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: ok ive misread what you said. will reply again. I see that they change some things to this I was wrong , i gotta admit . but what was change was the color. what is asked here is to delete the entire skin and make a new one. and I strongly believe this will not happen. a recoloring of a skin requires little no effort , a new skin from scratch would need more time and money. also this was promoted and teased. Like it or not the skin is here to stay.
Yea... to be honest. i dont think that this skin will get scrapped either. But it was chosen to be the victorious skin this year, so rioters probably had some other ideas for sure... and as i said before, this skin looks like it was made for jhin, but got scrapped since his SKT T1 skin has similar particle changes. Either way, riot must do something... The previous victorious skins are much better than this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi im Thaddeus,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=wWN4MEEm,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-25T09:33:23.150+0000) > > Look at the normal Graves skin, then at this one, you will see its like a white chroma and thats it... not at all, this skin is truly pretty and way WAY better than most of his skin + he has a Daddy-O hairstyle so im happy with this skin and i couldnt wish for anything better
Ok i get it, but still... it doesn't match grave's theme that much. Also i saw lots of people complaining in the comments of the attached video, so i made this post. ( I dont really like it that much either.. i would preffer victorious janna over this and she doesn't even have particle changes...)
: Look at the normal Graves skin, then at this one, you will see its like a white chroma and thats it...
yup... Its just a plain skin with some purple in his animations... nothing much :p
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Barnador (EUNE)
Well its something you can't do something about it... just push and try to help in teamfights... Flaming is not the answer, And this is not a Bug
ouhw (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Ilyd, the ashen Child [Exclusive raffle]
Pretty good but the abilities are a bit complicated... I can't really imagine it, but it would be a cool champ, and you worked really hard
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: You can spend IP on blue essence:)
and then what? if you have all champs the blue essence is only useful for the champion mastery... nothing else
Wex0r (EUW)
: both ideas wont work maybe the first one, but would have a weekly if not monthly limit, a daily limit is out of the question Riot needs to get paid for the awesome work they do. People with IP stocks should keep them with the new rune rework could be some new interesting runes to buy pluss it might be you want a rune page per champion so thats allot of rune pages to buy. at the moment there is a summoner icon for some IP you can pick up :)
Yea you're right... daily limit is a bit too much... But most of the people who have all champs and people who are lvl 30, have all the runes that they need ... The only runes that they can buy are mana/energy regen runes and other useless runes... Sooo runes can't do anything to people who have all the champs and can't spend their ip anywhere... even if they get rune pages, they will still have lots of ip remaining
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: That would be perfect. I would like ap yi to come back for at least a weekend. RIP Q=Penta I had this same idea some time ago but no one replied to me :(
Well this idea is not complex...So everyone could had imagined it. If you're just watching a video of the old league days, you will want to play a champ (ex: ryze,yi) as they used to be... and i feel you, my friends and i have posted this idea multiple times... :p
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: 1v1 Queues?
I wouldn't play it, exept if i could take a reward for my victory... we can play 1v1 already, so i don't believe that this should be done right now
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: Rapid Fire


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