: Lol it's not discrimination. Why would you even want your full name as your user.
Why wouldn't he? It's up to him what he wants as his username.
inarii (EUW)
: Firstly, learn to interpret and don't just read it out of your mind: > "Do Multiple Reports in a single game count extra? > Multiple reports in a single game match do not increase the weight nor escalate the reported player's punishments in any way." It says Multiple Reports in A SINGLE GAME - It doesn't say one (1) as in a single report in a lifetime will prompt an operation. It states that IN A SINGLE GAME, u need to report the player once in order for that game to count towards the report system. I was wrong in thinking many people reporting in the same game would make a different, but I refuse to believe that reporting a player only once in a lifetime would prompt an investigation on the system, as you said it yourself above, and i'm not gonna repeat myself as to why. I've already said, Nubrac has been reported MANY TIMES in DIFFERENT GAMES. My reports to my friends list were not false, I reported them for either inting, flaming or griefing, just means they didn't get reported enough over a period of time because they most likely didn't do it every single game, ain't it? Think a little c'mon. Don't make me specify this so you don't argue I just falsely reported them for my amusement. > Regarding the "griefing" and "trolling" point you made in why Nubracs stance is worse, he literally didn't take any camps or minions from the Irelia and helped her stomp her lane. This is a blatant lie, I've seen games where Nubrac would in deed steal farm from the mid laner. Maybe not in that game you are referring to, but surelly he did in others as I've seen him pushing mid or bot waves when his teammates didn't even want to just because he felt like it, setting his team even more behind, especially the adc. No strategy here. > And when Nubrac, a player who plays primarily Teemo, knows how to play the champion, knows all weaknesses and strengths of that champion, what he can and can't do, what's best for the course of the game as that champion (...) He might be playing to some of the teemo strenghts, like surprise factor, but he's definitly not playing around his teammates strenghts, while also forcing them towards both something they don't want to do nor benefitting them in any way. THIS IS GRIEFING. Also, there are multiple Teemo OTP's, most better than Nubrac at the champ, and I can almost garantee they won't support this "theory" as they mostly state teemo needs to pull aggro and be strong by himself so the team can do things in other places. Nubrac's "strat" is setting his team behind while making him... stronger? because there's no one else benefitting from this strat. > However, it was annoying to see that Nighblue3, who is very toxic himself, got someone banned for playing the game differently, and ultimately getting him punished. Again, and I've been repeating myself with you, It wasn't NB3 getting him banned. Nubrac was already under investigation, it was coming for him. If anything, NB3 sped it a bit. But it also bit him in the ass because, if he indeed had any sort of influence on this, Riot also opened an investigation NB3's because of all the drama he created and not only because of him getting reported. So again, you are just trying to prove a point that doesn't exist. And you didn't respond to the actual question on my reply to you, you just dodged them, again, by repeating your latter statements, to which I've already responded to you time and time again.
> learn to interpret Well that's kind of mean spirited. > I was wrong in thinking many people reporting in the same game would make a different, but I refuse to believe that reporting a player only once in a lifetime would prompt an investigation on the system What I meant by this, is that one report in the game to a single person will trigger an investigation, I supported this claim with the link to which an official responded positively. So it is not possible for the report to not trigger anything, unless it is *false* Now going back to the false ones. > My reports to my friends list were not false [...] most likely didn't do it every single game, ain't it? These two statements contradict each other. You say that they weren't false, but then you say that they didn't do them every single game. If they didn't do anything bad in other games, but you did end up reporting them... then that effectively makes the report false. > surelly he did in others as I've seen him pushing mid or bot waves when his teammates didn't even want to just because he felt like it Yes, very likely he did, but **this** was the game that was *the last straw*. If it wasn't for this game where Nighblue complains about someone playing something different, which he has done himself many many times, then he would've been fine, and we wouldn't be wasting our time discussing on a problem about a stupid video game, which we all hate anyways, but we're all addicted to it. I don't think there is a point in continuing the discussion since Riot already handled it, I am repeating myself, and so are you. Eventually we're just going to be insulting ourselves rather than discussing the actual topic. Also I'm biased af because I don't like NIghtblue in the first place, so that doesn't help. All in all, I think if someone wants to play something which works out, should be encouraged, because if there's more than one f*cking way to skin a cat, then there surely are even more ways to win a game of League of Legends.
inarii (EUW)
: Unless I get this checked and confirmed I do not believe so for various reasons: - Automated system reports are usually based on quantity, the more the merrier per say, and it makes sense because if something is wrong it will be reported more times, and if it's reported more times it's because something isn't working there. - you are insisting in "a rioter once said" without showing definitive proof or showing your logic, seems like you didn't read what I said here: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/gd1NrvEb-nightblue3-violating-riot-games-terms-of-use-discussion?comment=00020000000000010000 - Nubrac had a shit ton of reports going against him, from both regular high elo players and also Streamers that crossed his path. He was even recently involved in a live arguement with NB3 in which Tarzaned and Alicopter later joined: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsYRKAGlORo (this is just to show that it wasn't just NB3's report that triggered the review). - I personally have done a small "test" (i guess we can call it that) and from time to time I do report toxic people that I have on my friends list because they are being toxic towards someone in the game, they never got issued a warning probably because the other people didn't care. There was only one IRL friend of mine that got chat restricted twice, but that was a special case of toxicity tbh and no one enjoyed playing with him. - People tend to think nubrac's ban happened because he got exposed, and albeit it probably did help, he already had it coming to him, as even stated in the image leaked from NB3's / Zephyr's discord conversation, Zephyr said she recalled that name from seeing it multiple times. (which follows to my next point) - Zephyr states she recalls the name, this means Rioters were already aware of nubrac for some time now, which it also means that his name has been appearing regularly in the system, which prompts people to see why his name is being spammed harder by the system. READ WHAT SHE SAYS CAREFULLY: https://i.imgur.com/YEwGir7l.png **About zephyr:** people blame her, like you did, because this whole thread is a Jailbait and it's NB3's fault that it got to this point. Like you were doing yourself, people don't actually listen to all the parties involved or dig for the reasonings behind each one of them, jumping into assumptions and letting yourselfs be misguided by a _false sense of justice._ I don't know with certainty the Rioter's name, or the multiple people involved that are in charge for the ban, but I do not that Riot Aura was the one handling Nubrac's ticket when he asked Riot to review the ban. There's a post about it somewhere. And about the "influencers" point you made: Isn't it also awfull if someone is seens griefing a game, get reported, and later he's still unpunished for it? Isn't it worse if the griefer is also a streamer? Doesn't it give an image that griefers go unpunished on this game and players can just troll the hell out of others without consequences? In my point of view, this Nubracs' stance is worse for 2 simple reasons: 1- You can mute teammates and pings. Yes it's bad that you can't communicate with them, but at least it's in your hands to be or not affected by it, and you can report it in the end game screen. This does not affect your life in anyway mostly because the game can keep going and that trash talker is still playing on his own. There's a 50/50 chance on him also losing his mind and going AFK or Feeding. 2- A griefer maker you 100% of the time** lose your mind** because** he ruins your or your teammates gameplay** by stealing creeps, stealing camps, intentionally stealing kills or intentionally feeding. This means he is directly messing up your economy thus impacting your game in a negative way. Being AFK at least is better than griefing mind you, although it's bad. You genuinely lose 20+ minutes of your life in a game that **you cannot enjoy because someone is intentionally messing up (and up to a sense bullying or making you a captive) with you to a level that you can't even try to play.**
[Here is the link regarding the quantity of reports](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/tvviuURj-multiple-reports-and-other-misconceptions) where RiotLyte talked about the issue, and confirmed that one report is enough to trigger a system rather than several reports making a difference. The only time the quantity of reports truly matter is when the player who is being reported, gets those reports consistently over a couple of games. Also, the reports you gave to those on your friends list of course didn't work if they weren't doing anything wrong in the first place (except that guy that got a "two week vacation bish" for two weeks lol) as it says in the post: > **Can I be reported if I haven't broken any rules?** No, false reports are found by the system when it cannot match a report to negative behavior in game. The reporting player may eventually find their reports aren't very effective if they frequently abuse the system. Regarding the "griefing" and "trolling" point you made in why Nubracs stance is worse, he literally didn't take any camps or minions from the Irelia and helped her stomp her lane. I'm not saying Nubrac hasn't done anything wrong in the past, in fact, I highly suspect that he has been punished before and I don't watch him, so I couldn't care less. However, it was annoying to see that Nighblue3, who is very toxic himself, got someone banned for playing the game differently, and ultimately getting him punished. NB3 was one of the first people to pioneer, for example: Twitch Jungle. At the time, no one had seen this before, and in an ordinary game of solo queue, this would have been seen as a troll pick. **But**, because he succeeded, and got many many kills, of course everyone was fine and dandy, because they were about to get a certain amount of LP after the game. So he's allowed to play whatever he wants in the jungle, whether he wants it to be full crit, attack speed, [whatever](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n41x-8rZsdA), but when a different streamer also wants to do something that is uncanny for other soloq players, that's punishable?? And when Nubrac, a player who plays primarily Teemo, knows how to play the champion, knows all weaknesses and strengths of that champion, what he can and can't do, what's best for the course of the game as that champion, is being slandered because a popular streamer doesn't like what he's doing. He helped win mid matchup at the cost of bot lane, which was doomed anyways, and hims staying there would be pointless, and counterproductive.
inarii (EUW)
: You can't possibly expect them to check Gazilion of reports in just a matter of hours. It requires patience. It wasn't that single report that prompted NB3 to get banned. Same as Nubrac. I explained how on the other answer so I won't repeat myself on why Nubrac was banned first.
This case, however, was of much higher caliber. These aren't some regular players, these are influencers, who are/could be in a partnership program with Riot Games. I can't link the source at the moment, but in response to why Nubrac was banned first was not because of the quantity of reports. A certain Rioter has said that the quantity of reports does not matter, since only one is enough to trigger an automated system and/or a real person to review the issue. I think one of the reasons so many people blame Zephyr of being a part of this is because of the speed at which Nubrac got banned and the confusion. Specifically, Riot themselves have promoted (on their main page!) new playstyles and build ideas (Like 6 Wit's End Diana).
inarii (EUW)
: Why are you all folks so obsessed with nightblue3? holy shit, stop sucking on this lollipop, let the GM's do their job. And if u want him banned that much, when u get him in a game, report him everytime. If not, just stop watching his stream.
> let the GM's do their job Thing is, they haven't done anything about the situation, until a couple of hours ago, where Nightblue3 got his account on LoL suspended for 2 weeks.
LastStrike1 (EUNE)
: Nightblue3 violating Riot Games' Terms of Use. Discussion.
This could've been a potential career ending moment for Nubrac. Let's say he got banned in the past for flaming, or for any reason for that matter. (Has happened to *many* streamers, Imaqtpie, Tyler1, Tobias Fate, Hashinshin). In most cases, it is because situations got heated, and they simply lost their cool, which can happen to literally anyone, even you, the person reading. If he did have such a thing linked to his account, that account could have been banned for good, despite him doing nothing wrong in that video. Nightblue clearly displays his abuse of power to get someone banned, which is not O.K. In my opinion, both Nightblue and Zephyr are indeed violating the terms.
C4libur (EUNE)
: just won a ranked game after afk but took no LP because of a F-ing Mosquito
: can't wait for any Rioter response on this.
A full day has passed, yet no response from a Riot official. Pathetic.
: Hide & Seek in Summoner's Rift (Custom Rules)
I miss the good 'ol days where randoms would hop into Crystal Scar and play hide and seek. Really fun. {{champion:421}} Best Hider :p
: 1. her healing is meh. its like {{summoner:7}} but on 18sec cd. I don't see you complaining about {{champion:81}} having {{summoner:4}} on the same cd. Her heals only become strong once she gets {{item:3174}} , just like **any** healing sup with {{item:3174}} . 2. Her aoe root is weak. it needs to hit 3 times to root you, and you can still use all ur abilities and autos. {{champion:37}} ult is much more useful early game. Nevertheless her ult is strong late (as it should be). 3. her extremely long range slow has the less range than {{champion:222}} or {{champion:110}} slows. And its not a strong slow. its damage is meh as well. 4. you can't kill her, so you must focus the adc. once you kill the adc, theres a 90% chance you will kill her too. She's not very impactful early. all she has is her slow and her meager heals. 5. she has 45% winrate. so the team with her has actually **less** chance of winning. As someone who plays her, i can say shes the weakest champion early game of all 145ish champs in the game. she has only 2 meh abilities pre-6, so she can't help her adc much if he gets hard engaged on. All you have to do is play super aggressive, and she wont be able to do much. Her shine comes when skirmishes and teamfights begin, where she shines.
> I don't see you complaining about {{champion:81}} having on the same cd There are other things to talk about when it comes to Ezreal. There is nothing inherently wrong with his E, it his Q that is insanely busted and provides too much reward for just hitting one skillshot (applies on-hit effects like red buff, lowers all cooldowns by 1 second, has insanely good ratios 15 / 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 (+110% total) (+40%) ) > her extremely long range slow has the less range than {{champion:110}} or {{champion:222}} slows. And its not a strong slow. its damage is meh as well. Damage isn't the problem, it's the range of it and magnitude of the slow as well as its *duration*. It slows for 40 / 48 / 56 / 64 / 72 / 80 % for a duration of 1.25 / 1.35 / 1.45 / 1.55 / 1.65 / 1.75 seconds. Mind you, this is the ability that is maxed first by most players, because you benefit the most from doing so. In addition, it's range can be extended by a tremendous amount, as long as you are latched onto a champion with higher movement speed. This provides as a "catching out* tool for that bruiser which you will probably want to stick onto, since bruisers typically have a difficulty when it comes to engaging. Now going back to #2 > Her aoe root is weak. it needs to hit 3 times to root you The problem is, Yuumi will seldom stick onto a champion like a marksman in a situation where she would like to cast ultimate, in fact, Yuumi wouldn't be on the marksman in the first place, since you can just attach onto your bruiser, unless the adc is being prioritized. > She's not very impactful early. all she has is her slow and her meager heals. That's because many players in lower elo's, for some reason, have a fixed mindset that she is strictly a healing and shielding type champion only, when in reality, she can easily do *mini-skirmishes* in lane, as her passive grants her a shield, which also allows her to gain gold from spellthiefs. This may not seem as much, but creating that instance early on, where the enemy laner is losing by a fraction of his health, creates pressure for that laner to be down by a pot, thus making your adc have an advantage in health, and those 2 pots purchased in the first 10 seconds at fountain. > you can't kill her, so you must focus the adc. once you kill the adc, theres a 90% chance you will kill her too. Like I said, she wouldn't be on the adc in the first place (unless the adc is the only champion in the match who is ahead by a substantial amount of gold). That separates good Yuumi's from bad Yuumi's. > she has 45% winrate. so the team with her has actually less chance of winning. Low winrate is very common upon the release of a new champion. Also, she has a high pick rate (around the 10th percentile range). This also stems from players often picking her, despite not playing her before.
Rioter Comments
: Riot, please...please give some love to your other cool champions like Xerath, Vel'koz and Karthus.
I made a post about Dark Star Vel'Koz recently. Hopefully it happens.
: When did Nocturne become a literal tank?
He is extremely strong in a 1 v 1 situation, his q gives him straight up damage and ms, w grants blocking damage and attack speed, e is a long lasting fear, and he could even pop ult while the 1 v 1 is going on. However, he is somewhat useless in a teamfight, unless he is ahead by a significant amount of gold.
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm questioning why people want a purple skin for a purple champion. I'm not questioning why people want a skin of a champion who is usually clad in full armor but now instead is in a swimsuit weilding an umbrella as weapon.
Making a Dark Star skin does not objectively make the character model *only* purple. There are several things can that could be changed in Vel'Koz's character model, like galaxy themed tentacles (think *Aurelion Sol's* tail), new particles and effects for abilities, etc. A similar colour palette doesn't make it a bad skin concept.
Shamose (EUW)
: That doesn't make any sense.
You questioned why people want purple skins for purple champions. Leona is yellow/orange, yet she got a yellow/orange skin, called "Pool Party Leona", yet many people still bought the skin. I don't see where the confusion is coming from.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why do people want purple skins for purple champions?
Same reason why people are willing to buy Pool Party Leona ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
Rioter Comments
: Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed
imo, the concept is cool and all, however, his kit is extremely overloaded. His Q alone has 3 ways to use it, which would make it very hard to balance in the long run. What I think League needs right now, is a simple, barebone champion, which a simple concept. Reason why Kayn became so likeable and one of the most played champions is his simplicity, but with a twist (the transformation). Or Pyke. League is suffering from champions with overloaded kits, like Akali, who just got nerfed again, Irelia, Yasuo... Yuumi is an example of what League doesn't need at the moment. League doesn't need champions that are "unique in their own ways", League need champions that complete a specific task, in a rather simple fashion. I get that not everyone has the same playstyle, and Riot Games targets a goal, where they want every player to have their own champion, who they like to play the most, and 'fits' into their identity. But, that goal can be accomplished, as long as things are kept simple.
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: League Seems Too Soft, This Game is Supposed To Be For Teens Or 3 Years Old kids?
People often find blame in others, rather than themselves. They often won't even consider that something would've been caused due to their errors. /mute all is a good way to combat this, because it will just affect your performance in other games. Bandura proposed a **triadic reciprocal deterministic** model, which basically means that negative behaviour in others will cause you to adopt this behaviour as well. If you are in a bad mood, this will affect the behaviour of others around you as well, causing them to respond with negative thoughts. This may, and most likely will, reinforce your bad mood, and influence your behaviour in unhelpful ways. Edit: If people want to type and complain, Microsoft Word is a much better alternative, rather than doing that in a League of Legends chat box.
ofir (EUW)
: What is your favorite Character? (Mine is Lux!)
: which of these 2 junglers are more fun in your opinions?
: Tokens
Me: Can we have *Service Status Update*? Riot: We have *Service Status Update* at home. *Status Service Update at home*: \***literally non-existent**\*
: Thats 3 words xD. (I just had to do this)
Technically one word, since "fullmute" isn't even a word.
: I'm considering leaving LoL forever because of Toxicity and Harassment
>[...] he went out of his way to find my steam and my Twitter (since my name was on them before) and started calling me racial slurs, I just blocked him and his friend on all stuff and removed my old nickname from my steam account and removed the tweets that promotes my account [...] That is the most vile thing I've ever heard. I have never heard or seen anything like this. Something is clearly wrong with the punishment system, because clearly they don't feel any sort of restraint for doing such things. It's one thing to be mad in-game, but that takes it to a whole new level, and completely crosses the line.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Dr Lav (EUW)
: Do I deserve to get permanently suspended for this?
Was this report worthy? Perhaps. Was this **ban** worthy? Absolutely not. This is nowhere near what people get banned permanently for, there is general toxicity, but it's very light. Based on the context alone, I can see that you weren't initiating any flame, and was responding to negative comments, which you should generally avoid anyways. That aside, you didn't cross the line in my opinion, like use racial slurs, being homophobic etc. Hopefully a Rioter/an official can follow up on this, either here or privately.
He's speaking the language of the Gods.
: How to play against zed as viktor?
I'd recommend taking secondary runes from the **Inspiration** tree, specifically Biscuit Delivery, and either Cosmic Insight (to help last hit with **q** or **e** from range) or if you want to be completely safe, take Stopwatch instead of Cosmic Insight. As of the Rune Shards, 10 Adaptive force and two +6 armor slots should be pretty good for your laning phase. A little bit of armor can make a huge difference. Just like **Overlord Morde** said, try to last hit the minions with your **e**, and perhaps hit Zed too while you're at it, but prioritize farming gold.
: How is Jax a counter to Kled?
Idk why people are downvoting this post, the man is confused about something, so simply explain how it works and/or give advice.
: Help, i got banned because i was hacked
You have to understand the main problem with this sort of claim. Riot doesn't know *anything* about you, who you are, what you do, age, etc. They have either none, or very little info about the whereabouts of your account at the time. Any person can say that they were doing something else at the time, even though they might have not. Unless there is evidence of it not being you, unfortunately I don't think this will be a case ending in your favour. P.S. In fact, I don't think the course of action should be instant perma banning, because Riot report system tends to be flawed, so first thing to happen should be a *strict* slap on the wrist. 2nd time you strike a penalty for this sort of stuff, the account is gone.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Not sure why someone downvoted this factual statement, it did strain the servers in ways riot wasn't able to deal with at the time, i remember the beta they ran and how badly that ended, the symptoms were pretty obvious
I guess facts aren't the easiest of things to handle.
Saint2g (EUW)
: Should we expect Clash?
Clash will probably not be coming back (anytime soon). It put too much strain on the servers, and ended up being a failing project. It might come back in several years, but no guarantee.
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
vladiq (EUW)
These thumbnails drive me f*cking insane. Why is Pyke level 18? Why do all the character models have a standing position? Why is their health all identical? Why is there no execute marker if their health is so low? I mean we see the skillshot marker, why not see that as well? Why?
: So when are we stopping Neeko top?
The only people to downvote this post are the ones who still abuse on-hit Neeko.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I appreciate your highly constructive point of view.
It would be though, like if Jax's buffer for his counter-strike slowed, allowing the stun to proc. Or Irelias e cast to slow, which would guarantee the stun to execute. The list goes on.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its counted as a loss because you lost the match, i mean, it isn't rocket science
What if you find it?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Doubt it :P
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
schokioki (EUW)
: What purpose does the chat serve after champion selection? Why not remove it?
I'd be more than happy if Riot removed the ability to chat. It is never used in a productive way by the players. Its only purpose is to serve as a log of all the smart pings.
: The point is: this would be not unique. A generic ability just like someone else's ability is plain boring. PS: my bad, Gnar deals magic, not physical. Still, this is a percentage non-true damage that occurs on 3 hits.
Sacrificing balance for "uniqueness" isn't a viable option. Not in the current, modern version of league at least.
: Cause of yi's q cast time is causeing this to happen. Btw do you realize you are complaining about yi's only good ability, EVEN THO it is getting changed next patch. Dw tho. Next patch that won't happen because yi alpha strike cast timer is being removed, and you won't have problems like this. More yi buffs pls lets make him viable.
He's more than viable imo, Cowsep, as much as I despise him, is able to reach Diamond or higher on multiple accounts on the Korean Server. Our team consisted of Thresh, Urgot, Swain, Vayne and Rhaast, so saying that hard CC will easily counter him isn't a viable argument, because we had plenty of it. Also, Kayn collected some early kills, including on Yi, which gave him his transformation earlier. But all of it didn't matter, because he bought Rageblade, and once paired up with Lulu, was unkillable.
Rioter Comments
: searching g1-p5 for duo
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kaylesse,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qKZRH63B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-30T19:54:42.527+0000) > > Well, not many people play Xerath and he's also kinda weak now, so he prolly won't get in nearest future. Lux is still popular among players that get autofilled or something 'cause of being safe pick for midlane. Also skins are given to champs that are popular, so... Answer is simple I disagree with Xerath being weak. he's probably the most balanced mage.
> he's probably the most balanced mage. Along with Vel'Koz.
: Could you give me some advice: how to counter assasin mids?
I recommend watching **Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides** on YouTube, his videos on mid lane are very helpful. Since you mentioned Xerath, I will be referring to him, otherwise including other champions from your pool would make this response a lot longer. Generally when you're fighting against an assassin, you have to know their weaknesses and their strengths, cooldowns and such. As Xerath, you're very vulnerable at your first levels, especially before purchasing lost chapter. You have to be mindful of your q, which has a ~9 second cooldown at first rank, is your main trading tool, which means that if your enemy sees that you have casted it, the enemy will most likely want to engage a fight. When actually using your q, you have to make sure you hit both the wave (so you initiate a push) and try to hit the enemy while doing that. The goal of pushing is gaining more experience than the assassin (assassins typically have problems with pushing, especially early on) and then making trades while you are ~1 or 1/2 level up against the enemy. Keep in mind, that the first wave +the 1st melee minion will give you level 2 each time, so you can take advantage of that knowledge by killing those 7 minions, and leveling up your **w** to hit an almost guarenteed **w + q** combo. Note: Talon is an exception, due to his early lane pressure, other assassins don't really have this lane dominance. Also, try to coordinate these aggressive trades with your jungler, especially if that jungler has high early priority, like a Shyvana or Lee Sin, because if you try gaining lane priority early on, your jungler is more likely to assist you when a cheese gank happens, or when an opportunity of your own jungler ganking opens up. Generally you should pay attention to ability cooldowns (if you don't know them, then it is crucial to get to know them, via website with stats, or by playing some of the champions yourself), if a Xerath has a ~9 second cooldown on his **q**, a hypothetical Akali is able to hit **2q's** and an auto to win a strong early trade. Hope this helped ^^
: Solution: remove all runes completely. From there on, balancing champions will be easier
Yup, one less variable to think about when it comes to champion balance. How about they just give the champions the appropriate numbers, instead of making a bunch of runes which are a pain to balance. New conq was meant for bruiser type champions, yet it has already been abused by Singed, Cassiopeia, etc.
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