: "Picky" might the wrong word, but you're not wrong. Let me explain why this happens: ---- First of all, you _do_ have a point. There are sadly many trolls and feeders that go unpunished, that _is_ a problem, and Riot knows it. What you wrongfully concluded was the reasoning behind this! This does not happen because Riot is evil, or because trolls are benfitial for them. It is quite frankly just much harder to accurately punish trolls and intentional feeders than it is to punish flamers. --- Flamers either said the words they said, or didn't. The reason **why** they said things is often irrelevant. When punishing feeders however, you have to determine whether someone died by accident, or intentionally didn't save their life. Riot definitely doesn't want to punish people who go 0/10, or even worse due to bad luck. Everyone has these bad games at times. It would be a terrible experience to get banned for them and has to be avoided. But this philisophy can also make it hard to punish intentional feeders. Remember we're talking about a machine learning system here! You have to teach a machine the difference between a troll and a bad player, which is pretty damn hard! ---- Of course there are cases where some players with ridiculously bad scores don't get caught. The Feederbuster does have some flaws, and Riot is still working on improving it. It's just important to know that it _does_ exist, and that trolls get punished for their actions, the system is just not too great at it so far. --- _You're completely correct if you want to say the system is bad, I'm right there with you if you want to voice some criticism. I just don't like when players come up with some crazy theories, instead of looking for the simple reason behind the problem _ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
If you were right they wouldnt let shit system like that to ban tryhard players who cant stand feeders and they would create some tutorial for starters.If you start to play game you get moronic guide and if you dont see somewhere or you dont know english you are done for.I have seen people who play this game for 2 or 3 yrs i they dont know the f u ck in g basics of the game.
: Riot sponsors trolls
Because of shit system tryhard and emotional players get ban and trollers and feeders get away and keep there work.That is flawless system of great rito keep up with good work maybe with more skins and champs they will not troll lol :)
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Send a ticket to the support, i had an issue like this. in my scenario i bought the new omega trist skin, and then after all of the chromas. i wanted to refund the tristana skin but it didnt allow me. The support responded with that the "system" recorded my purchases as if it where from the bundle(which you cannot refund) so send a ticket and theyll help you out (:
They will not help you they will give you lame exuse why you cant refund simple as that
: >And the reason for that matchmaking is so you spent your real money to buy champs so you can play ranks and never play with same trolling kids again Tell that to all the people complaining about "trolling kids" in their ranked games... And yes, I am saying that your teammates and enemies have roughly the same skill, because they're drawn from the same pool! It's really just your perception making this stuff up...
I am telling about normal games when you get bronza in your team against diamond and when they take kogmaw mid and feed 0/10 in 6 mintues that is not same skill.About ranked they troll on ranked to a lot and riot doing shit about that
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grim Reaper 8,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=27oudXHM,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-30T20:35:42.044+0000) > > I reported and blocked 100 people i got 2 feedback they sent you that only to seem like they are doing something while they are doing shit Well you probably mostly report falsely.
0/20 is false? malphite with heal with 0/10 is false.The report is false because they are doing nothing at all :)
: Because two wrongs don't make one right. The system that's in place to ban trolls is indeed working worse than we would all want to, but that doesn't mean flaming should be punished less.
Its not working at all, they protect them
Astagos (EUW)
: Well when I report people who flame or troll, I do get Feedback from Riot, sometimes it takes times, but they do take action.
I reported and blocked 100 people i got 2 feedback they sent you that only to seem like they are doing something while they are doing shit
Eambo (EUW)
: (Re)Introducing - The Volunteers!
Keep up with great match making and protecting trollers and feeders and ban good players great job rito
Astagos (EUW)
: Not saying Riot system is perfect, but they do what they can. Dont flame, dont rage, ignore those who do that and you will be fine.
They are doing shit :) they protect trollers and feeders
Siląs (EUW)
: im crying, your chatlog is hilarious LMAO
And for that they ban me.And trolling kids keeps trolling and feeding that is solo q,Dead solo q for a long time
Astagos (EUW)
: Because theres nothing Riot can do, League of Legends is a Free Game, if they get banned, they just make another account and do all over again. Its not Riot who has to ban people all the time, its the people themselfs who have to change, otherwise this will be an infinite Loop with people getting, bannedd and doing all over again instead of trying to get better.
They can stop ban good players because of chat they made useless mute bottom and yet they keep ban good players morons they have great system by the way
Ìxeas (EUW)
: giv 10k fri rp too or i cri everytim :(
They match you with bronza against diamonds so you can spent your real money to buy rp and you think they will give you for free xD
: You get matched with players similar to your skill level. Chances are that you're simply overlooking your own mistakes, and focus too much on what everyone around you in doing wrong. Buying champions for RP is going to change absolutely nothing about that. --- The reason the RP and IP prices are different is because you acquire those currencies in very different ways. You get IP by simply playing (preferably winning) games, however, you can only get RP by spending real money on it, and setting those prices higher would simply be too much.
So bronza kids in my team are similar skills against diamonds in enemy team you want to say that?And the reason for that matchmaking is so you spent your real money to buy champs so you can play ranks and never play with same trolling kids again
Astagos (EUW)
: Im not wishing anyone to be banned, I prefer seeing players learning, and changing, than just stoping playing. I used to flame and rage, then I asked a question to myself "What do I get by behaving like this? I feel depressed and angry, its not worth it." I decided to change and see LoL has a place where I can forget everything and just have fun, I changed for better, I got banned too and chat restriction too, and I believe it was good for me, I changed my way of thinking and now I enjoy LoL much better. Look foward for better games, do your best, never quit (afk) or Surrender, and above all, Have fun. Hope I could help you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
You got bann and trolling and feeding kids still play without any punishment that is the great system riot have
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You being toxic got you banned. Not matchmaking
So you are the one who thinks rito system is great that everything is so good right :D
: Useless fakin board where u can never get an answer..
You will be able to get honor and rewards after you play 10 games.And DONT SAY ONE WORD IN CHAT BECAUSE RITO PROTECTS TROLLING AND FEEDING KIDS and they ban good players very often tnx to great system they have
: Well, there will always be bad players in the game. Luckily, those guys end up in the lowest divisions, so you and me never play with them... If we met them in our games, it would indicate that we're not much better than them.
When you are unranked and you have to play normal to get ip for champs they will always match you with bronza and silver idiots so you spend your money to buy champ with rp that is why rp champ is 300 and ip 6300
Astagos (EUW)
: You got yourself banned m8, not the matchmaking You flamed, even if the games were going bad for you, once you start to flame and act like that you loose all your reason. From now on try to be more sportsmanlike and mature, if your team isnt good for 2 or 3 games no problem, you have tons of games ahead which can go much better. Good Luck next time and behave better. Best Regards.
2/3 if that was the case i wouldn't be ban.Its more like 30 games of trollers and matchmaking me with bronza against diam and plat :)
: Unban all perma b anned players in upcoming season
HAHAHAHAHAHHAH Maybe they will if they have a little brain and maybe they can start to ban trollers and feeders or make some tutorial in game so they can learn how to play how to farm when to atack where to put wards those kids this days doesnt know shit
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Zogfryt (EUNE)
: Simple provement that your matchmaking system sucks riot stop blaming peoples about your shity system and fix it poeples get baned couse your %%%%ing system .. did i said stupid system soory it is :) If your Mute button were worked right peoples would not get banned ... Provement that chat cuase only toxcicity ... Remove the chat in game or stop ban peoples for being toxic in game ... simple %%%%ing HOTFIX
Zogfryt is legend and one normal here :D
Zogfryt (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=juQUKoac,comment-id=000300020000,timestamp=2017-10-30T19:11:05.480+0000) > > If your idea of fun is verbally abusing other people, then this isn't the game for you. my fix idea is not to flame peoples .. my idea is to carry my own game but not when i have 0/10 inter becouse this thing decrese my chanses for win :)
When you have 8/0 in jg and when your midlaner goes in your jg and farms and trolls and feed enemy there isnt much you can do :D
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man, Look here at the forums no one can help you. contact support and ask them to review your case https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en since they are the only ones who decide and can actually do something. good luck
You can contact suport and thay will make lame excuse why they will not unbann you and they will quote some champ "rage is beyond our control"or some s h i ttt like that.They only help trollers and feeders
: These chat logs should not result in a punishment. However, I noticed one of your last sentences: "Capt Bard: idc because of this troll I wasted about 25 mins =,=" This is in my experience a sentence someone says when they've given up on the game and is trolling/feeding to end game faster, as a response to someone calling you out on it. However, if none of that is true, open a support ticket and Riot will help you.
You can contact suport and thay will make lame excuse why they will not unbann you and they will quote some champ "rage is beyond our control"or some s h i ttt like that . They only help trollers and feeders and they NEVER bann them
: The chat logs here look very mild. At this point there are several possibilities. 1. You edited the chat logs (Nothing against you, but it wouldn't be the first time here, people do it a lot.) 2. You were sent the wrong chat logs, which can be caused by a rare bug. 3. The rules were broken by you in pre or post game chat. While pre and post game chat are not included in chat logs, they are considered while punishing. 4. You didn't do more than what these chat logs show. If 2,3 or 4 apply to you, I'd recommend you contact support, which you already did. In case 1, you know you were guilty so taking action is only a waste of time.
You can contact suport and thay will make lame excuse why they will not unbann you and they will quote some champ "rage is beyond our control"or some s h i ttt like that
Zyzyx (EUW)
: They don't tolerate trolls. Trolling is just waaaaay harder to prove. Flaming is easy, it either is there or it isn't and you can know immediately by simply checking the chatlogs. Trolling however is much more difficult because the line between trolling and playing badly or creatively is super blurry. The only real difference between trolling and playing badly is intention...and intention only exists in that persons head. So without the ability to read minds, this is incredibly hard to prove, except for the super obvious cases. And about AFK...sorry, but you are (gladly) absolutely wrong about that. The Leaverbuster is by far the most reliable system Riot has and it works with basically 100% accuracy. There is quite literally no real way to escape the Leaverbuster, it registers every second you are afk or idle and punishes you immediately once you exceed a certain threshold.
Then why are so many trollers and bad players in this game?And why good players are bann and trollers keep playing?Is it maybe because of great system that rito has?No its because the worst system rito has.You can ask any pro player and all will say to you SOLO Q is dead because of there great system and for ban players for chat log they dont let you to speak and they will matchmaking you with bronza against diamond and plat until you get 20 champ and that makes you angry and you spend money on buying champ that is main perpose of them to make money on you :D
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: ***
: Then, indeed, this is a bad ban. So many people got banned now. Some were banned for good reasons. But to me this seems too much. Getting banned for just talking? Censorship at it's best. We should tell riot to remove chat and add more ping options.
rito sucks you cant chat i see 100 of good players get ban because of ret ar dee d d trolling feeding kids
: There is chat for a reason. Riot banning people for chatting? Then just remove the chat. Cause it seems they just ban for talking. This is assuming, he did not troll in games, made them lose on purpose without saying bad stuff in chat.
They will ban you if you say more then 3 words
Walltr (EUW)
: There is a difference between people playing how I want them to play and a support intentionally using all his abilities in lane to take away cs from his adc. Those are two very different things. Or a yasuo 'support' going full ad/crit build while constantly cs'ing and then when the wave is cleared going another lane. Remember the singed support troll that got banned? This is even worse and should definitely get banned. Plus it would be ridiculous if I got banned because I quoted the flame that another player directed to me. Just goes to show how flawed the system is.
re tar de d system suck and they wont fix it in decades if this game last that long xD
: You have an annoying, negative attitude and cry the whole game. Not everyone is a troll just because he doesn't play like you want. However, you didn't flame anyone and I can't see anything banworthy. Riots ban system probably got triggered by "shut up" (-> "and she told me to shut up") or another phrase.
rito system sucks trolling kids play every game and good players get ban if they were drunk i would understand there actions of ban good players :D
Walltr (EUW)
: 14 suspension because I got trolled mutipletimes
Great matchmaking system by riot.This is the profe they love to ban good players and maybe they pay this kids to troll so they can ban good players who knows.Or maybe they have so bad people working for them so they dont want to ban trollers and feeders.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > I guess someone has special ppl covering him :). Thats not how it works and that's not what happened here. Just like at your chatlog, it's super obvious why you got banned. You heavily insulted other players and used homophobic slur. Especially the latter is something where Riot (with strong support from the community) follows a zero tolerance policy and which very often results in an immediate ban. That's what happened to you.
So why they tolerate feeders trollers and afk players?They wont allow you wo say one word in chat they wotn let you speak because they would never enabled voice chat because everybody would saw how much of stupid kids play this game
Niltevs (EUNE)
: Nah. They deserved it. 45 minutes carring their ass. Pushing every tower. Destroying their base. Do you think i was the only one in the whole game being toxic ? I will continue with this behaviour to ppl who deserve it. The problem here is that they ban the player who said the things in a little different way. Not the others who are feeding or being afk on purpose. But lol is cancer game and it will never change. And yes I DONT UNDERSTAND. I will never click that button "I understand".
You are absolutely right.I think they protect trollers feeders and afk players because no one would left to play this game and spend there money on it
: The practical one: I can't believe that what you just told is always happens. Of course there are bad games like you just described, but it can't happen every game. Although it's hard, even in the scenario of seven deaths in five minutes comebacks are possible. What doesn't help is being negative in chat, critisising your teammates and begging to surrender. Maybe you see nothing in the game anymore, but at least two of your teammates do, so you need to adapt to them and play the game. Part of committing to a game is continuing playing, even if you disagree with your teammates' decision to not surrender, regardless of how you ridiculous their opinion seems to you. --------------- The theorical one: In psychology there is something know called [negativity bias](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negativity_bias). It's an effect that occurs to everyone. People have a tendency to remember negative things better than positive things. I think that's the case with you here. It seems you focus a lot more on bad matches and the negative actions than positive things that happen in your daily League life and in your games. Being aware of this may make it easier to deal with negative events. ------------------ Regardless of your reasons for your behaviour in the shown games, let it be clear that it doesn't solve anything. In the case of you being frustrated by Riot's matchmaking, it's strange to let your teammates feel the consequences of that. In the case of teammates that are just bad in your opinion, flaming doesn't make them very happy. They probably know they are having a bad game, and flaming them for it probably won't make them play nor feel any better. You can safely assume that everyone in your team wants to win, so no one deserves being blamed for their actions with negative outcomes.
It happens 99% ."even in the scenario of seven deaths in five minutes comebacks are possible"Its not possible when mid has 7/0 there jg and top are feed to its not possible." They probably know they are having a bad game"they dont because troll kids play this game more then ever they enjoy in trolling they love to make people angry and they dont want to win.And riot protect them because no one would left to play this game
: Stop playing normals and play ranked if you want to be matched with bronze players Also don't be toxic. I actually wanted to say exactly what Monsieur Kast said: It's not the matchmaking, it's you being a toxic player
You cant play rank without 20 champs i would never play normal but they force you to play with tards against normal people
: Do you want a practical or theoretical reply?
Both please to see that wisdom of justify great matchmaking by riot :D
: It's not Riot's matchmaking, but your behaviour that got you this ban. Just because matchmaking or bad teammates are your reasons, they do not justify behaving like you did. ------ You seem to be very well aware of how you behave and you do have a choice about how you want to behave. There may be plenty reasons to flame, but perhaps it's good to know that toxic players win less games than non-toxic players. Do you want to be that guy who flames his teammates, or do you want to be that guy who supports and helps his team in rough times?
Help team in rough times?5 minutes into game they die 7 times and i dont say one word and after top and jg die 4/5 times.And when there entire team is feed i say FF and they keep going they go and die more.You sad its not rito matchmaking so how in 30 games i get match against diam and plat and i get bronz and silver who trolls every game
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