, I don't think that the thing with "LoL is dying" is far from the truth. Now, that does not mean that it will actually die. Rito worked in the past years on fixing some issues that were left behind, like practice mode and replay system. The next would be a revision of runes and mastery systems, probably leveling, and eventually voice chat. Those things might keep the game alive for 1-3 years, but I think that it will need a bit more to be healthy after that.
ÁrtheX (EUNE)
: Katarina's Nerf
You can do this: lvl 1 - Q lvl 2 - E lvl 3 - W lvl 4 - E After that, as before, R>Q>E>W priority. This way you pretty much dodge the nerf at lvl 4, as you have about the same cooldown reduction on her Shunpo as you had before the patch if you were going Q at lvl 4. But it's fine with Q at lvl 4 too, if you play careful and don't want to dive or do something crazy. The patch did not bring such big changes, it nerfed her early game a bit.
: Dear Riot, could you revert the nerfs to Dr. Mundo?
Mundo was not in such a bad spot, even with the nerfs, but the {{item:3165}} changes and {{item:3123}} being built into {{item:3033}} made him a bit weak. Morello became a must have item on a lot of mages, due to {{item:3802}}, so it's easier to make his ult half as efficient as it should be. Also, jungle changes made him weak in that role, he's having a hard time going through the jungle early on, so he's not so effective in that role as many other junglers. I don't really find him awful. I think that he's perfectly playable top laner, he does well enough. I don't really trust sites like champion.gg, as I don't think that they show the true value of a champion. Anyhow, I think that Mundo will be part of the tanks update that's planned to happen later on, so I'm guessing that he will get a rework. How he's now, he's a tricky champion to balance. He can jump from being a rather weak champion overall to an unkillable monster pretty fast.
: asking apology
Well, at least now you can choose. You can have your account banned for toxic behavior, or for account sharing.
: Nerf Katarina again and make it proper, explanation given
> [{quoted}](name=Goku Rosé,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sKN4AaaX,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-07T08:09:43.628+0000) > With 10% cdr (runes+masteries) and/or 2 points in E, the nerf does not do anything. You can say the same thing about every single champion change. AP ratios got nerfed? With more AP from runes and masteries and different skill leveling, the nerf does not do anything. The whole point of the "nerf" should be of fixing certain aspects of a champion, not to make that champion unplayable. Katarina got a very strong early game after rework. Her lvl 2 and 3 all-ins can deal a ton of damage while being able to get out quick too. This nerf is intended to tone her down early on, as you are not able to get out as fast as you were able to before nerf. That's the main "nerf". When you go for your lvl 2 all-in, you Q, jump to a dagger, then E out. Same with level 3 E>W>Q>E>E out. As it is now, even if it does not seem a lot, it offers some room for the enemy to retaliate if miss your all-in. Her diving pre-6 is also nerfed. It is a nerf, but it's not a huge one.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gojiraw,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=W62FdgoI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-06T14:34:06.653+0000) > > Just exit normally if you want that. Wait for the game to start, then simply quit as soon as the game started. Worked for me, got the remake. What happened is that you waited 3 minutes, but as you were disconnected, it takes longer for the loading screen to load. When you logged back in, you went back into the game before your teammates were able to remake. Bro i purposely quit i want the remake :D
Yea, you get the remake if you leave in the first 90 seconds. "If any player is dc’d or flagged afk for at least 90 seconds at the three minute mark, a /remake is available". Then you have the right three minutes for sure and you're not having more than that due to the loading screen.
: Twisted Fate W
The only pattern is their order (blue, red, gold everytime), but the first card you draw is always random. It used to be a pattern a while back, where you could have done the double gold card trick, but that does not work anymore. Sometimes you must take a leap of fate and just double tap that button and hope for the best. You have 33% chance of getting a gold card, so you will get it pretty often.
: Spaghetti code?
Just exit normally if you want that. Wait for the game to start, then simply quit as soon as the game started. Worked for me, got the remake. What happened is that you waited 3 minutes, but as you were disconnected, it takes longer for the loading screen to load. When you logged back in, you went back into the game before your teammates were able to remake.
Aurnado (EUNE)
: Katarina 1st ability to max
I don't think that maxing E it's better. The problem is that your cooldown reset on picking the dagger is % and it scales with your level, not with E. So, from 1-6, you get 78% refunded from Shunpo's cooldown. Comparing level 1 and 2 Shunpo, if used perfectly, you get a 3,08 sec remaining at level 1 and 2,75 sec remaining at level 2. The difference is pretty much negligible. Once you get the % higher, at level 6, where you refund 84%, it's better and it will feel more fluid. You shouldn't gain more than 0,5 sec effectiveness by maxing E first because we take into the account the human error too. Q is still better as first leveling up, as it simply does more damage. And the way you play the lane with Katarina is you use your Q to poke then all-in with her E>W>Q>E>auto>E whatever combo. This nerf hurts her the most on level 2 aggression, where you usually go Q>E on the dagger, then you E back on a minion. That window between using your E on the dagger and going back with the minion it's a bit larger now, so the enemies will have time to retaliate. Other than that, her mid game is pretty much the same. I don't think there are too many differences there. Her early is a bit harder now, you need to be more careful with level 2-3 aggression.
: I hack accounts.
That's actually not so far from the truth. That's how most people are losing their accounts due to getting "hacked". They give away their password to friends, and those "friends" are stealing the accounts. There not much value in a LoL account and they don't represent interest for hackers. A free Gmail or Yahoo account it's much more valuable for them than a LoL account because they get much more information from that one and they can gain something from it. In LoL there's not much info associated with the account. Even those "free RP scams", some of them don't target your LoL account, but your willingness of following a set of instructions that can make you the owner of a brand new spyware. And the actual hacking happens afterward.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Why do we need smurfs?
> [{quoted}](name=Icepaw,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pEUsgz0q,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-02T16:07:25.715+0000) > > Solution: Require phone number and SMS identification upon creating a new account. That would be really devastating, having in mind that you can get a phone number for free with services similar to Google Voice and phone companies give phone cards almost for free. There's no good argument for having such a harsh punishments for people talking crap in a video game. That's basically the reason "smurfs" exist. You don't see too many smurfs in Dota 2 mostly because you don't get banned for talking crap over there. So, putting both together, the situation that you propose it's not logical. Rito benefit from smurfs, and they benefit from having harsh punishments. People make new accounts, they buy boosts, champions, etc, they benefit from the whole system. You make smurfing against the terms, there will be ways to dodge the system and they end up creating additional costs with the SMS identification and all that. Reasons for having smurfs exist. Getting banned, wanting to try out a different region or simply wanting to start fresh from whatever reasons. I don't see smurfs as being a problem. They reach their true level pretty quick, so they don't bother too many people in the process.
: Can we HARD nerf Irelia?
Better nerf Irelia.
donnayy (EUW)
: How lucky are you?
Got Soulstealer Vayne and Elementalist Lux from boxes, so I guess I was pretty lucky.
: Irelia E bug
Yea, it's clearly bugged. Her Q is bugged too. Sometimes she gets no cooldown on that ability. You should make a video about that one too. Damn bugged champion!
: things that riot need to get right
Rito should rename their company. Riot - A form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property or people. Riots typically involve vandalism and the destruction of property, public or private. (Source: Wikipedia). Or, I don't see any connection between League of Legends and riots. It makes no sense. The riots take place on the streets, they are violent. The action of playing a video game it takes place in the house and it involves sitting in front of a monitor while controlling the character using your mouse and keyboard. It makes no sense. How is that a riot? How? Rito, change your name! Wording in skill description Janna's Q it's a whirlwind and Galio's Q is a windblast. They are both formed of wind. Only that they are not in some cases. As Janna's Q lifts people into the air, while Galio's Q does not move them at all. Graphically, they are not so different, but only one is actually made of wind. So plz, wording write! I also thought about something else, but I forgot, because ADHD and I have to take these pills that make me way energetic! Oh boy! Zooya!
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