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: Making a competetive team on EUNE. D4+ Looking for players.
yo nice idea i can join would be nice with team (sup)
: They already have a map and lore about regions being enemys and regions being in war, it would make sence to have some kind of event around this, the only downside is that some regions are bigger / smaller ( champ pool ) than others wich would result in unbalanced teams i guesse. also i think its pretty hard to make a system like this and it won't be a priority by riot.
Small regions can make alliance with other or choose to fight like Spartans. Alliance could be made by storyline or by champion'friendship' or reverse. It need rly hard worj we have many map's and other cqn be adjusted. like adding snow or sand or what region specifications would be.
: It would be cool to have some sort of competetive play across regions, however i think it would be cooler to have some sort of battle inside of league universe, for example freljord against demacia, while playing a champion of the active regions you get +1 score, winning a game / killing / assisting enemys could also increase the score. Everyone could particepate, once a winner is concluded they would conquer a small piece of a map, and would be able to face off a different enemy having a full team of a region could give massive bonus so encourage more like a roleplay kind of game.
Yea my main idea was to make regions fighter with tach other with limited champions and we can think about details or things to add innthis idea to be cooler
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