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: You made 8 accounts to test the system? OMEGALUL {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
It wasn't on purpose I just realized after some time when you hit the words it means you get penalties
: PSA on how to avoid toxicity in your games
If you have bad day/ bad streak of games you can't have a healthy mental because you are going to go in "Sarcastic mode" and at one point you're gonna pop like a balloon and end up flaming someone.
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: the way characters move or reset aa is bugged
Try having this not activated http://prntscr.com/nzh2hf
: Would implementing a similar option like Overwatch's "Avoid as teammate" be a good idea in League?
They always say it's a good idea in the support tab. Cause they can't tell you it's a bad idea lol.
: Telling someone to kill himself or something is not passive aggressive. Passive aggressive is "good job / well played" when a teammate dies, or telling him "keep it up buddy ! wp". You will never get restricted for such things, if you don't spam them for over 50 minutes 3 times a second. - in which case you'd get banned for spamming and not toxicity. _**Context doesn't even matter**_ - as you stated yourself a couple of minutes ago, hence Riot will not be able to detect passive aggressivity. Gotta get our definitions of **passive aggressivity** straight. > and riot provides you "proof" by showing your chatlog, without their chatlog like _**context doesn't even matter**_ There's NO NEED for context. It's about you breaking the rules. It's irrelevant if someone else breaks them, you're still not allowed ! Flaming back is not a viable defence option, you aren't in any danger, and you won't manage to protect your pride by flaming back to a 14 year old kid over the internet. If you feel the need to do so, you lack self esteem (no offence, not referring to you personally). The flaming will never stop, once you get into an argument and get on their level of aggression. It's just a back and forth shit throwing fest, till the game ends, then maybe 5 minutes more in champ select, paired with a pinch of "x9 him" - with the same quote coming from the second flaming party. Maybe a quick friend request to type a last un-punishable KY$ there, then a block and that was your encounter with the flamer. Stooping down to a flamer's level means you are EQUAL to them, in the eyes of the "law" - which is the punishing AI in our case. That doesn't mean that the initial flamer won't get punished as well, if enough reports are accumulated overtime, and he gets flagged. I mean, the whole system is not THAT hard to understand, I don't see why so many people struggle to comprehend it. It's very easy to just mute + report at the end. That simple. You will never get any punishments if you follow these simple steps. It only takes about 5-6 clicks to do so, compared to the hundreds or thousands of clicks you perform per match - it's literally nothing. Also, you help clean up the community. And TRUST ME, with the amounts of "wrongfully banned for flaming" posts on these very boards, paired with chatlogs that you wouldn't even dare to read out loud to your 7 year old daughter - the system is working as intended. Could be better, but it's far from bad or useless/non-functional.
No one has that strong of a mental to go after a losing streak.
: People don't understand what the Intentional Feeding report actually means.
In Riot's eyes, you can't even argue in games cause its not part of their vision in this game. If you have a conversation about who should've done what and argue in chat for a long time on multiple games you will get a penalty.
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: Does opening a support ticket along with a chatlog increases chances that toxic players get banned?
You don't get banned in the game unless you hit a certain keyword/acronyms. If they say it Two times or more and people report them It will work. (8 Accounts banned I tested the system){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Ardent meta was by far the worst meta imo. Supports were not "useful" like you say, they were extremely broken and beyond that. Even Supports that rly sucked at the role still got easily elo just bc their champ was so stupidly overpowered at that time. A lot of supports got way higher elo than they deserved that season and I hope something like that meta wont come back any time soon.
How about the buffs given to assassins and nerfing the adcs armor in the same patch
: If you started playing in season 6/7 then you dont even know the half of it (season 6 was considered one of if not the worst season). But you are not wrong, CDR is way too accessible on items that are otherwise very well statted on top. the base damage scaling (per point) on these troublesome supports is too high to the point where a slight level advantage means a won lane. In order for a tank to be viable they must have a %hp damage ability _(on 5 second cooldowns without CDR)_ in order to keep up with other tanks and bruisers that have said %hp abilities _(Just remove/nerf it and it wouldnt be neccessary)_
Season 6 was the normal season it was never the worst so I do not know what you are on about.{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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Just have flash on X 3Head
: Best way to ruin someones game without getting detected trolling
Hansiman (EUW)
: > bring back chat restrictions Bring back? They're the standard penalty for verbal toxicity, so what's there to bring back? --- > stop insulting, degrading and humiliating victims of your broken "reform" system Where do they do this? --- > remind people muting exists They do, but that doesn't mean it's ok to be a jerk. --- > if someone can lose their entire account for acronyms Depends on the acronym, and if the violations are repeated. > mass reporting You don't get banned for "mass reporting", unless you have a source to this claim. > or getting a spectacularly horrible game It's highly highly unlikely you'll be banned for a bad game. And even if you do, the bans are reverted. > people will be LESS likely to buy skins Toxic behavior is one of the major reason people decide to quit the game. Why should Riot allow toxic behavior when it directly harms their business? --- > learn from CS:GO's system ban for a week nothing more just a week But why? If a person comes back after a week, does the exact same thing, and you ban them for another week, and they come back and do the exact same thing; Why bother spending more time on them? --- > and during that week they'll become tranquill again Those that are permabanned usually come from a 14 day ban. If that didn't make them "tranquil", why is suddenly a 7 day ban going to do so?
Listen don't defend the report system the only thing it's good at reporting people that are being toxic. No one gets banned for griefing/feeding/trolling. It's all automated and if you think otherwise then you are completely clueless. 1. If you type certain acronyms MORE then ONCE you get one of the penalties but it's mostly cause it is AUTOMATED 2. Feeding/Inting is also automated so people don't have to review them all the time. Yeah it's a good thing but people that genuinely SOFT INT (Basically don't want to do anything team related just to close the game out easier and move on) this is the worst CAUSE IT DOES NOT GET PUNISHED IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. Yeah, they can't detect that good argument but how do you stop it? You don't. Whenever I report someone for inting and doing random stuff just to be a minge nothing happens to their accounts even though you had SOLID evidence about. Even if you had SOLID evidence you can't get the info of their process saying they got some sort of penalty at all. I did this once reported via staff ticket and nothing was sorted mostly because A) I saved their name and added them and they still managed to play every single day. So please don't defend the Report system just remove it. There is no legitimate point of it.
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