munraker (EUW)
: I had this, I uninstalled and installed the latest version of the driver from NVIDIA and it got fixed Dunno if it would help you
I have already done that, it was one of the solutions provided by the Support team, sadly, it didn't fix it.
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Xerronn (EUNE)
: Don't worry guys I was banned for 14 days in the early of November, It's February 2018 I am still dishonorable. Well I hope someday I get at least the first checkpoint of the honor level 1{{item:3151}}
Heyy, same situation, got unbanned on the 28th of November, since then I have improved. A lot. A few days ago when I brought my mouse over my level, it said i am at the second milestone before reaching level 1 honor out of 3. Yesterday the client gave me a message on the bottom that I have improved. I am still level 0 though, but it now says that I have reached the last milestone before the next, level 1. Maybe you should check what it says for you. My tactic is playing fill in draft, I always get support, and spam Soraka, so my ADCs honor me like 70% of the time, and the othhers occasionally, I also /fullmute all except my ADC Hope it helps, bye.

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