: I'm glad that lately Rito has finally started doing something against all these trolls/feeders/assholes, I still remember like an year or 2 ago when I reported toxic players for LITERALLY inting mid, nothing really happened at all, they're accounts were still there and them still ruining other people's games, but recently every now and then when a face a tilted bonobo spamming pings and giving cursing in the chat they get suspended/banned a few days after reporting, which honestly feelsreallygood and is a great thing as well. Still tho Rito, don't take this as a message that goes through your head and makes you believe you're doing your job perfectly and you end up getting overconfident and Lazy af again, let this be a message that's encouraging you people to improves yourselves even further, to make this game, a family-friendly environment again :D
when this game was a friendly one ?honestly ...is friendly only if you play with your friends ...but at ranked ...is just bad
: a build example: {{item:1056}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3085}} (u can swap nashor/guinsoo order if required)
ok now ...yougot mein confusion ...i all time make my buildin this order :{{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} >first back {{item:3006}}{{item:2055}} >2back{{item:3101}} {{item:3108}} >3rd{{item:3115}} and i go after guinsoo .phantom dancer .rilay/wit end and GA
: Hey Mumblebum. First of all, look at this cute little floof. I hope it'll cheer you up! https://baby-animals.net/wp-content/gallery/baby-seal-wallpapers/Cute-baby-seal-wallpapers.jpg ---- You don't need to be ashamed of, let alone feel like a loser for crying. Anyone who plays this game can get affected emotionally by it. We all know how frustrating it can be to have extreme jerks on our team, and we all had to take a break because it was simply too much at one point. Sadly it's normal to feel shitty after a game like this, but please make sure you don't get mad at yourself for your reaction. You should _only_ be mad at them! --- If I'm stuck in a game like this, I usually mute these players immediately. Both their chat and their pings. Blasting some of your favorite music is also a great way to distract yourself. After all, this is just out of many games, you likely won't remember it in a few days. Good luck & Have fun in your next games, I hope you'll get some more great teammates again :)
you can mute pings in this game ?
: Rush guinsoo + rilay * kite = win.
like ...guisoo first item and rylay second ? give me a path pls
RazerX (EUW)
: Well you could do with picking different champions. Especially if you're planning to play ranked. People don't understand off meta picks and solo lane Kayle is not very strong right now.
i don;t know what champion i could play else ....i mean until now ...Morgana,Lux and Kayle are theonly champions i can play decent ...others are total mystery for me ....
StynxLt (EUNE)
: Best tip: /mute all
i cna mute them all ...but that won't stop them loose lanes ...and of course ....blame me for that ... 'leave top and help us idiot '
: Im new on this server
oh hello there :) i seen that you play kayle ,,,can you give me some tips about that champion ?
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